Lord Almighty the great Creator of the Universe and humanity in all HIS compassion makes everyone to be at peace and prosperity, joy and happiness provided he loves all and serves all, helps ever and hurts never. I have the staunch conviction on this and I have all what I deserve.


With nothing in particular in expectation I launched a blog through word press on February 28th 2015 and titled the same as ENVIUS THOUGHTS raising the curiosity of the viewers as to what is this ENVIUS probably wrongly spelt! The blog cn be accessed through https://nvsr.wordpress.com
My first post was “TRYST WITH LIC” – almost an autobiography of my official life started with my hunt, getting a job in LIC, allowing it to slip and again after a couple of years landing in LIC till I retired as a Deputy Zonal Manager on my superannuation. Since that post received tremendous response, at the instance of my journalist son from Bangalore I decided to continue.
I decided with the blessings and grace of Gods and Goddess of Learning from all over the globe to continue my Blog posting uninterruptedly as long as possible. It was also decided to post poems in English-may be original or translated from other languages by me to English-on all days from Monday to Saturday and on all Sundays a Sunday story.
By God’s immense grace I could do what I wanted to post every day without a break right from the day that I started. Today this is 1024th day and1071st post.
Viewership grew gradually and as of now overall view score is 1,20, 000 from more than 210 countries. I have hundreds of followers who look forward for my daily post.
Hundreds of comments have been received and a few are continuing to make their comments on a daily basis. My esteemed viewers are aware of my consolidation of such comments and they have been published in several parts as several Sunday stories. For every fiftieth post, I give a summary of several aspects under the title TALE OF A BLOGGER. 21 parts are over and the 22nd tale on the 1100th post is due on 14th January 2018.
Lord Krishna in Bhagawath Geetha says:
“Karmanyeva aadhikaarasthae
Maa palaeshu kadhaachana”
Action is thy duty fruit is not thy concern.
With that in mind I am
going on with my Blog work without any great expectation except the joy of observing the overall views soaring higher and higher. With every 1000 views forthcoming I share with my viewers in this manner:
“ Dear all,
ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,20,000 views
I am glad to share with you that with the 56th view at 14.45 hours today viz Saturday the 16th December 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed ONE LAKH AND TWENTY THOUSAND (1,20,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1023rd day and 1070th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty
.With regards.
N V Subbaraman”


To my greatest joy God bestowed on me through the Research Team of INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS” a life time pride and happiness that I hve entered into the IBR for my Blog activities:
1. For the Blog maintenance by posting for 1008 days without a break of single day
2. For posting English poems and stories numbering 1055 as at 1st December 2017.
3. For garnering an overall view score of 1,17,500
4. Views from more than 210 nations.

It is indeed a matter of great joy and satisfaction for my pursuing the Blog activities with HIS grace.
As a token of recognition as a RECORD HOLDER, the following were received from the Research team of IBR.
Trophy, Certificate, Badge, Identity Card, Car Sticker


Photo by  Lakshman

N V Subbaraman with his trophy and certificate.

Thanking all my great viewers who earned this honor for me I end this Sunday story. We shall meet on Monday.



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,20,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 56th  view at 14.45 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 16th December 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWENTY THOUSAND (1,20,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1023rd day and 1070th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty



A little more than two decades ago, while I was in service with the premier Public Sector Organization –LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA- there was an occasion to stay in Taj hotel at Mumbai along with my colleague Shri Akbar Ali.

As we went for our lunch we were attracted by a special menu-BANANA FLOWER USLI- and as we ordered and the dish came we were shocked to find a 50gram side dish known as the title of this story shown above at a cost of Rs250?-!!!!

Almost twice a month we do this called வாழைப்பூ உசிலி- (vaazaippoo usili) in our home may be the family requirement of 400 grams at a cost less than rs.25!!!!!!!!!!!

Having ordered we could not return and we took it with a pinch of salt as it was not even one tenth of the taste our people prepare at home!

We know that banana is one of the best vegetables created by the Lord Almighty for the benefit of all living beings- humans and animals. Every part of a plantain tree- banana tree- is of great use in one way or the other.

Its Roots, stem, leaves, banana ripe or otherwise, flower- every part is of use to the people. How nice if only every part of every individual human being is of  positive use, help and service to every other individual. The society will be enjoying peace and harmony, poise and prosperity, health and happiness!

Let us have a look at the plantain.

  Health benefits

Heart health

Bananas are good for our heart. They are packed with potassium, a mineral electrolyte that keeps electricity flowing throughout our body, which is required to keep our heart beating. Bananas’ high potassium and low sodium content may also help protect our cardiovascular system against high blood pressure.

A 2017 animal study conducted by researchers found that the potassium in bananas is also linked to arterial effectiveness; the more potassium we have, the less likely our arteries are to harden. In the study, mice with lower-potassium diet had harder arteries than mice consuming a normal amount of potassium. Arterial stiffness in humans is linked to heart disease.

Depression and mood

Bananas can be helpful in overcoming depression “due to high levels of tryptophan, which the body converts to serotonin, the mood-elevating brain neurotransmitter,”  vitamin B6 can help our sleep well, and magnesium helps to relax muscles. Additionally, the tryptophan in bananas is well known for its sleep-inducing properties.

Digestion and weight loss

Bananas are high in fiber, which can help keep us regular. One banana can provide nearly 10 percent of our daily fiber requirement. Vitamin B6 can also help protect against type 2 diabetesand aid in weight loss. In general, bananas are a great weight loss food because they taste sweet and are filling, which helps curb cravings.

Bananas are particularly high in resistant starch, a form of dietary fiber in bananas may support gut health and control blood sugar. Resistant starch increases the production of short chain fatty acids in the gut, which are necessary to gut health.


For replenishing energy and electrolytes, bananas can be more effective than sports drinks. One looked at male athletes competing in long-distance cycling races. They compared athletes refueling with Gatorade every 15 minutes to athletes refueling with a banana and water. The athletes’ performance times and body physiology were the same in both cases. But the banana’s serotonin and dopamine improved the athletes’ antioxidant capacity and helped with oxidative stress, improving performance overall.


Carrots may get all the glory for helping our eyes, but bananas do their share as well. The fruits contain significant amount of vitamin A, which is essential for protecting our eyes, maintaining normal vision and improving vision at night. Vitamin A contains compounds that preserve the membranes around our eyes and are an element in the proteins that bring light to our corneas. Like other fruits, bananas can help prevent macular degeneration, an incurable condition, which blurs central vision.


Calcium in bananas is helpful in keeping bones strong.Bananas contain an abundance of fructooligosaccharides. These are non digestive carbohydrates that encourage digestive-friendly probotics and enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium.


Some evidence suggests that moderate consumption of bananas may be protective against kidney cancer. Women who ate more than 75 servings of fruits and vegetables cut their risk of kidney cancer by 40 percent, and that bananas were especially effective. Women eating four to six bananas a week halved their risk of developing kidney cancer.

Bananas may be helpful in preventing kidney cancer because of their high levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds.


The potassium in bananas is correlated with women giving birth to baby boys. A study looked at 740 women and saw that those who consumed high levels of potassium prior to conception were more likely to have a boy that those who did not.

Bananas may also help prevent gestational diabetes. Lack of sleep during pregnancy can contribute to gestational diabetes.. But the magnesium and tryptophan in bananas can help ensure a good night’s rest.

Banana peels: edible or poisonous?


It turns out that the biggest risk from a banana peel might really be slipping on it. Banana peels are not poisonous. In fact, they’re edible, and packed with nutrients. “Banana peel is eaten in many parts of the world. “It contains high amounts of vitamin B6 and B12, as well as magnesium and potassium. It also contains some fiber and protein.”

It is important to carefully wash a banana peel before eating it due to the pesticides that may be sprayed in banana groves.

Banana peels are usually served cooked, boiled or fried, though they can be eaten raw or put in a blender with other fruits. They are not as sweet as banana flesh. Riper peels will be sweeter than unripe ones.

Other banana facts

Bananas may have been the world’s first cultivated fruit. The banana plant is classified as an arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb, and the banana itself is considered a berry. A bunch of bananas is called a hand; a single banana is a finger.

There are almost 1,000 varieties of bananas,  Nearly all the bananas sold in stores are cloned from just one variety,

Botanically, there is no difference between plantains and bananas. But in general use, “banana” refers to the sweeter form of the fruit, which is often eaten uncooked, while “plantain” refers to a starchier fruit that is often cooked before eating.

                               (Technical information from Google Guru)



Tamil Nadu is to become the number one area in the world in banana production beating Ecuador and Indonesia if post-harvest losses were cut down and more marketing efforts were taken.

Areas in Tamil Nadu where banana is prominently cultivated are Theni, Trichy, Erode, Thoothukudi, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Thanjavur and Dindigul. The varieties cultivated include Grand Naine, Virupakshi, Sirumalai, Rasthali, poovan and Red Banana. Most of the bananas produced here go to the Gulf countries.


Raw banana is used for preparing different side dishes – in Tamil parlance- poriyal, koottu, varuval and so on!

Similarly the stem- known as vaazhaith thaNdu- is used for pachadi, porial and koottu. When its juice is taken regularly, no question of stones in kidney, urinary track etc.

Nendhram variety from Kerala – raw or ripe- is known for making chips all over the country!

Coming back to our banana flower usli, here we find the banana flower ready to be cooked. Last Sunday we had at home that triggered my thoughts and the result is today’s Sunday story that was presented above.






























“ENVIUS THOUGHTS” was born days thousand and eight ago
Time flies and rapidly moved, one thousand days crossed-oh!
One thousand and fifty fifth post this day – happy day
With more than 0ne lakh and seventeen thousand views-hey!

Number one thousand and eight has its own significance
In all the religions and other fields – of magnificence
Lord Siva designated by one thousand and eight names.
He is the God of sacrifices accompanied by Sakti!

During the passion of Our-Lord, one thousand and eight
Persons mocked of HIM on the cross- most sacreligious
Act of the ungrateful people! Envius Thoughts this day
Resolves to continue with its work with HIS grace and views!


Blog author during his Cuddapah days


Time –manifestation of Nature- indeed is Divine; those who revere the Almighty, know of the greatness and significance of TIME. In that way I am proud that God has blessed me with the sense of time and hardly and rarely waste it or put to wrong use!

I ever remember the words of Charles Darwin:

“A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life”

One of the greatest assets my beloved father who was a teacher bequeathed to me is the virtue of punctuality and get up in the easrly morning not later than 5.0am right from 5th year of age and retiring to bed not later than 21.00 hrs. This I have been meticulously following till this day with a minor change:

While up to college studies I used to get up at 5.00am; during my service up to age 60 by 4.00am and now after retirement I get up at 3.00am and retire to bed by 20.00hrs!!

I use to sympathize with the people who say that they have no time to attend even to very important work!

Here is my thought on this aspect:

What a funny thing it is
No time for prayer, satsang we miss
No time to read or write we wish
No time to be with friends we think
No time to serve the needy who sink
No time to visit shrines that lift

Twenty four hours a day
Seven days a week
Four weeks a month
Twelve months a year
Hundred years to live!
No time to spend the way we need
Paradox unsolved in life indeed!
Wasting, gossiping, frittering avoided
Getting up early much before sun rise
Planning your work, being punctual nice
Gets you all the time you need to size!


Well, this is my 1050th post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com and keeping with the tradition, rightly this is the TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 21!

Since Tale 20 was posted on 8th October, the progressive 1000s are shared below:

08/10/2017   933rd day-     1000th post-  1,09,789

09/10/2017  834th day        1001 st post- 1,10,000

14/10/2017  939th day        1006th post –  1,11,000               

21/10/2017 946th day        1014th post-  1,12,000                   

28/10/2017 953rd day        1021st post    1,13,000

04/11/2017   960th day       1028th post     1,14,000

12/11/2017  968thday         1036th post     1,15,000

19/11/2017  975th day         1043rd post     1,16,000.

We write, write and write for our own satisfaction- not expecting anything from readers except their feedback. Feedback I believe is  a strong tonic for the writer- whether it is adverse criticism in the normally accepted sense or inspiring compliments.

By HIS/HER grace I have been getting regular feedback/comments/responses/reviews for each and every one of my posts- all these 1050!  I feel inspired that I consolidate the same and publish as Sunday stories in the Blog.

Latest arrival is one SHRI ARK who regularly sends his feed back in AUDIO format very intellectual, interesting and informative. I enjoy each and in fact eagerly await.


During this period, I developed friendship with FLOWERS, BIRDS and TREES! Our conversations were posted in several parts and I do hope that this feature will continue for some more time as it is well received by my esteemed viewers.


I am glad to share with my learned viewers that I have been awarded a title”SINTHANAI SIRPI: in Tamil சிந்தனை சிற்பி for my –their perceived-(!?!?!?) contribution towards Tamil literature through poetry.


I am also happy to share with a news of my being included in the “INDIAN BOOK OF REWARDS 2018 and as they have put it:



N V Subbaraman (born on February 17, 1941) of Chennai blogged Most (1,044) English poems and articles in 976 days regularly, without fail, since his blog launch in February 2015 – Envius Thoughts, garnering 1,16,296 views from 210 nations as on November 20, 2017″. under India Book Records 2018.”

I deem it to be a great honor out and out I could achieve thanks to the support and encouragement extended by my esteemed followers and viewers from more than 200 countries.

Another matter to be shared is the INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL ANTHOLOGY “AMARAVATI POETIC PRISM THREE” carried my two poems-ion English and Tamil and S.Nivetha’s English poem. I have posted a detailed write up on that in the Blog on on 19th November as Sunday Story titled WONDERFUL ANTHOLOGY-AMARAVATI PRISM THREE. Both the Anthology and my Blog post in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com were well received.




Yes, happily I conclude this TALE with the firm confidence born out of the increasing support and encouragement of my friends known and unknown, seen and unseen, heard personally over phone or in person or unheard and with the grace of the Goddess of LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE  that my next TALE 22 will be on 14th January 2018!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,17,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 2nd  view at 1.00 hour today viz Sunday  the 26th November 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND SEVENTEEN THOUSAND (1,17,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 982nd day and 1050th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty




Image result for Images and pictures on the Blog ENVIUS THOUGFHTS in WORDPRESS

Mr. OKR Sivaganam in his native temple

Here is the Part XV of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India,  which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part XIV  covered upto 9/6/17. Further Here it is uptodate.

