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Here is the Part XIV of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India,  which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.

An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.

Part XIII covered upto 1/4/17. Here it is uptodate.

A nice definition of a POEM in your Rhyme and Rhythm or Theme and Content today!
The lyric of a poem loses its lustre and goes hiding from the eyes – physical and mental – of a reader hungry for its content and flow, if it is bereft of the requirements set forth for the purpose!
We reach the ecstatic heights when our heart and soul are sought to be elevated with the powerful aid of fertile imagination flowing graciously as they are from the careful creation of the poet!
The Rhyme and Rhythm and, Theme and Content, referred to in your post are the heart and soul of a poem worth its name, and quite indispensable to perform its function effectively!
The Lord will only be happy to see His devotees’ prayers in words right, playing music to His ears sharp!
Happy to hear the figure 93000- CONGRATS.
Your post today on Cancer Survivor Day ( 4th June) is a nice note to create an awareness on the disease!
A most deadly and destructive condition it’s that the word cancer by itself sends shrill down one’s spine!
The shift in food habits from the one traditionally followed may be one of the main causes that contributed to the enormity of the problem we face today!
What we consume happily is palatable to our taste buds, but not at all taken kindly by our body system, which in turn results in unhealthy physical conditions such as cancer we’re dealing with!
The disservice we render to the original environment compounds the problem to unimaginable proportions!
We’re in a commercial mode that whatever we do invariably consists of the element of returns in financial terms!
What’s ideal for our healthy living is ignored to our peril!
Once cancer enters into our homes uninvited, we become panic, and everything under the sun becomes a thing of dismay, and we begin to lose the purpose of life altogether;
But then, we need to reconcile ourselves to the situation, and face it boldly with its attending inconveniences in order that we may tolerate wholeheartedly and aid in lessening the adverse impacts to the extent possible!
Such a survivor can extend the hope needed by the cancer-suffering people, and be of helpful to them in perceiving the condition as less painful and therefore manageable!
Nice reviews of Prasad on Envius Thoughts -Part 4 on 21/5/17!
I thank him for his appreciation, referring to my comments!
It’s fine that he’s shifting to daily reviewing and reporting on your blogs- from weekly basis earlier!
I’m afraid I’m drifting from my daily sharing- must turn to him for regularity!
His reviews are total and complete in themselves, and can well be followed close to your daily posts for full clarity!
I’m of the humble opinion that he shares your wavelength, as found in his feedback to yours!
God bless him!

Nicely presented is the voice of Rajeev Jha under the series VISITOR’S VOICE-Part 6!
Kudos to Rajeev!
A voice powerful enough to wake us from the deep slumber, and make us enjoy his comments coming afresh straight, with the early morning nice-to-enjoy breeze!
Commenting on his comments may be simply superfluous , for his observation and expression are complete in themselves!
I heard you commented on the effectiveness of sharing and commenting on your daily posts!
Now I fully understand the truth behind your opinion that is as valuable as your posts themselves!
Your post on Young Rajiv the Great appeared on 22/5/17 is a good read!
Leaders are for sure a great boon to a country!
They are a guide to our future leaders in the making!
An exemplary leader represents his / her country, spreads the culture overseas, and brings accolades to his/her motherland!
India can really boast of such leaders to our credit!
We’ve had Mahatma Gandhi who stood for values in life, and spearheaded our war of independence!
Who can forget Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the long-serving and successful Prime Minister of our country?
And Rajiv, the youngest Prime Minister of India, and the architect of modern India, remains a living example for our youngsters today!
We’ve inherited leaders of such calibre and fail not to follow their dictates for building a cleaner India, and show the way to other nations of the world!


Your International Family Day post on 15th instant is a nice read!
The small family norm we’ve adopted with the sole aim of making our life self-sustaining has turned out to be a folly, given our pathetic situation, wondering as what to do in our challenging times, often groping in the dark, on the look-out for the right solutions, which otherwise would have been readily available due to the presence of our elders around us!
Realization dawned on us to conclude that our wrong attempt was born out of sheer financial expediency that could only fulfill our wants as and when they occured, losing in the process the all-important peace and mental well-being!
Let us therefore revert to the good old joint family system, and adore our elders by fulfilling their needs in their old age, thereby keeping the family values in tact!

Much more refreshing is your Haiku on Summer on 13/5/17!
Summer may be the hottest season of the year, nevertheless, most welcome for reasons obvious!
For the old and the sick, it’s most unwelcome due to the inconvenience that goes with the scorching sun that is characteristic of heat during the season!
But, for children and adults too, summer promises amusement, fun, and frolic during its presence!
Notwithstanding the aversion due to the heat produced, it brings showers pleasant and presents greenery most appealing to the humans and other living beings!
In winter, we expect to enjoy summer with all its paraphernalia ;
Alternately, we expect summer to exit soon to prevent ourselves from the ill effects of summer- which is mostly to do with the heat and, of course, nothing more than that!
Nature has its own way of treating its creations, and there’s no escape from its impact, favorable or unfavorable!
May we enjoy all seasons whatever they are worth for, and remain thankful to Nature for all the gifts we’re endowed with!

Part 12 of your Journey to Freedom that appeared on 10/5/17 emphasizes the impact of Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 on the successful execution of the strategies adopted for attaining our freedom from the foreign yoke!
The coming together of all sections of people added strength to our war of independence, making the British government dwell on the proposition of slowly yielding to the designs of our freedom fighters, and think in terms of their exit once and for all from India!
The grit and determination, and the perseverance shown by our leaders was really challenging to the invader, who could no longer pursue their cruel rule on the foreign soil!

Part 10 of your Journey to Freedom shows how our patriotic leaders and followers had viewed their sacrifices an enjoyment in their mission towards freedom for our Motherland!

On return from South Africa, Mahatma made Sabarmati Ashram his home, and also the home to many important decisions concerning our Freedom Struggle!

Dandi March was one among the many programmes launched by M K Gandhi to make unity among the people the cornerstone behind the movements that was baffling and irritating to the British raj!

Considering the goal of independence, the sacrifices made were not an issue at all for the fighting band of truthful soldiers!
And this exactly acted as a morale booster for the leader, who was none other than Mahatmaji,to go ahead with the fight relentlessly!
Your Journey to Freedom (Part 9) is a nice read!
The name that comes before us when a reference is made to Andaman& Nicobar in connexion with our freedom struggle is Sarvarkar and his role in the mission towards independence!
How cruel was the torture meted out to our freedom fighters, can be seen in the special shows being exhibited in the Andaman cells!
To understand the sacrifices, and to revere them, the youngsters must visit Andaman and know for themselves what could be the nature of atrocities undergone by the fighters on the field!
This is one instance that stands as the proof for the activities of our patriotic people under the leadership of M K Gandhi, in arriving at the goal of independence for our Motherland!

A nice post on Press Freedom Day!
A tied press never helps in adoration of democratic principles!
Freedom of speech and expression is a constitutional requirement that must never be defied!
Indifference to this aspect is otherwise a death knell to democracy!
Nowadays political interference in press freedom kills the spirit behind a free and fair press!
Paid news has become the order of the day, and the famously called fourth pillar of democracy has lost its power to the political class – a worse trend indeed!
People have the right to true news, and this should never be sought to be crushed in the name of dancing to the tunes of powers that be!
Let the press be instrumental in creating a harmonious society, putting an end to sensationalism in news reporting!

World Penguin Day post on 25/4/17 is a nice read!
Whatever created in this world has a definite purpose to fulfill for the humanity to prosper with love, peace, and harmony nicely embracing it!
We must be happy about it for its sheer power of making co-existence with all other living beings, a definite possibility!
All the 18 species of penguins are found in the southern hemisphere , and according to the scientists, their population and well being are the indicators of Antarctica, the earth’s most frozen continent in the world.
Like us the humans, penguins too get threatened due to the erratic climate!
And again, it’s a social being like us, and would like to live and swim in groups!
Its power of recognition is great to the extent that it can easily recognise its mate and young ones, say in a large group!
It’s reported that most of the penguins practice monogamy, and stick to one partner even in situations where they are separated and living thousands of miles away – a lesson for us to practice diligently!

