Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu Gurur dhEvO maheswar
Guru saatchaath parabrhma thasmai sri GuravE nama:!
Teacher is the Creator, Teacher is the protector
Teacher is the destroyer of ignorance! I bow to HIM!

Fifth September- birth day of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan observed
As TEACHERS DAY in India for long! Deemed as a holy day by all!
World Teachers’ Day, International Teachers Day, is today the Fifth October
Established in Nineteen Ninety Four,commemorates the signing of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation On the Status of Teachers, a standard-setting instrument that addresses the status and their conditions of teachers around the world.outlines standards relating to education
Personnel policy, recruitment, and initial training as well as the continuing education of Teachers, their employment, and working conditions.aims to focus on “appreciating, assessing And improving the educators of the world”. Let us wish all the teachers all the best!



World Teachers Day History | World Teachers Day Theme


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Omnipotent Lord Almighty created this vast earth and sky
For all the living beings humans and animals to live in harmony
With the help of mountains and hills, seas and rivers, fields and produces!
Man with his own wisdom and hard work, knowledge and research
Conquered all the parts of the world under his survey nice and great!

Twenty Fifth August today a great day in the worlds expedition to space
First Spacecraft enters Interstellar space on this day in Two Thousand and Twelve
NASA’s Voyager One,  launched on September Fifth, Nineteen Seventy Seven,  left the heliosphere – the part of space that is not influenced by Sun on this day.
In February Ninety, the spacecraft took the first overview Picture of the solar system. It is the most distant man-made object in space.
Man can conquer the entire cosmos but let him keep humanism ever in mind!

In Depth | Voyager 1 – NASA Solar System Exploration

NASA Voyeger I

NATIONAL LIBRARY DAY- August 12th- SECOND POST on August 13th


Blogger with his personal library at his home cabin.

Library,- personal or public, a treasure trove for acquiring knowledge!
Books are indeed one’s most valuable companion – a guru of course.
Book reading a great habit to be developed and nurtured for life!
Government Public Libraries are in plenty-quite useful for book lovers!

August Twelfth- yesterday celebrated as fifteenth National Librarian’s Day
In remembrance of national professor of library science,
Dr S R Ranganathan  lived during Eighteen Ninety Two-Nineteen Seventy Two,
Spearheaded library development in India.  born on Ninth  August in a
Moderate family in Sirkazhi in Thanjavur District.Tamil Nadu. was a mathematician;

Was awarded Padmashri for valuable contributions to Library Science.
He developed innovative  methods  while teaching Library Science students.
He was the first librarian of Madras University.  His five laws of library:

1#Books are for use
2• Every reader his/her book
3• Every book, its reader
4• Save the time of the reader
5• A library is a growing organism .

12th August is Celebrated as National Librarian’s Day in India Dheeraj Singh Negi



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God’s creation
Great inspiration
Nature’s gift
Raptures best
Man’s future
Rests on his stature!

Caste-less society
Creed-less humanity
Flawless art
Weedless crops
Fearless mind
Tear-less labor
Painless birth
Selfless service
Endless voyage
Featherless flights
Harsh-less words
Strife-less society
War-less world
Hate-less humans
Worriless life
Wordless action
All these delicious creams
Remain in the domain of dreams!

APJ Abdul kalam quotes | APJ Abdul kalam thoughts

11th May- National Technology Day

100 Best 📲 National technology day Images, Videos - 2020 ...

We live in an age of advanced technologies – fortunate to be
Dawn  to dusk every hour gets the support of technology
Sans which life may not be life at all to enjoy on earth-psychology!
Let us also contribute in our own way for its development!

Today Eleventh May  – National Technology Day- highlighting
The important role of Science and technology in our daily lives
And encourage all  to opt science as an option for a career.
Shakti,  Pokhran nuclear test was held in Nineteen Ninety Eight this day!

The brain behind the multiple nuclear tests carried at the Pokhran
Test range was of Dr. AbdulKalam. After specialising in Aeronautical
Engineering from Madras Institute of Technology, he joined the
Defense Research and Development Orgaisation-  the Scientific Adviser to
Defense Minister and Secretary,  Defense Research & Development.

