This Sunday Story brings out the views of our known viewers for long in a simple and comprehensive manner, which I am sure will be interesting to all our readers::

1.Venkata Krishna Good morning sir
Let us live in faith, hope and confidence=panic never helps!

  1. Vijayakumar ChelliahReligious tolerance is a virtue.We want a Prime Minister, who open his mouth against religious intolerance.

3.OKR SIvagnanam: Happy to note that Nellore has become another destination for you to prove your mettle as a guest of honour while delivering your address on the Mother Language Day!
Happy to note your dealing at length fittingly of Tamil as a classical and ancient language!

Your reference to the poem by Mahakavi Bharathi, who failed not to pay encomiums on Kambar, Elango, and Valluvar was befitting to the occasion in view of their stellar contribution to Tamil language!

Evolution of language is nothing but evolution of mankind in the proper expression of culture and traditions we were home to!

It may not be out of place to remind ourselves of the need to have the mother tongue as the medium of instruction at least up to the school level to attain perfect understanding!

This is however not to underestimate the role of English as the true connector of world people!

A language is a language, and no one language is inferior to the other, which calls for a full stop to indifferences, if any, we may entertain!

4.Venkata Krishna: May the world enjoy peace and prosperity sans violence and vendetta!

5.Ramamurthy Thupakula: Nice of you sir for reminding C V Raman effect day. The importance of having scientific temper in our daily life is to make the educated really educated. Still I am fascinated by Phillips companies motto let us make our lives better.

6.KVVS Prasad: ational Science Day is to make the people develop every activity
With great dedication and idea to perform well for our better future
This day marks the discovery of the Raman effect ninety one years ago

Thank you sir for the information.

We are also under a different Raman effect for a quarter century Sir !!!

  1. OKR Sivanganam: He’s none other than Dr.NVS Sir!.

8.Gurunathan TK: Top of Form

  • rA befitting occasion for SIR C V RAMAN A great scientist from Tamilnadu


  1. OKR Sivanganam:

National Science Day – a nice day being observed befitting to the great physicist Sir C V Raman who was associated with the popular RAMAN EFFECT!

Contribution of Science to the humanity is immense, resulting in improvement after improvement in the daily lives of people!

Scientific temper must be inculcated in children right from their early stage on so that they can involve themselves in introducing newer concepts in launching new inventions that’s useful to people in their daily life!

A nation cannot be static and its growth and development needs to be a continuous one that it can keep its head high among the comity of nations across the globe!
The role of Science and Technology is an essential aspect in taking the history of a nation to newer heights, and raising the standard of living of its people gradually!

More of our inventions can only be the greatest tribute that we can offer to the physicist on this National Science Day!

  1. Venkata Krishna: Good morning sir
    Knowledge and education must make one humble

11.Ramamurthy Thupakula: Nice of you for thoughts to cherish.


  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula: The real significance of Valentine’s day conveyed to young. Nice of you Sir.
  2. Chandrasekara Reddy: “Lo! Such a holy day has become a day of vulgarity
    Boys and girls in mid twenty and thirty roam about
    On the roads behaving indecently much to the chagrin
    Of elders great, good and noble! The practice to be condemned!”
    Rightly said Sir!

14:K. Boopathy: I love my wife

15.Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Nice messagesir

16.KVVS Prasad:

INDIA -my holy Motherland is the home of great women poets
Thirteenth February today is a great day in the poetry world
Birthday of India’s freedom fighter and poet Sarojini Naidu
In Eighteen Hundred Seventy Nine-National Women Day -kudos!

Great day. Sir! Great to remember Sarojini Naidu and her patriotism.

  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula: Welcome Darwin Day. He revolutionized the way we think in understanding the world we are in. Man evolved to this stage by his thinking and analytical brain than other species. Nice of you Sir for presenting a beautiful picture and poem.
  2. Aravamudan Srinivasan:
  • By February end u will cross 2 lakhs! Gd night sir!

19: Lalitha Sapre:  Congrats sir

  1. Bhagyanath Ezuvath: Very good going, Sir. Congratulations.


  1. Krishnanandam G V:

Top of Form

  • Congratulations,sir,👏

22.Ansuya Devi:.

  • Bottom of Form

Congratulations, sir.

  1. Aravamudan Srinivasan: By February end u will cross 2 lakhs! Gd night sir!

24.Lalitha Bai Sapare: Congrats sir

25   V M Muthu  My Hearty Congratulations& Felicitations for your hard Endeavours,.

26.Sreenivasulu Manchikanti: Congratulations sir

27.Krishnaswamy Krishna Congratulations

28.Gargee Goswami:Congratulations.

  1. Ramamurthy Thupakula:  Let all the humanity try its best for the eradication of cancer. Thanks sir for timely message.
  2. Venkata Krishna. Good morning sir
    Gently looks for food majestically with its eyes
    In deep water, takes food like forest hen nice!
  3. Oh! My God why should I panic when I believe  in you! You are my creator and protector and there is no place And need to …

    One must have a nerve of steel not to fall a prey to this syndrome.While fear is a natural and essential defense mechanism, panic can be averted only by faith-faith in God to take care of forces over which we have no control.

    Thus comes to an end this weeks Sunday Story and we shall meet as usual tomorrow. Till then GOOD BYE!








Image result for I want You to be happy day 2019

“National I Want You to be Happy Day” is  on March Third
America observes on first Sunday of each year great
A day to encourage all to do something to make others happy.
Put a smile on someone’s face makes to put one on ours, too.

How to has an infinite answers.  A flower here,
A simple knock-knock joke there.  Buy the person’s coffee
Standing in line behind us  Remind our kids how much they love others.
Leave a sticky note for a co-worker telling them to have a joyful day!

Let us draw a happy face in the sand or wall for a stranger
To come across later. Let us give children and friends a hug.
“I Want You To Be Happy Day” post on social media to others also follow
Dozens of ways are there -to make all happy at least on this day!.

Image result for I want You to be happy day 2019


Penultimate day of the year 2018! An important day! No more Sundays in the year and naturally no more Sunday story in Envius Thoughts! Hence this assumes significance

This is 52nd Sunday story last for the outgoing 2018!! First Sunday story this year was on 7th January 2018-1045th day of the Blog and 1046th post! It is indeed a rare coincidence that the first Sunday Story of the year was VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part 16- and the last of the year is again VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS Part 22! Thanks OKR Sivagnanam!