Your World Malaria Day post on 25/4/17 serves to create an awareness on the deadly malaria and how to avoid it for a healthy living!
Health is wealth – so goes the adage to remember and get benefited!
We must be healthy to enjoy the fruits of life;
But little we do care about our surroundings, and as a result, render it unhygienic to live!
And our careless attitude becomes the cause of many diseases we suffer from!
We’re responsible for the stagnant water, a breeding ground for the mosquitos to attack us with malaria ;
25th April being the Malaria Day observed through the length and breadth of the world , is a day for us to be aware of the healthy way of living and endeavor to make the theme of the year” End Malaria for Good “, a reality and live happily for ever!

Journey to Freedom( Part 8 ) on 27/4/17 is a good read!
History of our freedom struggle against the British has a lot to convey especially to the youngsters!
An awareness on the sacrifices behind our freedom will make one realize the need for love of the nation to be able to take responsibilities in right earnest for the common cause of our Motherland!
Good governance is the need of the hour and so it’s pertinent that our leaders do not forget the integrity -factor while running the affairs of the State!
M K Gandhi through his selfless activities, rose and successfully fought against the invader, and in this long process , launched the Satyagraha movement in Champaran to support the cause of farmers when confronted with poverty due to the indigo plantation issue!
The examples of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi must boost the spirit of of our leaders, current and future, in ensuring the right governance for the common weal of the people!

I enjoyed your post on MOUNTAINS on 28/4/17!
We cannot and should not blame the Nature’s creations!
Everyone of them contributes to the wellness of all living things !
Mountains for that matter, are a calm destination that ensures a peaceful mind , with no deviations to disturb the serene state!
Living in and around a mountain is a gift bestowed on the humankind by the great Almighty!
Environmental degradation is the prime cause of many problems we face today ;
It’s therefore our responsibility to guard against all sorts of exploitation to keep it as it’s, for all of us to enjoy the beauty of mountains, otherwise known as the natural borders!
Our encroachment in nature’s ways is bound to backfire and leave us wondering how to get out of the situation and lead a peaceful life!
Let us therefore think it over and mend ourselves for the better!

Your post on Rivers on 29/4/17 explains how they are a gift to all living beings!
Can we imagine our life sans water?
Obviously we cannot, and also according to Thiruvalluvar, the saintly poet of Tamil Nadu!
Rivers are a great source of our sustenance through their supply of abundant water- of course, in anticipation of nothing in return from the beneficiaries!
In the absence of sufficient water, getting our daily quota of food will remain a dream never to be fulfilled!
It’s for the mankind to ensure the sacredness of rivers through non-interference in their course of flow!
May we not obstruct its journey, by dumping garbages in rivers, as often resorted to unscrupulously by us in the name of keeping our own homes neat and tidy!
This much is for this Sunday story.

We shall meet on Monday as usual, till then all the best.

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Shri OKR Sivanganam whose views on ENVIUS THOUGHTS, the esteemed readers have above.



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Mr. O K R Sivagnanam in front of a holy temple in Tamilnadu

Here is the Part XIII of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part XII covered upto 15/2/17. Here it is upto 30/04/17date.
A nice post on Earth Day to remind us of our duty to the Mother Earth!
It’s all because of our indifferent attitude towards our divine earth, that we’ve all landed in troubles more and more!
Global warming is one such issue that needs our focus to enjoy a climate, nice and beautiful!
It’s not that we’re all illiterates to the extent of neglecting the environment ;
Rather, we utterly lack the will to keep it properly!
A change for the better is the need of the hour.
Let us resolve this EARTH DAY to make friendly with NATURE, and avoid its wrath to better our lives on this earth!

An amusingly nice post you wrote about on National Pigs -in-a-Blanket Day!
Everything we do in the course of our mundane life may ensure a society, both interesting and peaceful!
A world sans FUN is not an ideal place to live in!
Fun in its various ways and forms is a major contributor in enrichment of our daily life, and ‘National Pigs-in-a-Blanket Day’, serves to remind us and make an otherwise dull and monotonous life, a spicy and enjoyable one!
The various dishes partaken in countries like USA and Canada on the occasion lend to an element of amusement that qualifies what’s called fun!

What a nice poem it’s on Universe- a chariot on the move under Part 35!
The earth we live in is illuminated by the bright rays of the powerful LIGHT!
The fact that even the all-powerful light has learnt the art of obedience (due to the force of gravitation, of course), may be the reminder for us to practice obedience without fail!
Does the LIGHT stop with light alone? – no indeed!
LIGHT also provides us with heat, the energy needed for sustaining our life!
LIGHT helps in CREATION, PROTECTION, and DESTRUCTION- the ordained functions of God, the Almighty- to keep the Universe going nice!

Nice to read your poem on World Innovation and Creativity Day that’s observed across the globe today!
Man proves his inherent potential in many ways than one creatively and differently to benefit the society of which he’s an inseparable part!
In stead of following the routine path , man finds it a thrill to find a way entirely new, at the same time serving the purpose of reaching the destination safely in time!
The power of innovation, he’s credited with is sought to be put in practical use by the people for their benefit;
For, anything new and different should not be for the sake of change or whatever it’s!
Creativity has its application in life to a great extent by clearly facilitating solutions for various problems encountered by the mankind!
The God-granted imagination is readily with the man to accomplish what he has planned to do effectively!
On this special occasion, may we make it a point to think out of the box and land in innovations aplenty for the society as a whole to prosper!

A beautiful poem on Universe-Part 34!
The role of LIGHT to the Universe is crucial indeed that we cannot imagine a world bereft of light!
The whole of our life depends on the power of light that dances to the tunes of Universe!
Light makes us wonder through the journey it undertakes uninterruptedly!
Not to speak of the awe-inspiring rainbow that presents itself as an arch mammoth across the sky!
And we witness the Universe that dances beautifully, and it’s bright, thanks to the shining light!

Your World Heritage Day Post today reminds one of the importance of maintaining the symbols of heritage for all the days to come!
Keeping tourism and its development in mind, the UNO has rightly come out with the theme :
‘Cultural heritage and Sustainable Tourism’.
Heritage speaks volumes on the history of a nation and the world ;
It seeks to serve the purposes sought to be achieved by culture and civilization!
And our country can boast of such monuments in Mahabalipuram, near chennai, Big Temple of Thanhavur, and Taj Mahal, to name a few!
The architectural extravaganza of these sites and others treats to the aesthetic sense of the viewers, and remain ever green in their minds!
The workmanship involved in such creations is quite unparalleled, and it’s all the more essential to keep them in tact for the posterity!

Nice to go through your Happy Tamil New Year Day post on 14/4/17.
Whether we fulfill our New Year ‘resolutions’ or not, we wish to run a peaceful life throughout!
A decision taken in a state of emotions does not carry the weight it deserves, and hence most likely it meets with failure!
To make our life meaningful, we ought to be instrumental in rendering the lives of others nearby joyous and peaceful in one way or the other!
This should be our tasks routine, and not limited to special occasions like Tamil New Year Day or Good Friday!
Of course festivals are the times for a nice and memorable get-together of people divided by time and distance!
May nobility beautify our social interactions and help remain righteous on all occasions without waiting for special days to direct us to be so!

On your Journey to Freedom – Part 2 on 4/4/17:
We were a nation known for its beauty and abundance, and no wonder, many foreign countries wanted to plunder the riches available!
The last in line to invade us was the East India Company of Britain ;
The war of independence was really a long drawn process, and yet it was possible for us to get relieved of its clutches successfully at the end!
The hardships otherwise faced by our leaders didn’t deter them from pursuing the cause of freedom!
It turned out to be an one-point agenda, and the focus was total, as there was nothing else to distract our freedom fighters!
The journey of our freedom thus was well on its track, hopeful of surely reaching the destination!
A beautiful poem from you on Sri Rama Navami on 5/4/17!
Many of us unfortunately forget the purpose of our living on this earth;
Making others happy and peaceful should be our mission, and whatever we perform in the course of our life should aim to fulfill this singular task successfully!
Self-centred activities make us animals that in general do not care about the harms perpetuated by them out of sheer ignorance!
Lack of righteousness on our part takes away the good attributes that make a man’s life meaningful, and the very purpose for which we are created is not served, thereby not justifying our presence at all!
And it’s right to recall Lord Rama and His noble qualities that stand the test of time, guiding the humans in leading a life that’s of use to others!
On your Journey to Freedom – Part 2 on 4/4/17:
We were a nation known for its beauty and abundance, and no wonder, many foreign countries wanted to plunder the riches available!
The last in line to invade us was the East India Company of Britain ;
The war of independence was really a long drawn process, and yet it was possible for us to get relieved of its clutches successfully at the end!
The hardships otherwise faced by our leaders didn’t deter them from pursuing the cause of freedom!
It turned out to be an one-point agenda, and the focus was total, as there was nothing else to distract our freedom fighters!
The journey of our freedom thus was well on its track, hopeful of surely reaching the destination!
86000 scores- a great news!
Very nice and thoughtful of you for having launched the new series with the title: Journey to Indian Freedom from 3/4/17, particularly for circulation among the youngsters who may not be aware of the struggle that culminated in the freedom for our nation!
The size of the country coupled with diversity made it highly difficult to keep the flocks together for a harmonious living of all the people!
We have a culture and civilization that we can rightly boast of, and your efforts now to make it known to the present generation through a description of the fight we’ve had with the British Empire will go a long way in understanding the sacrifices and sufferings undergone by our freedom fighters under the able leadership of Mahatma Gandhi!
Children today must be aware of the various stages of the process of independence, to make themselves ready not only to guard the hard- won freedom, but to conduct/participate in the affairs of the nation in a proper way!
A right endeavor on your part to spread the knowledge needed on this score!