File:The former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, in New Delhi on ...

TAMIL THATHTHA U V S Birth day! February 19th

U. V. Swaminatha Iyer.jpg

Uttamadhanapuram Venkatasubbaiyer Swaminatha Iyer
A great  Tamil scholar and researcher  instrumental in bringing
Out many long-forgotten works of classical Tamil literature to light.
His singular effort over five decades brought to light major
Literary works in Tamil and contributed vastly to the enrichment
Of its literary heritage. Iyer published over 90 books in his lifetime!

All were on a variety of matters connected to classical Tamil literature,
And collected over three thousand paper manuscripts, palm-leaf Manuscripts and notes of Various kinds.  affectionately called Tamil Thatha That is Grandfather of Tamil.
Was born on this day the Nineteenth February In Eighteen Fifty Five,
Lived up to Twenty Eighth April Nineteen Forty Two!

All languages in the world were enriched by remarkable
Works of great and highly versatile scholars in the language.
Tamil one of the most ancient languages in the world
Had a long roll of honor of such scholars being revered.
One among them is the GRAND FATHER of Tamil seen above.

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Wishing you a happy New Year
Esteemed viewers of E NVIUS THOUGHTS
Learned and loving friends you are
Come together to welcome
Outstanding year to be
Making the earth verily a heaven
Extremely peaceful and harmonious!

Together we travel all over
On the path of goodness and nobility!

Twenty-Twenty has come to stay in Cricket
Well received by all the fans all over the world
Entertaining –conserving working time for all
Neither boring nor tiring
Thanks to the players introducing new concepts
Young or old, employed or not, all enjoy indeed!

Twenty twenty Dr. Kalam’s ambition of
Working out an India fully developed
Everyone has a role and duty to perform
New thoughts, words and deeds
Together by all to make Bharath great
Year to bring all the best for all on earth!

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Again the post is in acrostic style. Reading of the first letters  of lines  make the title of the poem:


13th January- Make Your Dream Come True Day

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Dr. Abdul Kalam-our past Scholar President-credited
With futuristic thought would say again and again noted
And Twenty” -not far away! Time to think of the result of
The dream he was dreaming over the years! and its impact!
Thirteenth January yesterday was “MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TRUE DAY”!

Day dreaming easier than dreams of night-not in our control
Dreaming is just an initial step- action, quick action
Needed to make the dream come true! Conceptualization
Planning, programming and implementation-With HIS grace
Dream has to come true! Let us act act and act till we reach
The great goal of success! New year and Pongal resolve of each!

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December 7th National Flag Day

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Armed Forces Flag Day is today -a great and important day
Grateful nation pays homage to the martyrs who laid their lives
In the cause of our Motherland- holy nation-India – Bharath
Let us donate to the Flag Day collection as much as possible!

Since my eighth year -forty nine Seventh December observed as
Armed Forces Flag Day to honor the martyrs as well as men and women
In uniform, who valiantly fight on our borders to safeguard our honor.
Important occasion to remind our obligation to look after them.

Veterans, disabled soldiers, war widows and their dependents
Who have sacrificed their lives for the safety, and Integrity.

Armed forces Flag Day Fund’ constituted by the Government
For the welfare and rehabilitation of the Ex-Servicemen
More than thirty lakh Including six lakh and fifty thousand
Widows are provided basic sustenance needs through welfare schemes!

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From the age of seven to seventy seven enjoying
Freedom hard won under the leadership of Mahatmaji
With the army of millions- sans weapons- but weapons
Of truth and non-violence not seen in the world earlier!

Proud patriots called Indians-the great and noble sons and
Daughters of Bharatha Matha – beyond religion and region,
Caste and Creed, language and lineage-all were one- Indian
First and last- Britishers had no alternative- freedom was born!

Laid his life at the hands of a fanatic Indian
Misfortune it was. Let us give not any space for fanatics
In any form-in any part and in any religion
To ensure peace and prosperity, joy and plenty-resolve!


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