On this unique day here is the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 22. Here we have covered his Reviews in from 18th October 2018..
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part 21 covered up to 18th October 2018. Here it is up to ………….


A nice poem from Tagore and your translation!

Yes, we’re raising huge walls around us and remain cut-off from reality that’s the manifestation of external world around us!

In the process, we’re losing the true identity we’re supposed to maintain and promote!

We lose our own selves and forget to realize the presence of REAL SELF residing dormant but otherwise potent to release the energy needed to prove our worth beyond material manifestations to be worthwhile to the society of which we are a minuscule part, but capable of splendid performance towards the larger goal of life humans must embrace and achieve!


The entire globe as a single family – what an adorable concept!

Practiced religiously, peace and prosperity we can attain for sure!

Oneness of mind is certainly utopian, but we can inch towards it with efforts!

With solidarity being the keyword, dreams come true, and imagination becomes reality!

World citizens unite!


One Thousand Four Hundred and Fifty Posts – and not just a miracle – that has earned you the honorary doctorate from the university in UK!

Not a fun, but your dedication and passion to your Blog that has taken you along the long journey revealed in twenty nine parts so far!

There’s ripen wisdom behind your seeming innocence that your face reflects – i am referring to your picture taken during the King of Poets Meet – நிறை குடம் தழும்புமா,
Dr. NVS Sir?

Role of SOCIAL MEDIA is superb, taking the contents worldwide with instant feedback – positive and negative, and favourable and unfavourable as well – but for it, reformation is not possible!

An enviable FEAT so far, and a sure precursor to many more of your repetitive feats in the days to come!


A nice poem on Christmas Day!

Whatever man possess will be meaningless if he lacks love towards his brethren!

All material pursuits lose its sheen if love is absent in activity man pursues!

Sans love, peace evades mankind, and prosperity means nothing in reality!


May this CHRISTMAS bestow all that HUMANITY needs!

  • 18/12/18

Nice of your post today on International Migrants Day!

Migrants – their plight is pathetic, with losing all their belongings in the country of their dwelling!
Reasons may be many, including the unscrupulous attitude of their own countrymen acting against their welfare!

Eviction by the government itself in the name of economic development sometimes leaves the people stranded, forcing them to go elsewhere in search of basic necessities of life!

Whatever be the reason, welcoming the migrants of any kind, with open hand and rendering them all possible service will go a long way in mitigating their sufferings to the minimum!

Going one step further, providing them with right opportunities will offer suitable avocation so that a decent and secured living is assured, removing all fears about the future!


None has the authority to stop the UNIVERSE and its non-stop movement!
Power and energy to make this a possibility is inherent in it, and the Universe draws strength therefrom in its eternal journey!
And whatever is its appended organ, does so, following their commander-in-chief, who’s none other than Universe itself!
Universe is its own charioteer and adopts the strategies conceived by it!

Part 47, in the series ‘A chariot on the move’ is yet another nice work from you!


Great indeed is the role of volunteers in social development and economic development of the whole world!

Contribution of volunteers supplements the working of the arm of a government in a large measure!
Expecting the government to intervene for anything and everything may not be able to mitigate all the sufferings of people, and especially so in times of crisis of a large magnitude!
Work volunteered during crisis management is the determining factor that spells success to the initiative of the powers-that-be!

You’ve beautifully brought out the nuances of voluntary action to the attention of the viewers!


Nice to read your post on Human Rights Day on December 10th!

May be, human rights violation across the globe prompted the United Nations Organization to observe a day to reinforce human rights everywhere!

Alas, while defending our rights, we fail to recognize those of others!
Where does the principle of equality go?
Oppression has come to stay, and is speading its tentacles all around to crush the legitimate expectations of the less privileged in particular!

Overdrive of the powerful is a menace to the society, and scuttles their right to a decent living they are entitled to!

Let us be humane to qualify as real human beings, and be within the limits to exert control over others in the name of discipline!


Nice to read your post on King of Poets Birthday on 11th!

Nationalism and Divinity no doubt makes Subramani Bharathi really a King of Poets!

Messengers of peace – a nice description of poets in general!

Messages Bharathi conveyed to the nation and society are immense, and through them, he lives to eternity!

Patriotism was his life-breath, and people of his motherland drew spirited inspiration to fight the British, with independence of the nation being the single agenda before them!

Through poetry, literature of any language gets developed along dimensions different and taken to the highest level only to spread its roots further and further!
Not to mention of Bharathi’s contribution to the language of Tamil, which has no downslide ever!

Long live Bharathi’s name in our midst, and let his works inspire our leaders to work for the masses and their causes!


A MOVEMENT can definitely make us care for the MOUNTAINS!

The list of benefits flowing out of mountains, small and big alike, is endless as you step in to elaborate them in your post on International Mountain Day on 11th!

Manifestations of NATURE, indeed, are many and varied – it’s all created for the co-existsnce of all living beings together!

I very much like your usages – ‘ OCEAN OF COMPASSION, while referring to the Almighty, and ‘ WORLD’S TOWER ‘, meaning the mountains, that offer water the elixir of life!

Let us save the mountains for all that it matters to us on this earth!


Surely POETS are the PETS of the world whether or not ‘O’ in them is removed!

Remarkable is the power of remembrance of pets of any kind, as is revealed by the lion that was a pet in its ypunger days to the lady years back!

A great lesson we learn invariably from all pets- that of ‘being thankful’ to all!

They are ‘true’ companions to the pet owners in times of loneliness – something, especially many elderly miss it due to valid circumstances or otherwise!

A beautiful correlation you made between POETS and PETS in your post today!


A nice post on World Energy Day!

And a nice call to save ENERGY, the propelling force that moves the humanity!

Only in its absence we’ll feel the difference it makes in our daily life!

Our life made easy and comfortable, thanks to the sources of energy we’re endowed with!

Saving is as good as earning – the concept equally applies to the energy we’re using!

Abundance doesn’t mean we can use it without ever giving a thought to!

Better it’s used when in need, and spare it untouched – a habit one must imbibe to effectively deal with anything that’s scarce in particular!


A right topic you’ve chosen for this Sunday Story, and is set to create an awareness of the killer-corruption widely!

A beautiful distinction you made between Integrity and Honesty, with the latter proving to be a powerful option to erase this deception of corruption from our midst!

Had we desisted from the deadly corruption, we would have become a nation, setting an example for others to follow!

An understanding of the corruptible scourge would have brought us to enjoy the enviable position of a great SUPERPOWER in the comity of nations!

We’ve lost the bus, yet we’ll be having the buses one after another, and let us not miss them too!

Let us shun the takers of bribe, and not accept it too in the course of our job, and render the services as if an opportunity bestowed, to use it to serve the people, for, we are sufficiently paid for our work by the government!


A nice post on National Flag day!

Our serving GUARDS on the border deserve the best under the sky for their selfless service for the cause of the nation!

Not to speak of the HEROES left to the heavenly abode after having fought and died for their motherland!

And again, not to speak of their widows and other family members left behind due to the sacrifice of their husband/father/son/daughter, etc., in the warfront for the security of the nation that was heart and soul to them!

And amply donating on the Flag Day for their welfare is our bounden duty to fulfill!


Nice to read yours on Ravindranath on Envius Thoughts – Part 2!

On a perusal of his comments, I understand he is very much straightforward in expressing his opinions – a rare attribute we may witness in people!

It may hurt people, but a welcome quality!

My applause and regards to Sri. Ravindranath!


Nice posts from you on the series – TREE TALKS – five in number so far!

What a humble pleading from the trees put before the mankind!

How great is the benevolence showered by the selfless trees for the life of man on this earth!

How pure is the air supplied by the trees – we’re enjoying and continue to rely on it for our healthy survival!

How great it’s of the trees, preaching the six-sense human beings on the wisdom of going in for reusable products in stead of rooting them out from existence!

How selfless the trees are in removing the loads and loads of ‘impurities’ we scrupulously make in the course of our life and facilitating our life with abundant supply of oxygen!

All this is possible due to the ‘innocence’ of trees that never go for schooling and take lessons from the teachers!

But unfortunately, our education taught us not the courtesy of looking after the trees, which goes to suggest that we imitate what the trees are endowed with – the innocence – and change our selfish track to heed to their appeal and nurture them for us and our generations to come!


A nice post on J C Bose, the multifaceted personality who has contributed a lot to the humanity!

Remembering the likes of Bose is justified by taking a lead thereon and make further improvements in the concept to make it useful for the society in many ways than one!

They must have burnt the midnight oil before inventing something in their mind, with indomitable will and passion to carry on with the mission to its logical end!

A leaf we may take out of their lives, and try to emulate them in pursuits we’re passionate about!
This way one can make himself /herself useful to the society in one field or the other!


Nice to read your yesterday’s post on International Day of Disabled People!

Empathy with the disabled will make us humans really humane!

The specially- abled need our positive intervention to make their life good!

They are gifted with talents and a little push on our part will see those talents getting translated in the form of achievements in the areas they choose!

Let us be cautious to remain silent on their disabilities but lend our support wholeheartedly for their upward movement of life!



A nice post on World Wild Life Conservation Day!

We’ve that bad instinct to disturb and harm others including wild animals!
We seek satisfaction at the cost of others and other living beings!
We need to mend our ways to allow them as they are unaffected!
Let us make them our friends and try to co-exist with them to allow for their preservation in tact!



Your Sunday Story nicely echoed the Voice from the Heaven!

Our love for
Your love of Poetry
You can see
From everyday feedback
Of your Viewers!

And now
Through reserving this Sunday
To report the release of
A book on ragas
You exhibit
your love of Music too!

Union of Poetry and Music
Does create unity
Between mind and the heart
That’s everlasting!

A happy Sunday! This much is for  the present Sunday Story today. We shall continue with our regular feature tomorrow. Till then good bye!!


Image result for Photos of OKR Sivanganam

He is the VIEWER Mr.OKR Sivanganam of Perundurai, Periyar Dt.



Image result for list of social media in india

Media of all type played its role to make this world dynamic
Social media has achieved a lot with its limitless power
Far reaching capabilities and revolutionary nature
Social media has changed our great, vast society forever!.

A day to recognize, commemorate and celebrate the bridge
That foregoes political borders, transcends the boundaries
Of communication and interaction! Limitations gone obsolete
Making communication with all possible- Prime Minister and me!

Most popular social networking sites in India-WeChat
Instagram. Google Plus. Hike Messenger. Twitter. Skype.
LinkedIn. Whats app. Face book- one has to be careful sure
Lest to be taken for a ride by unsocial elements pure!

Image result for list of social media in india

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,53,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 56th  view at 05.30 hrs today viz Saturday  the Thirtieth (30th) June 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY THREE THOUSAND (1,53,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1218th day and 1271st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



Image result for Images to DEPICT WHERE DO WE GO?

One of the three of my most respected and revered mentors from his heavenly abode,  Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar sang in desperation, cursing the kind of India to go and greeting the kind of India to come. His curse in Tamil runs as below:
1. வலிமையற்ற தோளினாய் போ போ போ
மார்பி லேஒடுங்கினாய் போ போ போ
பொலிவி லாமுகத்தினாய் போ போ போ
பொறி யிழந்த விழியினாய் போ போ போ
ஒலியி ழந்த குரலினாய் போ போ போ
ஒளியி ழந்த மேனியாய் போ போ போ
கிலிபி டித்த நெஞ்சினாய் போ போ போ
கீழ்மை யென்றும் வேண்டுவாய் போ போ போ.

2. இன்று பார தத்திடை நாய்போல
ஏற்ற மின்றி வாழுவாய் போ போ போ
நன்று கூறில் அஞ்சுவாய் போ போ போ
நாணி லாது கெஞ்சுவாய் போ போ போ
சென்று போன பொய்யெலாம் மெய்யாகச்
சிந்தை கொண்டு போற்றுவாய் போ போ போ
வென்று நிற்கும் மெய்யெலாம் பொய்யாக
விழி மயங்கி நோக்குவாய் போ போ போ.

3. வேறு வேறு பாஷைகள் கற்பாய் நீ
வீட்டு வார்த்தை கற்கிலாய் போ போ போ
நூறு நூல்கள் போற்றுவாய் மெய்கூறும்
நூலி லொத்தி யல்கிலாய் போ போ போ
மாறுபட்ட வாதமே ஐந்நூறு
வாயில் நீள ஓதுவாய் போ போ போ
சேறுபட்ட நாற்றமும் தூறுஞ்சேர்
சிறிய வீடு கட்டுவாய் போ போ போ.

