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Men may come and men may go but their achievements last for ever!
Here is a lady who came and the lady has gone but her actions
Remain and will remain for years and decades to come with admiration!
Today twenty seventh June HELEN KELLER DAY- indeed a holy day!

Helen Keller Day is the day of birth of Helen Keller, observed on
This day annually created by presidential proclamation in Two Thousand
Six and by international organizations,   helping the Blind and the deaf.
Though born healthy at age nineteen became blind and deaf yet……….

Since Eighteen Ninety Three Helen Keller Services for the Blind’s mission
Helping individuals of all ages who are blind or visually impaired, and
Having additional disabilities, develop independence. Headquartered in
Brooklyn, New York, the agency has additional rehabilitation sites in Hemp-stead and Huntington, Long Island, and operates the Helen Keller National
Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults in Sands Point, New York.

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WORLD SIGHT DAY-11th October.

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Second Thursday of October-yesterday Eleventh October
WORLD SIGHT DAY-to focus on Eye care – sure to remember
The day is observed on the second Thursday of October.
First started by the Lions Club International Foundation!

This day creates awareness about vision impairment, blindness
And other sight related problems.Ninety percent of the blind
Live in low-income countries; thirty nine million are bind,
Sixty nine percent are more than fifty years of age.!

World Sight Day is important communication event on eye health.
Besides physical blindness, we see mental, intellectual
And spiritual blindness worse than physical! The world to note
And act very seriously for society to prosper and float! –

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“Rare, rare it is to be born as a human being
Rarer, rarer it is to be born not as deaf or dumb or blind”,
Goes a Tamil poem written years thousand ago
What a great saying-but think of the one blind and deaf!

We have seen them begging on the roads, loitering aimless
Here is the one born deaf and blind but the first in the world
To get a degree in Arts and became a social activist and
Her day is today-the great HELLEN KELLER day!

Born hundered and thirty seven years ago in Alabama
And lived till nineteen hundred and sixty eight –from America
By sheer willpower and determination became
Some one great who inspires the world today with fame!






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Heidi Latsky Dance

Heidi Latsky Dance, a New York-based modern dance company, performs in the                                                       Visitors Lobby of UN Headquarters.

God Almighty in HIS compassion has created
The living beings on earth-for it to be developed
Of them is the top humans-man and woman quite great
Taking into account the past actions of the people!

Born are  people in size and form with  faculties in tact
The past life determines the present one and lo! in fact
Born are some with disabilities in one aspect
Or the other unfortunate-not to be looked down!

Born normal to empathize with the less fortunate
And work together for the full and equal status
Of those with disabilities inclusively and embrace
Humanity in all diversity!-United Nations say!

“Achieving goals seventeen for the future we want”
As this years theme to lay the foundation for a
Future of greater inclusion for the disabled!

Oct 13 World Sight day

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God in HIS compassion has created all humans with all faculties
Eyes and ears, nose and throat and others for man to enjoy facilities
But many a time, many a person made to lose one or the other
By way of foolishness or punishment for one’s misdeeds sad for ever.

Sure the sight is one absolutely essential for a peaceful life
Alas; some lose from birth and many due to accident, poor health in file
Blindness is horrible though can manage living-partial or total
WORLD SIGHT DAY is today to make the people aware of the eye care need.

“STRONGER TOGETHER” the theme of the year for the day to be followed
Blindness preventable, the vision scientists try towards the goal designed
People to take care by all ways and means possible to prevent sight loss
Powers that be make efforts earnest to help eradication of blindness.

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