The Universe created by the Lord Almighty is peculiar and unique
Invisible energy has all the potential to make or mar-right unique
Energy of different types and strength!Almost unimaginable indeed
Energy sure for positive purposes- man’s wish should be-Indeed God\s intention!!

Physical, mental and intellectual-God provides to be spent for good of all
To promote peace and poise,, plenty and prosperity, joy and good health in society!
Fourteenth December today is the World energy Conservation Day globally
To highlight the importance of energy consumption and use in our daily life!

Its scarcity has its impact on the sustainability of world ecosystems.
Every person can save energy by eliminating unnecessary use of fan,
Light, heater or other electrical instruments used in their daily life
The easiest and effective way to save the extra energy. Crores we are!

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Man in those days walked miles together with nice health
Evolution came gradually -fashion settled- wealth
Of Vehicles-cart-to rickshaws to cycles to fast moving
Two and Four wheelers-made to give up road walking!

Today World Car Free Day September twenty second,
To encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day.
The event “promotes improvement of “Public transport”
Cycling and “Walking”where job and shopping nearer!

For short trips in cities, we reach Quicker using bicycle than
Car!Fuel is saved in the crisis caused, pollution avoided!
Health improves rightly Delhi Government banned to some extent
Let us teach our wards walk to schools up to kilometers five!

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NATIONAL Day OF SILENCE is today in America
For reasons peculiar on the last April Friday
It is twenty seventh of April this year-this post
Deals not with the reasons quoted by Americans-the host!

Great words of wisdom to follow from the days of old!
Silence gives greater peace- leads not to acrimony
Always providing and sponsoring fund of harmony!

What they call me a chatter box-I can not keep quiet
At least this day onward I have to develop the art
And science of SILENCE!-helping to save Energy nice
Not speaking out of tune and incur displeasure of others!

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Greatest manifestation of nature the great wind
But for which people in the globe cannot sure find
Their life and living smooth and healthy, with joy and peace
Let us thank the Almighty for blessing us to live in ease.

Global Wind Day is today fifteenth of June each year
A day for discovering wind, its power enormous
Ways to find out how to reshape the world’s energy system
The day to decarbonise our economies with wisdom!

Wind power and its energy exhaustive when hydel
Energy evades us, nuclear energy has its
Limitations, solar energy unpredictable
On this day let us think and help in improving wind energy!


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National Energy Conservation Day is today! (14/12)



Energy the gift of nature is indeed precious

To be conserved in the interest of all, conscious;

National Energy Conservation Day is today

To be followed meticulously sure every day!


To make people aware of energy-its importance

Conserving energy more by using less with patience,

To become a habit and a part of behavior

In young and old, men and women-as one’s firm character!


Energy- solar, nuclear, thermal, hydro, fossil

Ethanol, bio-mass, wind and similar fine sources

Conventional, alternative, renewable forces

Provide the world all energy, yet shortage- world faces!


Urgent and immediate the society is to learn

The way of using energy less, avoid waste in turn

Conserving in all walks of life as much as possible

That will help the society to some extent desirable!