Yes friends here is one more in the Sun day story series of others views about ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com.
So far several posts have been made under the following titles:
Viewer’s View of ENVIUS THOUGHTS (in several parts-  of Shri OKR Sivanganam)
Voice of the Viewer on ENVIUS THOUGHTS (in a few parts of Shri Rajeev Jha from Bhagalpur))
A journalist’s view of ENVIUS THOUGHTS (of Shri Muthu Aiyer from Hyderabad)
Uthaya’s view on ENVIUS  Thoughts of Shri PH Uthayamurthy from Bangalore)
LICsian’s view on Envius Thoughts (of KVSR Prasad and TChandrasekara Reddy of LIC Kadapa)
ARK on ENVIUS THOUGHTS9A.Ramakrishnan of Chennai)

They are my great regular viewers and they convey immediately their views through Face book and otherwise almost on a daily basis.

In that series today’s  Sun day story ENVIUS THOUGHTS carries  the consolidated views of Shri Ravindranath Reddy, my erstwhile colleague in Kadapa LIC during 1995-1998 where I had the pleasure of serving the people of Rayalaseema area of Andhra Pradesh as in Charge of my great Institution. I am sure my esteemed viewers will be enjoying this story too.

Besides,  a story titled ” COMMENTS CONSOLIDATED  on ENVIUS THOUGHTS” of several viewers  were  posted in two parts on 31/10/15 and 10/4/16.

Here is today’s………………..

Good afternoon Sir. We still remember Galileo for his astronomical findings. He is responsible in the transition from philosophy to modern science and in the transformation of the scientific renaissance into scientific revolution. It would have been apt had the post been tomorrow( his death anniversary). Sir, Don’t mistake me.Please
concentrate on spelling’s ( father of science)- M.Ravindranath Reddy

I know Sir. You know my intentions. It is out of pure respect and affection.It is not to find fault. No body should point out as it is viewed by thousands.That is why I didn’t post in the group.It seems his birthday is on 15th February.Pl.ignore if I am wrong.


Good morning Sir. Yes Sir We have to protect the Gods gift nature. But by our actions like deforestation, over usage of AC’s etc,We are spoiling it and are facing the consequences. Let us resolve to save nature. Incidentally I was given my name in remembrance of him.

Good morning Sir. Just 3 years away to complete grand century. I have some affinity towards Tamilnadu as my brother- in- law has worked there ( Nellikuppam, Pettavaithalai, Pudukottai,Pugalur & Pondicherry) in EID Parry sugars of the great Murugappa group from 1996 to 2014. Now he is heading the only sugar factory of the same group at Sankili( Srikakulam dt)in Andhra Pradesh. My niece is studying Engineering at VIT,Chennai. Finally my father has post graduated from Pachaiyappa’s college,Chennai.

Good morning Sir, We remember Thiruppur Kumaran who has sacrificed his life for a noble cause

Thank you Sir for a mention about agriculturists,the most neglected lot

Wishing you and your family a happy sankranti in advance

Good morning Sir. Once again congratulations on entering into India book of records.Had a nice read.You are a man of principles,discipline,healthy habits. Wishing you a sumptuous sankranthi.

Good morning Sir. Many  great persons like Thiruvalluvar were born in Tamilnadu the land known for its rich culture and heritage.Could not understand the contents in the audio.

Good morning Sir.We too join in Wishing the well being of the farmers.

Good morning Sir. Had a nice read. She was born on 19.11.17 and not 19.1.17. Please check Sir.
Sorry Sir.Born on 19.11.1917
Seen Sir. It would be better if you delete ‘ this day’ from the sentence’ born on this day’.

Good morning Sir. It’s nice to post a topic about dogs. Other things apart they are the real stress busters.
Good morning Sir.Let us hope we don’t hear any such news of girl abuse at least on this day.

Good morning Sir. Happy Republic day. Vandhematharam .
Happy to see you Sir hoisting the national flag.

Good morning Sir. Really we don’t have answers if life less things come to life and ask questions. A worthy read Sir.

Good morning Sir. Thank you Hari Krishan Choudhary garu. We are blessed to have worked under/ with the great human being Sri N.V.Subbaraman garu.

Good morning Sir. Yes Sir I really wondered why about death. It’s a great loss for you to lose literary friends. Hope you will come out of this grief soon. I know Gopala  Krishnan garu.May his soul rest in peace. If I remember correctly his wife’s name is Subbalakshmi..Sir Wishing you a sumptuous Sunday.

Noble work. So kind of you.Good afternoon Sir.

Good morning Sir. You will definitely go faster,deeper & louder. Tiny drops can make a big sea.

Good morning Sir. Subhodhayam. Vanakkam.

Sir, Take JIO sim. Good Night Sir

Good morning Sir. Wishing you a sumptuous Sunday. You are Saraswathi putra. You are blessed. We envy you. Sir food for thought. Whether it is third or fourth birthday.(last month we have celebrated 69th Republic day- Which was the post on 26.01.18) Definitely it is third birth anniversary.
Thank you Sir. Forgotten to wish on your 4th son’s birthday. We wish to celebrate Many such  birthdays. I too have 3 son’s. ‘Sonstroke’. It would have been apt had you mentioned the fourth one as daughter(blog- literary- Saraswathi). Forgive me Sir for taking too much liberty.Bye Sir,I don’t want to waste much of your time.

Good morning Sir. I was happy to see the post on Auroville .I have visited the place when my brother- in- law was working at Nellikuppam near Cuddalore.It is a place which belongs to all. Very silent & quite.
No ‘ Shri’ please. Thank u Sir.

Good morning Sir. Applied for housing loan.I was informed that maximum term is up to date of retirement for PF optees. It is up to age 70 yrs for pension optees and O/ S loan at the time of retirement will be recovered from terminal benefits.I enquired and knew that pf optees were allowed maximum term up to date of retirement. I questioned and got my term fixed up to my attaining age 70.which others could not get. As a consumer I got my housing loan on level terms as in the case of pension optees.

Good morning Sir. You are very modest . You are undoubtedly a good poet. I am not blessed.I am very poor( Art & Literature).I have a solace that my boss is blessed and flourishing. Wishing you a happy Ugadi and a sumptuous day.

Good morning Sir.I still remember in my childhood,never a day ends without seeing a sparrow. Now it a rarity to find a sparrow. Let us keep a container with water in balconies to quench the thirst of such type of small birds during summer.

Good morning Sir. Can you know who have viewed the post( individuals) without our response.

Good morning Sir. Your post on ‘8’ has everything in it.I thought of reminding you of driving test.But you have disappointed me.I regularly go for walking but not tried 8 style so far. Shall make a beginning.

Good morning Sir. Sure Sir reading books is the best habit we have to inculcate in our children.My eldest son read’s through Kindle.

Good morning Sir. Travel makes man perfect and residence at a new place makes man adjustable.My sister lived in Tamilnadu for 20 years without any problem even mastering the language.I too had made lots of travel,courtesy Audit. Travel to new places with family now and then will definitely reduce our medical bills.

Good evening Sir.I have gone through yesterday’s post just now.The feats are amazing. I have decided not to kill any rat. After all they are too intelligent.

Good morning Sir. Walking is one of the best habits.It helps in  weight loss.I n the process of walking,we get vitamin D. Walking is also good for heart.Daily me and my wife together go for walking for about 4 km. While walking in outskirts,we have to keep right,yes it is right only, for obvious reasons( no vehicles from backside in the same lane and can have a track of vehicles in the opposite direction)

Good morning Sir.No post yet.Going for a walk alone. Wife out of station.

