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Stress and strain part of our life-age and employment, wealth and health
Have little to impact-negative or positive, negative and positive! a paradox!
What stress can do can be experienced- more important is to be aware of stress
And the ways to be away from or not to fall a victim to stress!

Today April sixteenth is National Stress Awareness Day. The day
Designed by the Health Resource Network in nineteen ninety two to raise
Awareness of stress. Day is a chance to take a deep breath and relax.
Stress has a negative effect on the immune system -research has proved.

Chronic stress takes greater toll on our body than acute stress.
Raises blood pressure, increases the risk of heart attack and stroke,
Anxiety and depression, hastens the aging process.
Stress is one omnipresent
Easily coped sure by the competent
On the body and on the mind
On the soul and on the intellect
Age and sex, wealth and status
Stress of-course has little respect!

Faith in God, self and people
Fair to all with love and scruple
Thoughts noble and deeds worthy
Happy hobbies and habits healthy
Yoga sure a medicine for stress
Love for nature, animals and people
Through stress and strain nothing can topple!

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Man – the roof and crown of God’s creation indeed is great!
Peculiarity and uniqueness a part of His creation- neat
Peculiar or unique question raised on an individual
Depending on the manner in which one behaves-practical!

January tenth to day is a peculiar day-
Unique Day too! Praising in honor of the PECULIAR S!
Peculiar People Day a day to celebrate the leaders
Of the unusual and strange, the peoples who refuse
To succumb the world idea’s which is sane and reasonable.
Challenge status quo and rebuke the concept extraordinary!

May be in their style, they simply dress or having ideas
Peculiar People’s day for Peculiar peoples to shine!
Let their be UNIQUENESS positive and noble people
And not peculiar to be laughed and joked sans scruple!

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NATIONAL Day OF SILENCE is today in America
For reasons peculiar on the last April Friday
It is twenty seventh of April this year-this post
Deals not with the reasons quoted by Americans-the host!

Great words of wisdom to follow from the days of old!
Silence gives greater peace- leads not to acrimony
Always providing and sponsoring fund of harmony!

What they call me a chatter box-I can not keep quiet
At least this day onward I have to develop the art
And science of SILENCE!-helping to save Energy nice
Not speaking out of tune and incur displeasure of others!

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In the great creation of the Lord Almighty
All living beings do communicate rightly
In their own languages-man has his own on top
People in crores and languages in scores-quite sharp!

languages are their to promote love and respect
Peace and harmony in the society perfect
Languages have alphabets, words and nice meaning
When applied clear with love ensures noble living!

Alas! When one finds nicely spoken Words hollow
With no intention even remotely to follow
All his promises of doing turns deeds shallow
Like the rain water falling in the lands fallow!


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Holiest day in a year is tomorrow-GANDHI JAYANTHI DAY
Great Father of our sacred Motherland- India that is Bharath-Way
Ahead of many world countries in aspects several thanks to his vision
Whose unceasing efforts and unparalleled leadership guided with a mission!

The whole nation owes for eternity its gratitude and respect great.
Unfortunate that the murderer of that great soul is sought to be honored
With statues and books on the wretched; no redemption for the ungrateful;
On this day sacred and holy, let us resolve to uphold Gandhism-be redeemed!

Truth and non-violence when adopted as solution for all evils
Peace and harmony will rule the Society and throw away all ills.
Sure not theoretical or bookish but was demonstrated by him
Hail that great Mahatma- revered by the world around, our minds trim!


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Man has his ego
That leads to his doom and end
Sure is his worst foe!
Ego blinds one’s mind
Renders him arrogant sure
Foe of the worst kind!
Ego- hard to fight
And get rid of; awareness
Sure to help with might!
Self-esteem – great strength
One has to develop strong
Success at arms length!
Success in life must
Path is long and arduous
One must have self-trust!
Ego spoils self
Strong will and wit- keep allied
Ego bound to melt!
Ego shadows self
As clouds the strong sun and moon
Defeat ego wolf!
State of mind – ego
Sure to be conquered with mind
That is weak to go!
Ego the weakness
Sure to be fought tooth and nail
To ensure success!
Improve self-esteem
With heart and mind positive
Great to reach extreme!

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Sure I know I came from my mother’s womb
And equally sure I will be interned in tomb
When and how is only the question
About which I don’t worry now is certain!

During this life what I do is important
How I behave and serve my kith is pertinent
Before birth and after death, Hell or Heaven
None can tell me in valid pattern
Mystery it is that none from Hell or Heaven
Chose to brief me on how are matters! !

Hell, one says, is nothing but torture and agony
Heaven, other admits, is full of joy and nectar
Hell, one says, is reserved for the wicked and sinners
Heaven, other admits, is meant for the kind and sacred!

To me Hell or Heaven is here and now

Well in the manner I think, speak and vow
To do things in style that will bring joy
To think of things that will bring cheers
To speak of words that emit sweetness
To one and all my brothers in distress!

Why think of unseen Hell or unknown Heaven
While Hell or Heaven is made by you and me seven!

Resolve to provide Heavenly joy and nectar
And give best you can to every sector!


Fire Of Life I’m Burnt!


Was born in the world with all that is best
As babe, had all joys the world could provide
No deceit, no mischief at best or worst
No envy, no rancor none to divide!

Lo, the age that came wrought all the woes
Avarice, treachery, dishonest deeds
Repelled all the good, friends turned to foes
Hypocrisy, double speak brought all the rot
Fame and name, joy and wealth, carnal pleasures
Yielded place to all the treasures of the past.
Life proved to be nothing but dull and dust
Life’s values gave place to none worthwhile
No, no more pains and pangs of life for a while
I fall upon the fire of life, I’m burnt!



Man is born free but ever in his chains! Chains can be in any form, any mode, and any strength! In coming out of it, lies one’s success! To come out of it is not that easy; but man has got to make a constant effort which is possible only when he is conscious of the chains!

One such chain is ‘procrastination’. What is procrastination? Look at it: procrastinate means adjourn, dally, defer, delay, dillydally, drag one’s feet, gain time, penelopize, play for time, postpone, prolong, protract, put off, retard, stall, temporize!!!!!! Is it too harsh to castigate this normal and routine with the individuals in the society and name it as a ‘disease’? As the one who is allergic to any kind of procrastination for whatever reason, I consider it sure as a disease! We know diseases are of two types – physical and mental. Most of the diseases fall under this or that but this disease falls under both! Many a time in our day to day life we fall sick with this disease with dangerous consequences and we do regret later.

Time is the essence! We come across several instances in the world where the disease of procrastination has taken its toll through the loss of limbs, loss of image, loss of fortune, loss of property, loss of profession – still worse the loss of one’s very life itself! Yes; to repeat, TIME is the ESSENCE! When a thing is not done on time, when an issue is not taken upon on the appropriate time, when a problem is not attended to with the promptness it warrants the situation goes out of our control and we come to grief. ‘A stitch in time saves nine’ the old proverb goes!

What causes the disease? VIRUS of unknown origin! Not at all! Most of the times, it is indifference, ignorance, lack of knowledge, mistaken and misplaced priority, psychological barriers such as fear of failure, that monstrous alibi of ‘no-time’, wrongly perceived hurdles based on health, mind and money, mismanagement of time etc. etc.

How do we treat the disease?

‘Prevention is better than cure’ so goes an adage! What is the prevention that we can employ? One has to create right from the young age an urge to attend to any work – may be important or unimportant, may be urgent may not be urgent, may be important-urgent, may be unimportant-urgent, may be unimportant-not urgent, may be urgent-not important – then and there without procrastinating. One has also to cultivate this as a habit – almost as a reflex action to the needs of the work on hand! Once this happens, the work small or big, easy or difficult, interesting or uninteresting, cheap or costly, one can discard the tendency to procrastinate. ‘Where there is a will there is a way’ are the golden words of wisdom! Very often the people fail to take the preventive medicine, allow the disease to take hold of them, swallow the medicines at a huge cost with a lot of unsavory side effects and the consequential weakness to be put up with for weeks and months!

Then how do we go about finding a cure for this debilitating disease?

It is strongly felt that the cure does not come from outside and has to be found from within. No management training, no personality development program, no counseling no class on Time and Stress management! Not that they don’t have any effect whatsoever; they do have some impact, provide some inputs to the individual patient. They do have some paramedical assistance required for a cure.

First we have to conscientiously believe and accept that procrastination is a disease and we have to find a cure from within! We must develop a self belief that it can be cured!! Conscious of the evil effects of the disease, we should make honest efforts towards that end!!!

Planning for the day’s work early in the morning on a systematic and regular manner gives us the necessary activity chart to carry out the outstanding work as on the morning and the expected for the day. As discussed earlier, though every work has to be carried out, it would be prudent to classify the work as (a) important and urgent (b) urgent (c) important (d) neither important nor urgent but yet has got to be done and then carry out them in the same order. Planning includes mobilizing time, energy, money, materials required to complete the work. To the extent possible it should be the endeavor of the individual to do his personal work himself without entrusting the work to others. This should be deemed to be basic ethics and at the same time there needs be no embargo on others doing on another’s behalf. Regarding the work at office the approach should be the other way. The concept of decentralization should be fully practiced and one should take up the work pertaining to himself on priority basis and again not to feel as a taboo to help others in the name of decentralization.

Due to lack of proper planning, significant time is wasted in waiting, traveling etc. forcing the person to postpone/procrastinate the work to be done. “Simultaneous operations” help often to do more than one thing at a time profitably – doesn’t matter it may run counter to the statement “one thing at a time”!

“Fear of failure” is a dampener and often leads to inactivity contributing in no small measure in procrastination. A philosophical outlook based on the Gita teaching- “Action is thy duty and fruit is not thy concern” may help in warding off this fear and make us to complete the work on time without worrying much about the result placing faith on the divine dispensation.

Strong will power helps to a great extent in crossing the hurdles on the path of progress in our day to day work. To acquire the same, our education, observation, faith in God, cultural back ground etc play their own role.

At times from a strategic point, we may have to deliberately postpone certain actions. That need not be taken as a chain but then constant watch must be exercised to take action at the appropriate time.

Yes friend! I do hear your whisper that it is all right in paper- sweet, simple and nice, but then, difficulty lies in practicing!?!?!? “No pain- no gain’! I love this and hence value a lot!

If we ruminate over the above right earnest and take a few leaves out, probably we may succeed in curing the ‘disease of procrastination.’

Here is a tail piece: My poem titled NO TIME

What a funny thing it is
No time for prayer, satsang we miss
No time to read or write we wish
No time to be with friends we think
No time to serve the needy who sink
No time to visit shrines that lift
Twenty four hours a day
Seven days a week
Four weeks a month
Twelve months a year
Hundred years to live!

No time to spend the way we need
Paradox unsolved in life indeed!
Wasting, gossiping, frittering avoided
Getting up early much before sun rise
Planning your work, being punctual nice
Gets you all the time you need to size!


A saint poet of world renown from India

Gave his magnum opus Thirukkural kindly

Two thousand years ago quite relevant now

On his birth day today in reverence we bow!


Think of great couplets thirteen hundred and thirty

In ancient language Tamil with all beauty

All subjects under the sun one can think of sure

Dealt with in wonderful words of wisdom quite pure!


Poet Bharathi’s was not an exaggeration

When with joy, proclaimed in all appreciation:

“Giving Valluvan to this wonderful world

Great Tamilnadu attained sky high fame quite bold”!


Universal message Thirukkural gives nice

For the people over the world to follow wise.

Translated in all world languages respected

Next only to Bible and Quoran quite sacred!


Born in the family of weavers in Chennai

Made Tamilnadu and India proud with his

Words of wisdom of eternal truth in the world

Stand tall to help and guide the people in the globe bold!


“Valluvar Kottam” in Chennai put up in memory of the Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar.