Today March Twenty second is  WORLD WATER DAY with the theme
For this year twenty Eighteen: “NATURE FOR WATER”.to scheme
And explore how to use Nature to meet the water challenges
Of the century. Floods and droughts-with water pollution!
Elixir and nectar of life- graciously granted
By Nature- manifestation of the Lord Almighty
For us to take care of – our rivers  treated as MOTHER
Sure not to be misused to carry factory wastes!
Man the roof and crown of creation cannot be ruthless
And spoil the water bodies and sources at any cost- useless
Leading the entire living beings to suffer-humans
And animals, trees and plants-let us resolve to save!
images for World Water Day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு



It is WORLD SPARROWS DAY today Nature Forever Society
And organizations several sponsoring with purity
Of hearts and souls to bring an awareness in all in unity
And conserve the Sparrow and birds others with love and sympathy!

What a pity? A beautiful creation is lovely sparrow
Mindlessly the cruel man kills in thousands with his sharp arrow
Arrow of cellphone towers , high rise concrete jungles all over
The areas urban -unfortunate we lose birds by waves power!

My mentor from his heavenly abode National,patriotic Tamil Poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar’s poem on SPARROW in original Tamil and my English translation are as below:

விட்டுவிடுதலை யாகிநிற்பா யிந்தச்
சிட்டுக் குருவியைப் போலே.

1,எட்டு திசையும் பறந்து திரிகுவை
ஏறியக் காற்றில் விரைவோடு நீந்துவை
மட்டுப் படாதெங்கும் கொட்டிக் கிடக்குமிவ்
வானொளி யென்னும் மதுவின் சுவையுண்டு (விட்டு)

2.பெட்டையி னோடின்பம் பேசிக் களிப்புற்றுப்
பீடையி லாததொர் கூடுகட் டிக்கொண்டு
முட்டை தருங்குஞ்சை காத்து மகிழவைதி
முந்த உணவு கொடுத்தன்பு செய்திங்கு (விட்டு)

3.முற்றத்தி லேயுங் கழனி வெளியிலும்
முன்கண்ட தானியம் தன்னைக் கொணர்ந்துண்டு
மற்ற பொழுது கதைசொல்லித் தூங்கிப்பின்
வைகறை யாகுமுன் பாடி விழிப்புற்று (விட்டு)

In English:
Leave bondage and be free -like
This Lovely sparrow!

Go free in all the directions eight
Get into the air and glide fast
Limitless flowing all over
Drinking the honey of Divine light! (Leave)

Speaking joyfully with your young ones
Building a nest comfortable sans any flaws
Keeping the young one coming out of the egg safe and happy
Showering all your love feeding the young!(Leave)

In the field and in the yard at home
Bringing the grains of food and taking with thy young ones
At other times telling story and making it asleep
Getting up in the early morn singing in praise (Leave)





“National Safety Day was yesterday” to make conscious efforts
By all to minimize accidents- if not avoid in total – to bear fruits
Let every one take the pledge:”I solemnly affirm that I Rededicate
Myself to the cause of safety, health and protection of environment”.

Theme of the National Safety Day/Week in each year varies:
2017 “Keep Everyone Safe”.
2016 “Make Safety Movement for achieving the goal of no harm”.
2015 “Develop a Secure culture for better Chain Supply”.
2014 “Handle Pressure at Workplace and Control of Hazards with Safety, and It takes us all”.
2013 “For ensuring Safety and Healthy Workplace by working together”.
2012 “Ensuring Safe and Healthy Environment for working which is a fundamental Human Right”.
2011 “Maintain and Establish Preventative measures for Security and Culture of the Health”.

Safety indeed is the natural instinct of all living beings
Alas!all are of course victims some time or other; we are seeing
Of accidents at home or roads, factories and offices misfortune
“Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)” movement serious brings fortune!

Many times we fall victims due to our own awful negligence
Equally horrible it is when due to our own ignorance
Young or old, man or woman, humans or animals all fall victims sure
Efforts are needed to educate and bring in awareness pure!





In the great creation of the Lord Almighty birth and death
Inevitable! One more is GARBAGE that we accumulate
Day in and day out-at home and roads, schools and offices,
Star hotels or roadside eateries-omnipresent is heaps of garbage’s!

Rightly a GARBAGE FESTIVAL- unheard of- to reduce the Load
On Earth!  Twenty Fifth Feb. in Mylapore -heart of Chennai- park to goad
The best way to serve Mother Earth and Society in style!

Workshops on up-cycling, composting, recycling, Organic Food,
Alternatives to Plastics, connection to various recyclers good!
Re-Starting our old concept of going to a REPAIR shop
Get things Repaired and reused instead of just throwing out!



Is it a pity no, it is an atrocity very sure
Arising out of humans’ utter selfishness simple and pure!
Vehicle population racing with human population
May be a sign of prosperity but causing deprivation!

Agricultural lands being converted into nasty flats
For the growing population depriving lands which deflate
Food and air!, on all the colonies existing expanding
For greater comforts and conveniences selfish Encroaching!

Roads and streets get shrunken thanks to encroachments unauthorized
Court orders and Government laws and rules not withstanding- disobeyed
Managed with the power of money and muscle here and there
Atrocity! But none can escape the powerful arms of God sure!




Tall Eucalyptus tree in a friendly voice asked me:
Have you seen me or come across me = you are welcome!
Said I happily and with a pride:” Oh! My dear friend
Have you forgotten me; I was with you for three years!

Nice tree asked me: I remember very faintly, please tell
Told I: Forty years ago in Ooty, we were together-fell
In love with each other- I liked your shape and size,
Healing power and wide use for all rich and poor- I praise!

I enjoyed your pleasing scent as I went for my morning walks
Office to home and home to office, to Elk Hill
Temple and back! Over my house you stood majestic
As guards to help me and my family-holistic!

Said the tree in a sad voice: Those days are gone gone
With the wind- you humans in inhuman manner -cut us all
To make homes for your needs; very few are left.

Said I in reply: Yes unfortunate it is;
Ungrateful my kith and kin have been- selfish;
Fail to see you healing our cold with oil made of leaves
You sacrifice yourselves to have my home built up
You produce sweet honey for the birds another
Creation of God- Almighty: You are food for many birds and insects.

Eucalyptus said in a grateful tone:
Happy I am to listen to the words of comforts
In praise of my clan and my use to you all!

Elk Hill Subramanya temple in Ootacamund amidst host of Eucalyptus trees.



Frog, a nice creation of the Lord Almighty
Small creature with a good purpose to serve lovely
Valued as food by humans, have cultural roles
Many in literature, symbolism –souls!

Nearly five thousand species many extinct
God’s ways are always inscrutable and distinct
When in rainy days and enjoying bath in water
Joyfully sings-ears special needed to enjoy!

Song of the frog sweet with its own rhyme and rhythm
Lying in the bed, silence all around in the night
Listening to the song is pleasant and great right
Pesticides and chemicals deform the frog  pity!





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I am glad to share with you that with the 114th  view at 17.20 hours yesterday viz Sunday  the 12th November 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FIFTEEN THOUSAND (1,15,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 968th day and 1036th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty