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June Fifth yesterday was WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY a holy day to be cherished
And to take an oath to protect ENVIRONMENT at all cost-not to failed
For the world to live and enjoy peace and pleasure, joy and health
Environmental protection is nothing short of our valuable wealth!

World Environment Day this year hosted by China, with the theme
“Air Pollution”.We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about
The quality of air we breathe.Seven million people worldwide die
Prematurely each year from air pollution.Cruel it is to allow to die.

World Environment Day urges governments, industry, communities,
And individuals to come together to explore renewable energy and
Green technologies, and improve air quality in cities and regions
Across the world. Let us resolve to keep environment clean and clear!

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In the light of the increasing global warning- no solution other than TREES
To find out more and more space for the ever increasing human population
Trees are cut, agricultural lands converted into colonies-my God!
Solution lies in the hands of the humans to LOVE and PLANT trees everywhere!

May sixteenth TODAY honors National Love a Tree Day, trees are celebrated
Recognized for the wonderful gift that trees are to us. this Day is in middle
Of Garden for Wildlife Month. trees tend to be long-lived for hundreds of years
Some trees live for several thousand years as Madras Adayar AALAMARAM is!

The tallest known tree is three hundred and seventy nine feet high-a wonder
Trees provide more than just beautiful landscapes and a shady canopy in summer
Play a significant role in reducing erosion and moderating the climate and give
Oxygen. Large carbon  stored in their tissues- removing carbon dioxide from earth.

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,98,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 46th view at 17.45 hrs today viz Thursday  the SIXTEENTH (16th) May 2019 , total views of the BLOG crossed    ONE LAKH AND NINETY EIGHT THOUSAND (1,98,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1536th day and 1597th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue





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Writing or telling-message is important-any language at any time
Society and individuals sure to be benefited with nice rhyme!
April first is today-commonly called APRIL FOOL’S DAY may be for fun
Severe summer has set in making the people sweat and quickly run!

Innovatively a message in circulation well prepared and spread
Make April Fool Day an APRIL COOL DAY by planting saplings and spread
Greenery all over- Another offering to show the space and they
Will come and plant different types of trees -right from digging pits !

Yes due to the selfishness of the ungrateful man to make his shelter
Fields and tanks are converted into concrete jungles blocks of flats in thousands!
When well grown trees are cut in thousands oxygen gets scarce, birds lose their homes
Atrocious practices to be condemned and given a go bye! Make APRIL COOL DAY?

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March 28th-Weed Appreciation Day!

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To be weeded out to enjoy the world is commonly understood word weed
Unfortunate understanding as good as any other creation of God!
A weed is any plant that is not in a place where we want it to be.
Even edible, medicinal, herbal plants, and flowers, considered weeds
To those who don’t want them where they pop up beyond their actual needs~

Flowers can make their way into our vegetable garden,and we pull them out,
Common flower, vegetable or herb deemed a weed, in the cracks of side walk
When we are lost in the woods for days with no food or water. purslane,a weed
in the vegetable garden- leafy, nutritious green, edible, helps to save our life.

Weeds offer food and shelter to birds and wildlife- producing a lovely flower
Some offer medicinal value someday becomes a cure for cancer or the common cold.
Common weeds provide oxygen that we breathe taking in the carbon dioxide we exhale
Many weeds offer food and shelter for birds and animals-lovely wildlife.
Today let us hug our weeds, water our weeds, fertilize our weeds
Enjoy weeds to have a very happy Weed Appreciation Day!

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March 20th-International EARTH DAY!

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March Twentieth today is International Earth Day
The day’s purpose and objective quite noble and great-hey
WE listen to Mother Earth’s pleadings to keep it quite safe
Since we are indiscriminate in taking care of Mother!

We love this MOTHER EARTH for reasons several not far to seek
The Day is observed to remember that the great Mother Earth sleek
Its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance.- God’s grace
We have to promote harmony with nature-its beauty with grace!

To ensure the Earth to achieve a just balance among all needs
The economic, social and environmental- with our deeds
For the present and future generations of humanity.
Lest we are bound to lose the grace of Mother Earth for eternity!

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February 2nd-World Wetlands Day

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Wonderful world created by the Lord Almighty- Omnipotent
Humans and animals, lands and oceans, hills and dales-significant
Wetlands, dry lands, marsh lands, deserts,-all created for the good of all
In the God’s beautiful creation all are equal and stand quite tall!

Every bit of land on earth has its immense value and use
It is for us to make the best use for peace and plenty profuse
Alas! Man in his selfishness converts wetlands into plots for flats
Unfortunate development in our society to put an end to..

Today is the WORLD WETLANDS DAY to raise awareness about values
And benefits of Wetlands for humanity and the planets like biologically
Diverse ecosystems to provide habitat for many species,
Serve as buffers on the coast against storms and flooding, and
Filter water by breaking down or transforming harmful pollutants.

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Yes carbon-di-oxide you emit is harmful to you
For your living a healthy life you need oxygen
I and my kith and kin are the main source of fresh air
If you are trying to close the source it is unfair!

By air pollution with your advanced transportation
You are invaded with carbon here and there everywhere
God has created me to of help to you for ever
By absorbing twenty two kilos of carbon dioxide a year!

Is it not unfortunate that you, my dear people
Choose to kill me and my tribe without scruple!
All I plead with you is only to ‘let me live’ freely
In turn  what I do to your community as a whole!

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