Yes carbon-di-oxide you emit is harmful to you
For your living a healthy life you need oxygen
I and my kith and kin are the main source of fresh air
If you are trying to close the source it is unfair!

By air pollution with your advanced transportation
You are invaded with carbon here and there everywhere
God has created me to of help to you for ever
By absorbing twenty two kilos of carbon dioxide a year!

Is it not unfortunate that you, my dear people
Choose to kill me and my tribe without scruple!
All I plead with you is only to ‘let me live’ freely
In turn  what I do to your community as a whole!

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We are all the creations of great God, the Almighty
We have to play our roles regularly and correctly
For mutual benefits of all concerned I believe
None can have any difference on the same-am relieved!

After all I am a tree -no schooling or studies like you
Know not Physics or Chemistry-but I know you need Oxygen
To be alive and you depend on me and my kith and kin
Who take away carbon-di oxide and give you oxygen.

Every day I supply oxygen for up to four people
I do it as my sacred duty allotted to me by Lord.
Don’t you people think that I am worth saving and not to be cut
By you for any of your other uses? Spare us please to live!

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Oh, my beloved people- co creation of the Lord
Kindly think can you live a natural life without air
You are the most intelligent among creations of God
I know you will definitely say “no not without AIR”!

Shall I ask you: “Where do you get AIR from to live on earth?”
I know you will say: ” of course from AIR!!! given by God”.-truth.
Let me tell you “I clean the air you breathe, I can do that
For your children too IF YOU LET ME LIVE”- What do you say?

It is now for me and you to say to kind tree that talks
Shall we assure that we shall let it live honestly and
Keep our words so that we and our children and grand children
Enjoy good and clean air for their health and happiness.

Global warming effect in city


Funny and selfish world is this-against the wish of God
All HIS creations are for peaceful coexistence-nod
To be made in acceptance all over the earth sure
Lest distress and chaos to be put up by all quite pure!

All living beings-humans and animals, falls and oceans
Rivers and tanks, forests and trees-all for joy and health
Alas! man in his need and greed being much superior
Harms other beings and they meekly weep, pray-help and kindness!

Look at the tree above -in tears it beseeches
CALLED DEVELOPMENT”. Development of what and whom
ME as a man in my own selfishness and for my progress.

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,82,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 40th view at 07.45 hrs today viz Friday the Twenty third(23rd November 2018 , total views of the BLOG crossed the  ONE LAKH AND EIGHTY TWO THOUSAND (1,82,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1367th day and 1420th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue


November 6 International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict

God in the form of Nature in HIS compassion gifted us
Environment great – mountains and valleys, seas and lakes,
Rivers and wells, forests and and waterfalls ll over on earth
For the living beings to be in peace and prosperity!

Lo! What is happening is unfortunate and cruel!
Today it is Sixth November International Day for
Preventing the exploitation of the Environment in
War and Armed Conflicts! To instill noble thoughts in us!

The day aims to educate people about the damaging
Effects of War and Armed Conflicts on the most valuable
Environment-man is to protect by all possible means
For his own well being and that of other living beings!

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International Day for Disaster Reduction



In the creation of the Lord Almighty-Omnipotent-
HE is watching every thing good and bad-Omnipresent
He is surely aware of all things happening Omniscient
To ensure the living beings are in peace and harmony!

Alas! Due to the sins committed, the world does witness sad
Calamities here and there man made and nature wrought-very bad
All suffer- efforts are needed by those affected and others
To save the humanity from destruction due to calamities!

No cyclone, no tsunami, no floods, no other nature’s fury
Nor man made wars and struggles, no theft no murders anywhere
Should be the aim and endeavor of the society and if caught
All must join in unison to help and assist those who seek!

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