Part 16 of your Tale as a Blogger, dated 26/3/17 carried nicely your recollections of the viewers to Part. 15 appeared earlier, as also a nice story shared by your journalist son on the demise of Ashoka Mitran, the versatile writer and novelist recently!

To Mr. Prasad, your poetic journey is a non-stop feat!
For Mr. Muthu Ayyar, the review was not less than a documentary!
Mr. Uthayamurthi opined, given the determination, age was not a criterion to make any achievement!
And now, my submission too does not deviate from the above observations!

Your son’s encounter with the writer Ashoka Mitran is an interesting read, particularly his reference to the calmness exhibited by the latter, during his ‘bike ride!
And a nice recalling of what the writer had said of a good writing!
Creating harmony is a great virtue of a writer, who is conscious of his/her duty to the society!

As you were in the top managerial position before retirement, you are as an editor, definitely going to create an impact on the readers of IMPACT, an e-magazine!

All the best in your endeavors!
Nice of you having crossed a score of 85000 for your valuable THOUGHTS!
You are what you are- very special- not having anything to do with ALL FOOLS DAY!
I am referring to your Post made on 18/3/17 to mark the First Walk in Space Day!

We are part of this magnificent Universe, and as if not content with its original original creation, humans with their wisdom come out with new theories useful and effective on various counts!
The discoveries and inventions greatly contribute to the well being of all living beings!

Man has made very many great strides towards growth and development in all fields of activity that concerns our everyday life!
One such achievement was the setting the foot on the space by Alexy Leonor, the Soviet cosmonaut for the first time in the space history!
On the face of it such breakthroughs may not appear significant, but their application proves its importance in future!

Scientific advancements are hence very much necessary to evolve further and farther in matters connected with the Universe!

Government must on its part encourage, and facilitate the scientists in a big way by allocating sufficient funds for the projects floated by them in the interest of humanity as a whole!

Student community should also enhance their scientific temper right from their school days, and make themselves sufficiently equipped to be of useful to the common man!


A nice post, titled World Meteorological Day you have made on 23/3/17!

We have to learn to be SLAVES of NATURE, if we’re really revering the God Almighty!
The different seasons of the year are to be seen, and experienced for what they are!
There’s no enjoyment without the corresponding hardships!

May we enjoy the comforts when we’re blessed with them, and may we also prepare ourselves to face boldly if hardships encounter us in the way!

We have no right to intervene in the ways of NATURE, but rather to guard the environment in all possible ways!
May we not lose our sense to the extent of welcoming our nature to play tit for tat, thereby revenging on our senseless actions!

Clouds play an important role in weather and climate forecasts ;
The uncertainty that goes with climate change drives us to be well aware of everything about clouds, and hence the theme:


This is about your post on WORLD WATER DAY, made on 22/3/17!

Despite the fact that our earth is made up of more water, we suffer from its insufficiency!
That not all of us are ensured of potable water is most ironic in the light of this truth!

Water is so scarce that we need to use it judiciously, making it available for those in need of it!
We feel its usefulness only when we are not fortunate enough to have our daily quota of water, the ELIXIR of life!

Harvesting of rain water will go a long way in catering to our needs when we are rendered hapless due to its non-availability!

To make the current year’s theme workable, first of all, may we not waste water unnecessarily, and also may we learn to recycle the wasted water to serve various other purposes easily!

For this Sunday Story only this much!!!!!

We shall meet as usual on Monday morning Thanks

N V Subbaraman in front of famous church in Goa.



Dear all,
Kindly click one of the following links- in particular the second link, choose the article on Bharathiyar “WANTED FREEDOM” and kindly spare time to read and make your comment on the pace provided below the article for the benefit of other readers. Thanks.


N V Subbaraman



CPC May monthly Meet-27/5/17 Shri Jairam Seshadri and Shri B. Jayaraman

I have on 31st January 2017 exhaustively dealt with the great activities of the CHENNAI POETS’ CIRCLE in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in under the caption AMIDST THE AMBASSADORS OF PEACE (available in January 2017 archives of the Blog).
There are indeed many literary organizations in the country that provides sufficient food for the ever hungry lovers of literature- beyond region and religion, language and culture.
In Chennai-the great seat of education and research, culture and civilization, literary activities of all hues and shades- is blessed with CHENNAI POETS’ CIRCLE which has been in active existence for the past FOURTEEN years.
Poet Members are professionals like Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Insurance Managers, academicians and so on.
They meet regularly in turn in the members’ premises promoting literary and social wellbeing and present poems and have discussions on the theme content and form. A couple of hours a month spent on literary discussions indeed rejuvenate the minds and intellect of the participants.
In the latest Meet held on the premises of Shri Jairam Seshadri who is Chartered Accountant having returned home after several years spent in UK, USA and Canada – away from the Punya Bhoomi finds himself wanting to write more. He is in Defence Officers Colony, Chennai.
He writes poetry to vent emotion that needs venting; poems serve as a catheter for the overflow and all that brews within.
Hospitality to the participant poets displayed was indeed great and enjoyed by all.
The Meet on May 27th in one of the hottest days in the city, was no longer hot inside the Meet because of the overwhelming love and respect. Cool breeze that came out of the poems presented made the participants quite comfortable and pleasant.
The meet started with the presentation of the young Poet S. Nivetha, awaiting admission for the first year of the undergraduate studies in one of the womens’ colleges in the city. She is good at drawing and she is a cartoonist. She writes prose and verse in English. She has attended the International Multilingual Poets meet held in Vijayawada on 13th and 14th November 2017. She was the youngest poet delegate and presented her poem from the Amaravathi Poetic Prism 2016 titled FRIENDSHIP-VIRTUES AND VALUES.
She also participated in the Annual potry seminar organized by he Chennai Poets’ Circle in Chennai on 29th January 2017.and presented her poen titled SISTER,OH, SISTER which was well received by other poets
She was interviewd by the Management magazine IMPACT in its special silver jubilee issue and published under the caption “INTERVIEW WITH A YOUNG ACHIEVER”

She is being included in the INDIAN BOOK OF RECORDS FOR CHILDREN to be published soon from Zirakpur, Punjab.

.She presented her acrostic poem


Summer is out waiting for us to wade
Umbrella in my hand to give a shade
Monsoon and rain dreams often at the end
Making a plan to go with all my friend(s)
E very summer day is to be hot
Roaming in Sun right my mom ever shouts.

Days pass without our moving out in Sun
Awaiting my friends to share my sweet bun
Yet they find it so difficult to walk
Sitting in a/c room in house and talk!

Watching at the window I dream of rain
Idea is to go out and get drained
Thinking of the Sun my friends rest at house
Having computer and moving the mouse.

Making strange ideas – innovation
Yet need support from my friends with passion

Finding new food stuffs to eat I make now
Reducing fat my aim I bend and bow
Intake of more rest of my summer bad
Evening comes to make my life enjoy
Never my mind should become dull and sad
Declining waste of time and improve a ploy
Sharing my views with friends give a great joy.

I presented my poem “MARVEL IS THY CREATION”.

Hills are lovely, Dales are beautiful
River is lovely, fishes are beautiful
Sea is lovely, waves are beautiful
Sky is lovely, stars are beatiful
Tree is lovely, flowers are beautiful!

Beautiful is the sky lark, lovely is the peacock
Beautiful are the birds, lovely are the animals-deers and dogs!

Beautiful nature is always beautiful
Oh! It is all Thy wonderful creation!

Rain is lovely, fire is beautiful
Storm is lovely, volcano is beautiful
Thunder is melodious, lightning is pleasing!
Nature’s fury is a thing of beauty!

Bed of roses and scent around it
Blade of grass and dews upon it
Rise of moon and stars above it
Oh! It’s all the marvels of Thy creation!

Here is a child with crippled foot
There is a boy with cruel mind
Here is a man with dishonest deeds
There is a woman with a lustful eyes!

He has eyes, yet blind
She has ears, yet deaf
She has hands, yet lame
Yonder Thou art witnessing all!

Mend their ways or end their deeds
Make them honest – make them healthy
Help us live in peace and amity!

All the poems presented by the participating poets were well received and the Meet came to an end very very pleasantly.

This much is for the Sunday story this week. We shall continue to meet every day.Thanks.

Poet Jairam Seshadri has two beloved pets – nice to see, touch, well disciplined and brought up great! Have a look at the same here:

Displaying IMG_20170527_164603468.jpg



Nivetha in CPC Annual Seminar on 29th January 2017.


Nivetha presenting a poem on May CPC Meet on 27th.














Kindly read this young achiever’s Blog in and respond.



My article on Bharathiyar’s “FREEDOM-SPARROW’ duly translated in English, kindly read by clicking the second link and choosing BHARATHIYAR-FREEDOM and kindly make your comment below the article itself where the space is provided that will help others readers to know about your opinion. Thanks.

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The seen and known only through my inward eyes – Shri Rajeev Jha of Bilaspur.

This week’s Sunday story carries the VISITOR”S VOICE PART VI on ENVIUS THOUGHTS-the voice of my great unseen friend and unheard voice to my physical body(!) Shri RAJEEV JHA of Bilaspur has been a regular viewer of the Blog. He sends his view through Face Book almost every day. His part V was published on 5/3/2017 covering his voice up to 1-3-2017.Here is Part VI covering up to 30th April 2017. The esteemed viewers of these five parts so far would have happily enjoyed his scholarship, deep knowledge of Sanskrit and the great religion of Hinduism- a way of life and living. I am sure this part will also be found to be as great as earlier ones.
Season changes .. Mosquitoes, unique creation of God, have special organs to whine or buzz as they fly, to annoy us, other mosquitoes can hear the noise, and attract others.
They are not dead; Their memory is warm in our hearts, Comfort in our sorrow. They are not apart from us, But a part of us For love is eternal, And those we love shall be with us Throughout all eternity.”
National Safety Day is annually organized to enhance the safety awareness among people. It is a national movement carried out on annual basis to prevent and lessen the loss of life including various human being problems and their financial loss through availing them with safety, health and environment related support services
The rich rewards come when you add values and represent collective comments of viewer. I feel very happy to find such place. .
The festival of color shows that good wins over evil. It’s also believed that God always saves their devotees when they get stuck in any problem. “O! Adorable Lord, set forth your vigor, as a hunter speeds his capacious snare, and go like a compelling king on his elephant with his orderlies. You are the scatterer of dark forces. May you swiftly follow and transfix the knaves with your dash that blazes more fiercely. ” Nice note, Sir. Wish you and family a very Happy Holi.
Iconic genius and legendary theoretical physicist he is, who formulated the Theory of Relativity and the mass-energy equivalence formula. Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity drastically altered man’s view of the universe, and his work in particle and energy theory helped make possible quantum mechanics and, ultimately, the atomic bomb
The day is to raise awareness about the important role vaccines play in preventing serious, sometimes deadly, diseases. Vaccination protects children from serious illness and complications of vaccine-preventable diseases which can include amputation of an arm or leg, paralysis of limbs, hearing loss, convulsions, brain damage, and death. Vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, are still a threat. So the commitment of the remembrance
The day is to make the people aware of the basic and essential knowledge of tuberculosis, causes, prevention and cure of this disease to get prevented and eradicate this disease from the world. It is very necessary to aware people of all group and field about this epidemic disease to take precautions. All the people at workplace or at home should be encouraged about their health maintenance and must know about the prevention from tuberculosis. People must know that it is a completely curable disease
Life is a theatre ” All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; Act well your part; there all the honor lies. We do on stage things that are supposed to happen off, which is a kind of integrity, if you look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else. Music blows lyrics up very quickly, and suddenly they become more than art. They become pompous and they become self-conscious. An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself.
.Humans have used weeds for food and as herbs for much of recorded history. Some are edible and nutritious while other weeds have medicinal value. Common weeds do offer some benefits. They provide the very oxygen that we breathe. Weeds take in the carbon dioxide that we exhale. They also offer food and shelter for birds and wildlife.
ओ३म् । ऋतं च सत्यं चाभीद्धात्तपसोध्यजायत। ततो रात्र्यजायत ततः समुद्रोअर्णवः ।। १।। समुद्रादर्णवादधि संवत्सरोअजायत। अहोरात्राणि विदधद्विश्वस्यमिषतो वशी।। २।। सूर्याचन्द्रमसौ धाता यथापूर्वमकल्पयत्। दिवं च पृथिवीं चान्तरिक्षमथो स्वः।। ३।। ऋग्वेद १०.१९०.१-३ This Ugadi, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Ugadi !!!
“Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, among other Indian leaders, was extremely critical of this Act and argued that not everyone should get punishment in response to isolated political crimes. The Act annoyed many Indian leaders and the public, which caused the government to implement repressive measures. Gandhi and others found that constitutional opposition to the measure was fruitless, so, a “hartal”
was organised where Indians would suspend all business and fast as a sign of their opposition and civil disobedience would be offered against specific law. This event is known as the Rowlatt Satyagraha.”
“The conquest of India, which could be said to have begun with the Battle of Plassey (1757), was practically completed by the end of Dalhousie’s tenure in 1856. Again, the Mutiny of 1857, which began with a revolt of the military soldiers at Meerut, soon became widespread and posed a grave challenge to the British rule. ”
“Jainism is one of the oldest living religions of India. It predates recorded history as per references indicated in Hindu scriptures. It is a religion of purely human origin. Mahavir preached non-violence and prohibited any kind of killing. He also believed that the most virtuous life is spent sitting still and fasting, as then a man does not run the risk of injuring life even involuntarily, by swallowing or treading upon insects. On his birth anniversary, every Jain resolves to follow his teachings.
This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability. World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind.
The idea is to eat fast food as an appetizer or as breakfast. Pigs in Blankets are tasty little treats children and adults scarf down at family get-togethers and big bashes. Perfect for breakfast or served as an appetizer, these popular snacks are little sausages or wieners wrapped in a pancake, biscuit or croissant dough or bacon.
A chance to promote or learn about the efforts made to prevent and reduce Malaria around the world. World Malaria Day is all about celebrating the successes there have been in the drive to eradicate malaria from the world as well as raising awareness of the disease and its prevention.
The reason why mountains and hills signified the goods of celestial and spiritual love, is that they are prominent above the earth, and by things prominent and high are signified those which are of heaven, and in the supreme sense which are of the Lord. We should respect and protect these gifts of God.
Water is of special significance in Hinduism, not only for its life-sustaining properties, but also because of its use in rituals and because of the stress given to cleanliness. Bathing also has religious significance, especially in God’s creation “rivers” considered sacred
It is very interesting to read all comments of Mr Ramamurthi Thupakula, who is well-steeped in his subject matter and who has deep knowledge of entire subject.
International Workers’ Day is an occasion that pays tribute and respect to workers and their contribution towards making our lives easier. A cause close to the heart of many socialists, Communists and the labour movement, May Day celebrates and honours workers. A public holiday of much importance to labour rights’ activists, it is also an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival
Freedom of information and freedom of expression are the founding principles for open and informed debate. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Today is a date to encourage and develop initiatives in favour of press freedom, and to assess the state of press freedom worldwide.
When fire is cried and danger is neigh, “God and the firemen” is the people’s cry; But when ’tis out and all things righted, God is forgotten and the firemen slighted
The Andaman and Nicobar islands , an archipelago of islands situated in the middle of the Bay of Bengal is more than 700 kms away from the Indian Mainland but still it holds great significance in our independence struggle. Before independence these islands , especially Andaman was just a penal colony with the dreaded prison Kalapani or Cellular jail at its midst. The infamous cellular jail was a place for inhuman torture and confinement of freedom fighters from mainland India and as such this jail became a symbol of colonial oppression. Ironically this island of oppression was the first part of Indian land to be liberated.
The Sabarmati Ashram was home to Mohandas Gandhi and served as one of the main centres of the Indian freedom struggle. Originally called the Satyagraha Ashram, reflecting the movement toward passive resistance launched by the Mahatma, the Ashram became home to the ideology that set India free. Sabarmati Ashram named for the river on which it sits, was created with a dual mission. To serve as an institution that would carry on a search for truth and a platform to bring together a group of workers committed to non-violence who would help secure freedom for India
Internationally known as the ‘Bard of Bengal,’ Rabindranath Tagore’s genius is seldom understood completely by the common man. A poet, novelist, musician, painter, educationist, and a social reformer, Tagore has worn multiple hats in eighty years of his life. He is considered as a cultural symbol for not only his home-state, but also nationally. Tagore is in fact best known for being the first person from Asia to have ever won the Nobel Prize.
“A mother is special, she’s more than a friend. Whenever you need her, she’ll give you a hand. I think God made Mother like He’d make his own. A praiser, a helper, an encourager too, nothing in this world that she wouldn’t do. To help us succeed she does all that she can…” Very nice poem by Nivetha.
Gokhale was an indispensable link in the transformation of the freedom struggle to a more informed one and for the commitment to bring Indians on parity with the Britishers in terms of knowledge and administrative skills and to prove that Indians too can govern and can govern more efficiently. Gokhale gave voice to the aspirations of millions of Indians who were looking for freedom from the British rule. Gandhiji considered him as his political guru
Florence Nightingale (the foundational philosopher of the modern nursing) was born on 12th of May in 1820. International Council of Nurses established the day in 1974 to be celebrated every year to highlight the importance of nurses’ role in providing the best health care services. She became an important figure of the nursing since Crimean War during 1850s. She, stationed at the Barrack Hospital, Scutari, reformed the health care services and nursing and opened “the Nightingale School of Nursing” at the St. Thomas Hospital, London in 1860
The learned will follow the way of life, to enjoy nature and its warmth so rife
World Telecommunications Day is celebrated to increase awareness about the positives of communication technology among public. It also aims to make information and communication more accessible to people residing in remote and rural areas. It is mainly to increase the awareness of crucial communications in every life and the stimulation in a field like the development of technologies
The food’s here of the first crow to arrive, numbers two and three at a safe side, then approaching the hand-created taste What if to taste and see, to notice things, to stand each is up against emptiness
“The Rajiv era” can be regarded as the most distinguished period of initiating sets of break through reforms involving, India’s modernization, economic liberalization, inclusive growth, democratic decentralization, co-operative federalism, technological advancement, resource-based agricultural growth; economic reform and the concept of India as an emerging and independently great power. Nice remembrance,
: World Turtle Day:: Here people are encouraged to learn more about turtles and help protect them and their habitats, which are rapidly disappearing around the world. Turtles are a type of reptile that exists in many environments through the word and have found their way into literature, poetry, and parable throughout the world’s history.
Donkey is an introvert he has never ever let out a complete bray. Donkeys can sing and donkeys can bray a distress bray. Just like dogs can sing along with their human and dogs can bark when stressed so can donkeys. A high-pitched sound like the violin can make a donkey bray and this is singing, similar to a dog who will sing along when we encourage them with high notes. The donkey has amazing hearing. When the donkey hears another donkey braying with the distress bray they understand the distress sound as it is their language

I do believe that you would have enjoyed this part of Visitors Voice and we shall meet as usual tomorrow. Thanks.


Blogger N V Subbaraman addressing an audience.


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K V V S Prasad  from Vishakapatnam-former colleague of N V Subbaraman


Out of innumerable viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS there are a few who regularly give a response often quite inspiring and make the Blog continue despite the strain and stress involved in maintaining the Blog with a daily posting.
Mr. K V V S Prasad. was my colleague when I was with LIC of India, a great Organization from which I retired almost 16 years ago. We served together in Kadapa Division of Andhra Pradesh. After his superannuation he is settled in his native town Vishakapatnam. He is one of the communicating viewers and this Sunday story gives his responses to the ENVIUS THOUGHTS which I am sure will prove an interesting read. This is the Part IV and the Part III was posted in the Blog on 25/12/2016.

Your blog has become a gate way for Great interactions and finding a place in it in the form of your appraisal on our views is itself a fortune. It equally makes us more responsible and orients us towards further refinement Sir! With regards and Christmas Greetings Sir!
Like the Flamingo Bird you had a quick dash to Nellore , enthralled the audience at Nellore with a poetic excellence ,migrated back to the Tamil Land with your engagement fulfilled in Trivandrum Kerala What a coincidence! Happy New Year!
The supreme sacrifice of Kattabomman in the process of liberation of India from British rule is always remembered by all the right thinking Indians and his valour and courage is echoed in their heart. Thank you for your great information.
Congrats sir
I remember you telling about your being away from coffee. Tamilnadu is a pro coffee state .The fondness for coffee was age old.I think you stood against the coffee nut firmly. I also remember that when other colleagues in Audit Department of Your Team were frantically waiting for a cup of morning coffee ,you were waiting for your Hindu News paper
A man can truly rise if he conquers greed and supremacy over others and by throwing away the animal Instinct. Thus he becomes immortal! Nice Sir!
Congratulations Sir for crossing 77k mark!
Many Patriotic Sons of Mother India by their collective struggle. Lala Lajpat Rai is such a noble Son. A true patriot, reformist and known as Punjab Kesari and it is our fortune to commemorate his birthday.
As rightly expressed by you we need another Mahatma rising from his Grave to set the society in order. Really the principles followed by him, the values preserved by him, the path followed by him are eye openers for those in power! Martyr’s day or Sarvodaya day should not remain as another day as felt by you!
The Mahatma is known for his compassion. Ant leprosy day fills in the minds of people the martyrdom of this saintly person. It is our fortune to live in the land where He lived.

Sir You are always at High pedestal .The love at heart, Values cherished, friendliness exhibited, purity of thoughts ,path followed by you were always a matter of emulation. We, as young constituents of your team were amused to hear you and proud of being your team .As rightly expressed by you we were close .I do not know how I missed my Chennai days with you .Perhaps I have gained the art of expressing orally and in writing as time progressed. My present post is to place before you the valuable.

Kalpana Chawla sacrificed her life for a cause. The supreme sacrifice of her goes in the annals of India’s space research
Congratulations Sir!

Great and Noble Lady! Wonderful to know about her!
The cause of cancer, as you felt, is not known and suffering of the patients is unbound. It is useful. To note that Tulasi, if consumed regularly , it act as a deterrent. Losing loved ones by due to this reason is painful. Proper research and painless treatment and improving the survival rate will give solace to mankind.
Squirrel is an extraordinary creation ,jumping and dancing, singing and surging ,blessed with Lord’s fondle and reminding us of Great love ,dedication, Friendship and duty .It equally wakes us up early in the morning with its activity on the nearby rooftops and trees eating sweet fruits greeting us . Nice to note.
Saplings are compared to young children. The flexible will survive. True. Saplings sing, dance and move with humans. They give breeze while growing , give fruits so sweet when grown Song of a sapling started the day with a positive note.

Squirrel is a pure vegetarian with abundant energy. What an wonderful creation of the God.

Seeking pleasure is wrong but singing in praise of The Giver the intellectual , spiritual power is always pure and gives happiness to body and soul All the creations of God ,rightly observed by you ,should join in this Mahagana to attain mahagnana !

Sparrow is associated with us all through our life. Friend of everybody , especially children, moving here and there ,flying far and near, eating plenty, making sounds, pleasing everybody, small and beautiful, this tiny bird is on the verge of extinction and soon may become a part of history. The sparrow represents humility, singing in praise of God the song of divinity and simplicity. As we lost our dear elders and keep in store their memories, so also we keep in our memory this little friend also who is in the brink of extinction.

Song of the Saint is the need of the hour. Saints are servants of the society .They fill the society with positive thoughts and work for the well being of society. They are neither teachers nor preachers, as rightly observed, but constant learners. They thrive to bring harmony and peace to the society.

The Adiseshu Has created the human beings and other species to live in harmony. Serpents are more sinned against than sinning. Human beings on one hand worship them and on the other, are afraid of the reptiles. In the process they render the serpents homeless along with their progeny. Rightly observed serpents his only to protect them as they have no voice.. Living in harmony should be developed by humans who are endowed with intelligence and also physical strength mostly. Your concern is reflected in these stanzas. Similar was your concern from our Kadapa days.

Gotham Karmakar’s interview was simply brilliant. He made an Avishkar of your complete personality. Unknown facts like your Grandfather being a Great advocate, your initiation as as a poet, your preferences, your inroads into haiku with rhyming. Interesting IMG to note Madam’s observation about your poetry as nursery rhymes. Great facts , your bilingual poetry , your philosophy, your place, your opinion about future of poetry ,your advice to the younger ones, your interests, your disinclination to try fiction, your freedom for subjects of interest ,your comments on royalty on books published reflect your values. Nice feast on a Great Sunday Sir!
More facts 300sft accommodation and Invaluable Viswanathan Iyer(my father’s name is also Viswanatham) propagating values Known facts. Your distance from Coffee nut Nice to remember!
Dear sir
You have brought forth the day as the day before the day of sacrifice of the Saint Valentine for his Noble deeds. Thank you for giving the origin.
Extraordinary post. The word transcreation is interesting. The article in Indian periodical is interesting. Translation of Great works among Indian languages is a sure way of uniting people and bridging the gap and paving the way of understanding!
What a great expression of love! Random thoughts are simple and beautiful. I really wonder the way you select words, narrate instances, create subject matters in a simple way and place them before readers .Helping somebody to cross the road, assisting the differently abled, helping someone to change the tire, appreciating someone ,patting for good work done are simple expressions of immense value .Nice note Have a great day Sir!
Ramakrishna paramahamsa was a great Saint mother Bharath has given birth and his role in propagating spirituality is immense. He was a path finder for his disciple Vivekanand to follow. Great saints and scholars have born in this Great country and the aura of spirituality surrounded is a great value addition for generations to follow. Nice note sir.
As rightly observed Sri Shivagnanam gives his review to NVS Thoughts on a daily basis almost. It is easy to keep track if such regularity is maintained. Apart from this the depth of the review is admirable. I also shifted to this pattern from a weekly response. The remarks of Shivagnanam are themselves treasure islands and give scope for better understanding of the noble thoughts. Nice note to begin the day with!
Thank you for giving information of first Canadian flag and it’s adoptatation of a new form with a maple leaf with simple white and red Colors. Each country is unique and it’s flag is its pride and strength!
Shivaji Maharaj was Maratta pride and the noble Son of India. Known for his valor this great warrior has become the Pride of India. He is respected by all Indians as an icon of shivelry! The Nation pays its homage and reverence to this Legendary personality!
Mother language has the warmth of the mother. We have to master our mother language. English is the link language. We have to master it too to progress. Mother language day is excellent. Sir.
World Thinking day is thought provoking! People have to grow , using the brain they are endowed with ,to become great !
Man can think, think, think and achieve the Moon and Sun for pure Great words and deeds follow creative thoughts in this nice world Hence the need to engage the minds in active thoughts bold! Great and creative thoughts will emerge only if Human brains are put to optimum use for constructive purposes. Really this will entail the mankind in a creative bliss, free from any danger ,full of love for fellow beings making the world an inhabitable heaven reflecting the true meaning of growth. —Further thoughts on your wonderful post Sir
Universe , an unknown panorama filled with the galaxy ,Sun ,stars, plannets,moving and holding positions in a particular fashion, bound by magnetic force and mathematical equations, travelling at specific speeds ,filled with in with layers of hydrogen – information immense in value!
Your Noble Thoughts are celebrating their 2nd birthday! My good wishes to you and the fraternal literary buds that blossom the moment you express your thoughts! SWOT is Sweet! You are blessed with a very Sharp imagination blended with extraordinary expression. Your commands are always young. You are blessed by Vaagdevi! I wish you many more years of literary extravaganza.
Four has assumed multiple dimensions in your panoramic analysis. You have not left any area/ idea touching FOUR in our life be it humanities or mathematics. Four way Grids in the form of SWOT analysis and Johari Window in explaining Concepts in Behavioral Sciences etc FOUR represents symmetry and uniformity The FOUR padas of Dharma explain the social well being of people. The four stages of life Shaishavam. Childhood, Youth and old-age The four purusharth also is an example of importance of FOUR Really I started trying my little fingers with interest to understand the inseparability! I also understood FOUR can draw so much information worth noting and understanding. Thank you Sir for your nice note Prasad
Congrats sir
National science day bringing out significance of science in a country’s development celebrated in North of Sir C V Raman is nice!

We have covered the period from 25/12/16 to 28/2/2017. I am sure the observations of Shri KVVS Prasad are quite absorbing.
Thanks for your patronage of ENVIUS THOUGHTS and I look forward for the same in the days, months and years to come!!!!!


Shri KVVS Prasad with the blog author



I am glad to share with you that with the 44th view at 8.00 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 20th May 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed NINETY ONE  THOUSAND (91000) on the 792nd day and 856th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


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N V Subbaraman


N V Subbaraman in Goa in front of the famous Church


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Yes, I am sure my esteemed viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in may readily recollect that these figures indicate the posts on which the TALE OF A BLOGGER appeared. It was so designed that there will be one TALE for every 50th post and thus so far there have been SIXTEEN TALES OF A BLOGGER from Number 1 @50th and Number 16 @800th! And today it is 850th post and naturally TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 17 is on your computer screen!


With the grace of the Goddess of Learning Shri Saraswathi sitting on the white petals of the Lotus with her Veena on HER hands, the grace of Saint Thiruvalluvar, Bharathiyar and Mahatma Gandhi and the support of more than 89000 viewers from more than 200 countries, the Tale of A Blogger continues and today it is Part 17 heralding the EIGHT HUNDRED AND FIFTIETH (850th) post in 787 days.
Esteemed viewers may kindly recollect Part 16 on the 800th post was published on 23rd March 2017.

23rd March overall view score 83493- 796th post in 734 days.
84000 crossed on 26/3/2017-800th post in 737 days.
85000 03/4/2017-808th post in 745 days
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89000 04/5/2017-839th post in 776 days.
Many of our esteemed viewers were wishing for crossing the ONE LAKH mark and hopefully their wish will become a reality before 31st July 2017!(which day happens to be the start of my 77th year of age!)
Two of the neighborhood newspapers brought out news on crossing 87000 views and that was communicated through this Blog. To repeat

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This is in ANNA NAGAR TIMES dated 3rd April 2017.

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THIS IS MOGAPPAIR MAIL dated 23/4/2017.
Between Part 16 and Part 17, the average views per day is consistently above 100 and the maximum was 222 on 27th March.
More than 150 views were registered on the following days:
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21st April 2017 763rd day and 826th post 155 views.
9th April 2017 751st day and 814th post 152 views.

This Blogging has become a passion for me and as such I spend quite some time on this every day. I have already mentioned that looking at the statistics and recording the same in my diary has become a routine. Many a time, I ruminate about the purpose and the effect of my postings, how best to improve upon the theme, content and expression that can have a better impact over my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries.
I used to analyze my earlier and past postings.

I gauge this from the responses I receive from my viewers and I am really proud that there are quite a few viewers who look for four a.m for the scheduled post appear on the screen! Out of the several, some are very vocal and express on a daily basis their views on the Blog. I thought it fit and interesting to others and hence consolidate and post as Sunday stories under different heads as below:
Viewer’s View of ENVIUS THOUGHTS (in several parts- of Shri OKR Sivanganam)
Voice of the Viewer on ENVIUS THOUGHTS (in a few parts of Shri Rajeev Jha from Bhagalpur))
A journalist’s view of ENVIUS THOUGHTS (of Shri Muthu Aiyer from Hyderabad)
Uthaya’s view on ENVIUS Thoughts (of Shri PH Uthayamurthy from Bangalore)
LICsian’s View on ENvius Thoughts (of Shri T Chandra Sekara Reddy from Kadapa)
Ramamurthi on Envius Thoughts (of Shri Ramamurthi from Bangalore)
Jagan on Envius Thoughts (of Shri Jagannathan from Chennai)
Prasad on Envius Thoughts (of Shri KVVS Prasad from Vishakapatnam)
“Consolidated comments of several viewers” (other than those referred to above) in two parts.

One Mrs. Elezabeth K Mona from Hyderabad appreciates every post and in particular posts on Special Days. She says “We gain a lot of knowledge in an interesting way by reading your posts. Thanks for sharing”.

