National Trails Day First Saturday in June

National Trails Day First Saturday in June

American NATIONAL TRAILS DAY is today the second June
First Saturday of every year-nice if the world follows keen
To encourage people to discover their local trials,
Raise awareness of trail issues and instill excitement in all!

Confining to home indeed is monotonous- many are inclined
To go free in outdoors. hiking-getting access to waterways
For canoeing and paddle trips.  Bird watching and geocaching
Learning land navigation or biking are great trail making!

National Trails Day opportunity to thank the volunteers,
Land agencies, trail developers,  park employees, rangers
For their help in developing and maintaining the trails!
High time the entire world pursues and gets into- great gains!

Indian Ultra Runners at the 2018 Trail World Championship


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WORLD MALARIA DAY is today the twenty fifth April
With the year’s Theme-“READY TO BEAT MALARIA”- still
Remembering the last year’s Theme-“End malaria for Good”
With the next year’s -WE CAN DO TOGETHER”-absolute need!

United Nations sponsored day- planning for investing in
Proven tools, diagnosis and treatment for its disappearance
Some of the defensive techniques to provide insecticide
Treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying of insecticides,
And therapies for pregnant women and children to fight Malaria!
All we need is to close the gap to fight against the menace!

Spread by malarial mosquitoes as individuals
We have to make efforts to keep the environs clean
Not allowing stagnant water here and there every where sure
awakening the peoples conscience through social media-pure!

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WORLD EARTH DAY is tomorrow-the April twenty second
A great day to pay our respects to MOTHER EARTH- quite sound-
Indeed a holy day- Earth-home for all living beings
Carrying all sans murmur or expression of regret!

Mother Earth an embodiment of PATIENCE- to provide
Shelter for humans and animals, great ocean and tide(s)
Born we are, brought up and live in her lap –my beloved
Mother since birth, to be respected and taken care of!

Mother Earth be saved for the well being of all beings
Time to plant trees more and more this day and the months to come!

Here is the EARTH ANTHEM- the world adopted for environment safety!
“Our cosmic oasis, cosmic blue pearl
the most beautiful planet in the universe
all the continents and the oceans of the world
united we stand as flora and fauna
united we stand as species of one earth
black, brown, white, different colours
we are humans, the earth is our home.

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“WORLD METEOROLOGICAL DAY” is today Twenty Third  March
To make the world know the importance of the Branch of Science to march
Ahead knowing the changes taking day by day in the sphere
Adapt to the needs -physically and in the atmosphere!

Meteorologist -specialists of the Branch- read and predict
The pattern and behavior of the climate to reveal and project
For the benefit of the society- acts as a warning many times
To those who venture into the seas- living on the sea shore!!

World Meteorological Day on Twenty Third of March
Every year from nineteen sixty one -first celebration on the march
Commemorating its entry-into-force on this day in nineteen fifty
In a conference of World Meteorological Organization.-hefty!



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Today March Twenty second is  WORLD WATER DAY with the theme
For this year twenty Eighteen: “NATURE FOR WATER”.to scheme
And explore how to use Nature to meet the water challenges
Of the century. Floods and droughts-with water pollution!
Elixir and nectar of life- graciously granted
By Nature- manifestation of the Lord Almighty
For us to take care of – our rivers  treated as MOTHER
Sure not to be misused to carry factory wastes!
Man the roof and crown of creation cannot be ruthless
And spoil the water bodies and sources at any cost- useless
Leading the entire living beings to suffer-humans
And animals, trees and plants-let us resolve to save!
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It is WORLD SPARROWS DAY today Nature Forever Society
And organizations several sponsoring with purity
Of hearts and souls to bring an awareness in all in unity
And conserve the Sparrow and birds others with love and sympathy!

What a pity? A beautiful creation is lovely sparrow
Mindlessly the cruel man kills in thousands with his sharp arrow
Arrow of cellphone towers , high rise concrete jungles all over
The areas urban -unfortunate we lose birds by waves power!

My mentor from his heavenly abode National,patriotic Tamil Poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar’s poem on SPARROW in original Tamil and my English translation are as below:

விட்டுவிடுதலை யாகிநிற்பா யிந்தச்
சிட்டுக் குருவியைப் போலே.

1,எட்டு திசையும் பறந்து திரிகுவை
ஏறியக் காற்றில் விரைவோடு நீந்துவை
மட்டுப் படாதெங்கும் கொட்டிக் கிடக்குமிவ்
வானொளி யென்னும் மதுவின் சுவையுண்டு (விட்டு)

2.பெட்டையி னோடின்பம் பேசிக் களிப்புற்றுப்
பீடையி லாததொர் கூடுகட் டிக்கொண்டு
முட்டை தருங்குஞ்சை காத்து மகிழவைதி
முந்த உணவு கொடுத்தன்பு செய்திங்கு (விட்டு)

3.முற்றத்தி லேயுங் கழனி வெளியிலும்
முன்கண்ட தானியம் தன்னைக் கொணர்ந்துண்டு
மற்ற பொழுது கதைசொல்லித் தூங்கிப்பின்
வைகறை யாகுமுன் பாடி விழிப்புற்று (விட்டு)

In English:
Leave bondage and be free -like
This Lovely sparrow!

Go free in all the directions eight
Get into the air and glide fast
Limitless flowing all over
Drinking the honey of Divine light! (Leave)

Speaking joyfully with your young ones
Building a nest comfortable sans any flaws
Keeping the young one coming out of the egg safe and happy
Showering all your love feeding the young!(Leave)

In the field and in the yard at home
Bringing the grains of food and taking with thy young ones
At other times telling story and making it asleep
Getting up in the early morn singing in praise (Leave)