Good morning Sir. Wishing you a happy Tamil new year day.

Congratulations Sir.Keep rocking.

Congratulations Sir. At this rate , another 60 posts to reach magical figure 150000.We on our part see that the figure is reached with fewer posts.

Good morning Sir.Congratulations on the blog entering into   ‘ASIA-PACIFIC BOOK OF RECORDS’

Sir,Today is ‘world laughter day'( first Sunday of May). Ca we have your second post on this!

Good afternoon sir.Yes Sir, laughter is infectious and is the best medicine for our wellness.I am really overwhelmed at the conclusion of the post. I am very proud and blessed that my small suggestion made me a part to ‘ Envius Thoughts’.

Good morning Dr.Subbaraman Sir

Yes Sir I know that they are offering. Just wanted to share my happiness in advance. Wishing that the doctorate will be conferred at the earliest.
The only English song sung by Mohd Rafi at UNO IN 1970. Must watch and listen

Q : What is Nipah Virus ?

A : Nipah virus was initially discovered when it caused an outbreak of brain fever among pig farmers in Malaysia.
Q : Should I be worried ?
A :  A little. As it is transmitted from person to person and there is no effective antiviral therapy for this infection .
Q : Who is at high risk ? How is it transmitted ?
A : 1. People working with pigs and consuming pigs.

Farmers who come in contact with bats.
Consuming Fruits which are already bitten by bat.
Contact with people who already have Nipah virus infection.
Q : What are the early symptoms  ?
A : The initial presentation is non-specific, characterized by the sudden onset of fever, headache, muscle pain , nausea and vomiting. Neck rigidity and photophobia are also  seen.
The disease rapidly progresses, with deterioration in consciousness leading to coma within five to seven days.
Q :How is it diagnosed ?
A : The diagnosis is by ELISA which is currently  done at National institute of Virology, Pune.
Q : How is it treated ?
A : Supportive care is the mainstay of treatment and infected patients may require intensive care monitoring.
THERE IS NO APPROVED  SPECIFIC THERAPY FOR THIS INFECTION . So prevention is the only cure ! Q : How do i prevent it ?
A : 1. Avoid contact with pigs and pig handlers  .
Maintain personal hygiene and intensive hand washing practices
Avoid consuming raw fruits, Consume only well cooked, clean, home made food till the outbreak settles down.
Preferably use N95 mask while travelling or working in public places to avoid person to person transmission.
Be aware of the symptoms and report to the doctor immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.
Share this message with all your cared ones ,
Together, we can fight and win !
Dr.Arjun.M.B, MD
Dr.R.M.L Hospital, New Delhi.
(National Nodal Centre for Control of yellow fever and other communicable diseases)

Good morning Sir. Nakshatra turtles at Sreekurmam,Srikakulam

Good morning Sir. Now a days even kids are affected by this. Thanks for suggesting the foods to combat it.We do take care Sir.

Good morning Sir. Congratulations Sir. Awaiting super magical figure 150000. We do continue our support .Sir, Wishing you a sumptuous Sunday.

Good morning Sir. If my memory goes right We have organised blood donation camp at Government Hospital,Kadapa under your leadership.Mine is A- ve( very rare). I am not donating in camps meant for further use for obvious reasons but readily donating in emergencies.Had satisfaction of saving 3 women,coincidence is all during delivery time.

Just copied from group to personal.Wishing you a great day Sir.


Congratulations Sir on reaching the magical figure.

Good morning Sir. Happy Ramjan. Yes Sir. Occasional fasting is good for health.It overhauls the body system. Wishing you a great weekend Sir

Good morning Sir. So you had a sumptuous literary food in Haibun

Good morning Sir. Being in Insurance company not aware of Insurance Awareness Day. Thank you very much Sir for awakening people like me.Wishing you a fruitful day on this(our) day.

Good morning Sir. On this day let us think of Nirmal Sekhar & R.Mohan,India’s Greatest sports journalists.R.Mohan mostly wrote on Cricket.NirmalSekar is versatile.
Wishing you a great day Sir

Good morning Sir. Congratulations on crossing 154000 views.Expecting to cross 155000 before 10th. Wishing you a wonderful day Sir

Good morning Sir. Congratulations on crossing 155000 views.I expected it before 10th. Crossed two days earlier. As you are now a celebrity more so in your colony,your house will be flooded with fans and visitors.Tough times for your daughter-in- law . Wishing you a sumptuous Sunday Sir

I am sure you would have enjoyed the responses of Shri M.Raveendranath Reddy from Kadapa Division.
We shall meet tomorrow and till then GOODBYE!

Blogger N V Subbaraman with his credentials for holding Asia Book of Records.




Image result for Image of Thiruvalluvar and Thirukkural

Thirukkural authored by a Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar more than 2000 years ago are still acts as a way for life and living. Henceforth, this will also find a place in Envius Thoughts and I am sure my earnest and esteemed viewers will find worth following-easy dictum for life as it is universally acknowledged as one of the best works.
First Part
ON VIRTUE   (Araththuppaal)
Chapter One
“A” leads the language
The Lord Almighty protects
Like peacock’s plumage!                    1

Learning lacks meaning
If the learner believes not
In Him – protecting!                                                (2)

He surely lives long
Who seeks the feet of the Lord
To whom the noble throng!                                     (3)

To the one who clings
To HIM beyond likes-dislikes
No woes the life brings!                                            (4)

Who sings in HIS praise
Seeking HIS love and grace
Freed from the sins nice!                                          (5)

For long he lives for sure
Who treads HIS path sans desires
In this world – pure!                                                 (6)

Who seeks not HIM whose
Compassion beyond compare
Never free from worry’s woes!                                  (7)
He can’t cross the sea
Of sins if he thinks not HIM
Indeed Virtues Sea!                                                     (8)
Those heads that pray not
The God of eight virtues sure
Have eyes and ears just dot(s)!                                     (9)
Those who pray the Lord
Nicely cross the sea of birth
Others don’t – face woes!                                              (10)

Image result for Image of Thiruvalluvar and Thirukkural

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,56,000  views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 105th  view at 13.10 hrs today viz Thursday  the Twelfth (12th) July 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY SIX THOUSAND (1,56,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1230th day and 1283rd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



Image result for Images to depict Newspapers-HINDU Down Town 6th July 2018-8th page

Journalists, journalism, print and electronic media-Radio and television rightly called fourth estate next to Legislature, Judicature, Bureaucracy.
They have a noble role to play and by and large they play their role very effectively. They by their free and fair reporting enhance the reputation of the individuals or institutions.

Newspapers big and small in the area of circulation or the number of copies circulated, carry a lot of messages for the readers. I have personally experienced the joy and worth of such reporting on ourselves or others.

This week’s Sunday Story carries the recent experiences with the Press and Envius Thoughts.

We have national news paper of century old THE HINDU and  several neighborhood newspapers called Anna Nagar Times, Anna Nagar Talk, Mogappair Times, Mogappair mail  Tamil magazines of repute “KALAI MAGAL”, “KAVITHAI URAVU”, “ILAKKIYA CHOLAI” and so on. They frequently carry some interesting information on my work and Envius Thoughts which creates a new circle of friends and acquaintances.  and I feel very rewarding to me a sensitive person.

Friends and others in my colony and outside speak to me over phone or in person; they say they feel elated whenever they see some news on me and this Blog.Naturally it plunges me in pleasure! Let me share a few thoughts  with my esteemed viewers.

When a review of my Tamil translation of  Telugu Thyagabrammam’s Pancha Rathna Keerthanas to Tamil was reviewed very positively by the HINDU a lot of inquiries were made.
I can quote quite a few examples in the Hindu and other magazines. Would like to confine for the reasons of brevity the latest one.

Anna Nagar Times of June 24th, 18 carried the following news with the photo of the blogger.

——————————————————————————-                               Avid Blogger achieves 1.5 lakh hits.
N. V. Subbaraman (resident of 12/1045, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Anna Nagar Western Extension) is an avid blogger who has been actively writing on his blog page “Envius Thoughts”at “https://nvsr.wordpress.com”since February 2015 and has so far written 1262 blogs in 1209 days.   His web page followers in 210 countries and it achieved 1.50 lakh hits on June 20th.
He told Anna Nagar Times that he writes an English poem daily from Mondays to Saturdays and a story on Sundays.He has also posted translations of Thirukkural, Bharathiyar’s works,and Tagore’s Gitanjali in English in his page.
His name is featured in “Asia Book of Records” and “India Book of Records” for writing a record number of 1055 blogs in 1000 days.
He had won the ‘Versatile Blogger’ and the Liebster’ awards from WordPress Bloggers University in an online contest in 2015. He is also the Editor of the online portal ‘Young Poet’.Subbaraman retired as Deputy Zonal Manager from LIC.
His contact numbers are 26544950 and 9840477552

Having seen this, my colony people felt that they are proud to be having me in their colony and they are happy to say that they are my co residents in the Jeevan Bhima Nagar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After seeing the news, a stranger-now turned a friend- talked to me over phone, expressed his joy on knowing about me and conveyed his desire to meet me at 4 pm.
Prompt came Mr.S R Rajagopalan,  aged 86 Retired General Manager in one of the TVS group companies, a nice writer in Tamil -has about 6000 pages of writing in beautiful hand writing on several topics of interest to youth and elders. He is also having a consultancy for the youngsters who would like to go for higher education abroad!

His organization can get admission in France, New Zealand, Germany, Singapore,USA, Australia, UK and Canada.BS/MS/Ph.D programs. SRIVATSA GLOBAL EDU-LINK and can be contacted through “mailto:srievatsaedu@vsnl.net”,srievatsaedu@vsnl.net, srievatsa@gmail.com. His website is “http://www.globaledu-link”,www.globaledu-link

On seeing the Anna Nagar Time  one more Mr Kumar highly appreciative of the Blog. He observed-”A new concept within the  Visual communication. Neat work by you. “ He had a golden idea to suggest through the Blog for the viewers to adopt CALF OF A COW AS PET.
Here is a post in the Blog reproduced:

Image result for Images of pet animals

All living beings on earth fine creation of Lord Almighty
Humans and animals, trees and forests, rivers and seas mighty
To play supplement and complement to each and all at all times
All have to enjoy harmonious joy and happiness,and  peace!

Pets play an important role to provide joy to the owners
Parrots and squirrels, cats and dogs are the pets of pet- lovers!
It is noble to adopt Calf of the cow as one’s pet in life
Calves of today are  cows of tomorrow-called GOMATHA fine!

Cows give  the nutritious milk – essential for young and old
The sick and poor! Every  individual house owner-bold
Can happily and the flat owners may be a question mark
Yet can try outside the building in the open space around!

In India- my Motherland-Bharath it is genuinely
Believe COW as  sacred one and mother for all rightly
Called GO MATHA-in whose body dwell hundreds of our Gods
With the pets we find pleasure in fondling with our palms.

More so with Cow’s calf-both find happiness- to provide our goal
One Swami will say-”Our religion is for giving maximum
Happiness to maximum people for maximum time”. Let us
Adopt the calf of the cow as pet and enjoy make it famous!

Cows and buffaloes friends of the farmers in our country great
Farmers provide us food with their agricultural products neat
Tractors are different-cows and buffaloes nothing to beat
Let us adopt calves and give to farming community later!

Image result for images of calf


He has also organized planting 4500 saplings to become great trees towards greener world!

Recently there was a special achievement.
Palasu is a vedic spiritual tree, whose dry branch/ stems are used as samithu.
We had planted 4500 plants which is unique.
Can you cover.We had planted.

I am glad to share with you yet another press coverage on Wednesday 6th July  in the national Newspaper “The Hindu” which is reproduced here under for your kind perusal:

“ANNA NAGAR blogger in “Asia Book of Records”

N V Subbaraman,resident of Jeevan Bima Nagar, Anna Nagar and former deputy Zonal Manager, LIC of India,was recently included in the Asia Pacific Records for ‘the longest -running blog. On his Blog ‘Envius Thoughts’ (https://nvsr.wordpress.com) he made 1270 posts in 1217 days on trot. He did not take a break, even for a single day.His blog has more than 1, 52,000 viewers from around 210 countries. Every Sunday, he posts a Sunday Story. On the other days, he posts English poems. Subbaraman is a bilingual poet, speaker and writer.He says he is an avid reader of The Hindu for the last seventy years and a regular  contributor to the Letter to the Editor column. In the late 1970s, more than 100 of his letters were published in the paper. He has so far authored 37 books including translated works such as Thirukkural,Bharathiyar’s poems, Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi’s Akshara Mana Malai (Tamil to English) and Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali, Japanese Poet Daisaku Ikeda’s poems, and De. padmanabhan’s poems into Tamil. He has translated Thiruvaiyaru Thyagabrammam’s  pancharatna keerthanas from Telugu to Tamil and brought out in the form of a CD.

This news brought out a good number of responses over phone, emails and whats app messages  from the known and unknown. I felt as if a Nobel Prize has been awarded!!!!!!

That indeed are the magnificent and electrifying effect of the press coverage.
With this we end this Sunday story and we shall continue. Thanks till then goodbye!

Image result for Images to Envius Thoughts

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,55,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 1st  view at 00.30 hrs today viz Sunday  the Eighth (08th) July 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY FIVE THOUSAND (1,55,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1226th day and 1279th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


Image result for Images of ENVIUS THOUGTS-Wordpress.com blog.

Out of more than 1,49,000 views from more than a couple of hundreds of countries of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com many are by Shri N. Jaganathan who is in charge of PR and Publicity wing of my beloved organization SEVALAYA about which I have posted a poem on 3rd August 2016 and a Sunday story under the title TEMPLE OF SERVICE (SEVALAYA) on 7th August 2016 in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr. Jagannathan has become so fond of ENVIUS THOUGHTS that he not only regularly views them but also makes his comments often. I am sure they are quite interesting and hence they form this week’s SUNDAY story; I am confident that you will enjoy them.

Part II was posted on 9th April covering his views up to 8/4/2018.
This Part III has his views upto 12th June 2018.

The largest popolation, which has a bigger social need, lag much behind in buying Insurance products. On the one hand it is due to lack of awareness, and apathy/indiference on the other. It used be said, “that every commodity or service is assessesed by money value, but not human value……It goes on to say that Insurance does this (assessing the value of human beings). It was estimated it is much less than 10% have been availing and protecting themseleves. This is inspite of over 30 Insurance companies exist to sell. Aggresive campaiging is necessary to educate people to make them “insured”. Afterall their heirs/dependants’ interests are also important!

29th June 2018
Yes, camera is only an irreplaceable also an indispensable one in the world of communication and its industry at large. It a great gift of Science given by Eastman!

I fully agree with you with pain and paradox. Present day youngsters, mostly, choose to abandon their elderly parents. Only their conscience can change the situation. Mushroom growth of old age homes is the evidence to this fact. Such bread-winning youngsters forget they also will attain the age by the very life cycle. Shakespeare, in one of his sonnets titled “Crabbed age and youth” declares that “….age is full of sorrow and agony while youth is full of pleasure.”

The anatomy and the science of human physiology assert that blood system plays a crucial part in the very life of a human being and others as well. Therefore, whenever one needs blood, others should spontaneously reach such needy. The fear and reluctance in a section of people, why, amidst several less informed people, should go. The blood cell will automatically recoup within 48 hours and therefore the donor need not have any hesitation to help. On certain conditions, such as sickness, chronic diseases, age, among other reasons, the technician himself will not take/accept. With so much efforts in educating on this, still a large number remain uninformed on this. So awareness should be created among all to ease the situation of spare-blood scarcity, this is my view.

12/6/ 2018
Yes Sir, I agree with you in toto. Even when laws are there, in many countries, particularly in underdeveloped countries, where unemployment menace is there. the employers are exploiting the situation. This pernicious practice should be jettisoned lock-stock-barrel.
After all the children today are the leaders of tomorrow in all the fields. As far as India is concerned, it is on the decline in the preceding 30 to 40 years, thanks to various legislation. However, the offending employers should be mercilessly punished and a fool proof system should be evolved to stop this menace.

As I saw the heading of to-day’s post I was wondering how its importance would have been explained. But, a I read now, it is explained how essential a foot wear is, in the matter of health. Thank you sir.

Yes, it is a serious caution note. Now the number is on the increase, with the result a large number of women are undergoing and continuously suffering. On the one hand prescribed medicines and suggested food are possible solutions. Awareness is necessary, that means, Doctors’ advice to be stricttly followed. Yours is a right advice to the suffering millions across globe. Kudos to your initiative Sir, which is humanitarian.

There were no dearth of achievers in the world – at all times. They include several spheres, like, literature, art, science, inventions, innovations, contributions to the society and the nation in every time of need. But it is a paradox that large number were left unnoticed even, not to say they are unsung and uncared. So society should be vigilant in identifying such make them to know to the rest of the world.

Several lakhs creatures dwell in seas. All His creations! Sea play a vital roll, an indispensable roll in the human existence and creatures as well. The concluding lines of Yajur Veda, declares that “Samudhrame namadhu Bandhu”
Once again congratulations on reaching another big number, another mark, another milestone of achieving viewers. I repeat, all these are not unexpected, because the contents,that draw immense interest in the readers. Your passion for great men lived in our midst, or in our proud history, their sacrifices, contributions, which are the reasons we enjoy the fruits today. Mahatmaji, Nehruji, Indiraji, Tagore, various scientists, were recalled. Sir, without any trace of exaggeration, I would like to say that it is your magnanimity, graciousness, extreme interest, hard labor have all made the everyday blog a fest. interesting, informative and inspiring. An encyclopedia. Kudos to your efforts.
First, we have to acknowledge and respect the real heroes, the fire fighters. They are not only equipped with required training in the job, but also they are instinctively sacrificial, dynamic and concern. The way they respond in such calamities, is a matter to be praised and we all should be grateful. We salute them, the real heroes, serve the people and nation!
In India Press is considered to be an important or equally important pillar (one of the four) of Democracy. The edifice will be strong only when it is totally free, fealess, and true to their job. They have, greater responsibility of maintaining high ethical standards while reporting to the people. Unfortunately, a large number of the members, either one sided, attached to some political philosophies or parties, to the detriment of maintaining ethos. The imperative need is the press should be free from the shackles of the pressures of political parties or even establishments. Sometimes, or often they have to pay price in maintaining high standards and ethics with truth. The recent report that India is pushed back and in a lower position in maintaining press freedom. This is a source of worry for lovers of press freedom and democracy at large, particularly when we claim India is the largest democracy in the world with 1.3 b. Population.

In this context I would like to supplement a fact that when population itself a burden to a nation, considering the resources available, another strong opinion is there that itself another wealth to a nation. That way we should nurture every child to grow, develop and become greater citizens to contribute for nation’s wealth. Every child born is a great delight in all respects.
Not only 100 crores directly speak/communicate. English’s impact is there in many other world languages. Most importantly in Science English plays a dominant role. Within 26 alphabets entire phonetics conveyed. It is known to be a great language of Milton, Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Johnson, among many contributed. In any case it is the lingua franca of Europe! An interesting reminiscence: I had an occasion, during my travel by flight, to engage myself in a conversation with an Englishman (UK). He praised Indians for their English knowledge developed, in the midst of several Indian languages. I accepted his praise and only said that English language is the gift given by Englishmen to Indians!

Your erstwhile colleague Mr.ARK’s comments are good. For many, the number can’t be measured nor imagined, – you are a guru, mentor and motivator! That is why all are your ardent viewers.
Let the new year Vilambi bring cheers, peace, plenty and prosperity to all!
Yes, Submarine occupies an unique place in the world war history. The invention and the evolution of Science are the hallmark of achievement by the scientists. It is extensively used during the peace.

It is a great delight, but no surprise. Reaching and achieving are solely due to the valuable contents. I quote: “when contents are large, the container ought to be big”. Kudos to your consistent efforts and meaningful labor put to make this possible! Thank you Sir.

With this we end this week’s Sunday Story and we are sure our esteemed viewers would have enjoyed the scholarship of Mr. N Jagannathan of Sevalaya. We shall meet tomorrow.Thanks.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,53,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 56th  view at 05.30 hrs yesterday viz Saturday  the Thirtieth (30th) June 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY THREE THOUSAND (1,53,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1218th day and 1271st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.








OKR Sivagnanam க்கான பட முடிவு

In continuation of last Sunday story, here is the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part 19.  We have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivaganam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in from May 1st to 31st May of this year.
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part 18 covered up to 30/04/2018. Here it is up to 31st May 2018

Awareness created through your nice post on World No Tobacco Day today!
It’s good that heart disease is focused this year to educate the tobacco users!
Reasons may be many for the ailments connected with heart, but the part being played by tobacco in its various forms cannot be overlooked, and hence the need for propagating the negative effects that go with it!
It’s not that they are not aware of its consequences, but that they find it difficult to give the practice a go-by due to their addiction over a period of time!

A mental preparation on their part can make them slowly drift from the habit, and save themselves from worst results in future!
The smokers must understand the fact of passive smokers being put in more trouble due to their unmindful act, and save the society too in the process!
Awareness is better directed at the people who get themselves addicted to this habit quite recently, for it’s easy to make them alive to the seriousness, compared to those on a long

Last year this day on Everest conquest!
A nice post in memory of Tenzing who scaled the Mount Everest first with Hillary!
Missionary zeal and passion must have been behind their great ‘ feat ‘!
We must congratulate their preparation and the spirit that goes with this splendid achievement!
Both Tenzing and Hillary are an inspiration for the mountaineering lovers who may wish to undertake similar tasks in future!
Tributes to the EVEREST HEROES!

Voices heard and heard enlarge the contents, making it more visible to the eyes, and giving the larger picture!
Year Ago

Nice of Shri. Vasudevan’s views having been reproduced by you as this week’s Sunday story!
Let him continue to post his views and empower your ENVIUS THOUGHTS!
Your ‘ mission ‘ with ‘ passion ‘ goes unhindered to the day, and there’s not an iota of doubt in its non-stop JOURNEY in the days to come with more vitality to make its presence realized by more number of new ‘ visitors ‘!
I’m sure, your entry into the ASIAN BOOK OF RECORDS will also take care of this aspect, as you’ll further embark on new approaches to make the BLOG still more welcome for the sheer quality of its CONTENTS, and the way it’s presented!
May the Almighty play its part to make yours a TOWERING BLOG!
Wishing you a happy Sunday!

A nice post on Napoleon as Emperor!
A personality who rose from obscurity to the command of the most of Europe!
An inferiority complex he developed in his childhood days – very much responsible for power of his will, and determination to succeed in his endeavors!
An indomitable courage that raised his stature as the King of Italy!
A commander par excellence, instilling a sense of win amongst his soldiers!
A super – hero of the French Revolution, winning many battles for the country!
An expert in handling the financial aspects meticulously for the cause of the nation – a reminder to the world leaders of today to follow suit!
A strategist who prioritized the issues to ultimately taste success in his missions!
A salute to the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte!

A nice revelation on Thyroid!
Diseases are many, and so too are treating methods to combat or control them!
Imagine a life without physical ailments!
We can very well perform all the functions, and be happy and peaceful!
Not so in almost all of us, with one or the other challenging, and so compromising, the quality of life to our dismay and disappointment!
An issue that’s common nowadays is the thyroid dysfunction – hypo and hyper – that necessitates, among other things, taking suitable food, and of course, medications as suggested by the physician!
Proper care and attention will keep us away from the complications arising out of this condition, and let us therefore spread awareness at least amongst the group of people we move with, and avoid its incidence to the extent possible!

Nice to see your post on World Turtle Day!
All the creations in this world have a purpose to serve in their own way!
It’s all the handiwork of the Almighty, and nothing can be set aside as of insignificance!
It’s through the creations of the God that humans take a leaf or two, and find them applicable in the day-to-day life!
Though many attributes come to our mind on the mention of turtle, it’s sturdiness of the turtle that appeals most to the human beings!
Turtles’ slow movement cannot make one underestimate its inherent power that goes with it!
Didn’t we hear about the adage: “Slow and steady wins the race?”
A nice post on Biological Diversity!
As you wrote, biodiversity cannot be viewed in isolation!
A subject that lacks sensitivity on our part!
An issue more relevant as long as the world continues to exist – a must-concept to occupy the mind-space, perennially!
An all-out effort and consciousness to take care for the biodiversity to work and take care of us!
A singular and most important concern for biodiversity lies in nurturing NATURE in all possible ways!
A neglect on our side brings in its wake all the ills that lessen the quality of our life, which after all no one likes to happen!
If fear of dangers alone can make us sensitive to this all-important issue, let us not to hesitate to fear, and introduce remedy in the process!
Museum, a thing of JOY and KNOWLEDGE!
2 Years Ago

காலையில் நல்லதொரு கவிதையைப் படித்ததில் மட்டற்ற மகிழ்ச்சி.
அன்னைக்கு நிகர் அன்னையே அன்றி
வேறெவர் உளர்?
அன்பையும் பாசத்தையும் பண்பையும் சீராட்டி அள்ளிக் கொடுப்பதில்
வேறெவர் போட்டியிட்டு வெற்றி கொய்த முடியும்?
இரக்கத்திற்கும் அற்பணிப்பு உணர்வுக்கும் இலக்கணம் வகுக்க உதித்த அன்னையின் ஒளி நம் வாழ்க்கைப் பாதையை எளிதாக்கி இட்டுச் செல்லும் ஓர் அற்புத சக்தி.
அந்த அன்னையின் சக்தியை – அரவிந்த அன்னையின் சக்தியை – போற்றி வணங்குவோம்!
Nice to view your post on National Visit Your Relatives Day!
When we go distant places responding to the need of employment /profession/business, etc., it’s out of question to meet our relatives frequently as used to be before!
And so we must never lose the opportunity thrown in before us to meet and exchange pleasantries and memories with our near and dear ones during our occasional visits to our original place of living!
It’s a sort of refreshing our minds after a long gap of unintended separation!
After all we are social animals and cannot remain insensitive to whatever, good and bad, happened to our relatives in our forced absence!
Sharing the information in person has the positive impact of relieving our pains and sufferings, and of the visited as well!

And so let us make full use of our periodical visits quite meaningfully and renew our cherished relationship ever to remain current!
Nice to see your post on World Hypertension Day today!
Your post on National Biographers Day assumes significance in as much as it reminds one of the importance of great personalities qualifying themselves to be part of our past history!
Some truly great are averse to getting them highlighted in the public, and they like to exit unknown from this world!

They don’t like others going extravagant with their lavish sprinkling of words of appreciation, despite their true worth!
Hence the need for the biographers to bring them in the limelight, and let the people benefited with revelations on what those unheard-of intellectuals had to say on varied subjects!
Not knowing our own past history is in effect a dangerous proposition taking away our right to know our own culture!
No denying that autobiographies are very much qualified to bring out the first-hand information right from the heart of the writer, in the absence of which, biographers stand to fill the vacuum by presenting the facts uncolored and untwisted for the progeny!

A nice post on International Day of Families!
Harmonious relationship within a family is fundamental to the success of the family!
Happy families put together see the birth of a happy society!
And happy societies the world over make the entire world happy and peaceful!
Sounds Utopian?
Yes, but we may not forget the fact of continuous rain drops going to make the large and mighty ocean!
Like the small but concrete steps contributing to the success of a task, conscious efforts put in by each and every family will surely make an ‘international family’ a possibility!

Deep understanding, patience, and a policy of give-and-take can definitely make international family a reality!
Long live the bond within the constituents of the family unit, and happiness prevail everywhere!
Your post on 8th on World Red Cross Day is all praise for the Movement that extends its helping hand to the suffering and the needy!
But for empathy and sacrifice overflowing, the less privileged may not get the support at the right time when needed most!
Especially when people, young and old, are stranded due to natural calamities, the Red Cross Movement’s role is indispensable and so worthy indeed!
The selfless personnel working for the prestigious Movement deserve our whole-hearted appreciation, that acts as an encouragement for their continued service to humanity!
And this day let us wish them and their families all the best to take the Movement to its amazing heights!


Importance of fairness beautifully revealed in your post on World Fair Trade day yesterday!
Fairness and ethics are in danger these days, and all must try to bring them back in the limelight!
Service providers and traders need to concentrate on this aspect to improve their share in the ever competing market!
That a customer is the king must come before the businessman in trying to market his product!
Practicing honesty as the best policy enables the trader not only to keep his existing customers under his flock, but also to increase the customer base further and farther, which in effect means increased sale resulting in more profit!
Remaining truthful pays extremely well, and the customers are bound to develop a sense of un-shifting loyalty towards the preferred shop or establishment for their needs!
After all it’s customers’ hard earned money going in to the traders’ pocket, making them prosperous!
And it’s the quality and quantity that matters to the buyers, whether it be a product or a service!
Value-addition should be the mantra adopted by marketeers around to keep their going smooth and continuous!

Nice it’s to read your post on Donate a Day’s Wages to Charity day!
Not everyone is fortunate to be riches!
Some are born really rich with all the comforts of life!
Some manage to lead a contented life with what they have!
Some go all out to enjoy life no matter what they get is through legitimate means or otherwise!
Some experience the ordeals of life without having the wherewithal to meet them!
Some have nothing with them, and their very living is a challenge without the alms coming from the good-hearted souls!
Affordable and charity-minded have a great role in alleviating the sufferings of have-nots in all possible ways!
Let that class of people ever increase to drive the poorest of poor away from the hardships they undergo, and make them happy and comfortable!
And let us pray, the disadvantaged group slim its size, and have the courage and determination to gradually alter their position for the better!

Nice to read your post on Love’s Baby Soft Day!
Who can deny ‘being natural is beautiful’?
But commercial advertisements are very powerful and inducing that the viewers are induced to make use of the products recommended!
We know very well that appearances are deceptive, yet we are mesmerized into believing what’s not believable!
Whether true or false, we’re attracted to brand values created, and we must learn to turn a deaf ear to them gradually, and return to nature’s way!
Once we understand that innocence of a baby is beautiful, we may try to discard alluring advertisements as of no meaning, and begin to mend our ways to align with nature!

Baby Day in remembrance of babies across the globe! The cheers and pleasures that a baby brings in the midst of a family are unfathomable and limitless! It can be understood only by a childless couple for a very long time after their wedlock! The smiling and innocent face of a child subsides our problems to a great extent! It’s a natural and effective therapy available to humankind! The cry of a child, for whatever reason, is a thing of worry for the members of the family concerned! The disappearance of cry of a baby is in effect appearance of happiness in the family! It’s a day of celebration and revelry for all concerned! Happy Baby Day to all!

International Fire Fighters Day post is a nice read!
Yes, fire is very much essential for life and living!
With safety in mind, chances of fire erupting are ruled out to the maximum!
Occasions beyond our control call for the intervention of God- like firefighters to challenge the Fire-God suitably!
This way theirs is noble service for the people affected by sudden and unexpected fire devastating the lives and property beyond recovery!
This day let us salute the firefighters for their selfless service despite the risks involved in their job!

A tied press – you unceremoniously surrender your integrity and ethical standards to power mongers, and compromise your true nature!
Please don’t do it to establish your supremacy!

What a nice Tamil poem on May Day and its translation in English!
Workers of the world unite for their prosperity and that of world society!
Without the toiling work force, capitalists have no place to boast of, and so both are dependent on one another!
Whether it’s rain or shine, the workers continue to contribute to the economy in a large measure!
Well being of people is in direct proportion to the sweat put in by the labor!
Whither our happiness, when the working class decides to strike work!
Without their service, we’re nowhere in this world!
We all are in a sense workers, sincere and serious, doing one thing or the other, just as we’re served by others!
Wish everyone a happy May Day!

With this comes to the end this SUNDAY story and I am sure my esteemed viewers would have enjoyed the views and reviews of Mr.O K R Sivanganam of Envius Thoughts.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,49,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 104th  view at 15.00  hours yesterday viz Saturday  the ninth (9th) June 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FORTY NINE THOUSAND (1,49,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1198th day and 1251st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


Image result for N V Subbaraman in front of Goa Church

Blogger in front of GOA church

Today it is 1197th day of ENVIUS THOUGHTS and 1250th post(a land mark day in the life of the Blog) necessitating the TALE OF A BLOGGER in tune with the tradition of the Blog- A TALE FOR EVERY FIFTY POSTS as a Sunday Story!
This tale 25 is again for the third time unique (is it peculiar!?!?!?)- as it is a FRIDAY STORY (and not a SUNDAY STORY as usually the TALES come only on SUNDAYS in the last three years. Blog is running in its FOURTH year and I wish this(other than Sunday story) is not a forerunner for the things to come! Yet these two TALES appeared on Saturdays and this one a day earlier on a FRIDAY!!!
Normally the Blogger makes it a point to give a longer story instead of a twelve line poem on Sundays when the viewers will be more at leisure and can comfortably read a longer write. This week it has so happened that 1250th post falls on a Friday and could not be negotiated and hence this TALE 25 comes as a FRIDAY STORY and the Sunday Story will appear on 10th June on the chosen subject!
It is extremely gratifying that with the grace of the Almighty GODDESS OF LEARNING SARASWATHY, WORD PRESS and my esteemed viewers the Blog has traveled to its 1250th post happily and uninterruptedly since its launch on 25th February 2015.
Though I have already shared a happy news about your favorite Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com getting a place in the Indian Book of Record.
It is indeed a matter of joy with a legitimate pride that the Blog entered the ASIA-PACIFIC BOOK OF RECORDS on 20th April 2018 and the Certificate issued by the GLOBAL RESEARCH AND RECORD FOUNDATION reads as under:


“ENVIUS THOUGHTS” published at
https://nvsr.wordpress.com is the “Longest Running
Blog” as on April 20, 2018. N V Subbraman, born on
Februry 17, 1941 from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India,
is blogging ‘Envius Thoughts’ by updating content
in form of poems and prose, since February 25,2015.
He posted 1200 blogs in 1150 days without failure,
even for a single day. View score of blog is over 1.41
lacs across 210 countries globally as on date.
GRRF Chief Editor
APR/EM/100Z Asia Pacific Records
Having entered into the books of Records on national and continental levels, what now remains now is at the GLOBAL LEVEL. God willing and blesses with HIS grace, the Blog may annexe that too-when HE only knows!

Blogger with the ASIA PACIFIC RECORDS credentials.

As is the practice we shall look into the progress of overall views of Envius Thoughts since the last Tale 24 on 21st April 2018:
21/04/2018 1149th day- 1200th post- 1,42,000
29/04/2018 1157th day 1209th post- 1,43,000
07/05/2018 1165th day 1218th post –1,44,000
13/05/2018 1171st day 1224th post- 1,45,000
20/05/2018 1178th day 1231st post 1,46,000
27/05/2018 1185th day 1238th post 1,47,000
03/06/2018 1192nd day 1245th post 1,48,000
07/06/2018 1197th day 1250th post 1,48,

In this way number of views is strongly progressing giving a sense of achievement. I take pride and pleasure to communicate the crossing of every 1000 views to all my well wishers through all possible manner- Whats App, Facebook two Accounts, Bloggers’ Meet-Up, gmail and so on!
Posting a BLOG every day differently does demand its pound of flesh from the body, mind and intellect!But that PASSION for BLOGGING sustains me with the overwhelming support of the viewers which is going to be ONE LAC AND FIFTY THOUSAND shortly.
I immensely believe in GOD’S GRACE and I am sure HE will continue to bless me!

Thanks for your patient reading and we shall meet.


Today is a special day arithmetically in our calendar! Yes today it is 3-6-18! Product of the number- day and number month is the number of the year. THREE multiplied by SIX is EIGHTEEN! 3 X 6=18!
On this unique day here is the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part 18-where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivaganam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in from 21st March to 31st May in the current year.
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part 17 covered up to 21/03/187. Here it is up to 30th April 2018
A nice post on Save the Frogs Day!
Frogs may look ugly – no ill feeling meant – but its sound is music to the ears!
Our thinking that we, humans, alone enjoy rains is wrong because frogs too exalt at the downpour, and as an expression of joy and happiness, make rhythmic sounds that qualify as fine music to lovers of music!
This hot summer, we expect showers to quench our thirst for water, and if it pours in the dead of night quite unexpectedly, it’s really a day for the frogs, and we get up from the deep slumber to enjoy the music concert, with singular instrument, enacted on the ‘ stage of water ‘, erected by NATURE exclusively for the musicians called FROGS!
Is this not enough for the humankind to love and save the frogs, for it’s one of the creations of God, at liberty to co – exist with us!

Being the prestigious holder of Asia Pacific Book of Records, you’re just going to up the viewers’ score that Envius Thoughts achieved still faster from 143000!
A beautiful post on the National Day of silence!
Communication is both a boon and a bane!
A few days back, you’ve sent a post on language and communication, wherein was raised a question as to a world sans communication!
No denying the truth behind it, but too much of talk may lead to boredom in the ‘ receiver ‘, particularly when they are not prepared to hear it for various reasons like waiting for, say, pre-engagements to be attended to!
Moreover, when we tend to extend our talk too long, there’s every possibility of misunderstanding brewing a rift between the two conversing with each other!
Talking to the point saves us from such a situation, and our valuable time will be at our disposal to take care of priorities awaiting us!
Silence is also a language in that it goes to prove more effective than the language itself
conveying meaning, though implicitly!
So let us learn this powerful language, and empower ourselves sufficiently!

25/4/18 ·
Your post on World Malaria Day reminds one of the menace of mosquitoes on the one hand, and our preparedness to challenge its spread by maintaining our environment as a foe to the mosquitoes’ growth!
Had the mosquitoes had the conscience, we would have been spared of many diseases we’re suffering from!
But our expectation in the positive is an exercise in futility, and hence the international call for control of its growth and spread on a war footing!
Prevention is better than cure, and let us be alive to this intelligent concept, and remain malaria- free!
Nice to read your post on Fashion Revolution Day!
Abrupt changes are the hallmark of any revolution!
Yesterday, it was quite new and fashionable; today it’s obsolete, and something new replaces it to become the new trend – applicable in any area one can imagine!
Many a time, it’s repetition of ‘history’ – fashions tend to reappear after a lull period of ‘extinction’, may be with or without modification!
After all, what’s fashion?
It’s just a change that becomes appealing to the mind and taste!
But it does never mean that it’ll be nice and good-looking!
For what’s good to me is absolutely bad for you!
So it’s purely a perception of mind that drives you to follow that ‘fashion’, the way others in our group may find that fashion to be passionate!
Fashion has come to stay, and so we can adopt it if we like it, or to just dismiss it if we are averse to it!
A fashion that destroys our cultural manifestations is a curse on society, and better it’s bid adieu for the better!
English Language Day post, a nice read!
One shudders to think of a world sans language that makes the process of communication possible!
The position of English across the world is enviable, and it’s growing and spreading fast and wide!
Many of the research works is only in English, and their translation into different languages is possible only through the efforts of experts comfortable with the language of English!
No doubt, the picture is different now, with the availability of research in almost all the languages, thanks to the initiative taken by the individuals having a flair and passion for original work!
No denying that English acts as a bridge that connects the unknown too, in a far off place through its power of domination and expansion!
But, a language is a language and everyone of them is special in its own way, and it’s suicidal to rate one’s own mother language as inferior to others!
Let all languages survive and grow in an atmosphere of healthy competitive spirit, and offer opportunities for the readers with ‘varieties’ catering to taste differences!
Nice of you having shared the comments of Prof. Latha!
Her comments may be short in form, but sharp enough to convey the meaning instantly – without the need for employing so many words in one’s reserve!
My appreciation goes to her!
Approaches are different from person to person, and you are giving us an opportunity to learn different styles through perusal of the views from many of your commentators!
Nice to read your Tale of a Blogger – Part 24!
One of the many good attributes in you I like most is your strict adherence to the time- frame you plan and execute in respect of your blogs!
My warm greetings to you for your blog entering into the Asia Pacific Record Book!
I appreciate your nice gesture in forwarding the poem – SLOW DANCE – from the terminally ill cancer patient girl from New York to all of your friends through different platforms, reflecting your concern for the humanity!
We often set aside little things as of no significance and consequence, but for those like this little girl, counting the days due to affliction of the deadly cancer, every second of life is worthy of living not to be missed out on one pretext or the other!
That life is short must be an eye – opener for all to correct our course of life for the better, using the rare opportunity we’re given in this birth!
The nice message we get is: Be determined to enjoy small things that you come across, without allowing any of our problems, including the worst physical conditions to daunt us!

Your post on Shankara Jayanthi is a nice read!
The philosopher and social reformer, Adi Shankara preached the Advaita philosophy to the Hindus!
His philosophy is perfect and complete and no other philosophy can be equated with it in terms of boldness, depth, and subtlety!
According to him, ” Brahman is alone real; this world is unreal; and the Jiva or the individual is non-different from Brahman “.
To him, self is within and without ;
Self is before and behind;
Self is right and left;
And it is above and below!
In short it’s everywhere!
His preachings are rigorous and absolute, and he teaches that karma and bhakthi leads to Jnana, which is nothing but Moksha, all of us wish to attain!
And an individual, to be considered brahman, must be above all wants and desires, for going on adding to this list will increase his problems on this earth – a hard proposition indeed, yet worth a serious try!
our post on Shankara Jayanthi is a nice read!
The philosopher and social reformer, Adi Shankara preached the Advaita philosophy to the Hindus!
His philosophy is perfect and complete and no other philosophy can be equated with it in terms of boldness, depth, and subtlety!
According to him, ” Brahman is alone real; this world is unreal; and the Jiva or the individual is non-different from Brahman “.
To him, self is within and without ;
Self is before and behind;
Self is right and left;
And it is above and below!
In short it’s everywhere!
His preachings are rigorous and absolute, and he teaches that karma and bhakthi leads to Jnana, which is nothing but Moksha, all of us wish to attain!
And an individual, to be considered brahman, must be above all wants and desires, for going on adding to this list will increase his problems on this earth – a hard proposition indeed, yet worth a serious try!
Your’s on World Heritage Day and International Day for Monuments and Sites are a good read!
Kings those days have left behind them great creations that spoke eloquently of different cultures prevailing then!
The monuments they’ve built are here to stay for the present generation to help maintain properly and hand them over in tact to the following ones!
Tourism is a lucrative industry, catering to the touring people across the country and the world and providing them an opportunity to visit places of interest and become aware of the ways of living and habits that belong to different types of people they come across!
Tourism contributes to economic development of the regions that attract people from all corners of the world, and it’s incumbent on the countries concerned to create necessary infrastructure to keep make their stay comfortable and memorable!
Long live the monuments and sites to feed the posterity with their attracting features to the enjoyment of the tourists!
What a nice poem by Tagore and your translation on the nature of life gifted by the Almighty!
What a nice suggestion from Tagore that we’ve breathed in to this world just to enjoy the festival of the world!
It implies our concerted efforts to make life wonderful and meaningful!
The opportunity will be well served with the Lord’s grace to which we must play our part as ordained by Him!
A nice reproduction of Mr. ARK’s thoughts on your THOUGHTS!
A unique style of presenting his views!
The conversational type that adds beauty to his comments!
How he reveres you is evident from the way he addresses you and the opinions he holds about you!
A nice way of posting his status then and there!
His feeling sorry for late commenting shows how he must have been meticulous in his way of doing things personally and officially too!
Your ENVIUS THOUGHTS must be fortunate to have such followers, with a high regard for you and your ‘ young child ‘ , that’s your most sought after BLOG!
A nice post on Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre Day!
Ours was a non-vilolent method to achieve our independence, while it was the most heinous and atrocious on the part of the British army to scuttle our movement spearheaded by M K Gandhi!
One such was the murderous and unscrupulous attack on the pilgrims in Jallianwallh Bagh, killing many and injuring many more!
It was quite unexpected, yet the massacre drove our fighters to pursue our mission of freedom from the foreign yoke still more vigourously to its logical conclusion!
That exactly was the spirit and momentum that took the mission to inescapable success!
It’s for us to remember this black day to set our march towards a prosperous and powerful Bharath in the near future!
A nice post on World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day!
Space mission is one of the greatest developments of science and technology!
The credit for the first manned- space journey goes to Yuri Gagarin, the Soviet Cosmonaut!
The role of aviation and cosmonautics in the development of a nation is not a limited one!
Space science acquires significance in view of the various aspects like satellite launching, environmental protection, and the like being taken care of!
The scientists and astronauts involved with space programmes are doing a great service to the nation they are serving, and this day let us reassure them with our support for their dedication!
A nice description of the submarine as a
‘variety of sandwich – a long bread stuffed with meat and vegetable’!
A vessel under water, functioning, as a big searching apparatus in times of emergency and as a routine guard, guaranteeing the safety of a nation!
Happy Submarines Day for those sacrificing lives for the cause of others!
A beautiful poem by Tagore and your translation on the importance of the mission we are under an obligation to execute!
That mission is not something that’s unthinkable and non-achievable!
It’s simply to do our duty without attaching any significance to the results that follow!
For the results are bound to be positive as the basic work has already been done with perfection and accuracy with the Almighty granting our genuine prayers!
Is this post the first of its kind to let the viewers know the score – 140000 – reached by your Envius Thoughts?
One gets to know the commitment you made to take your blog to the superlative degree next to EXCELLENCE!
Commitment leads to execution, and you’ll spare no efforts to reach the committed destination in the near future!
May the Almighty be traveling with you to take the ENVIUS THOUGHTS to a stage unparalleled and unimaginable in the world of BLOGS!
Very nice of you having reproduced the comments made by Shri. Vasudevan!
His comments are crisp and beautiful!
Being kind to others and doing something, big or small, is really for appreciation!
Practicing as preached makes a man perfect and humane!
And it’s nice of Shri. Vaaudevan to have observed the RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS DAY religiously by really doing some social service on the occasion!
It’s easy to be a man of words;
But he has proved himself a man of action!
By the way, my thanks goes to him for making a reference to my comments too!
Nice to read your post: Walk to Work Day!
Those were the days when ‘walking’ was the most used ‘conveyance’, whether to school or the workplace!
Those were the days when we had time and the patience to do the work without allowing an element of stress to spoil our health!
Those were the days when our alignment with nature was so perfect that we were well blessed by nature with all its abundance!
Today, the picture is all different!
Today, we tend to take, say, a two-wheeler on errands next door!
Today, we do walking as an exercise out of compulsion, lest we may land in varied ailments that threaten our life!
Today, we adopt the easiest strategy of ‘ let’s cross the bridge when it comes ‘, and later repent on the mistake committed!
Let us therefore make walking a habit rather than an occasional and casual thing with no regularity!
Yesterday,when we were out of home, it really was a celebration time for a big rat, observing its World Day, with sumptuous feast on shallots and plantain fruits! This morning, it was really hard for my wife and me to drive it away – unharmed – ,for its continued presence will leave the place littered with the remnants it may feed on with! We heaved a sigh of relief! And of course the rat too must have felt the same, for it managed to leave the home through which it came inside- through the hole in the bathroom, in spite of it having been covered with the lid!
Just as the fact of a special day meant for the rats is a wonder, so is the temple in Rajasthan dedicated to them! This goes to prove that all of God’s creations are noble and divine, and nothing is inferior to the other! No question of ignoring anything and anyone!
A day for the rat?
A nice post from you on the World Rat Day!
Not all are of equal strength!
It’s survival of the fittest, but all living beings have their own life span, before their destruction by the strongest!
A sense of insecurity is ever dangling above to fall down on humans and animals, and all have the capacity to face and challenge!
In the God’s scheme, we may be commanding others who are below us and less powerful, and at the same time ordained to be dictated by the powerful above us, and get suffered at their hands!
Same is the case with rats, and enjoy/ suffer as fate would have it!
How we’ll be like, and how far we’ll survive is all determined beforehand, and prepare ourselves to make the exit at the appointed time!
International Children’s Book Day post you made yesterday is a nice read! There’ may not be a companion as effective as a book, when left alone! Reading books help one increase the power of concentration, and avoid the likelihood of diversion from the task on hand! Books are a nice tool in our hands to inspire on the right lines! Particularly biographies and autobiographies drive the readers to empowerment with positive thoughts as depicted through those works! Practice of reading books from childhood will be indelible from their minds, and will go on forever uninterrupted! A nice message to the children and the parents!
A nice post on World Party Day!
“Absence of war is not peace but partying with all is” – what a profound truth revealed through these words!
Sharing the food and enjoying the company of near and dear ones as frequently as possible gives ample scope for peace to remain in our midst!
Exit of animosity paves the way for togetherness in our life, and there blooms an atmosphere of give and take to build relationships, for without compromises, the course of life will be rigid and so unworthy!
A happy World Party Day to all!

A nice post on Holy Saturday!
A day sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday!
A day in keeping with the belief system held in reverence by the Christians the world over!
A day of preparation and fasting, preceding the day of feasting commensurate with resurrection of Jesus Christ!
It’s all the co-existence of people belonging to different religions that hold the world together in an atmosphere of oneness and peace!
A good post on GOOD FRIDAY!
Yes, Jesus wants peace everywhere!
He wants our love and affection showered so that all are happy and joyful!
He teaches all not to retard back when we are saddened with misery meted out by our fellow beings, but in stead to love and do good to them!
Punishing others may not make them realize the mistakes, but our care and concern can do the magic!
May sound philosophical but that’s the truth- one can introspect and and get to know it!
We’re but children of God, and so we must show reverence to HIM through our righteous living for HIM to take care of our living on this earth!
Okr Sivagnanam shared a post.
29 March ·
A nice post on Mahaveer Jayanthi!
Not harming anyone and anything is divine, and Mahaveer at a very young age renounced all his comforts, seeing the sufferings of others!
Truly religious- minded will fear sinning against others, and wherever possible, will do something good to the needy!
To the extent one restricts his/her requirements, they will prefer to go out of the way and render service to those in distress, for they know well how poverty will break one to pieces!
A happy Mahaveer Jayanthi to all the jains who are observing it!
A nice post on World Theater Day!
Before the advent of cimema, dramas were used to entertain the people!
There used to be good messages delivered to the spectators by the entertainers!
The successful final delivery of the plays depended to a great extent on the perfection aimed at and executed by the characters!
But for the skill and ability of all those in the enactment of a drama, the anticipated effect would have been absent!
It’s on-the-spot presentation in respect of a play that assumes special significance in the proper planning involved – right from conceiving the plot to the final ‘product’ in the the hands of the viewers!
But cinema changed the picture completely, with realism totally lacking!
Sophistication came in with technological improvements entering the entire spectrum of entertainment ,including the high- profile theaters appealing most to the cine- goers!
The trend with respect to entertaining features has got a sea-change, with a corresponding change in the taste of people too – but definitely at the cost of QUALITY!
A nice post on National Spinach Day!
In the scheme of NATURE, we’re offered with innumerable nutrient stuffs to take care of the needs of humans and animals!
Particularly the green leaves like spinach, available for our taking, do wonders in our health!
Most of the children and adults are in general averse to have them in the menu!
From this day on, let us make all out efforts to educate the mass on the importance of these ‘leaves’ in the overall health of people, and make them regular takers!

Therefore my esteemed Viewers this brings to the end of this Sunday story and the same will be next week also incorporating the reviews of MAY 2018. Tomorrow morning we meet as usual with the day’s post.

OKR Sivagnanam க்கான பட முடிவு

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