While the responses are very positive and encouraging, inspiring and motivating, I have a feeling that further improvement is very much called for lest interest may gradually wane and fall into oblivion!


Some of my posts do give me a sense of satisfaction as those particular posts appear to give a specific category of viewers some solace and a greater sense of anticipation of something good.
Some time ago, I wrote a PRAYER series out of which “A CANCER PATIENT’S PRAYER” is a regular lead by many and it occupies the TOP position of VIEWS TOPICWISE.
Yes total number of Views as of now is 16731 out 0r 89000. Almost 20%.
Second highest is again related to my post on CANCER- NATIONAL CANCER SURVIVORS’ DAY (USA) which has a view score of 8812 as of now- more than 10% of the total view.
There are Cancer Patients/Cancer survivors who find reading this post giving solace and comfort. I also pray for their wellbeing. With a heavy-very heavy-heart, I recollect my beloved wife suffering with cancer for a few moths and succumbing to the deadly decease on that fateful day 20th August 2014.
Country- wise top three in terms of overall views are as below as of now:
India 23085
Pakistan 9607
United States 8790
What an amazing figures!


It is immensely pleasing that I have regular 118 followers from all over the world. What else can one aspire for in keeping a BLOG just for literary purpose only!

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Great fund of statistics provided by WORDPRESS is indeed remarkable.

Summer in Chennai is awful-not less than 40 degrees in the last quite a few days. Practically confined to home- what else to expect from a person in his 76+ !!!!!!! Early morning walk, morning temple visit, post sunset a twenty minute outing to enjoy fresh air- away from the electric fan and the AC!


“Entharo mahanubhaavulu andhariki vandhanamu”

One of the greatest Saint Poets Tamilnadu has seen is Thyagabrahmam- a great devotee of Lord Rama on whom the poet has written and sung hundreds and hundreds of keerthanas in Telugu is 250 years now.
He was serving Rama and spent all his time in Ramasmarana having been born in 1767. He was born in Tiruvarur and spent his time on the banks of THIRUVAIYARU- in Thanjavur district.
I happily recollect the appreciation my Tamil translation of Thyagayya’s Telugu PANCHA RATHNA KEERTHANAS- FIVE PEARLS OF HIS OFFERINGS- first of its kind in Tamil- from our former President Dr. Abdul Kalam who visited the house of the musicians who brought out the CD of Tamil keerthanas, asked them to sing, had dinner with them in Madurai.

Dr. Abdul Kalam with the musicians in their Madurai residence.

A detailed story you can read from the archives of ENVIUS THOUGHTS here in under the caption “A GREAT DAY WITH DR. ABDUL KALAM”. I am glad that the Tamil version is being rendered in many places including US. It is all the will and gift of Goddess of LEARNING SARASWATHI.
During the 4 day Thyagabramma festival being conducted on the banks of the CAUVERY river in Thiruvaiyaru a holy and sacred village near Thanjavur in Tamilnadu( where I started my career as A MATHEMATICS-ENGLISH teacher in the year 1961-62 in the centenarian School ) musicians from all over the globe participate –including John Higgins of yesteryear from US.-
Thanks my dear viewers, I stop for the part 17 of the TALE.

Blogger in his working table in his casual attire!



THE E magazine INDIAN PERIODICAL regularly publishes my articles in their weekly updates. For this Sunday’s  kindly click the second link, select my ARTICLE on BHARATHIYAR’s – OBEISANCE TO THE NATION read and make your kind comment on the space provided beneath the article which will benefit  other readers also.


Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, stripes, plant and outdoor

Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague with his better half.


I am ever grateful to the Lord Almighty-the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent- who directs me in all my activities and in particular who guided me to WordPress and with HIS grace I picked up, launched my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in, on 25/2/2015, gradually built up the viewership and I am indeed proud of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries. As of now total views have exceeded 66000 and one of my regular viewers is Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in the great Life Insurance Corporation of India of which I was a part and parcel for more than four decades. In fact LIC continues to be our HOME. He lives in Bangalore and regularly sends his responses on my posts. Here is a compendium of his responses as Part II as my Sunday story this week. I am sure my friends will enjoy the same as they did his part I published on 17/1/17

Very nice. Automatically the title itself bring smile to us. The pigs are also cute. Happy smiles! Enjoy the appetizers and snacks.
World penguin day is very attractive day. It is a feast for eyes eyes. For me viewing penguin is like seeing a man in a dignified suit. In print media the big and costly books are supplied at common mans range as penguin series. Thanks sir for a hearty reminder of penguins’ day.
Thanks sir for gently reminding us regarding earth day. We are earth and climate illiterate. As poet. Kalidasa before his enlightenment was cutting the branch of tree on which he was sitting, we’re digging our peril by inflicting injuries on bhoomata. Vriksho rakshathi rakshitaha. If we protect the trees they will protect us. Let us play our part.
INNOVATION And creativity are the two fine attributes given to mankind. Man has to sharpen and develop it . Focus on the main issue. Once two friends were walking through forest. Lion roared. One of them used to wear the boots. The other friend asked would it help running faster than lion. For this reply came that he can run faster than his friend. This is how we waste our creativity in false comparison rather than tapping our full creativity. Thanks for reminding the day of innovation and creativity.
Light passes through glass and water. The same light reflects through glass and water. Such is the amazing power and elasticity of light. Light creates, flourishes and destroyed in spiritual sense also. Nice journey of light on chariot on wheels.
A picturesque view of chariot on wheels. A beautiful tiny flower receiving source of power from universal power in the backdrop of natural indradhanush . Sir you have summarized the philosophy and science of chariot on wheels both with the poem and scene.
Hundreds and thousands of souls contributed all their mite in get
Getting freedom. We salute dheeran kongu for his tireless efforts.
Valluvar kottam is fine monument. Until pointed out by you I am ignorant that such a fine monument is present in Chennai Nungambakam. Present masters of art of living and modern personality development gurus are only next to Thiruvallur and his masterpiece Thirukkural. The two wings before entrance represents to which heights the human intellect can rise. Thank you sir.
Nice blend of noble ideas and divine aspirations. Years come years go. Let lofty vibrations generated on the eve of Tamil new year day. Good Friday, Vishu festival along with just now gone ‘Hevilambi’ ignite and keep ever fresh the fragrance of “hurt never and help ever”.
Jalianwalabag incident is one of the saddest atrocities perpetuated on innocent citizens of India. Dyer is ever remembered for this drastic act. We have to owe much of our respects to the great ordinary people of India once again. Thanks sir for reminding the great event. We bow down our heads in deep respect.
A really deserved day for street children. They do not. Know how they entered world leading a Long and miserable journey of life. It is true today’s children are tomorrows citizens as cautioned by great Nehru. To the extent possible let us offer our hands in molding their and our future!
Pleasant to view Birla house. If lam correct we are witnessing the completion of 100 yrs of Champaran satyagrah today.
Happy to share your onward journey. Greetings!
The Agra fort is a landmark in our journey towards freedom struggles. The grandeur of Rajput buildings underlines many stories of valor and courage. Agra from the hands of Rajputs, Sikander to Akbar and till the Indian mutiny 1857 till complete liberty is a story of constant struggle and achievements. Still we have to know much. Thanks sir for taking us to Agra!
Jagan on envious thoughts is worth perusing and add anew and worthy dimension. It gives a new encouragement. I sincerely hail his opinions.
The sitting pose of Mahavira Jain itself gives great solace and comfort. I found no difference between Buddha and Mahavira. No harm even to germs.
Health is. Wealth. A good adage! Preached rarely practiced at individual level, society level and governmental levels. But from individual arena contribute our effort in enlightening and spreading the message of health awareness. Sir you have pointed out that on March 1948 world health organization was formed, then why it is being celebrated on 7 th April?
The journey to freedom is long and strenuous. A new angle added by Gandhi. Instead of making people strong physically, he made them mentally strong and committed to the e of freedom. They are simple but high in their conviction.
Their conviction is well presented in the photo stills. He awakened the inner strength and took India to greater heights.
It is a great privilege to make journey of Indian history through its ups and downs. A sacred and peaceful area invaded by alien forces. Perseverance is the solution offered by ancestors.
Please accept our heartiest congratulations on the eve of 85000 views. Not only destination but the journey itself is pleasant.
I found the content useful and relevant. You have furnished the map of ancient India where the Mauryas, Pathans, Satavahana, Chola and Pandyans existed but never united. Only the religion was binding force. As Rajeev Jah rightly pointed only in 1857 the unity bond appeared. I hope you will elucidate with your simple rhymes and stories. You’re the creator of feast. We wait further!
Journey to Indian freedom is a vast subject and your effort to make the younger generation in its right perspective is a must. Not only for young but even for elders also it is of great relevance. The unity thread has to be preserved and nurtured. Welcoming your gesture we eagerly await for your series!
A thing of beauty is joy forever. A nice treatise. Sir along with Keats and yourself you took us for a real joyride underlining the significance of Hindu philosophy “aham bramhasmi”. The beauty lies in the beholder as well as the object. For an ordinary person the falling of dew drops makes no difference. But for a poetic mind of Rabindranath Tagore the same view of drops falling on leaf became a source of inspiration to pen beautiful lyrics. You have provided us a thing of beauty that is joy forever.
Very nicely analysis presented by you. Rajeev Jhaji!
Sir, you have taken us for a mysterious ride on chariot on wheels 33. Some aspects we understood. Some we are unable. But we cherished your spirit in taking us to greater heights of understanding. You proved vakyam rasatmakam kavyam even in mysterious universal arena !
Thanks for introducing us to the history and magnificence of Paris Eifel tower built during 1899. It is the culmination human power with blend of faith. A monument of perseverance. Very nice of you sir!
A magnificent fight for freedom in a restraining manner of truth and ahimsa where even ladies fought under the guidance of Mahatma a very nice ideal to cherish. Thank you sir for bringing back those memories with photos available at that time.
Sir happy Ugadhi. Welcome the yug ie era and adhi ie beginning. The beginning of the time in sixty slaughts in the eternal wheelbase and rotating eternally. Every moment is a blend of pleasure and pain. Accept with neem and jaggery blend prasad. Ohm santhi.
Weed appreciation day. A good and gentle reminder. In life gardening good thoughts have to be nourished and bad thoughts have to be segregated. Waste thoughts and negative thoughts have to be gently separated. Positive thoughts blossom!
Good morning. Happy to note the significance of world theatre day. Every soul is a player sent by Almighty! Each atma has to understand it’s role and play properly. This will help other players to perform well. Swaparivartan aur samsar ka parivartan.
Hail onward journey of kavinilavu.
Beauty at its best. Joy and happiness rolled in one. That is tulip. Very refreshing to view in the morning. A unique message
Very nice of you to benefit us by presenting a true version of Ashokmitra . Even though he restricted himself to Tamil arena his contribution to the unity of humanity is admirable. I feel still he is amidst us. Particularly I am very much delighted the way your journalist son introducing Ashokmitra to us. Our special admiration and blessings still to blossom.
An apt testimony of what we give out the same and more will be returned with bouquets. With pleasant vibrations!
Unite and fight tuberculosis. A worthy message! First step proper awareness. Second step strict adherence.
World meteorological day reminded us the gravity of the situation. But man in his urgency is ignoring the perils and is axing on which the branch which he stands. Let’s increase the awareness to face the terrible situations ahead!
Let us resolve to use water and waste water with diligence. Nice message with simple picture. We are well aware to use water. You added a new dimension to manage waste water also. Definitely we adhere to it and ought to be.
Sir, definitely poetry is the result of sensitivity in contemplation resulting in flowery language conveying aptly. That is a divine gift. My emphasis is prose also should be encouraged in addition to poetical talent. You deviated from traditional poetry to haiku successfully. We aren’t able to enjoy your Tamil verses in its true fragrance. Of course your translation make us to enjoy heartily taking us near that aura. With respects to kavinilavu.
I still remember your presentation of business figures with equal ease in Telugu as that of English at agents meet at Proddatur. How I can forget your ease at Telugu. We used to admire your proficiency in Hindi and Tamil. Yours presence is a happy remembrance to cherish. It will automatically bring happy smile. While I am going through your thoughts i have to now and then help my wife in her cooking and miscellaneous works due to orthopedic-ally disabled at old age. That is why there is no continuity in presenting my thoughts. Excuse me for getting personal factors. With regards.
It is very freshening to highlight and welcome budding young poets. Not only poets but also talented in prose have to be encouraged. What we have to cherish is the capacity of expression with flavor. Bright little stars blossom further!
From everything we have to learn. Crow’s message is
worth emulating. Crow is known for its discretion and is in association with various life activities. Mothers first introduced us by showing a crow and make us eat and to give them rest in our backyard. A nice treatise.

I am pleasantly surprised to have the revelations of kavinilavui with the highest dignitary Sri. Harikrishnan Chaudary. Let your further onward literary and philosophical journey a source of real enlightenment.
It is a happy occasion to remember Leonove for his first walk in the space. It is the culmination of imagination, scientific understanding and excellent team work. Salutes to Leonov and the entire team behind.
Moving clouds a nice scenario of life is worth seeing without being tired. Immediately Meghasandesa of Kalidasa appears on our mental horizon. The famous Telugu director B N Reddy evolved epic celluloid. Malleswari in which the moving clouds appear as a nice backdrop. lt achieved President’s award. Nice for invoking worthy thoughts.
Clean and pure water free from bacteria. A reality fifty years ago. We used to consume water directly during our youth from the wells. Now we cannot get those days back. Let’s utilize the opportunity before us. Vaccinate properly and protect the generation.
It is very heartening to celebrate the birthday of Einstein. His way of scientific approach can be summarized as under. Understand the rules of game. Then you will be a better player. With this background he paved way for further progress of mankind.
Holy the reflection of kaleidoscope aspects of life in various shades of human emotions. With greetings.
Sun rays spends in time and sleep in time. Where the rays can’t enter it became dark and gravitational force emerging as force. We have to admit that no person is as intelligent and effective as sun rays. A factual thought!
Universe beyond our comprehension. The fallen objects shattered, implosive and explosive evolving into earth and other planets really presents marvelous wonder. We are nothing but powers of minute particles. Let’s live completely bowing down before mighty chariot!

The great scientist Stephen Hawkins warned humanity to be careful in preserving unique aspects of the earth . Otherwise humanity can be extinguished.
Congrats! Running relentlessly. We are all behind you towards cherished Goa
Seen and unseen! Existing within and with the rays of light leading us to eternal and existing truths! What a fine blend of science and art. Very much elated to view rays of real knowledge and wisdom.
Salutes on the eve of international women’s day. Be bold for change. Women in changing world of work. The contribution in inculcating the reading habit of my mother is such that while there used to be thunders she encouraged me to read krishna satakam and sumathi satakam. My three daughters including one adopted daughter are a source of inspiration to lead happy life. I feel elated on this worthy day.
Yes. The animal cruelty in the world so increased that at present one by third of animal species decreased and by 2050 two by thirds will be eliminated. Sad affair!
Conscience is a highly deserved word and force to reckon with. As a layman i assume it the epitome behind body, mind and actions. Gandhi’s humility and nobility can be gazed from his regards to bent before the conscience power of each soul. From tiny things to noble things clear conscience is required ro perceive and execute. Let’s practice to the best extent possible without mental laziness. Fortunately today happens to be Mahasamadhi day of Kriyayogi Yogananda who emphasized on the clear conscience of need to change. Once again towards clean conscience power.
Dance in unison like peacocks in the sky. These pleasant thoughts i missed for one day due to illness and for two days no opportunity due to internet failure. Hereafter i will be blessed to have the nectar flowing from your kavinilavu.
On any aspect or in any arena Rajeev jha enters with equal ease and enlightening us. We are fortunate to have his sane ideas.
All of us are victims some time or other. But to the extent possible adopt the keyword of safety in our thoughts and actions enlightening self and others. A worthy message to emulate.
Very nice of you for making us hear the music of mosquitoes. There is no doubt about music but the purana we can’t enjoy. The whole world is at its tiny foot out of fear. It has the audacity to question elephant whether the elephant stole her jacket! Good reminder.


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Author of ENVIUS THOUGHTS Mr. N V Subbaraman in Kadapa office.  He worked with Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula in Kadapa Division of LIC




 and in particular SECOND ONE to READ

MAHA KAVI BHARATHIYAR’S SONG FOR THE CHILD translated into ENGLISH and place your valued opinion in the space provided below the article in THE INDIAN PERIODICAL so that other readers will have the benefit of your opinion. Thanks.’