. Your Sunday Story on Small and Big is indeed bigger for its wider and deeper coverage!
From the moment we slip in to the cradle, and finally in to the grave, we put on robes different, to suit the roles assumed voluntarily or thrust upon against our wishes!
Execution must be satisfactorily good, no matter the task is small or big!
Thirukkural is structure-wise small, and as for the contents, it’s big, bigger, and the biggest- hence its popularity across the world!
Impact of words on us is big, irrespective of whether it’s uttered in the context of issues, small or big- hence the need to think twice before allowing them to come out of our mouth!
Meanness in thought, word, and deed shows our big indifference to the ethical standards in place!
What’s small to one may be big to the other, and vice versa- hence no need for arguments bordering them, leading to unwarranted divisions among the people!
Polarisation of status- small and big- is in effect, the enhancer of inequalities in society!
A bigger goal may not frighten us if we are prepared to divide the whole into many small parts and proceed to execute them one after the other- no need for anxiety or panic!
And so, anything small need not be ugly, the way anything big too is beautiful- it’s all in the mind to understand the truth!
Nice to read your post on United Nations Day being observed today!
ஊர் கூடித் தேர் இழுத்தல்-
This is what comes to the mind when UNITY is talked about!
The collective efforts of a group of people can do the wonders which otherwise are impossible of execution when attempted individually!
Completion of tasks is made easy, when we let go of ego, and co-operate with one another wholeheartedly!
This mindset will greatly help in carrying out the welfare schemes meant for the people through their representatives in government or the opposition!
The same is true with respect to the nations of the world through the United Nations Organisation!
Not an easy job when agendas, naturally, are going to be different from nation to nation!
But world peace is very important, particularly when globalisation has become the order of the day!
This is where the UNO comes into the picture with a great responsibility to shoulder with the active support of the member countries!
May all the nations be alive to this goal and contribute their best for the smooth functioning of the world organisation in the interest of one and all!
A beautiful post on Scientist Chandrasekhar!
The one who born in Lahore in British India and a child-genius, Chandrasekhar was one of the first scientists, famous for pursuing studies on Physics and Astronomy combined together!
Many awards came to him, justifying his abilities in the subjects embarked, and had the unique distinction of being the first Nobel Laureate in the field of Astrophysics!
Understanding of black holes gets facilitated through his contributions to the subject matter!
Most of his professional life was in the US, and he had the passion for the country for the sheer freedom he enjoyed in academia, which made him appreciate the country- in his own words as follows!
” I have one advantage here in the United States.
I have enormous freedom.
I can do what I want.
Nobody bothers me “.
Let the students be inspired in scientific temperament to become the likes of Chandrasekhar, and be instrumental in contributing to achievements in the chosen field!
And may the authorities be sensible enough to grant academic independence to the researchers, paving the way for the expected outcome to be of use to the common man!
You’ve rightly come out with the Ugly Exhibition on the eve of Festival of Lights, that turned out to be a pompous show of ‘ affordability ‘ in terms of money!
And a war of ego too, among the neighbours, as to who’s spending more on this score!
Many forget the effectiveness of moderation in anything in general and in celebrations in particular!
The thunderous sound of crackers, no doubt, affect the children and the elderly very much, irritating to the core! As you said, the lavish spending in this respect may well be avoided to reserve them for the benefit of the poor who are unable to have at least two square meals a day!
Celebration by itself is welcome, but extending it as to be a hindrance to the ‘ vulnerable ‘ group of people is loathsome!
You post: Joy of Giving Day- Diwali, adding joy to the festivity!
It’s joy enormous in giving than receiving!
The joy one finds in the needy is indeed the real joy we’re after!
Sound of music is more enjoyable than the sound of Deepavali, I suppose!
The sound of high-decibel crackers injures the ear-drums badly, affecting the power to hear properly, and respond appropriately!
On the contrary, the light-show that comes with Deepavali marks the disappearance of evils to present the ever-good, making our moods happiest ever!
Let the celebration be an occasion for the nice get-togethers, giving scope for exchange of pleasant memories remaining unshared for long due to separation necessitated by relocation on grounds of work and job!
Happy Diwali!
A great thought on Mother Teresa for the day!
HER name reminds one of service to humanity!
Compassion is writ large on HER smiling face!
Simplicity we learn from the Mother Teresa!
Peace comes to the mind to avoid violence of any sort- verbal and physical- and here too, Teresa had the impact on us!
While on this, we will just be failing, if we do not make a mention on Mahatma Gandhi, who toiled for the cause of the nation with his non-violent, but powerful methods!
Simplistic way of living had been the approach throughout his life!
Nice examples to positively impact us in our everyday life!
Your special and second post today entitled Envius Thoughts Views 111111!
What’s in a number- we’re used to hear this quite often in a casual manner!
But we very much care for the numbers in our day-to-day life!
So is the case with numbers we are concerned with in matters relating to our economy!
Parents are very much after the numbers when it comes to the ranking of their wards in the examinations- they are prepared to sacrifice anything for the unique and enviable position!
In sports, the players vie with one another to win laurels, placing themselves in the top slot , again a preference for the special numbers like 1 or 2 or 3!
And people are really crazy to have special numbers for the brand new and dream-vehicles they purchase after deep thought!
And there are the film-goers who visit the cinema houses for the first show on the very first day of the release to see the movies starred by their favourite heroes- again what matters to them is the number!
But your longing for the numbers is quite different in that it’s just the feedback for your creations that take much of your time and efforts!
Congrats for the special view scores of six one’s!
A good poem on World Standards Day!
May be, demonetisation of higher denomination currencies was symbolic of demonetisation of higher values in life!
Sticking to standards is significant to the growth and development of society!
Lack of quality in products or services is, in effect, lack of quality of our life!
Manufacturers, and service providers, are under an obligation to follow the set rules strictly, or else subject to scrutiny and punishment for deviations, if any!
But many a time, they are insensitive to the consequences, and better positioned to flout the rules with the active connivance of the authorities concerned who otherwise are put in guard to prevent malpractices whatever!
Unless and until they realise their duty towards the society, the latter is not assured of QUALITY that is the cornerstone of life and living in particular!

This World Standards Day, let the sectors rededicate themselves to the cause of the people, and render justice with a spirit of responsibility!
A nice post on Idol Worship!
A prayer in effect is an appeal for grant of something we seek!
It may be from the God the Almighty, or from others who are in a position to satisfy one’s needs, small or big!
As for worshipping the God of our choice, it’s open to us either to prostrate before the idol with total surrender, or to offer the prayer in total silence, assuming an idol right in front of us!
It may be for personal gain or for peace and prosperity for the whole of the universe, the latter one being the most ideal, and without an iota of selfishness!
And there’s a segment going in for hero worship, erecting statues in places of mass crowding, often troubling the passersby!
Pity it’s that it isn’t prevented- it’s just not given thought to!
And your conclusion that Idol Worship is Ideal Worship is very much true for the simple reason that the process enhances the much needed concentration and focus in prayers!
A beautiful imagination in the form of a question-answer session with flowers in your post: Flowers Speak, today!
All flowers are unique in their own way!
What is beautiful and attractive to me may not appeal to you in the same way!
Nevertheless, they carry the impact along, with their varied colour, shape, and fragrance, attracting us with a mere touch or feel!
If one is credited with the power to experience the joy of its companionship, naturally, a thousand stories would start coming out, giving a nice treat to our heart’s content!
The language of flowers is crystal clear to such of those flower-lovers, that they can readily and effortlessly come out with suitable response!
Let us make friends with flowers, the one-of-the various manifestations of NATURE, and engage in daily conversations with them, thereby avoiding their loneliness!
Nice to see your thousandth post in the Tale- of- a -Blogger- series, this Sunday!
The days are 924;
But your output is 1000-
You’re at a comfortable PLUS!
Your KITTY is ever- brimming with ideas and thoughts varied, and so can never exhaust, but continue to spread their fragrance!
Variety is the hallmark of the contents in your storehouse, and we’re assured of newer and newer output one after another uninterruptedly!
Goddess of Learning resides in you, and guides you in every endeavour attempted!
And Mahakavi Bharathi inspires you to move ahead with your assignments with confidence!
And again, ideals put forth by Thiruvallur, that inspired M K Gandhi in his life also seem to influence your approach to life greatly!
Well done, and God bless you in facet of your life!
Your Sunday Story on 1/10/17- Thiruvallur inspired Gandhi Mahan- nice to read and introspect!
Ideals set forth by Thiruvalluvar in his great contribution called Thirukkural to the society are worthy of following, though seem utopian!
Determination to practice will make it easy to follow and get benefited out of it!
Mahatma Gandhi’s life had a great story, making the rounds, taking a cue from the wisdom gems sprinkled in abundance by the poet Thiruvalluvar!
A neat polish Gandhiji had done to shape his life in accordance with what Valluvar had to say on many virtues, exhorting him to lend his ears and see for himself, the positive results that follow as a natural course!
For example, attributes like compassion, no harm to others, sacrifice, and what not, found a great expression in his daily life with practical application!
He never meant enmity with the British, though he faught with them for our freedom- with non-violence, the ruling mantra!
Simplicity he practiced to the core, and earned the title ‘ Mahan ‘ , and he continued to lead the life accordingly!
And his autobiography ‘ My Experiment with Truth ‘ is a standing example to the ideal of ‘ truth ‘ enunciated in Thirukkural!
We wish such nice principles go well with our present-day leaders, and add themselves to the enviable list of followers of Thirukkural!
A nice post on ROSE the US National Flower!

Nehru’s love for rose was so great that the flower always used to decorate his coat pocket with its look and fragrance!

Variety is its speciality, like all other flowers, that one is offered the option to choose from!
Man is often gripped with the monotonous way of life that he needs a break in between to refresh himself, and come out with the readiness to proceed further- and the flowers have the capacity to make him free of the boredom set in!

A rose is a rose, but then we have to be careful about the thorns that may prick and injure us, reminding us of the fact that our gains are subject to corresponding pains!

The story as told by the ROSE spreads its fragrance amidst us, making the atmosphere very much pleasing to experience and enjoy!

Nice to go through your post on World Animals Day!
Animals have a place of their own, just as we humans do have, and experience the joy of living!
Pain and sufferings too are part of their life with a difference- they will not be able to express the feelings with those who inflicted the harm!
Yet, they can ferociously retard back and injure the targeted!
So long as we keep ourselves from disturbing the animals, both tamed and wild, they will go their own way, and do not harbour any necessity to pounce back upon us!
Love and kindness we show will make the animals too, live peacefully in co-existence with human beings, thereby contributing to the ecological balance that is more important!
Your post on Muharram ( October 1st ) to mourn the death of Inman Hussain in the battlefield!
A day to pray and fast to remember him for his courage shown in the war!
Not a day to celebrate and engage in joyful events!
Let us join with our Muslim brethren in their mourning, and show our solidarity!
A beautiful song on Navaraathri, from Mahakavi, praising the Goddesses, Parasakthi, Vani, Sree Devi, and Parvati!
And a nice translation of yours!
The all- pervading Parasakthi lends total support, by leading us along a right path!
The Goddess Vani , the revealer , ensures wisdom for all!
Shree Devi stands for beauty, and wealth- we take refuge in HER!
And the Goddess Parvati, the light-provider, makes us flourish with all benevolences on this earth!
An all-in-one prayer for the prosperity of all!
A nice post dedicated in obeisance to the Goddess of Knowledge on the occasion of AYUDHA POOJA and SARASWATHI POOJA!
Knowledge is integral to our everyday life;
Its application is more important than the knowledge per se, for mere a storehouse of knowledge goes waste if the stuff is not taken out and used effectively in practice!
We strongly believe, the intervention of Goddess of Learning makes a positive impact on us in acquiring knowledge and putting them in use, whatever field we are in!
And the Mahakavi Bharathi’s love for Saraswathi is evident from the way he describes the Goddess in all minute details, including the Lotus flower that gets prominence because of the majestic seat it graciously offers to HER!
On this special day, let us pray the Goddess to bless the nation with the right wisdom for the rulers to give a good governance to the people, and make them happy!
A nice post on Papanasam Sivan on his birthday!
Divine songs are the media through which God is sought to be realised and reached!
Karnatic music brings the likes of Bagavathar, and M S Subbulakshmi to remember them for their contributions in the field of music!
It’s very nice of you to bring Papanasam Sivan in this category, and pay your tributes!
Divinity effaces impurities if any in the mind, and prepares one to undertake the grand journey of spirituality successfully!
It’s very much capable of removing the roadblocks on the way, facilitating progress of the journey without interruptions!
Divine songs calm us to such an extent that no interruption can jeopardize the spiritual task!
Oh, Clouds- a beautiful poem on the selfless CLOUDS!
It’s not only N V S, but everyone envies (and applauds too) the clouds for their benevolence showered on all of us on this earth!
Imagine the life of all living beings sans water!
The over-bearing clouds that travel effortlessly across the sky above provide us with the rain waters catering to the needs of plants, animals, and human beings!
But we cannot be like the merciful clouds, for we are driven to run after the material life that blunts our concern for others!
In spite of it, we can have a sincere introspection and minimise the selfish element to care for the nature and its manifestations!
That way we can aid in creating an atmosphere for a healthy environment to prevail for the good of all!
Let us wake up to every morning with the serious thinking of the clouds, and proceed with our daily routine, doing one or two beneficial tasks at the minimum for those around us!
Your posts on Journey to Freedom going nice with Part 23 appearing today!
Really a great movement that passed through many ups and downs in its course!
Bhagath Singh came of a patriotic family, and from his student days he involved himself in the freedom movement!
He was attracted to the non-violent approaches followed by Gandhiji and participated actively!
His socialist inclination and the fiery spirit in him drove him to switch to revolutionary methods which alone can, according to him, force the British to hand over the rule back to our country men!
Through his great speeches and writings, he was able to garner the active support of the youngsters to the fold of the freedom movement!
He posed a real danger to the British government, but he was hanged to death at the young age of 24 years, rendering a blow to the Indian freedom fighters!
Did that dampen the spirit of our fighting heroes in their mission of achieving independence for the Motherland?
Definitely no, and we succeeded eventually to see the light of the day on the midnight of
August 15, 1947!
Long live our freedom!
A nice poem from you on Baker’s Dozen to emphasize on the need to be ethical in business dealings!
For the Baker, a dozen was not meant a dozen, but one or two added to the bread loaves he supplied to the consumer in an attempt to make him happy, and give him the status of a regular customer harbouring no thought of shifting the loyalty!
It was then a really’ sale offer ‘ with no hypocrisy behind the deal!
Nowadays…..no dearth of offers being made out for the’ benefit ‘ of the gullible people who really want the good deal for the price they pay for a product or a service!
May the spirit and the principle embraced by the ‘ proverbial Baker ‘ come to be applied by the people in every transaction they make in the course of their profession, and allow the customers go home delighted!
Top of Form
A nice Sanskrit Prayer for World Peace on the International Day of Peace-21st September!
Peace- a-difficult-to-get commodity for a price!
It’s something that our mind infers right- no matter what the external situation is!
It’s a skill that one develops out of practice, taking everything in its stride, making compromises here and there!
It’s a state of mind that spreads its aura far and wide that gives no room for violence and hatred!
Everyone must take it a responsibility to create a congenial atmosphere for others to remain at peace!
Wherever we go, we want peace without which all of our position and wealth is of no use!
Let us pray for world peace and contribute our part without fail!
Let us remain united, and stand for oneness, forgetting differences, if any!
And oneness will for sure ensure togetherness that leads to peace, harmony, and prosperity everywhere!
Your post on World No Car Day seeks a day off for plying cars on the road to keep off from the ill effects of air pollution!
The world has shrunken, thanks to the speedier transport facilities we enjoy nowadays!
The cars that facilitate saving in time are really a boon for the humankind!
But the polluted air one breathes in makes people susceptible to health hazards in the form of many illnesses that reduce the quality of life to a great extent!
The problem can be minimised, if not eradicated, by the method of car-pool, wherein a group of people can share and travel in a single car, thereby reducing the vehicles on the road at least to some extent!
Also public conveyance can be extensively used, contributing to lesser flow of vehicles with the resultant reduction in air pollution!
There’s no gain without pain, and hence some sacrifices we may make, thereby playing our rightful role in keeping the environment safe for living!
Nice to read your poem on Journey to Freedom ( Part 22 )!
Strategies were many and varied during the course of our freedom struggle!
May be, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the greatest turning point in our endeavour fruitfully resulting in the final Freedom dawned on us, the midnight of August 15, 1947!
Instigated at the introduction of new cartridges that stood against the religious sentiments of our soldiers, our sepoys revolted against the British troops!
The positive result was the transfer of power from the East India Company directly to the British Government that essentially made consultation possible with the Indians concerning the governance!
It was thus the first war of Independence that logically took the journey, culminating in the freedom that we began to embrace and enjoy!
A nice tribute to the Queen of Music!
Music is bound to captivate one and all!
The effect of music on the mind is immense that one needs to spare some time everyday, listening to some sort of music, vocal or instrumental!
It’s reported to be in application in the medical field in relieving stress and tension contributing to cardiovascular diseases!
The soothing effect it has on the mind tends to considerably reduce pain in the suffering patients!
Not only the carnatic music, but a melody of preference of the patient does the remarkable job of remedy and cure!
As food is to the body, music is to the heart and soul of an individual!
A nice poem on’ Cleanliness is Godliness’!
Cleanliness plays an important role in everyone’s life!
Whether it’s personal cleanliness or that of our surroundings, it adds quality to our life, by ensuring healthy condtions!
Cleanliness in thoughts, words, and deeds will spread peace and harmony, as there’s no scope for rift in relationships!
No surprise that Cleanliness is rightly equated with Godliness!
Let us therefore revere being clean the way we hold the Almighty in the heart of our hearts!
Tutorial has nothing to do with our quality of cleanliness!
And we do not have to go after the politicians to understand and practice cleanliness in our everyday life!
Because of the double-edged-sword-politicians, we continue to suffer, with no point of return!
Let the Almighty intervene for course-correction and ensure the presence of a good governance!
Let the preachers create the right infrastructure, with the authority vested in them, and leave cleanliness to the exclusive reign of people!
A good reading of your Sunday Story on:
Vasudevan on Envius Thoughts ( Part 2 )!
Nice comments from Shri. Vasudevan!
I think he’s the first to respond to your post daily with the tempo it deserves!
Wishing him all the best!
Your post on World Ozone Day is an eye opener on the perils due to ozone layer depletion!
We get protected from the ultraviolet rays emitted by the scorching sun, by the intervention of ozone layer!
Its depletion is mainly due to the presence of chlorofluorocarbons, the pollutant and greenhouse gas!
We humans are contributing heavily for the production of greenhouse gas through activities such as industrial production, and overburdening of the atmosphere by allowing more number of vehicles on the road!
We must learn to use public conveyance on a large scale, and the authorities must ensure this by providing the facilities that make the people turn to their individual vehicles only sparingly, thus reducing the pollutants contributing to the global warming and adverse climate changes!
UV rays affect all living organisms on the earth- the humans, the plants, and the animals!
Human immunity system gets weakened and impaired, causing many health hazards that affect the quality of life in a big way!
Let us spread awareness on this, and contribute our best in the mission of protecting the environment for a better universe!
A nice poem on Hindi Day!
No denying that a language connects people in more ways than one!
One cannot imagine the plight of people in communicating with others in the absence of a language!
The ease one feels with the knowledge of a language that is familiar with a particular area need not be explained!
We come very close to the people when we interact with the language of their choice – a sort of close affinity we begin to develop!
No need to be averse about a language, and equally no need to force it on the unwilling people!
The gain one can receive out of learning a new language will eloquently speak of its richness, and the readiness on the part of the learner to pursue it in the right earnest, no matter the difficulty, if any, involved thereof!
Let us learn as many languages as possible, including Hindi, and infuse peace and harmony in society, and never give room for hatred and animosity based on language in particular!
Happy Hindi Day!
A nice message in your post:
Protect in Return!
Everything that’s natural in the Universe may not expect us to behave responsibly!
But it’s not a licence to act indifferently towards them!
Our failure to align with them is not a disservice to Nature;
It’s but a curse on ourselves in the form of calamities that we may find difficult to cope with, rendering us stranded for the right solutions!
Enjoyment of benefits to the exclusion of our bounden duty to our well wishers, animate and inanimate, speaks ill of our civilised nature!
We can see the positive results if we nurture and nourish what we should love!
We wish, as individuals, we are safe and secure, and so too we shall wish for the safety and good of the Universe!
The whole world is ours and let us gives our best for the benefit of all!
I am sure you would have enjoyed the views/review of our vivid reader of the Blog.
WE shall end this Sunday Story with this and meet you tomorrow.





Vasudevan Gopalan's profile photo, Image may contain: 2 people

Mr, G.Vasudevan of Trichy is now  in Toronto CANADA

His views form the Sunday story today.

I very strongly believe that I draw strength from the immense Grace of the Lord Almighty and inspiration from my esteemed viewers and their responses. With 134 followers from more than 210 countries, very satisfying progress of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is the overall view score has crossed ONE LAKH and TWELVE THOUSAND By the grace of Goddess of Learning and the enthusiasm of the viewers, today’s post is 1022nd in the954 day life of the Blog!
Well, one of my new admiring viewer is Shri Vasudevan my erstwhile colleague in the Life Insurance Corporation of India and presently with his daughter in Toranto, Canada. He daily views the post and makes his comments regularly and here is a compendium of the same for the reading of my esteemed viewers as this week’s Sunday story. I hope you will enjoy reading. Part II was posted on 19th September 2017.

  • I started learning the history of INDIAN INDEPENDENCE step by step from you. Of course I have read in my school days with an immature mind. The history of today’s importance is known to me. Independence War started much before Gandhiji was born.

I will have to be regular in reading to know more and more.


A nice SANSKRIT prayer nicely translated to inform the people of the world to celebrate the ‘PEACE-DAY” with joy and victories. As rightly said by the poet, it is an occasion to work together for peace, love and prosperity.
Peace message should the journey from each house, street, village, taluk district, state, nation, and worldwide. If peace is

achieved here, then “HEAVEN” is here and we don’t need to go anywhere in search


It is very much interesting to see the today’s topic ‘NO CAR DAY”.
As rightly said God has given us pollution free AIR, WATER, EARTH. We humans, for the sake of comfort create pollution everywhere and this is correctly expressed by the poet, i.e., road, air, water, etc.
Pollution affects our health and happiness.

I could remember now, Delhi Government has introduced “ODD NUMBER DAY and “EVEN NUMBER DAY” for all the vehicles and thereby avoiding the terrific traffic and as well as pollution.

Is living not possible without the use of diesel or petrol? Yes it seems to be so. We should find out the alternatives to live a healthy and happy life.


Baker’s dozen is a new word learnt by me. Thanking you sir for that. Just it is a value addition. If a customer asks for a dozen, bakers give an extra loaf for satisfying the customer.

Nowadays everywhere this technique is applied. Many advertising techniques are followed.
In Tamil a special term known as ‘AADI THALLUPADI’ has attracted all the buyers..Likewise in Toronto, all the shops in the malls show “BACK TO SCHOOL, HALLOWEEN DAY,, etc etc throughout the year to attract the customers.

As rightly said it is offered for a penalty as preventive measure.
If you buy two get one free – I feel this is also an example for Baker’s dozen.

Thanks sir for having given an interesting thought.


What a poetic thought of yours! Dogs and Cats go here and there and relax as if some task is done!
So are men! Without proper matching of words and actions people go here and there as if important tasks are done!

The poet is little worried about the minds of the human beings act in the same way like dogs and cats! He expects that human beings should have a little courtesy! But he is unable to find so!

Yes! Hidden Aims cannot be understood!

Nothing on the universe is without AIM! Yes! Lord Brahma does his duty of creation. Lord Vishnu does his duty of taking care. Lord Siva takes care of destruction so as to maintain a stable balance on this earth

Last line of yours says God’s creation is inscrutable which is one hundred percent right.


I am happy to find the score of 1, 08,000 today.

With Pride,


I have gone through the thoughts of Shri. Ramamurthi Sir. Very nice thoughts. Simple expressions! thank him for appreciating your thoughts. I also used to read his thoughts regularly.

His wordings ‘TRUE POET CAN CHURN OUT BEAUTIFUL IDEAS FROM ANY OBJECT OR CREATURE” has attracted my attention very much. I sincerely convey my appreciation to him.


Famous songs are from PAPANASAM SIVAN. With my little knowledge in music, many songs of Papanasam Sivan were sung by MS AMMA.

I have now come to know that many awards including KALANITHI were awarded to the great musician.

Now it is after 127 years. His songs stand strong for years and years.

LONG LIVE MUSIC! It is also said GOD lives in music also.


I am happy and proud to see the courageous photo of Shri. Bhagat Singh with our national flag. He left the school at age 13 and attended to Gandhiji’s call. He joined the struggle along with MahathmaJi and at the age of 24, very sorry to note that he was hanged to heath. His final words cannot be easily forgotten.
“Every tiny molecule of Ash is in motion with my heart
I am such a Lunatic that i am free even in jail”.

Unselfishness, Courageousness, Love towards the nation, are all the noble qualities of the GREAT PATRIOT.

On his birth day, we feel energized and renovated. Let us all work for the UNITY, PEACE and PROSPERITY OF OUR INDEPENDENT NATION.


NVS Sir. You are envy of the beautiful clouds. Yes i am also envy of the colorful clouds. Clouds cannot be painted by a painter. Clouds move here and there to shower nectar.

The poet feels his inability to help others like clouds. I could realize his feelings as a poet he is.

Clouds are very free to go anywhere in the Sky. Your words are beautiful in saying “OUR PLANES FLY OVER YOU, ACROSS YOU, CUTTING YOU AND BELOW YOU” How many times we have the experience of flying through!

Sir! We also like to fly with you and together we enjoy the journey of LIFE like our merciful clouds.


Very nice Evening to you sir on this SARASWATHI POOJA DAY! Happy Wishes to you and all of your family members on this day!

Here it is Morning 8 o’clock on 29-09-2017.

Went through your poem of BHARATHIAR’S and translated version. After a long time I have a chance to read these poems especially on this POOJA day of KNOWLEDGE.



First time I have a chance to go through NAVARATHRI SONG worshiping PARASAKTHI , VANI ,
SRIDEVI , and PARVATHI. May the GODDESS bless us with all the good health and prosperity!

Happy Vijayadasami Sir to you and all of your family members!

With your blessings,


Went through the Bharathiar’s poem on SHAKTHI and nicely translated version. I thank the almighty for having given me a chance to go through the POEM “SHAKTHI POWER”.

Your translation is as powerful as in TAMIL by Bharathiar.


I went through the finest article of yours, which was presented in Washington DC in 2006.
The article is very interesting and well presented. It creates a scholarly look on the entire creation. I thank you sir for having given me a chance to go through your valuable presentation.

The World is a heaven to enjoy. You said heaven is here only and not anywhere else.
The Nation tells about its culture and civilization.
India is an example for PEACE and prosperity.
Tamilnadu is known for its ancient civilization and rich heritage.
Tamil is an ancient language .
Thiruvalluvar who was born before 2300 years ago is a RAREST GIFT to Tamil Nadu.
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is a yogi who experimented truth. Mahan Gandhi is called as Mahan because he lived his life for a noble cause and not on the bed of roses
It is proud to learn that Gandhi learnt Tamil only to learn THIRUKURAL.
Valluvam is a guide of practical tips for leading one’s life.
The cardinal values of VALLUVAM are well learnt. They are Ahimsa, vegetarianism, Womanhood and self control, righteousness, truthfulness, agriculture and medicine, friendship and enmity, non discrimination, humanism, compassion, non-violence, purity, courage and gambling etc. These are the practical tips of Mahathma and he dealt all with his ‘EXPERIMENTS WITH TRUTH’

Interesting Thirukkurals with nice translation are very interested to read. Inspirations, Patience, Racial discrimination, benevolence, theft, sathya are all well quoted.

Gandhiji’s resistance to take even milk for restoration of his health is a fine example for non violence even to animals.
He tells a theft is a theft even when it is theft mentally.
He advises us to learn everything from every possible moments and movements.

Once again i thank you Sir, for having given me a chance to go through an excellent presentation of noble virtues.


Let us celebrate Mahatmaji’s birthday with respect and honor.



Let the peace prevail all over.
Let the non-violence spread all over.

JAI JAI – Mahathma Gandhiji ki JAI!


Thanks for imparting some knowledge, about our sister religion. We show great respect to our brothers who are fasting, praying and mourning for the fully day. Their faith is stubborn. Muharram is the first month of Islamic calendar is being learnt now. I have learnt that this is not a festival, but it is full of sacrifice.

To follow any religion is our right. We respect all the religions and we show love to all of our brothers and sisters.

We share the feelings of our Muslim brothers on this Moharram month.


I have read your poem on “WORLD ANIMALS DAY” describing the wonderful creations of the “GREAT ALMIGHTY”. We human have one extra sense, that is sixth sense, to feel, understand, sympathize, love, cooperate, be happy, to create a better place for living. Though animals are born free, they are being controlled by us. I am sorry to state I am lacking in so many aspects compared to some animals./birds.

A week before, I happen to murder a tiny moving ant by my legs, which died after a few movements. I did not know what to do then! I stunned for some time and watched A group of ants immediately arrived at the spot and took the dead ant to a safer place for giving a RE-LIFE to that ant. I WAS VERY MUCH ASTONISHED TO SEE the activities of the active group of ants. I realized my sixth sense now!!!???
Is it the sixth sense or fourth sense? I do not know? I felt they are superior to me in so many aspects.

In the same way I noticed many times group of CROWS start CAWING continuously whenever a crow is hurt. For hours together they cry. I do not know at which end point they stop crying. One thing I noticed that they know how to feel and understand their well being of their fellow beings. Where I am as compared to these so called less sensed birds?!! I feel I am quite inferior to all these intelligent creatures!

Let us all show love and affection to the animals. They too have feelings .

I loved to read your poem with a so called sixth sense!


. Good Morning to you . We welcome this day without fear and without anger.

A nice another thought is FEAR TO ANGER. You have described the people are unique and people are different in so many aspects. Neither Anger nor Fear is delicious spice- You have told this term very beautifully.

In your brief poem you have analyzed the causes of both. Fear comes after hatred and Anger comes after losing the name of fame. The remedy you suggested is important to follow by every one, i . e, to put everything in order and in a correct fashion.

Lord Krishna’s GITA is a BIBLE to all of us. By doing our duty with duty consciousness, we will not fear for anything. We need not get anger also. If we develop the habit of doing things without expecting any fruits thereof, very sure FEAR and ANGER will get out from us and they will search some other place to stay and develop..

Thanking you sir for sharing your thought and reviewing my thoughts.


No need to fear. No place for anger. Fear and anger are negative traits. Fear means what may happen? Anger means a situation where it doesn’t suit our expectations. To put us in a right track they are to certain extent necessary. They have to be stimulants to keep us on right track. Fear has to make us alert. Anger has to remind us to be restrained. Thanks sir.


Very Nice Morning to you with a ROSY day!

Your poem says beautifully that there are many flowers known and unknown. I like your fantastic way of telling “They have their own meaning , spiritually, mystically and magically”

Your Roses are speaking beautifully, sweet fully, and meaningfully. They are proud to be KINGS and QUEENS of all the flowers! They are proud to be national flowers of AMERICA. They found a proud place of sitting in the shirts of our Uncle NehruJi.

They teach us philosophy. We learn the valuable lesson “Without pains , No gains”

All the ROSES request us to live peacefully and to live in harmony and they request for nothing other than conveying this valuable message.

Thanking you Sir. Let the day of Rose be successful! We wish all the success!


Rose. Red rose. Pink rose. The thought rose me instantly took my imagination to Nehru’s smile and the appearance of rose on his coat. Rose in spite of thorns underneath spreads the message being cheerful in spite of pinpricks. Thanks for bringing out the fact u s flower day on 8 th.


Good Morning to you, Wishing you Happy Air Force Day.

I am happy to know your thought has a place for AIR FORCE DAY.

No doubt every nation wants peace. To keep the people of one nation happy, all the three FORCES have to be vigilant. Air Force plays important roles at the time of natural calamities like floods, earth quakes,
Air Force has played its major role during the Chennai Floods in December 2015 by placing food packets to the needy people. Safeguarding the AIR SPACE is much important for a nation and our Indian Air Force takes care of that!

I take pride in saluting all the Air Force Staff on this day!


Very Good Morning! A nice 1000 posts!

Very happy to go through your Sunday Story with deeper understanding and interest!

First, My hearty Congratulations for becoming SAHASTRA VEER in your noble posts. Indeed A MILE STONE! Many thoughts comprised of these 1000 posts and each post has its own noble thinking behind and deeper message to the society.

Some of your wordings are much deeper in understanding and so kind that they don’t hurt anyone.
I find from your words ‘ HELP EVER- HURT NEVER-LOVE ALL – SERVE ALL’ your KIND ATTITUDE in all of your writings. In my experience of your reading your thoughts, you do not even want to think of hurting others even by words. Everyone will read your thoughts without any particular opinion and no one can have the right to own your thoughts! You are here for all the people.

As a poet, you created plenty of posts! And plenty are on the way! Plenty of posts will be your future posts!
We are ready to share all of your posts almost on a daily basis.

Many Times I feel that I am not as regular as your timing Sir, to read your thought and respond. Sometimes it takes hours and hours to respond due to unavoidable domestic reasons. But I have made a habit of reading your thought daily. i feel very sorry Sir for the delayed response.

Dear poet Sir! I also strongly believe ART and Literature have LIFE in them and they can induce others to think and act  in a right way, in right spirit .

I Pray Goddess Saraswati to give you enormous potential to create more and more posts so that we will get
blessed more and more!

On this Spectacular day of Achievement, We beg for your NOBLE BLESSINGS!


Very Nice Evening to you Sir and I do hope all the flowers after talking so much to you want rest now. The VERY CLOSE FRIEND, SUN GOD has also told them BYE BYE and SEE YOU TOMORROW!

I could read and enjoy the full poem of yours! All the flowers are beautiful to see and they pose nice questions to us and we are afraid to answer them! OH God! Grant me the beautifulness of flowers in me and kindness in my heart and sweetness in my all dealings!

Here in Toronto I see the colorful flowers decorate all the houses. They take special interest to maintain the beauty of the houses by keeping varieties of flowers in and around.

Yes Sir. They convey the message of “PEACE” at all times and to be “HAPPY” always.

Yes Sir ! We are all born to taste and feel the beauty of the nature and that is a “GREAT GIFT” of ALMIGHTY.


Your communication took no time to reach me. It is only my delay in responding to you sir! Sorry!

. I think of my good old post card days where i wrote my thoughts to my mother many times when I was away from home town. Now i think of “TAMARIND RICE” and “CURD RICE” packets tastily prepared by my mother and well packed with banana leafs. After eating these during transit, I immediately used to write post cards to my mother about the rich tastiness of food which I had eaten,. These post cards would satisfy my mother’s fine efforts of cooking. Post cards delighted me. I used to greet NEW YEAR to all of my family members and friends through my own post cards written on my own thoughts.

I was living in a small village where Post Master played the role of an important VIP. As you rightly told in your poem I enjoyed it practically. I think of Money Order delivery by a Postman. It satisfies him much while delivering money to the needy and anticipated people in villages.

We salute all the STAFF of the Postal Department on this day for rendering noble service to the society even today.

Thanking you Sir for reminding me of my OLD GOLD days of POST CARDS through your simple RICH poem!


Good Evening to you! Prayer to the ELDER BROTHER who has created NVS Sir`s Gayathri Mantra


IDOL WORSHIP IS IDEAL WORSHIP is your thought today. Prayers are the only answers for many questions which are unanswerable. Everywhere prayers are conducted with IDOLS irrespective of religions.
Beautiful pictures are drawn above for showing the prayers. Statues are garlanded by many. This is also a form of IDOL worship. Your idea clearly brings out the thought `ALL ARE PERFORMING PRAYERS IN ONE WAY OR OTHER WAY`

Silent prayers are observed on special occasions throughout the country.

God has given us choices to choose any form of HIS for worship. We, at our WILL and WISH, can choose and PRAY for the benefit of the SELF and the Society.

Again coming to our goal, PEACE is achieved while offering Prayers to IDOLS.

Thanking you with PRAYERS and PRANAMS ,


I have just read your poem “BEYOND THE GRILLS”. It is very interesting to read. Your love towards the nature is well known.

You enjoy seeing your beautiful window. You feel the beautiful breeze coming in to the house. You have the interest to see your two year old plant moving with the wind. More over a crow comes to that plant and enjoys its SEAT. The best beautiful thing is to note that “The branches of the plant bow to the desire of the crow” ! You have time to witness the beauty of the nature and in turn the nature gives you nourishment!

You love Nature very much Sir! We love your poem very much!


A plant of two years with height of ten feet
Bows with respect to the God of wind quite neat!


Today, I know you are busy in talking with different birds! I too enjoyed your talking with birds in your poem “FRIEND WITH BIRDS”.

Nice pictures of birds! Nice questions of birds! Your Nice Answering! This time while talking with birds, I find a little bit of confidence in your answers! I see the equal boost as birds are proud of! For example the Bat’s question and your answering! We have Tendulkars and Gavaskars!

I remember my childhood days of catching butterflies and leaving them in the air! I remember the RINGING SOUNDS OF “PONVANDU” and we were very much attracted by their gold color and we used to tie them by a long thread and enjoyed its beauty and left it out in the air! Dragon flies are no exception in the list and the first ones for attraction. One more experience of watching the beautiful parrots in the “KING TRESS”
One more childhood memory and still continuing the habit of worshiping EAGLE flying over us, thinking Lord Maha Vishnu is interested to see us that day !

Here in Toronto, many ducks with long necks are seen in summer days. They eat in groups and fly in groups.
A rare sight which cannot be seen in our place!

Thanking you Sir! Waiting for your PART II of FRIEND WITH BIRDS!


I thank you for setting the STANDARDS TODAY!

We have advanced in all the fields to set the standards for measuring the quality and performance! As you rightly told this is for customer satisfaction and as well as for the improvement of our society.

The poet sees through his poem that the standards have come down in HUMANS rather than the products and services. The poet says “Demonetization of principles!” Fall in ethical values in all the human beings -the poet worries. The poet feels pain in telling that the degradation of Moral Values is existing everywhere.

The priority is to set the standards among us to keep the PEACE AND POISE UP in the society. As you rightly said HEALTH AND HAPPINESS are to be given top priority in setting the standards.

Let us all take pledge today to BE PEACE KEEPING FORCES on this WORD STANDARDS DAY!


Values and standards should be self imposed…


! This day is a Highly Remarkable Day with HUGE REMEMBRANCE!

Many FIRST CITIZENS OF INDIA occupied the HIGHEST CHAIR in the RASHTRAPATHI BHAVAN. All were appreciably pictured and honored in your poem. The Greatest President who touched your heart is
Dr. Abdul KalamJi. Though he was a famous scientist, First Citizen, Yet he is approachable easily by any citizen. He led a simple life and showed his life as an example for others to follow. He motivated young men of India to a greater extent . I realize that every leader, teacher, heads of all institutions and all proud to quote his speech in their communication. He breathed his last in a class room accompanied by students.

Your translated version was heard by the FIRST CITIZEN with full of interest and zeal. He appreciated your skill and enjoyed the Kirthanas. I would have been very happy if you were invited to that HOLY OCCASION as you are the fine translator! But your name with title of translation will stand STRONG for years and years as long as the earth exists in this Universe.

I want to read your TAMIL TRANSLATION and memorize to understand the hidden treasures in PANCHA RATHNA KIRTHANAS.

This Sunday Story DELIGHTED me with a light of FIVE GEMS! Thank you Sir!


Let this day make sure that EVERYONE on this earth eats something without starvation! Today is DHUVADASHI after yesterday’s EKADASHI!

UNO is great in making good theme and it should ensure that every man by birth, blessed by GOD gets morsel of food. All nations RICH or POOR should take part in the discussions and program implementation.

should be heard in all the ears and active plans to be made to ensure that NO ONE DIES OF STARVATION.

A man should follow the principle of EAT TO LIVE

Out of one hundred percent of stomach 50 % is to be filled with food, 25% is to be filled with water and the balance is to be filled by vacuum (AIR). If this is followed by everyone shortage of food is made good and one lives healthy with happiness away from all the disorders.

Here in TORONTO food wastage is more and its percentage of garbage is higher. People should develop the habit of not wasting the food.

We see that there are some parts of the country have good water supply and some parts have no water supply for agriculture. Efforts should be made that agriculture gets enough water throughout for good cultivation..

I pray the RAIN GOD for ‘MATHAM MUMMARI POZHITHAL” on this day.

Thanking you Sir for sharing your food thought today!


Good Morning to you with NVS SIR’s GAYATHRI MANTRA


The poet says that he only knows the above MANTRA and nothing more. What he needs to know is much more ! The poet also states that there is no need for any Religion or Literature for improvement of the Society.

He also beautifully said that no theory will help in this matter. Practice helps the society for improvement.
Finest examples are the lives of Mahatma Ji and Mother Teresa Ji . They have shown the ways to live the lives courageously and confidently.

Proud moment was that Mother Teresa got her Noble prize for peace for outstanding efforts taken for the upliftment of poverty. He dedicated the prize amount to the poor people of India. This benevolent act is of the highest order of appreciation and AGAIN THE MATTER OF CONCERN FOR POOR WHICH IS HIGHLY A PRACTICAL WAY OF LIVING NOBLY and not any theory of subject matter.

What acts can we do as reciprocation for such NOBLE DEEDS?

Yes Sir We can also do wonders in the world if we lead the life as shown in NVS Sir’s GAYATRI MANTRA as reciprocation!

Thank you Sir for sharing the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ,


Everyone celebrates DIWALI, Rich or Poor, Old or Young, forgetting all the worries of the past. By taking bath in the early morning and wearing new clothes, the old thinking goes off from us and new life begins with new thoughts. As you say this day will win over our EVILS.

As you correctly termed, this day is ‘JOY OF GIVING DAY” . This day makes us to give joys for the whole day. A day is witnessed with full of love and affection everywhere. The youngsters seek the blessings of the elders.

A very Happy Diwali to you and to all of your members.

Seeking your blessings on this holy day, Sir!


Good Evening to you after a delightful Deepavali, now exhibiting a n UGLY SHOW!

Your entire poem shows a complete hatred of FIRE Works. They are to be handled with sense. They should not harm the children and aged people. Especially sick ones are to be cared of. We cannot walk on the roads very safely. At any cost, there should be NO UGLY SHOWS. They should not exhibit their richness for an ugly show.

Here in Toronto, I happened to visit LAXMI NARAYAN MANDIR, yesterday to witness LAXMI POOJA.
There is a separate location allocated for FIRE WORKS. We witnessed with a lot of cheer without any fear.
No individual house can exhibit fire show. They can do in a common place where there is no disturbance to traffic or any public. Children can enjoy.  We, at our place, can follow the same practice to avoid any displeasure.

Thanking you Sir for sharing your feelings,


Proud Morning with the birth day celebrations of Great Scientist Chandrasekhar!

We are all proud that one of our Indians has recorded history by winning a Nobel prize in Physics!
We have now come to know various other prestigious medals awarded to him.

As rightly said by you, let this day inspire our youth to earn name and fame throughout the world!

One of the proudest moments in the history today.

Let us all salute him with honor.


Good morning to you with the beautiful sights of various BIRDS!

You have given me a chance to name unknown birds! I have seen in different colors.
They appear in different lengths and with different poses! Each bird has its own beauty and each bird has attracted me very much because each bird is talking with a great Poet in different tones!
i enjoyed Poet’s saying in telling with Hen that he gets up at 3 clock as ‘I SCORE A POINT OVER YOU”
He tells to Kiwi that he cannot walk as fast as it walks.

He looks Kite as GARUDALWAR and pays his respect !

I am happy to know that PART III also will come soon .

Eagerly waiting till that time,


Today is your write up on “BIG AND SMALL”. It is a nice write up to know the values of small and big things in one’s life. Human Life is the Greatest Creation! And is Rare to obtain!! There are the finest words of description of life.

Your description of life and its various roles are well explained and beautiful.

Small things also play a major role in our lives.

First to take care of is our Kitchen. After Mother, Wife plays. I really understand the value of small things in the Kitchen. Basic knowledge is essential and it comes to handy at times of need.

I enjoyed very much the saying of your teacher ” I saw a fool of an Indian trying to break a big stone with a small piece of cloth”

It is a stressed message for me to understand the value of small words spoken or written.
They regulate our daily life.

Your “UGLY EXHIBITION” expressed your feelings. I fully agree with your views. Huge spending on crackers is unnecessary. Now I think of your earlier post “INTERNATIONAL FOOD DAY”. The editorial picture shows a poor man’s hand with a morsel of food to fill the entire day.

It is joyful to see a small parrot.

It is also joyful to watch a big elephant.

Therefore all the BIGs and SMALLs play their own role.

Thanking you Sir for telling a big idea in a small way.








Falls season is on a a FULL SWING here, in Toronto!

Beautiful SHOW of picture of FALLS in your picture!

Four seasons decorate the nature. We are also made to adapt to the seasons.

Falls seasons are enjoyable. Afterwards comes winter. Free movements are restricted during winter because of cold.

“If winter comes can spring be far behind?”  Shelly’s powerful voice of optimism! A nice quote is quoted here.

Thanking you Sir for sharing the seasons!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,13,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 79th  view at 18.20 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 28th October 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND THIRTEEN THOUSAND (1,13,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 953rd day and 1021st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.










Father of The Nation.

ENVIUS THOUGHTS hits a beautiful number  1,11,111

I am glad to share with you that with the 107th  view at 17.00 hours today, Sunday   the 15th October 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  hits a beautiful NUMBER  ONE LAKH  AND ELEVEN THOUSAND, ONE HUNDRED AND ONE (1,11,111) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 940th day and 1007th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.

In commemoration, here is a special post:


“Envius Thoughts” registers a number beautiful

Passionate I am with numbers and views powerful

Gone mad with observing the number of views each hour

Recording the same in a diary- great honour!


In the history of Envius Thoughts holy day

Is today Sixteenth OctoberSeventeen-hey

One Thousand and Eighth post of my Beloved Blog sacred

Nine Hundred and Forty first day with patience achieved!


Total view score wears a beautiful figure happy


Look at 1,11,111 from countries two hundred

And ten and more- all by the grace of Goddess Saraswathi!