Tall Eucalyptus tree in a friendly voice asked me:
Have you seen me or come across me = you are welcome!
Said I happily and with a pride:” Oh! My dear friend
Have you forgotten me; I was with you for three years!

Nice tree asked me: I remember very faintly, please tell
Told I: Forty years ago in Ooty, we were together-fell
In love with each other- I liked your shape and size,
Healing power and wide use for all rich and poor- I praise!

I enjoyed your pleasing scent as I went for my morning walks
Office to home and home to office, to Elk Hill
Temple and back! Over my house you stood majestic
As guards to help me and my family-holistic!

Said the tree in a sad voice: Those days are gone gone
With the wind- you humans in inhuman manner -cut us all
To make homes for your needs; very few are left.

Said I in reply: Yes unfortunate it is;
Ungrateful my kith and kin have been- selfish;
Fail to see you healing our cold with oil made of leaves
You sacrifice yourselves to have my home built up
You produce sweet honey for the birds another
Creation of God- Almighty: You are food for many birds and insects.

Eucalyptus said in a grateful tone:
Happy I am to listen to the words of comforts
In praise of my clan and my use to you all!

Elk Hill Subramanya temple in Ootacamund amidst host of Eucalyptus trees.




Frog, a nice creation of the Lord Almighty
Small creature with a good purpose to serve lovely
Valued as food by humans, have cultural roles
Many in literature, symbolism –souls!

Nearly five thousand species many extinct
God’s ways are always inscrutable and distinct
When in rainy days and enjoying bath in water
Joyfully sings-ears special needed to enjoy!

Song of the frog sweet with its own rhyme and rhythm
Lying in the bed, silence all around in the night
Listening to the song is pleasant and great right
Pesticides and chemicals deform the frog  pity!





ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,15,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 114th  view at 17.20 hours yesterday viz Sunday  the 12th November 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND (1,15,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 968th day and 1036th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty






Robin proudly said: Do you know that I am the  national bird of several American states?

Said I : I know congratulations; I love your color and features great!



Rooster in joy said:





Stork asked me: Why do you say stork reality?

Replied I :That is stark, you are stork-yet we love you for your color and actions!



Swallow asked :Will you swallow us?

Replied I: certainly not, I know when I tattoo you in my chest you will carry me to heaven!



Swans with a sense of pride asked : How do you like us?

Replied I: I am NVS, I am envious of you. You are so beautiful and swim in water quite gracefully!



Swift asked: Why you have a car “SWIFT”?

I as a proud owner of a SWIFT said: My car swift as swift as you are in movement!


Tailor Bird

Tailorbird ith a pride said: Did you see my nest; I have tailored it with leaves!

I said appreciatively: Beautiful a high style tailor u r. !





Turkey Do you know more than four hundred species we are from Turkey!

With  surprise largely writ on my face I said: Indeed I am delighted -how beautiful , colorful you look!



Vulture  sadness writ large in its face mourned: We vultures are amazing birds, but we are often misunderstood.  We are destined to be so.

I soothingly said: You are great in your own way; don’t feel sad. I love you.



Hope you all enjoyed
Let us talk to something else
At some time later please!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,14,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 78th  view at 19.30 hours today viz Saturday  the 4th November 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FOURTEEN THOUSAND (1,14,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 960th day and 1028th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty



Even in the wildest of imaginations one cannot say
Precisely the percentage of birds to total living beings!
Very, very, very small. Like one blade of grass in a
Forest of trees, bushes and creepers -greatest creation of God!

Birds wonderful creation of the Almighty on earth
Is indeed the greatest manifestation of nature worth
Beyond millions for the society to take care nice
And enjoy their shape and voice, color and composure wise!

Here are some speaking with human friend which please enjoy
Question and answer session to start here and now-great joy!
For a change birds reply and the human I ask with rejoice!


A bird lover I asked: Such a lovely look you have, I don’t see you near my home
Macaw with a pride said: I am native to central America, and Norh America  and your friends I see and they see!


With joy I asked: I came nearer you with Keat’s ode to you !
With pride Nightingale said: What a great poet and still his words ring  in my ears!
3. Ostrich

I sadly asked: Did you ever feel that you cannot fly and feel inferior?

With a complex superior said:With my long neck and legs,I can run at about                                             seventy  kilometers an hour fastest among our species right!

4. Owl

Derisively I said are you not unhappy about your eyes?

With a proud look it said : I am proud of my binocular vision which none else has!

5. Parakeet


I asked in a low voice: Beautiful birds you are but you are in France!

Bird proudly said: My adopted home is your VedanthangaL I am above and there!

6. Parrot

I said joyfully: Our little children at home love you!

Said Parrot with poise: We  equally like and love you all! You are great!

7. Peacock

Reverentially I said: You carry on your back my beloved Lord Muruga! Nice of you.

Peacock with  a smile said: That is my luck and blessed we are to be HIS vehicle!

8. Pelicon

With envy I asked: In summer I suffer; you joyfully spend time in water coolly!

Pelican with a laugh said: My long beak, large throat pouch help for catching  food, draining water from the scooped up contents before swallowing. Great we are.


I said in a lighter vein: You are my teacher; I read from PENGUIN READERS!

Penguin proudly said: We are grateful to Pearson Educationists for their readers!

10. Pheasant

I asked with curiousness: Why do they call you “game birds”?

The game bird said :We enjoy love making with our male counterparts!

11.  Pigeon


Joyfully I asked: Can you sing for me?

Responded instantly: Please enjoy here and now!

12. Quail


On its own it suggested my listening to its  voice melodious. Please enjoy the California Quail. mo


(This series will end with Part IV!!!!!!- I hear you saying “Thanks God”!!!????)


Image result for image to depict cleanliness is godliness


To our holy Motherland- India tht is Bharath
From the days of our ancestors to this day on this earth
“Cleanliness is deemed to be next to Godliness”-not new
Gandhiji said the toilet must be as clean us pooja room!

Never cleanliness was made a political issue
Indian society conscious of our philosophy
Not to give credence to the political propaganda
We continue to be conscious of cleanliness!

Cleanliness of the body and mind, neighborhood nice
Leads to healthy living making our lives joyful spice
Healthy mind in a healthy body age old adage
All to ensure cleanliness all over- as a package!

gandhiji cleanliness - Saferbrowser Yahoo Image Search Results




The Lord Almighty- great creator of the Universe
Provided us with what all we need out of NATURE –HIS GRACE
Air, Light, Gas, water, heat and all that give health and happiness
To make the world a heaven to live in peace and poise!

OZONE prevents the ultraviolet radiation
From reaching the ground, creating normal condition
For the life on the planet; protects us from the sun rays
And forms suitable light and warmth conditions of the world!

Depletion of the layer increases radiation
Causing skin cancer, cataract, and weakens immune system
Making us suffer the infectious diseases!
Today is WORLD OZONE DAY- let us think and protect Ozone!


August 09-International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples!


In the great creation of the Lord Almighty
Are the people all over the world quite mighty!
Spread over and spreading over each and all parts
Making their living useful to them and others smart!

Indigenous people moved and settled far off
Totally identifying with locals and serving
With all their best for mutual benefits giving
And taking culture of theirs to the land anew!

“International Day of the World’s Indigenous
Peoples” is today – to recognize the achievements
And contributions they make to improve world issues
Such as environmental protection-great salutes!