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Gandhi referred to “God” as “Truth,” which has great significance. His mission was not only to humanize religion, but also to moralize it. Gandhi’s interpretation of Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity made his religion a federation of different religious faiths.

  when Stanley Jones, a missionary met with Gandhi he asked him:

Mr. Gandhi, though you quote the words of Christ often, why is that you appear to so adamantly reject becoming his follower?

Gandhi replied:

Oh, I don’t reject Christ. I love Christ. It’s just that so many of you Christians are so unlike Christ

As for as this blogger is concerned ,  esteemed viewers would  have observed that he is  a UNIVERSALIST!

I normally say and write that I am an Indian first and Indian last!

But I am  very proud of having been born  as a Hindu in my  holy Motherland-India that is Bharat. Our Motherland is secular and accommodates the followers of all religions and provides facilities for following their respective religions.Mahatma Gandhi fought against the British unitedly inspiring the entire Indian society secured FREEDOM for us. I am very seriuos in knowing about all existing religions  in my homeland and today’s SUNDAY story is a part of my learning exercise!

Today the Eighth September is the birth day of VIRGIN MARY Mother of Jesus Christ.

We can’t know for certain when was born the Mother of God, of course, but for almost 15 centuries now, Catholics have celebrated the Virgin Mary’s birthday on September 8, the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Why September 8?

Christians normally celebrate the day on which saints died, because that is when they entered into eternal life. And indeed, Catholics and Orthodox celebrate the end of Mary’s life in the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (known as the Dormition of the Theotokos in the Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Churches). But they also celebrate three birthdays, and Mary’s is one of them. The other two are the births of Christ and Saint John the Baptist, and the common thread tying these feasts together is that all three—Mary, Jesus, and Saint John—were born without Original Sin.

An Important Event in Salvation History

In earlier centuries, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was celebrated with greater fanfare;  But, like the Immaculate Conception, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an important date in the salvation history. Christ needed a mother, and Mary’s conception and birth, therefore, are events without which Christ’s own birth would have been impossible.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Christians of the second century A.D. recorded the details of Mary’s birth in such documents as the Protoevangelium of James and the Gospel of the Nativity of Mary. While neither document bears the authority of Scripture, they provide  everything that we know about the life of Mary before the Annunciation, including the names of Saint Mary’s parents, Saint Joachim and Saint Anna (or Anne). It’s a good example of Tradition, which complements (while never contradicting) Scripture.
Thus comes to an end this Sunday Story(Inputs thanks to GOOGLE GURU!)
and we shall meet tomorrow as our practice with the next post.Till then GOOD BYE!
Virgin Mary

This is  the song for the occasion:

அருள்தாரும் தேவமாதா

அனைத்து மக்களின் உள்ளங்களையும் கொள்ளை கொண்ட
1948 ல் வெளிவந்த ஞான சௌந்தரி திரைப்பட பாடல்!
அருள்தாரும் தேவமாதாவே
ஆதியே இன்ப ஜோதியே..
ஆதியே இன்ப ஜோதியே…..
Aadhiyae inba joothiyae
AruL thArum dhaevamaathaavae



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LIC Central Office building YOGAKSHEMA in Mumbai.

Come September First great thoughts of Insurance Industry
Comes to mind! Concept India had practiced heftily
From time immemorial-Joint family system
Symbolized great practice! life insurance!

Came the current practice years hundred and forty eight ago
With the British Insurance companies in Eighteen seventy!
More than two hundred and forty companies Indian and foreign
Offering life Insurance protection to the selected citizens!

Came Independence and great leaders with Nehruji at the helm
Deshmuk as Finance Minister thought of nationalization
Born the great Life Insurance Corporation this day first September
sixty two years ago in Nineteen Fifty Six! Happy birth day to you LIC!

The above is what I wrote on this day a  year ago!
My esteemed viewers would have noticed that I always refer to LIC of India as my Alma mater! My Alma mater can be only Sri Meenakshi Sundareswarar High School, Karaikudi or Alagappa College, Karaikudi where I had my school and collegiate education upto 1961!
Websters Dictionary would say “ALMA MATER” is the college or school which one has graduated.
But I do deem the great premier Public Sector Organization LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA which I served for more than FOUR DECADES as Alma mAter because it is here that I learnt the ART AND SCIENCE OF LIFE AND LIVING!
Joining LIC in 1961 in Thanjavur, gradually rose to the level of Deputy Zonal Manager on the date of retirement in March 2001- after having faced 12 transfers and served in Thanjavur, Coimbatore, Ooty, Madras, Madurai,Erode, Bikaner, Salem and Kadapa.
As I referred above LIC was my Alma Mater where I learnt the art and science of Life and Living- moving with and dealing with men and matters- happy policy holders, irate policy holders, intelligent agency force, good,bad and indifferent colleagues, prospects, union members and leaders of different hues- all taught me the art and science of life and living = -at the cost of repetition!
Even today after , 19 years of retirement, I pleasantly and happily recollect my vast experience in the life insurance industry.
Normally any employee will be availing the so called LPR-Leave Preparatory to Retirement- SIX months ,Sick Leave etc. usually. I always used to feel that this leave is not to be availed as a matter of routine unless one is really sick and needs it. So I went on with my routine till 28th February.

Came 28th February last working day to be in my career- yes it was only officially! In the farewell party, ZM told “Though Mr. Subbaraman is officially retiring today, I have made a request and he has also accepted that he will help me till the books are closed for the year. I expect all your continued cooperation to Mr. Subbaraman.”

After the party, an interesting dialogue with my ZM. Me: “Sir, you know well that I will be in the office at 9.00 am sharp every day and leave by 6.00pm. Now that no car allowances, no running expenses to be met by LIC, poor retired employee, I cannot afford to come by my car. At that part of the day buses will be heavily crowded and hence I will leave my home after 9.30 in the morning and come to the office by 11.00 am and similarly leave the office by 4.00pm and reach home by the time the buses get crowded.”

ZM: “Subbaraman! Do you think that I am that heartless? I will send the office car to pick you up and drop daily.”

My response (with a loud laughter): Sir, Subbaraman can afford to come in his own car for any number of days at his own expense. Don’t worry; I will be in the office as usual”.

Yes; I did like that all through the next 69 days; no salary, no allowances, no leave, no right or authority to pass a voucher for 10 paise, no right to initial a paper, no signature in any letter or note! Divisions were reporting to me as in the past 2 years and 10 months while in service. 31st March 2001 came. Cash- closing on 4th April, NB closing on 14th April, Claims closing and Accounts closing by the month end. Year was over and on 8th May the ZM called for a conference of Sr. /DMs in the Zonal Office Conference Hall, the then Chairman was also invited and that was the real last working Day for me and I was given a touching FAREWELL!

Sometime in the middle of April, I sought LEAVE for a couple of days to attend the Sr. DM’s daughter’s marriage in Coimbatore. The LEAVE was GRANTED with a request that I may hand over some papers of great importance to the Divisions- in — Charge of Vellore, Salem on my train route,  Coimbatore and Thanjavur which I did meticulously!!!!!”

An unforgettable CLAIM SETTLEMENT


One important event which I used to quote, wherever the opportunity arose in the Conferences at various levels, the meetings etc. goes like this. That always stands fresh in memory. One morning I was late in getting up as I felt a little tired; I could get up only at 5.00 AM. To some extent I thought of taking a day off. There was one Tamil news paper of high standard which normally carries a good number of obituary references. One important person of the town-wife of a well known industrialist- chartered President of Rotary Club- passed away on the previous day. As a person known well, notwithstanding my tiresomeness, I decided to go to their house, not very far away from mine, to condole the death. Funeral was planned for 3.00 pm in the day. Having seen the dead body, as is the custom I had my bath and having started the day, I thought of attending the office without any field visits. On the way to the office, it struck me that the deceased lady had a few life insurance policies with our Branch on which loan was availed not far back. I phoned up to a marketing official to trace the numbers. It was strongly working in my mind as to how the death claim can be settled on their return from the cremation ground. The numbers were traced, with the cooperation of the department concerned, necessary Intimation letter was prepared, Claim forms were prepared, and Discharge form was prepared including the cheque in favor of the nominee- the husband of the deceased!. After ascertaining the return of the family members after the rituals, I went along with the representatives of the Claims department, officers and the marketing wing to the policy holder’s house got the required forms filled up and letters signed and handed over the cheque- all within TWENTY FOUR HOURS from the time of death- an action that never was done in the corporation — I don’t think ever after that, a death claim was settled within 24 hours of death. That bigwig gentleman talked about the LIC’s settlement of the death claim so expeditiously to all those big people of Erode including the District Collector who came to condole the death! At the end of the day all the requirements for settlement of the claim were in the file except the Death Certificate from the competent authority which was also subsequently submitted within a week. People inimical to such activities in a derisive tone asked me whether I will settle all death claims so expeditiously; I told them “yes- sure” if it is exactly like the one that we had settled! But I did not come across any such case till my Branch experience came to an end!

In that very year there was another sensational tragic death of a local Doctor and the claim was settled in record time and both these two death claim settlements fetched an additional TWO CRORES of New business that year taking the Branch to the top in the Division!

Yet another Death claim related experience! At the instance of the Divisional office, I wanted to get the requirements for settlement of a death claim in respect of an Erode resident on behalf of another Branch. After having helped in complying with all the requirements and receiving the same, when I was about to leave the house, the claimant came behind me as if to see me off and in a hushed voice he asked me how much he has to pay me for the extra services rendered! I was indeed angry at his request; but posed as if I was so furious that I threw all the papers in his face, asked him to take care of the case himself and shouted at him that LIC is not such an organization and its officers will never succumb to such demeaning offers. Shocked client apologized profusely and I took all the papers from him and left!


Organized in Bikaner Division!

Never in the history of the Corporation till then was a publicity campaign organized; when I suggested a novel program with the caption “JEEVAN JYOTI YATRA” to cover 42 centers in the Division- where we had  Headquarters of our 42 Development Officers over a period of 21 days in the Divisional Management Committee Meeting, it was received with skepticism. But as I was a little persistent, we called the representatives of all the classes of employees and some leading agents, the idea was well received very enthusiastically and in the course of a fortnight decisions were taken, planning was done, all infrastructure were devised for the success of the yathra. Issue of the ‘on the spot policy’ and ‘claim cheque presentation’ in each of the centers was a part of the yathra program.

Though immediate procuration of new business was not the objective, the Division could get more than a crore of new business during the yathra. Talk of the Divisional area was LIC’s innovative Publicity programme! It provoked the society to the extent of two of the news papers writing editorials- one criticizing the LIC and the other greatly appreciating the novel campaign!


I took charge and made certain changes in some of the then existing practices which was endearing to all.

I started well and the year 1995–96 saw the KADAPA Division occupying NUMBER I position at the all India level in one count, NUMBER III in another count and NUMBER VII in a third count! In the first BMs’ conference of the year, the reasons for the success were analyzed and some ran thus: (1) I never asked the BMs for New Business! (2) Full freedom was given to the HOBs to move about and take care of marketing activities without prejudice to the administrative responsibilities. (3) For the first time Division in its history had a TELUGU speaking Senior Divisional Manager!!!!!!!! (4) All out support was flowing from the Divisional office to the Branches. (5) Cooperation and support from all sections of the employees.

One important episode remains green. In the Induction Programme for Sr. Divisional Managers at Management Development Center, Mumbai one of the visiting Faculty members made a complaint about the servicing in the LIC- normally it is done probably to provoke the participants! Immediately after the Session is over the Faculty will spend some time with the Principal in his cabin. I followed them and requested the honorable visiting Faculty his grievance, telling him all out efforts will be made to redress the same. He told that he is not having the details readily and it pertained to the non receipt of the policy document from Calcutta. He promised to give the details once he gets back to his office. Accordingly in an hour’s time the details were passed on to me. I took up the matter with my counterpart in Kolkatta and could get the problem solved in a fortnight! Mistake was partly on the policy holder- not keeping the office his change of address and partly with the LIC.

Normally after every training Session/workshop I attended, I used to give a feed back to the concerned under copy to my higher offices and the then RM (P&IR), Hyderabad acknowledged and appreciated the service rendered.

A few things remain green in mind after seventeen years of my leaving the Division- in 1998.

One was the honor that I got at the hands of the Zone- in- charge as the “EMPLOYEES’ SENIOR DIVISIONAL MANAGER” in a Conference of SDMs. Yes; this was my response: “If the ZM chose to honor me like this on the basis of the fact, that I diverted the budget that was allotted for Painting the DO premises, to painting the Staff Quarters in Kadapa, I will gladly accept the honor! Painting is done not for the sake of employees; but to strengthen the buildings that remained unpainted for quite a few years whereas the DO building had it recently and kept in a good state of repairs and look”.

Another episode that stands green in my mind is this: One of our Branch Managers attended a session in the National Insurance Academy, Pune. One of the important sessions was on “ROLE MODEL”. When the participants were asked to give a note on the Role Model according to the individual and whether he/she has come across one and if so the details. It would appear that he expressed that his Senior Divisional Manager was his role model and justified in the discussions his statement. Don’t be shocked; I was that SDM!?!?!? I know for sure that I can’t be, yet………………………..! This I came to know when I went to NIA for some Session and the Director told me and other participants about this and asked me the secret of my success. I simply told that the Manager had so much of love and affection, respect and regard which I may not deserve. What else it is?

As usual, Insurance Week –week of EIGHT days was celebrated all the three years when I was there with the cooperation of all sections. “RUN FOR LIFE INSURANCE” was a special feature with the volunteers donning special Tshirt, procured from Tiruppur, Tamilnadu for the occasion.

Campus- a big campus with DO building, Staff quarters, Community Hall, Guest House and SDM’s quarters with a well found Residents’ Association having a lot of activities-observing Ugadhi, Vinayaka Chathurthi, Christmas, New Year Day and so on with all sincerity and solemnity.

All LIC sports activities were carried out with genuine concern and interest.

I vividly have in mind the case of the termination order issued for a sub-staff member in one of the Branches. Convinced that it was too severe a punishment for the offence committed, the matter was taken up with higher authorities and the order was rescinded. Probably this was also a cause for my honor of being called ‘Employees’ SDM’!!!

‘Kavi sammelan’ organized was well received as an incentive to the high producers among the marketing team.

Perfect liaison and rapport with the public, with district administration, other organizations all added to the glory and popularity of LIC and those connected with the great Institution.

Three year stint was drawing nearer and I was to retire in 2009 February as per the retirement age 58. Unusually, for the first time in my career, I was asked to choose Hyderabad or Chennai for my final transfer. For obvious reasons, I chose Chennai and joined the Southern Zonal Office, Chennai.

In spite of several private life insurance companies having come into being and operating in full throttle,consequent on denationalization, GIGANTIC L I C maintains its greatness and top position both in sales and service. Retired or serving, all connected are legitimately proud of the tremendous progress LIC is making year after year!

This Blog I started with my first post titled “MY TRYST WITH LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA” one thousand six hundred and seventy days ago!The Blog today has a total views of nearly 2,10,000 from more than 210 countries. I am proud LIC – my Alma Mater- is taking care of me even at this age of 78 plus!
Let me close this Sunday story with this and we shall continue tomorrow as usual. Till then and later all our lives may God be with us! Thanks.


Image result for Images of LIC Building Mumbai and Chennai

LIC Building on Mount Road, Chennai-Southern Zonal Office


Image result for N V Subbaraman in his LIC office-photos

Blogger N V Subbaraman  addressing Rotary Club Members in 1986  at Erode!

Aao pyare saath hamare
Janseva hith sanj sahare!

Samyak sanchay aur nivesan
Jan man kaa hi hith samvardhan
Nigam neeti kaa uchcha lakshya hai
Vyakti aur parivaar thaan!

Lok hithaishi seva dhiksha
Jan man prerith sathath suraksha
“Yogakshema” hi paramadhyeya hai
Nigam hamara priya samsthaan!

Uto nigam ke sachche sevak
Abhikarta jan aur prabandhak
Bula rahe hai, kaarya lokahith
Thum par nirbhar jan kalyaN.!

Aao pyare saath hamare
Janseva hith sanj sahare!



This week’s Sunday story in Envius Thoughts carries the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 25 –TWENTY FIVE has its own significance-quarter of a century great!. Here we have covered his Reviews up to date.
Nice to have brought out the patriotism held dearly by Nethaji and his own way which was completely at variance with Gandhiji’s in the freedom movement against the British, despite the goal remaining the same, namely independence for our Motherland!

Wish we had such leaders in our midst remaining as entities with excusive general welfare of people behind every one of their actions!

Now we need to charge ourselves with sentiments that drove the freedom struggle in a spirited way to help enable the flow of benefits of political freedom as anticipated by the freedom fighters!


A nice concept that doesn’t sacrifice quality, though there’s an offer in place to sell products at a subsidised value on this day in USA!

We in India too have such attractive offers from the businesses frequently, but most of the time we feel we had been cheated after finding out the discrepancy between what we were delivered and what we were promised!

The purpose of this day is thus defeated by the traders’ casual approach, with the buyers losing the value for their money in the process!

Long live our hard-won freedom, with us justifying it through exhibition of our concern for the nation in every step we make in our journey aimed at overall development!

19/08/19 3

We’re overburdened with stress due to routine interaction with people on a daily basis, and unless we are relieved from their clutch, we are bound to make our lives miserable and unworthy of living!A nice post to read!

Either we have to get rid of the monotony by ourselves voluntarily taking breaks in between by diversion through engagement with activities different from the routine, or to take a route via listening to jokes cracked by our well wishers and strangers too!

After all, everyone of us is after happiness, and so we should judiciously  make use of the opportunities coming our way to make our life enjoyable!


A feast to the stomach-full!

How true it’s to call poetry the language of the soul – the soul reflecting exactly what is inside of it for the readers and listeners to sit on the table and savour to their heart’s content – it cannot therefore be bad!

Madras Nalla Madras – nicely written by you and Nivetha!

Chennaites would never enjoy places other than Madras – it’s too enticing to escape their presence there – for, east or west, home’s best!

Poetry by a group of participating poets including yourself – a compound and mixture – a recipe qualifying as a mixture and compound catering to the taste buds of all!

The subject matter of a poetry – uniqueness is its essence – makes the poem beautiful, with them wearing the garb of proper texture and scintillating hues that cannot go attracted by the lovers of poetry!

Long live the poets to come out with their souls finding a sure expression through their imaginative powers in full action!


Nice to read the above post!

We are a secular nation, and co-existence of people with perfect harmony despite prevalence of different faiths is made possible!

The saints and seers coming of different religions propagate right messages to the people, and make them realize the futility of violence as a method to achieve their selfish ends!

If the rulers singularly concentrate on efforts to bring in a society free of turbulence in their daily lives, the economic development of our motherland is sure to follow!

This is what the priority should be before the saints in the larger interest of the masses!
06/08/19 2
Nice post on Forgiveness Day!

Forgetfulness and Forgiveness are necessary virtues we should imbibe to keep the relationships moving in the right direction!

Overloading us with remnants of past that might have soured our feelings will take away the sheen of life!

Two tools in our armory that readily fight the consequences of the dreaded brooding we are used to!

Zero tolerance is what often an enemy within us posing as a challenge to our thriving cordial relationships!

The one and the only panacea is our readiness to adopt forgetfulness and forgiveness as a way of life!


It’s very nice of Mr. Venkata Krishna to have liked your daily posts, and come up with a selected portion thereon on a daily basis!

Congrats to him!


A nice post in the series, ‘saints and seers!’

Their mission is simply great and laudable!

Removed far from the material aspects of life, their purpose is centred around spiritualism, and they go all out and see how best they can guide the masses on righteous path!

Gita is a striking example to show how man should approach everyday life , and Dayanand Saraswati’s usual discourse would have been beneficial to the devotees who heard him regularly!


A nice read!

An adventurous feat many would like to try and succeed!

As is found in the post, will power plays a dominant role in completing the task successfully!

Aside from it, an overwhelming interest in climbing to reach the peak adds determination to the act!

An abode of saints and seers from where they practice simplified living and penance to drive home their messages to the people who are on the road to spiritual development!

Living and life around mountains is an experience sought to be achieved in the midst of nature!


Thank you very much for the above post as this week’s Sunday Story!

Turning back, I find, I’ve come a long way!

Also I’m aware, I’ve miles to go before I sleep, and I’m sure I’ll!

31/07/19 2

A good read!

When we think of trees, what instantly comes to our mind is the tangible benefits we get from them!

Intangible ones are invaluable, and they provide solutions to what we are confronted with, namely the most generalised GLOBAL WARMING posing as a challenge of gigantic proportions!

Erratic climate is a global phenomenon attracting environmentalists and nature lovers across the world nations to assemble frequently to talk of the permanent remedies to tide over this phase gradually but steadily!

It’s the common man’s problem affecting their everyday life in many ways than one – ever keeping their fingers crossed, baffling the mankind just as one groping in the dark to locate something non-existent!

It seems so, but wisdom within us will straight away tick the correct answer, one that drives us to plant as much trees as possible, and to nourish and nurture them as if our babies that require motherly care and attention!


The title of your post today led me to guess it must be the day you were born – and it’s rightly so!

No one can believe what you are saying about yourself that you are a burden to this earth- you’ve achieved a lot and nothing stands against you in achieving more in future!

Your potential is great, and you’re characteristic of bringing it to the fore without losing any portion of it!

May the Almighty be with you in translating your passion for writing into  many more ‘creations’ for your followers to view, read, and enjoy!


Nice to go through your series on saints and seers, including one on the above!

This takes me back to my childhood days when in the month of Margazhi every year there was virtual ‘competition’ between the likes of me in carrying the portrait of Andal followed by the procession of bhajan performers made along the circuitous main road in my native village in Coimbatore district!





Image result for ENVIUS THOUGHTS blog logo









To repeat a little from Tale 33 ,

“TALE IS A TALE and the teller is a teller! Normally it will be a Sunday Story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS but today it is SATURDAY STORY!

Time and tide waits for none it is said; but tide waits for full moon to blossom to show its beauty in depth!”
Time goes on and on, on and on for eternity! Eternity to eternity! It looks February twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen was just yesterday- but it was 1699 days ago! ENVIUS THOUGHTS took birth on that great day with its FIRST POST “MY TRYST WITH LIC” and today on 24th August, it is SEVENTEEN Hundredth post! Post for a TALE- “TALE OF A BLOGGER 34”! (34X50=1700)

As any other writer, I write for my satisfaction. When they are found to be useful to the viewers through my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in, I am indeed delighted and am motivated to proceed further and further, farther and farther! One measurement of my viewers is obviously the overall number of views.  I do constantly think of how the Blog can be made more interesting.

I am a little sensitive to the daily number of this Blog’s view and overall as I feel it is the measure of viewers’ estimate of the quality of the Blog.  This is 34th TALE OF THE BLOGGER!
Let us have a look at the overall views since the last Tale…
05/07/2019   1606th day   1649th post     2,02,000

13/07/2019   1614th day   1657thpost     2,03,000
21/07/2019   1628th day   1666th post     2,04,000
29/07/2019   1636th day   1674th post    2,05,000
07/08/2019   1645th day  1683rd post     2,06,000
14/08/2019   1652nd day  1690th  post   2,07,000
22/08/2019   1660thstday 1698th post   2,08,000

A landmark achievement was crossing the overall views of TWO LAKS on 11th June!  I was indeed thrilled to receive NATIONAL ICON Award from the GLOBAL RECORDS AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION in appreciation of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS for crossing two lac views!

Much water has flown under the Ganges since Tale 33! Naturally; life is a flowing river, glowing light, swirling waves, brewing breeze, running and falling water, tasteful feast, swimming duck, flying bird!

27th July was a day to remember and recollect for all my life! There was a conference of Tamil scholars and poets in the historical SANGEETHA MAHAL a part of Thanjavur palace. Thanjavur alias Tanjore  is my home town for long where I started my professional career as a Mathematics teacher in two schools of great repute and switched over to my Alma mater Life Insurance Corporation of India-premier Public Sector Undertaking where I served for more than four decades and learnt the Art and Science of Life and Living! I presented my paper and a poem in Tamil and I was awarded MOZIKAPPAR  and MA. PO. SI Awards.

Again a wonderful day that will not go out of my mind for years to come is SATUR DAY the Seventeenth August! The  day that I got my FIFTY FIRST AWARD for my to Tamil literature especially the Magnum opus Thirukkural written two thousand years ago by the Saint Poet Chennai born THIRUVALLUVAR.

”குறளரசு விருது” (KURALARASU AWARD) was given to me jointly by உலகத் தமிழாராய்ச்சி நிறுவனம், சென்னை மாநகரத் தமிழ்ச் சங்கம், வி.ஜி.பி. உலகத்தமிழ்ச் சங்கம் in a function held at World Tamil Research Organization, Tharamani, Chennai  Award was handed over by Hon’ble Minister of Tamil Development, Tamilnadu Ma. Pandiarajan in the presence of the heads of the three organizations Mr. Vijayaraghavan, Director of the Research Center, Mr. Barathi Sukumaran President of the Thamiz Sangam and Mr. V G Santhosham President of the VGP World Tamil Organization..

So much is for this SATURDAY STORY!! We shall meet with a Sunday story tomorrow!!!!!! Till then GOOD BYE!

At Thanjavur Sangeetha Mahal, Palace being honored with MOZIKAAPPAR award


Know not where the society is going and where are we heading to!
Man of seventy six a drunkard died in my neighborhood the other day
Just a little sick not cared for by his wife and sons except father
Was there in the house.They fed him only with three “bottles” each day!!!

Well, time had come for him to take leave of his people and the world
Right- a big shamiana was put up, scores of chairs kept for the visitors.
Two band sets started their jarring trumpeting to the agony of others
Youth dancers started their ugly dances to the tune of band sets!
Giant garlands in dozens from different directions were brought
To the accompaniment of different bandsets and dancers!

One Son was connected with a political party!
SWARGA RADHAM was brought gorgeously decorated-with flowers
Fire Crackers were burst in thousands all the time to the head ache of all
After twelve hours, the body was lifted and taken in
A procession couple of kilometers away-traffic held up!
In all not less than three lakhs of rupees spent-wasted-
An orphanage could have fed the orphan children for months two!
Know not where the society is going and where we are heading to?



Venkata Krishna இன் சுயவிவரப் படம், படம் இதைக் கொண்டிருக்கலாம்: 2 பேர், பலர் நின்றுக்கொண்டிருக்கின்றனர் மற்றும் திருமணம்

Mr. K. Venkata Krishna, an Officer of LIC in his traditional dress. His better-half by his side!

One of the regular viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in, India Poetry Circle member Dr.Padmapriya of Bangalore suggested on the other day that I must trace my Blogging Journey for the benefit of my esteemed viewers.Probably this is a part of my journey!It is a matter of deep satisfaction and sense of achievement that this Blog is today 1642 days old with a post score of 1680!Over all view score is above is 2,05,000 from more than 225 countries!
I have viewers seen and unseen, heard and unheard, near and far, vocal and silent!
Here is a viewer by name Venkata Krishna who was my colleague when I was in Kadapa Division of my Alma Mater -Life Insurance Corporation of India where I learnt the art and Science of life and living He is a good mridhangist, carrom player and an honest worker. He is one of my valued viewrs of the Blog and his responses come to me through “the LINES HE LIKES ” in the POSTS!This week’s Sunday Story is a compilation of the LINES THAT VENKATA KRISHNA LIKED! I am sure you will be interested in reading the same. Thanks.

Venkata Krishna Good morning sir
Trees the wonderful creation of the Lord Almighty gifted
For the health and benefit of the humanity to take care of
the humans, birds, and animals
Many more happy and healthy returns of the day sir
Birthday greetings sir👏👏
Society would have been impoverished spiritually, morally
And ethically but for the guidance and nobility of the Saints
Harahara Shankar jayajaya shankara🙏
Hinduism asserts “Atman exists”, Buddhism “no Soul, no Self”.
Congrats sir👏👏
Swami Vivekananda gifted to India and the world by
Holy Mother-Bharathamatha
Saints and Seers all over to guide the people towards nobility and divinity
In all religions
Sing in praise of timeless God and time full life
Lead life with grace to serve all and God sans strife!
Delete or hide this
Saints and Seers are for the whole world as God’s messengers.
Oh! Lord Varuna-Rain God- kindly lend us your ears and bless us with rain
May all living beings humans and animals, trees and plants get their thirst quenched!
Good Association is our Association
Good guidance giving Association
Hail the Nagar hail the Association
Long live all the people
Father is father, Mother is Mother! Both are equally venerable, respectable, loveable and their blessings from here or from their heavenly abode to be solicited daily.
Matters in millions; subjects are aplenty
Great knowledge and nice language are in my kitty
To be used with sense of responsibility
Goddess of knowledge
We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about
The quality of air we breathe.
For the sins of elders unfair to put the innocent children to
Untold sufferings
Those who know their strength
Know well the evils of fraud
Indulge not a length!
Music indeed is divine- vocal or instrumental all over the world
Vocal music is direct and flows like honey straight into our mind
Let them dance but not kill and eat -poor creature
Let us allow them to happily roam, wake us up early morn its feature
A sibling relationships reflect the cohesiveness of the family.
Storytelling. Is a wonderful way to pass on family traditions,
Histories, and long told tales and can be entertaining as well as educational
Learn to respect all- even much younger
Or lower in position at office or outside!
success depends on careful thoughts, planning, programing and doing

Man in his wisdom created festivals of all types in all religions
To be emulated and practiced by all in all regions and religions
Faith in God, self and people
Fair to all with love and scruple
Thoughts noble and deeds worthy
Happy hobbies and habits healthy

Patriotism- love for one’s native land and may be symbolism
Of culture,agriculture social bond and the soil in which born
Wishing a happy TAMIL NEW YEAR “VIKARI” to all the Tamils living in different parts of the globe
Sri Rama Navami greetings
The great Avatar to demonstrate how a human must live on earth
Love and obedience for parents; taking care of brothers and friends
Let us live in faith, hope and confidence=panic never helps!
May the world enjoy peace and prosperity sans violence and vendetta!

We shall meet tomorrow and till then GOOD BYE!

Image result for Image of N V Subbaraman in Kadapa cabin

N V Subbaraman in his Kadapa cabin during 1995-98

Image result for images for FRIENDSHIP DAY 2019

On the occasion of this happy friendship day! Mr.Venkat Krishna my good friend !


This week’s Sunday story in Envius Thoughts carries the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 24. Here we have covered his Reviews up to date.

CHandrayaan II on the Poetic Orbit
Nice description of Chandrayan Poetic Festival on 13th July at Nellur to mark the launch of Chandraayan 2 at Sriharikota!
Your poetry on Moon and Chandrayaan in Tamil and its English translation is a nice read!
The very mention of the word ‘moon’ takes us back to our childhood days when mothers used to point at the distant moon while feeding us!
Wishes to the organisers of the event and the poets from different parts of the country who rendered beautiful poems on the occasion!
In the absence of scientific development during those days, we were appealing to the moon to come over here, and grace the children in particular, making their ‘eating mission’ possible and successful too!
As mentioned by you in the poem, now we are called upon to visit the moon, thanks to the advanement made in satellite technology through the efforts of scientists across the world!
Kudos to the organisers for creating an awareness on the project by the Department of Space!

Leaving aside material comforts to embrace spirituality and lead a simple life is something rare, which only a handful will dare to embark!
Setting an example by really practicing what one preaches is the surest path others can choose, set foot and move relentlessly towards the goalpost!
There’s no space for hypocrisy here, and beauty lies in truthfulness to the core!
This is what great saints and seers stood for in their life, and guided the masses in darkness to come out of the ignorance that held them tight and motionless!
What after all a literary activity has anything to do with ‘closing of accounts,’ one may wonder, including myself!
Assets and liabilities are matters connected with a business organization, and you, having had a long stint in Life Insurance Corporation of India, are naturally concerned with what comes in and what goes out as a suitable method to determine the ‘standing’ of your blog vis a vis the viewers’ number!
It’s nothing but a legitimate introspection on your part well attempted to analyze for any shortcomings, IF ANY!
You’re now credited with the WORLD ICON AWARD, which in fact will surge the numbers still further to make you happy and comfortable in taking the ‘mission’ farther!
After all, it’s faith and hope that acts through ups and downs in one’s life, and balancing is adequately and effectively  done in the end!
Tale of a Blogger 33
A nice Saturday Story!
I’m astonished at the number of awards and rewards you’ve amassed since the start of your famous blog since Feb 2015, and those that you’re going to get shortly as mentioned!
I’m happy to find, you’re leading your retired life as busily as you were wont while serving the mammoth organisation in various capacities spanning four decades!
Your literary pursuit cannot but be a gift of the Almighty to keep you ever engaged peacefully and usually at that!
Your burning desire to improve your blogging activity, subsequent to your reported anxiety at the dwindling number of viewers, will indeed have its still more positive impact on your ‘productions’ in the days to come!
May your appeal to the rain God open up the sky and overwhelm the people, not only in Chennai but in all places anticipating the rains too, with abundant shower and help in tiding over the crisis without further loss of time!
Abdul Rehman
What a great soul to have wished for the the love not only among the humans but also all living beings and other inanimate creations of the Super Power!
An atmosphere of peace heralds the welfare of society in all aspects of life, and it cannot be a wishful thinking if all the stakeholders have the mind and heart to make it happen!
We’re having the guidelines to proceed, but what prevents us from sticking to the principles and making a righteous society a possibility is enigmatic!
May we introspect and move on the right lines!
Chandra Sekharendra Saraswathy.
One more saint on the spiritual plane right from early age to benefit the society with philosophical messages!
Notwithstanding the great number of saints and seers that the world has witnessed, we are still in the midst of wrongdoers inflicting harm on the innocent people whose number increases by the day!
Hope we’re relieved of pain and suffering to enjoy peace and happiness!
Very interesting to know your grandfather’s ‘encounter’ with the Acharya!
Sri Aurobindo
Ascending to spiritualism from politics – a rare occurrence, but natural to Aurobindo!
A multi-faceted personality acquiring divinity in the service of humanity!
Followers from far and wide across the world thronging the Ashram in his name standing living testimony to the ultimate realization attained by Aurobindo!
His teachings to inspire the people to live as one should in this earth characterized by materialistic approach to life!
Alaudddin Sabir Kaliyar
Many rise to sainthood in their later part of life, but one among those who are attracted to spiritualism in early childhood is Alauddin Sabir Kaliyari!
A gift indeed that realization of God to such of those great souls comes at an age when they are not supposed to be aware of, say, what’s happening around them on the ‘material’ plane!
Mir Mukhtar Akyar
A nice post on Mir Mukhtar that proves the secular credentials of our Motherland!
What is the religion the saint or the seer belongs to doesn’t matter, but what they emphasize that’s going to benefit the masses matters most to us!
They insist on us acquiring noble values that helps in growing humanism within and extending our helping hand to the needy!
What else on earth we’re going to achieve during the short sojourn we are ordained to live here?
Friend of the Poor Chief Minister
A nice post on the great son of India, Pandidji, and the enviable Chief Minister, Kamaraj ji, we had for our State!
It’s all a thing of the past, and wish to have such great leaders to occupy the seat of power and serve the people!
May we rise tomorrow to witness the likes of these two personalities to guarantee welfare of the nation and its subjects!
Sanatana Goswami
Nice elaboration on the guru!
We are in darkness out of ignorance and we may come out of its grip through the ideas and guidelines, seers and saints born on this earth provide us – sometimes with ways readily prescribed, failing which, it’s for us to derive the remedy by research into the subtle suggestions they make!
They are born great with a purpose to deliver what the ignorant human being yearns for in crossing over the hurdles and finally reaching the destination opted for!
Nice reproduction of Mr. Jagan’s comments on your posts!
The advantage of a feedback lies in refinement of the matter dealt with!
Hope you’re benefitted!
Wishing your literary journey with milestones many on its way!
Advaita Acharya
An exponent of Bhagavad Gita well depicted!
Do your duty without expecting the reward – a lesson we must learn to remain a satisfied lot irrespective of the fruits we get in return!
Train the mind to remain steadfast in the principles you set for yourself – habitual it  becomes to bring surprises in life!
Jillela mudi Amma
Different are those great souls ever on the mission to make their sojourn on this earthly abode smooth and purposeful!
Feeding the hungry – a virtue to become a habit in all humans who can afford, out of their ‘material prosperity’ and ‘richness of mind!’
Nothing good or bad exists in this world, but only ‘perception’ of these two extremes that’s behind us playing foul with our otherwise innocent lives!
Yes, innocence brings cheer to everyone of us, and so may we embrace it, and allow an air of happiness to spread its fragrance in our midst!
A good going on the new series!
True saints and true devotees bring good and nothing but good to society which is in dire need of corrections everywhere!
They wear religious tags, yet reformists to the core!
May this tribe enhance trust in the minds of non-followers too, and attract them to their fold!

With this shall we end this week’s Sunday story? Normally my intention is not to make it too long . I prefer a story around 1500 words..

We shall meet for the next working week commencing tomorrow the Monday! Till then Good Luck and Good Bye !


Image result for Sevalaya photo

Shri N. Jaganathan who is in charge of PR and Publicity wing of my beloved organization SEVALAYA (seen above) about which I have posted a poem on 3rd August 2016 and a Sunday story under the title TEMPLE OF SERVICE (SEVALAYA) on 7th August 2016 in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr. Jagannathan has become so fond of ENVIUS THOUGHTS that he not only regularly views them but also makes his comments often. I am sure they are quite interesting and hence they form this week’s SUNDAY story; I am confident that you will enjoy them.
Part V was posted on 26th May 2019. Here is Part VI for the delightful reading of my esteemed readers.



, your to-day’s post is informative, illustrative and inspiring. All are new information (to me). Once again thank you for your consistent contributions in dissemination of facts, many of which people seldom know.


Sir, this is another great saint-preceptor-philosopher you have given and made your many viewers know. Thank you Sir. From your blog, I could understand that the saint was a positive philosopher served people. We are reminded Anusuyadevi, lived with our Rama Sita Devi, who had direct blessings of our Matha. She had the great honour of listening when Sita Devi described her marriage. This great privilege Anusuyadevi had, our epic Ramayana says. How great! So also Anusuyadevi of Bapatla, an holy pilgrimage place. What more can we say! We are blessed to be born in such a great land, Bharath.


Adi Shankara was a beacon light to the society, for, he extricated ignorant from the muddle during 8th century. The masterpiece to his contributions was his great exegeses to our tenets and rituals through Mimamsa. It used to be said in our tharpanas that we owe our ancestors. It is great saints like Adi Shankara, who showed the meaningful path of life to generations. Yes, generations owe him.


Let us love and live in each other’s heart as long as we live. Thank you for a beautiful post.


Saradha Peetam was adorned by great of great in all respects. Of them Shri Chandrasekara Bharathi, served the humanity, by mid 19th century was an incandescent figure among large number of pontiffs. A genius, even an authority in scriptures, tenets. More than a preceptor, the pontiff was also a social scientist, at a time when Mutt heads used to confine with just serving as preceptors. The Nation’s core strength is that she had great, like Chandrasekara Swamiji. We pay our homage. Thanks for giving an opportunity Sir.


Yes Sir, a large number of saints, scholars, persons served and risen to aesthetic order contributed to Saivism. That include Bhakthi literature (Bhakthi ilakkiyam) which serve as inspiring treatise to the followers. I concede it is an information to me, your write up on Kashmiri Saint. We should thank for this rare but important information.


Great Sir for your blog today. Mother Bharath has produced galaxy of great men to serve this great land in all spheres. Frankly, i did not know about the great who has served this great land. The concluding line is an inspiring and true statement. Yes, miracles happen in the lives of such true devotees. Again it is people are the beneficiaries out of such persons’ penance.


I endorse and supplement Einsten’s: “If we don’t act or react on the matters, history will condemn us as abettors of tolerating such inhuman things! We wish and pray that this trend should end.


Dear Sir, All we viewers should thank you for paying a tribute to Kakkan ji, a man, who stood as a striking example for all in public life. Unfortunately, seldom we would have come across in the contemporary persons (politicians). All that you have reminisced in today’s blog are natural things in him. No surprise to any body. Why this is mentioned to recall is to-day we have to search such persons. No doubt, in our midst also, today we have good persons, committed to the causes, sans personal considerations. To-day nation is in dire need to have such great leaders for construction and re-construction of the country in all spheres. One day, He will grant us such a situation!


There is parallel to Vanchinathan’s sacrifice. In our days of freedom movement, which was surcharged by Jalianwalabagh massacre perpetrated by Dyer mercilessly, cruelly, he sacrificed his life after achieving. Nation owes him for his grit, courage, determination and a great sacrifice at the altar of motherland. Even for millennia, his sacrifice to our Mother Bharat will not be forgotten. To-day nation, with its 1.3. billiion people, pay its homage and salute the great. He joins the great patriots Lala Lajapathi Rai. Madanlal Dingra, Veer Savarkar, and many like.


Read the poem of the great Crazy Mohan in Tamil n ur translation in English is great. This is the first time I come to know that Crazy is also a Devotee of Sairam n also a poet. Let him be under the Lotus feet of Sairam for ever.


Yes, it is cruel on the part of a small, illiterate people criminally -by a section of people. The reasons are bigotry attitude, false economic reasons and under-estimation of women force and their contribution to the society. The is gainsaying fact that women contribute to the society and country at large more than their men-counterpart, as is evident from the contemporary history even (Madam Indiraji, for example). More than this, can we deny that daughters are more affectionate to their parents than the indifferent sons, in many a case.
In any case this should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. This should go lock-lock-barrel.


The concluding line, let us green the blue” is an excellent message. The need of the hour too. Ocean occupies major portion in the world. It is a great wealth for all economic activities. For vessels transporting people and serve as a global carrier for goods. Seas have enormous wealth. It is our duty to protect, preserve and use. In our mythology, scriptures, ocean occupies respectable places. Our Yajur Veda declares saying “Samudhrame namadhu bandhu” What more can we say on the greatness of Oceans!


Before admiring the important points on your post to-day, please permit me to express my view: “…let me a blogger, not a …..” I am afraid the latter is not a relevant for the very reason, your lacs of viewers read, enjoy and consume valuable everyday. What you have written is not relevant, except it suits for coining rhyme, Am I right Sir, I have taken liberty to say this due to my genuine respect and regard to you sir. Your wide knowledge acquired by your vast experiences, natural talents, command over language, knowledge in the matters particularly about the nation at large, are great asset for you, blessed by Him, and they are effectively used for lacs of viewers. I think it is a french word, a derivative.

Thus comes to an end this week’s Sunday Story and I am confident that learned Jagannathan’s feed back are always quite interesting and all my esteemed viewers would have enjoyed the same. Till we meet as usual tomorrow GOOD BYE!


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    I am glad to share with you that with the 135th view at 17.00 hrs yesterday viz Saturday  the Thirteenth  July 2019, total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND THREE THOUSAND (2,03,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1616th day and 1657th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.