4. ஜாதி நூறு சொல்லுவாய் போ போ போ
தரும மொன்றி யற்றிலாய் போ போ போ
நீதி நூறு சொல்லுவாய் காசொன்று
நீட்டினால் வணங்குவாய் போ போ போ
தீது செய்வ தஞ்சிலாய் நின்முன்னே
தீமை நிற்கி லோடுவாய் போ போ போ
சோதி மிக்க மணியிலே காலத்தால்
சூழ்ந்த மாசு போன்றனைபோ போ போ.

When translated into English, it reads like this:

1. O you of weak shoulders, away!
O you of shriveled heart, away!
O lusterless face, away!
You of vision-less eyes, away!
O you of voiceless throat away!
You of frame, dun and dull, away!
O you of frightened heart, away!
You aching for the low, away!

2. Like a cur now in Bharath
You live without glory away!
You, scared to hear the good, away!
You shameless groveler, away!
If lies of the past are to you
Truly admirable, away!
Triumphant truths are false to you,
You of clouded vision, away!

3. Adept in alien languages
Not your mother-tongue, avaunt!
Admirer of a hundred works
Denouncing the true one, avaunt!
With ceaseless tongue, you but argue
All inconsistently, avaunt!
You builder of little hutments
Of mud and muck and mire, avaunt!

4. Talker of divisive castes, avaunt!
Non-doer of Dharma, avaunt!
Articulating pure ethics
You bow at a tiny coin, avay!
Undaunted to cause harm, but the first
To flee away from it, away!
In lustrous gem, blemish gathers
With times; you are like it, away!

Yes; it is exactly in the same condition of my mind, distressed and disgusted at the present trend of A to Z, I wrote a few lines under the caption WHERE DO WE GO and posted in my Face Book on 7th and looking at the responses from my FB friends and inspired, I felt like taking it to the larger circle of my blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in viewers and I am posting as my today story along with the responses and my reply. I am sure that what I have poured out is not confined to a region or nation,  it is almost a universal phenomenon and is a scourge on the universal society sure to be repelled and the society cleaned. At this rate it is the duty and responsibility of the noble souls and every one has to put in his best efforts to root out this awful condition and usher in better sense of responsibility on all concerned and with the prayers of the millions around the Globe and with the Divine grace, our future generation if not ours, must have greater peace and harmony, joy and happiness, plenty and prosperity.

Oh, the Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent

Kindly save us from

ATM-Automatic Teller Machine-without cash
Administrators without administrative efficiency
Banks without currency notes
Country without culture
Doctors without medical man’s ethics
Exploiting employers
Employees without responsibilities
Fools governing the people
Government without governance
Higher education without competent faculties
Idiots occupying sensitive chairs
Jolly go lucky fellows becoming politicians
Kindness taking leave from the society
Lawmakers becoming law breakers
Ministers without ministerial abilities
Noble qualities getting demonetized and degraded
Offenders being appreciated and followed
Principled functioning never adhered to
Quacks administering medicines to the sick
Religious bigotry ruling roost
Sincerity becoming rarity in the society
Truthfulness getting discounted
Unruly behavior fast growing among the youth
Values losing sheen and splendor
Weakness not seen as negative
Xpertise lacking in experts
Youth getting misguided without proper goals
Zero is the value for morals and ethics.

PS: Many things are wrought by prayer than the world dreams of. Hence the prayer.
I am a born optimist yet………………………………
Not that everything is and everyone is bad but…………………..

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Uthayamurthy Hariharan
Uthayamurthy Hariharan Administrators, very many times, have no application of mind! We are now in 2016 and not 1986-88, during which time people like you were able to tackle many problems, to the satisfaction of all concerned without hurting any one. Also, of late, there is no inclination for many to know what is true leadership.
NV Subbaraman Thanks for your compliments Uthayamurthi- which shows your love for me which however I don’t think, I deserve. Thanks anyhow.
Uthayamurthy Hariharan You belong to the group of persons to whom humility is a virtue and I am not surprised by your reply!
NV Subbaraman Thanks. May God bless you. Not to be seen for some time. Hope you are all well.
Anjaneyulu Kondur Venkatachalam Sir, as you you have written”country without culture” is perfect presently. Earlier our country had very good culture. In future how will be our country?
Kvvs Prasad True words of wisdom
Came from the depth of your heart
Reflecting present day society
Nobody bothers for your voice
Though it is the voice of the commons
None has time to think though it
is thought of the millions
NV Subbaraman Thanks Shri Anjaneyulu and Prasad. Let us pray and work for the best.
Muthu Aiyer Still elections are being held periodically and we, the people, elect someone to rule and in offices yearly increments are given to employees as well they receive promotions too. From these activities we can establish one thing is that GOD IS THERE AND TAKING CARE OF US ALL!
Sreenivasulu Manchikanti Sir, you have given a true picture of the condition prevailed in our country.
Chandrasekhara Reddy Thota When Galis get truck/helicopter loads of new notes
Common man can’t get even a single note….
Even a born optimist can no more be an optimist
By seeing the drifting values in the society….
NV Subbaraman Thanks S/Shri TCSR, Muthu Iyer, Sreenivasulu for your kind and great response.
Ramamurthi Thupakula
 Ramamurthi Thupakula Sir, very nice message felt by everyone in your words. We wish only for fulfillment. Let us wait and whether miracle will dawn !
N V Subbaraman Thanks Shri Ramamurthi.
Bvs Raju
Bvs Raju It is a true picture of the present situation.
We have given a chance to rule the Governments by those who are not at all bothered about the people and the country.
I am unable to digest all these developments.
Thank you for giving the real picture .
With Regards.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Raju.
Gowrisankaran Radhakrishnan Very well and beautifully expressed the anguish and concern of an ordinary citizen of this country. You only can write like this Sir. Great.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Gowrisankaran.
Syam Dharmavaram
Syam Dharmavaram Very true sir.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Syam.
Cchandrappa Bestha
Cchandrappa Bestha Hands stained with the soil of the workplace will get respected and worshiped. Ones stained with guilt will be despised and disgraced.-rg
NV Subbaraman Beautifully presented. Thanks Chandrappa.
M.k. Chandrasekaran
M.k. Chandrasekaran Exactly, I agree with you sir.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Chandrasekaran.
Ramkumar Vittal
Ramkumar VittalGood morning sir.. Excellent ly presented the reality.Today One TTD Board member caught..who is a member to decide religious
activities.Decisions will be given without morality.
NV SubbaramanNicely observed Ramkumar. Thanks.
Pakir Mohammed Sait: I dare to ENVY on You, Sir! on your Timely guidance to the Youth of India to contribute their best to the Nation’s development.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Mr. Sait. It exhibits your enormous love for me.
I am sure you would have also felt similarly and I request you to kindly pray and act. Thanks.
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                     Mr. N V Subbaraman in his official cabin of those days in service!

If the view scores of the Blog are of any indication of the popularity of the Blog on the basis of contents, themes, presentation, language and so on, the concerned Blogger can have a sense of satisfaction and achievement.
I do believe that the view score has its own significance and Blogging has become my passion, I have become quite sensitive and addictive to the scoreboard!
As of now my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is 483 days old and has total posts of 521. WORDPRESS is such a great organization that it provides a fund of data at any point of time. I am indeed fascinated!
This blog has a total view of 46311 through 32665 visitors from 198 countries!.
In the society we come across most of the people are not very vocal. They view, enjoy and cherish! Some share with their good friends through Face Book and other media. Some give feed back now and then. Some make it a point to make their sharing with their own comments on the post. In that way I have the pleasure and honor of visitors/viewers in all categories.
My esteemed viewers would have observed and can recollect a few of my Sun day stories have carried such posts as:
1. Viewer’s View on ENVIUS THOUGHTS 9 parts (Sri OKR Sivanganam).
2. Visitor’s Voice  ENVIUS THOUGHTS 3 parts. (Sri. Rajeev Jha)
3. A journalist’s View on ENVIUS THOUGHTS (Sri Muthu Aiyer)

Today’s Sunday story carries the views of one of my former colleagues in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu whom I have seen through my Blog- (only through the Blog!!!) after a couple of decades! A tinge of philosophy will run through his comments and I am sure my esteemed viewers will find them quite interesting and enjoyable.

1. 13/6/16. On Paradoxes
Perhaps, in the world of duality, fear is also required in contrast to courage! But for one should fear? Fear for committing non-ethical acts. Fear itself is not very much terrible; the thought of fear in the mind is more terrible than fear itself.
2. 10/6/16.
Very true; people chase mirages and want to acquire more and more wealth without realizing whether they would be able to make the best use of the wealth so acquired. But, in the midst of these people, we see rainbows also. There are very committed people like my friend NVS who have made it a point to follow the path shown to us by the great Acharyas of this country. Even though we may be a minority let us resolve to pursue our goal by being honest and sincere to ourselves. If we are able to answer conscience, then we do not need any credentials from others, for we know that we follow the righteous path and when the judgment day comes God will settle our account taking into account what we have done in the world till our last breath.
3. 10/6/16.
How many of us have experienced heaven and hell on this earth? It is our mindset which is responsible for feeling that we are in heaven or hell. And how many of us are willing to follow the Gitacharyan when he says “Sukhae Duhkhae Samae Kruthva Labha Labhou Jaya Jayou”? A tranquil mind keeps us in contentment; neither heaven nor hell.
4. 9/6/16.
Even now we see some people who lead their lives in tune with nature and with utter simplicity. I am able to use the personal computer in my home. What will happen if, in future, there is no personal computer? Am I preparing my mind to face that situation? Moreover when we seek a change we must ensure that the change should be beneficial all and the benefits should envelop all classes of people irrespective of their status in the society.

5. 8/6/16
Beautiful write-up! Sometimes we do not remember what is nearer us. For example the heart or eyes. We think of the heart only when there is a congestion or think of the eye when there is a coating of film. But, irrespective of whether or not we think the creations of the Almighty nature is doing its duty perfectly. Everything is a gift of God and the oceans are certainly the boon given to us by HIM.
6. 7/6/16.
A beautiful outpouring of the heart! Instead of dreaming of the arrival of a new Mahatma, let us remember Mahatma’s life and words and start preaching and following his sermons in letter and spirit. The need of the hour is an effective leadership for the country and there are many people to follow him sincerely.
7. 6/6/16.
A world full of love, peace and harmony is an ideal for many of us. Is it a pipe dream? No. It is within everyone’s reach provided we make earnest and honest attempt. How many of us are aware that the Supreme Self is residing in every self? How many of us are able to recognize and bring out the Supreme Soul relegating ourselves to the background? Let us have introspection find out the peace, love and harmony within.
8. 5/6/16.
As for rewarding for one’s work I think it would be pertinent to mention one thing. Once a Guru assigned a task to a disciple, which other disciples felt very tough. When the work was accomplished to the satisfaction of the Guru, the disciple who accomplished should have been rewarded; that is our expectation and another disciple raised this question, to which the Guru replied: “The moment I assigned the task to my disciple, I have conferred on him the reward too!” Sometimes we are unable to distinguish what is a reward and what is not. Similarly, the moment you commenced this blog, the Lord Rama has decided that your effort should be a continuous and uninterrupted one, providing food for thought for many and uplifting them from their present position. Did not Saint Thjyagaraja sing: “Nithi Saala Sukhama, Ramuni Ninnithi Seva Sukhama, Nijamula Balgu Manasa?”

9. 4/6/16.
Our elders have taught us to live in tune with nature. One important advice given by them is cleanliness. When we talk of environment, we attach much importance to cleanliness, for without cleanliness the grossness would become very thick and at one point of time it would be a Herculean task to clean the stable. Let us make it a point to observe every day as environment day and not be satisfied remembering environment on one day in a year! By-the-by I cannot fail to notice your good intention of showing the picture of Thulasi leaves, which are symbols of purity!
10. 3/6/16.

Summer; one side of the coin. When we want to own a coin we have to accept that we take both sides of the coin. So summer and winter, two sides of the coin, have become a regular feature and we are thankful to the Creator!

11. 2/6/16.

God has given men many gifts and trees are more prominent among them. People, by and large, do not want to cut the trees for they know their value. What surprises me is there is no mechanism so far to check the unauthorized felling of the trees and to prevent the action. Greed has overcome man and he is prepared even to sell his parents for cash!
12. 1/6/16.
If we give more importance to love, elders will not have to face a grim situation in their old age. In recent times people, both young and old, have started attaching too much of importance for money and this has caused heart-burns, when a son says “this is my money.” After all money is only a method for financial transactions and nothing more. It is high time we revert to the old system of love and love alone, where there will be no giver or taker.
13. 31/5/16.
The society cannot be said to have progressed in the negative direction! It is moving in the reverse direction. For, any such progress, tangible results would be visible which would be helpful to the mankind.
14. 31/5/16.
In my school days for the first time in life I went to a doctor at Erode for some complaints. I was very much impressed by a board hanging there. The words written in that board were “PLEASURE IS THE KEYNOTE OF SMOKING. BUT IS IT? PLEASURE AT 20, IRRESISTIBLE ADDICTION AT 30, CARDIO-VASCULAR PAIN AT 40; CANCER AT 50; DEATH CERTIFICATE AT 55; THESE ARE ALL THE JOYS OF TOBACCO!” The pity is, now-a-days I find some of the doctors smoking in the presence of their patients! The preceptor should follow his own preaching, which is wanting now!
I am sorry I have not heard of him! (It is always better to accept our ignorance when we know nothing!)
16. 29/5/16.

It is surprising that from time immemorial the plight of the citizens has not changed for the good. There is no guarantee that the chieftain will be benevolent to his subjects; very often he conducts himself as a dictator to which poor people submit without knowing the real power latent in them. This is also evidenced by the present day happenings when we see someone stealing money from someone but we do not have the courage to stop the stealing or chastise or reprimand the thief! We are afraid of even rebuking or admonishing the wrong doer! The people write their own fate and only a powerful revolt can change the situation, which, in the near future, appears as a mirage!
17. 28/5/16.

We salute the peace keeping force throughout the world. But the inner peace alone is most important. It stems from the self and spreads like wildfire when there is proper communication. In such a condition there is no place for mistrust, hatred, acrimony or enmity. Everyone considers his brother or sister. This may be called a Utopian idea; but the farsightedness of a few has changed the history of countries.
18. 27/5/16.

Nehru was one of the architects of the nation. In his public life he was honest and faithful to himself and to the nation. India would not have seen this much of progress but for him.
19. 27/5/16.

I think there is no use of speaking ill of the late leader. There was no competent person to bridle him at a time when his action was objectionable, if at all the charges levelled against him are serious. The inaction of a few close persons to Nehru has caused much harm to the nation, which we cannot deny!
20. 26/5/16.
The evils of smoking and drinking are known to all. But they are caught in its clutches; even if they are shown a way they do not want to give up this habit. But what is more worse is the Government working hand in glove with the tobacco and liquor industries in order t o raise its revenue, discounting the health of the citizens!
21. 25/5/16.
The missing child’s parents first and the society second are primarily responsible for the missing love and affection.
Sometimes poverty compels parents not to continue their search for the missing child! As the reformer poet Subramanya Bharathi said, let us ensure that all the people in the world are provided with the first basic necessity of food. Then comes compassion and love, which should be showered on the children, so that there will not be any chance for them to go astray! A day should come when we shall proclaim that there is no missing child!
22. 24/5/16.

The coining of the word commonwealth itself is an indication that the wealth in the world should be common to all. A high ideal accepted willingly many countries and marching on the road to progress!
23. 23/5/16.
Rajiv Gandhi’s sincere efforts to improve the country became like the beauty of a rose that bloomed in a forest! We can only pray the Almighty to show us the beacon of light and lead us to a new era of Ramrajya. People belonging to the old school of thought feel and say that one should do his duty meticulously without expecting any reward. Now the trend has reversed!
24. 22/5/16.

I am very happy to find that even now you are only in white-and-white!
25. 21/5/16.
There are two schools of thought; one wants to be orthodox and conservative and the other wants to be reformist and joyful. Are these thoughts wrong? My thinking is an emphatic NO. But we must learn to blend the good features in both conservative and reformist natures and derive the optimum benefit. In our younger days we were asked to apply a four point test for anything. Do what we hear is truth? Is there any benefit to the society by this news? Is the credibility of the author of the news dependable one? Did we make dispassionate enquiries to find out ourselves the basis of the news as to whether it is a true one or not? What should be our next course of action? If we remember these things then we can contribute a lot for a harmonious living.
26. 20/5/16.
You have rightly taken the subject of weather condition. When there is a change in weather it affects many. Strong wind uproots plantain trees and we are made to seek alternative for the plantain leaf; inadequate rain or excessive rain both cause havoc in food production. In spite of advancement in technology we are surprised to find the dramatic changes in the weather conditions, which are found to be unpredictable fully. This leaves the people to appeal to Mother God to spare them from the fury of nature and let them live the normal life.
27. 19/5/16.
When I first went to Chennai (it was then known as Madras) my friend told me that he would take me to Seththa College (dead college)! I was curious to know what it was and found that he had named the museum in his Chennai slang as Seththa College!
28. 17/5/16.

When the word “telepathy” was used, there were not many takers to the idea that one communicate to another person without physical presence or the use of any written communication. The advent of computer technology and introduction of new smart phones has proved that one can communicate with other person not necessarily with physical presence. Who knows, technology may usher in new marvels which man has not thought of till now and make best use of the advanced technology, which is growing from year to year in newer and newer forms!
29. 16/5/16.
If one is asked to select any one of the following, viz., happiness, joy, contented mind or peace, which one he or she would prefer? Certainly peace; for where there is peace that place becomes heaven!
30. 15/5/16.

For some the worship in the temple is a must every day. What is the significance of worshipping the deities in the temple every day? Does not it appear monotonous? Absolutely NO! For many a temple is a shelter, where they can unload the weight from their hearts and return home with a sense of satisfaction. A day may come when we may not need the temple at all, i.e., if we start feeling the presence of God in our heart, there will be no necessity to look for HIM outside. But this is practicable only for spiritual aspirants, whose only aim is oneness with God. Let us all create the carving to be with God forever, so that the afflictions of the materialistic world will not affect us. We will certainly react to these afflictions and do our might to mitigate the hardships of many; but we would do our duty without any attachment. Let that day usher in for all!
31. 13/5/16.
The expression of fragrance, abundance and dedication are reflected by flowers. Let us pray the life of our brethren be filled with fragrance of the flowers.
32. 6/5/16.

There is lot of discussion, of late, on No Diet Day. If we keep everything in moderation, including food, work, play, sleep, etc, it can work wonders. As for the Bard of Bengal it is an indication that it is high time we return to the old days when nothing but love permeated everywhere. There was time, irrespective of the religious affiliation, people maintained a high standard, full of honour, dignity and integrity. When we show an accusing finger towards a person that he or she is corrupt, we have to remember that three fingers point out at us! Financially we can be free from corruption. Yet, it becomes our onerous duty to raise our voice with courage and that we are not charged of our inaction when something goes wrong in our neighborhood or elsewhere.
33. 5/5/16.
Time is a remarkable gift of God to mankind. The special feature is there cannot be any carry forward of unused time! If we do not use time, then it is lost forever. If we are willing to use it properly, then it is available 24 hours in a day. This gift cannot be equated with any other boon!
34. 5/5/16.

The Bible says gift of tongues. Man is provided with lots of opportunities to spread in the world and athletics is one such way. The sporting spirit found in our sportsmen is quite appreciable and we wish them many laurels.
35. 4/5/16.
Service minded fire-fighters not only deserve a cake but recognition of their valiant efforts!
36. 3/5/16.
The right to freedom of opinion and expression, in the fifties, sixties, seventies and eighties, was recognized by all citizens in a decent and dignified way and there was no occasion for any war of words or acrimonious debate. Let us take a pledge that we would return to those days to ensure a harmonious living. If the opinion of a person is wrong, we may tell him/her how our assessment is based that it is wrong. Let us also have the patience to listen to the voice of other person who has a dissenting opinion from ours! The principle of thesis, antithesis and synthesis may be our guiding factor.
37. 2/5/16.

Neither strikes nor lockouts”. Very true. Are all people treated equally? Why the authorities prefer to keep a Nelson’s eye to the peoples’ problems? Why a select few want to live in ivory tower at the sweat of others? The case is that of Vijay Mallya who is said to be liable to pay Rs.9000 crore to the lending banks and still has been allowed to go Scot free. The preceptor should follow his own preaching; otherwise liberty, equality and fraternity can be found only on paper.
38. 1/5/16.
A good travelling account has been presented by S. Nivetha! One has to be careful in keeping his or her belongings safe everywhere.
39. 30/4/16.
Dawn–one more gift of Nature to the world!
40. 29/4/16.

Good day. Let us dance to the tunes of the Mighty Monarch alone!
41. 28/4/16. On views crossing 33000.
A beautiful expression!
The light from the candles becomes more and more bright attracting many insects.
42. 27/4/16.
One wonders whether man can create such a variety of colors (not in the artificial way but as nature presents it to us
43. 25/4/16.
Apart from enjoying the haiku, let us take a resolve that we will do everything within our power to preserve nature with all its pristine glory and leave it in the same way we found it when we were born. Too many drops make an ocean. So, if more number of people come forward to promise to themselves that they would live in tune with nature, the quality of life can certainly be improved.
44. 24/4/16.

Birds of the same feather flock together. One who goes through the blogs would sooner or later join the priceless group of people whose only aim in life is to progress more and more in life.
45. 23/4/16.
In our childhood days we had no way of spending the leisure time except reading books. A book in any language makes a man to think. It enriches his knowledge. It teaches him how to marshal arguments in a case [example: The pleadings of Lord Rama to Seetha Devi not to come with him to the forest and the reply given by Seetha Devi (Vanam Duhkaharam)]. It helps to ruminate for a long time what we had read and this gives us a lot of mental happiness!
A reminder once again to live in tune with nature!
47. 21/4/16.

Rajeev Jha, The old groups of people who were free, frank and fearless have vanished. What happened to our courage and valour? What is the difficulty in calling a spade a spade? Have not we learnt enough lessons from the stories of King Canute, etc? Why should we surrender our prestige to a penniless thing? The Bhagavad Gita says that the biggest friend to a man is himself and the worst enemy also himself! Let us realize that they might is in our hands and raise our head and proclaim to the world that we are more than equal in patriotism to any other country!
48. 20/4/16.
In Pitman’s Shorthand book, in lesson 121, we read “That which is lightly got is little valued.” As for the water scarcity let us have introspection. What do we do when Mother Nature is gracious enough to give us more than enough water in one season? When I first came to Coimbatore, I was surprised to find that boats were moving in Vaalankulam lake and was told that the rain water would flow as a chain from Periakulam lake up to the lakes in a place known Palladam (covering nearly a distance of about 30 kilometers). So, for a major portion of the year, we had no water problem. Why there is a total change now? The myopia of the ruling classes in amassing the wealth of the nature and the lack of fore-sightedness about the needs that would arise in the years to come are also major causes for our suffering. Of course, when nature wants to punish us to remain without water for years together we feel helpless and we are simply at the mercy of God. So this time let us beseech the rain God and sing the “Aazhimazhaik Kanna” song. We are sure sincere prayers would definitely be answered.

49. 17/4/16.
Mr. Subbaraman, with the passing of every year you are becoming more and more young! I pray the Almighty for your good health and longevity.
50. 16/4/16.
Lord Rama has set an example to us all as to how should one live in this world and conduct himself/herself. If everyone follows the footsteps of Sri Raama there will be no bickering or hatred.
51. 16/4/16.

I agree with Sri Subbaraman; a bird requires both the wings to fly. But, if it tilts one wing to a lower degree, then the bird will only be circling over an area and would not proceed further straight!
52. 15/4/16.
Let the change start from ourselves. Let us set a noble example for others and let our example be emulated by others.

When friends state that they admire you being a totaller it does not strike me much for the simple reason that sugarcane can always be sweet and it never loses its character! Very many times I have been wondering from whom you learnt the edicts of the great Patanjali, whose Ashtaanga Yoga are our footsteps in our effort to reach HIM!
Fresh and cool air passes through us when we read your message! We very much expect you all to attend the wedding of Aswini next month.
I will try to be at Chennai sometime in August or September this year (God willing)! My granddaughter who has been working in Montevideo, Uruguay has been pressing me and my wife to accompany her to Melbourne where she would be settling down after her wedding. I do not have a fancy in the flights but my wife’s thinking is different! We read in Sivapuiraanam “Avanarulaal Avan Thaal Vanangi.” So let us pray Sri Ramana to enable us to meet at a suitable time as HE thinks congenial.
Thank you very much, Mr. Subbaraman! I wonder when we could meet and exchange pleasantries! May the Almighty help us for it!
What appears to one person as normal looks abnormal in the eyes of another. Many of us do not think about the Haiku. We are simply satisfied with our daily monotony of food and sleep! One must be fortunate even to appreciate the beauty of the Mother Nature and all that is bestowed on the mankind by the most benevolent Almighty!
Dear Mr. Subbaraman, It is a good thing to show to the world that no job is mean job! If we study our body health day after day we find that cleanliness is an important function; the bad cells in the body are washed away when we take a bath before taking our food and this principle is inter-twined in many ways. First from the body-level and then to the mind-level. The more a person is clean, he becomes like a feather and is able to navigate easily among all groups of people, or areas or animals.
58. 31/3/16.
Dear Mr. Subbaraman, It is a good thing to show to the world that no job is mean job! If we study our body health day after day we find that cleanliness is an important function; the bad cells in the body are washed away when we take a bath before taking our food and this principle is inter-twined in many ways. First from the body-level and then to the mind-level. The more a person is clean, he becomes like a feather and is able to navigate easily among all groups of people, or areas or animals.
59. 14/6/16.
Donating blood is not only a sacred one but also saving some one’s precious life. The peculiarity is the donor does not see the person who receives his blood and vice versa. It is something like a life-cycle where everything fits in conveniently, according to the Will of God.
60. 15/6/16.
Not giving the attention to the parents, which they rightly deserve, stems out of selfishness and greed; unwillingness to part with even minor financial and medical help. But western culture did not teach this to us! Why are we drifting from the wisdom of our ancestors?
61. 17/6/16.
The only thing that does not change in this world is change. The old order changeth; yielding place to new. But, in the name of change, let us not forget our cultural moorings and tradition.
62. 19/6/16.
Apart from being good companions of man, cats and dogs do a lot of work for him and he should ever be grateful to God for having sent these domesticated animals to his help!
Fathers have done their duties perfectly and made us worthy sons in this life. In my young age my father taught me time-audit and made me to know the value of time! I may not be a perfect father to my children because their views did not go along with mine. But all fathers ensure that their children lead a better life than themselves and are willing to sacrifice anything for their sake.
Thanks for all your support to my Sunday stories. I hope you would have enjoyed this post.

 Mr. Uthayamurthy with his spouse.


Journalist Muthu Aiyer with his grandson “learning Computer? or teaching!”

Strange and inscrutable are the ways of TECHNOLOGY! With not much of  ‘GREAT EXPECTATIONS’ I launched my blog ‘ENVIUS THOUGHTS’ on 28th February 2015. Today it is 449th day of the Blog and carries 486th post.

Technology unites the people known and unknown, young and old, near and far!

Here is a former JOURNALIST who came across ENVIUS THOUGHTS and started expressing his views through Feed back form regularly besides his comments in the Face Book.  While in service he was in Delhi as UNI correspondent and now I believe he is settled in Hyderabad. His name is Muthu Aiyer.

I have great pleasure in sharing with my esteemed viewers in this SUNDAY STORY-A JOURNALIST’S VIEW OF ENVIUS THOUGHTS which I am sure you will find quite interesting and informative. I enjoy the feedback and get inspired.


N V Subbaraman in his chambers when he was in service!!!!!!



Comment: National Day for Cultural Development.

Culture is an identity of the country, State in which one lives. Now it is not so. These days most so called civilized society in National/State capital is very much influenced by other Country’s culture. Culture is revealed through the dress you wear, the way you eat and what you eat, the way you behave. The customs you fall from your forefathers etc. etc. The dresses we wear are mostly based on the weather and climatic conditions prevail in your respective country. If the temperature is below 0 deg.C apparently people wear the dress to fight against the nature. But, if the same dress is followed in countries like India during the winter even if the temperature is at bearable level, they call it setting of new fashion trends! We can even express our patriotism by printing our national flag in our shirts etc. without breaking the law. If a Pakistan flag is hoisted in Kashmir by anybody we call him a traitor but if a man in the above said civilized society is wearing a T-shirt printed with American flag he calls it a fashion. Alas! This is the cultural status today and let us celebrate ”National Day for Cultural Development” today with a hope that at least this celebration may bring back our true culture and make us to feel the value of our heritage……Parampara! I am thankful to Mr. N V Subbaraman to bring out such valuable articles to tip of the people to come back to their original form.


Time: May 21, 2016 at 12:07 pm

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World Meteorology Day!

Once upon a time a Tamil proverb was in vogue: “Maariyum, Mahapperum Mahesan Kaiyil” means rains and child birth are with will of God alone. We have earmarked rainy season from this month to that month for different parts of our country but whether it is raining or not during that period is at the disposal of God Himself. “God created the earth for the people to live in peace”  God has created the earth for every creature on this globe to live in peace. But what man thinks is I have to live in comfort at the cost of others and other things. Deforestation spoiling the peace of wild animals that has resulted the entry of tigers, lions and elephants into the urban/ city areas, air pollution by invention of so much variety of automobiles etc. etc. People want whether to live in peace or not but definitely in comfort! Alas! Meteorology is nothing but our Panchankam. Science versus our conventional system. That’s all. This is (from May 4 to May 28, 2016)supposed to be Agni Nakshatram period in Chennai and most of the other parts of our country. There is torrential rain in many places of Tamil Nadu reflecting cloudy weather in Karnataka and Andhra/Telengana while the Sun is burning with 45 to 47 deg. C in U.P. Delhi and other northern parts of India. In this condition we celebrate World Meteorology Day! Let us enjoy!!



“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”

What a great philosopher inspired millions of people across the world. Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow is unseen and/or unpredictable. Today is our life. We must live it in peace. That is why the Great Man quotes as above. One cannot and should not forget him in life!



Comment: “World Museum Day”

Museum is for educating our future generation about our real and old culture. Our ancient people did not have that much knowledge to accumulate their period utensils used during their period and the method of architecture they adopted etc. If they were preserved at one place like a museum we would have come to know their life style in full. But, now from some findings hither and thither by way of excavation etc we come to know. Now, our life style has also changed to a great extent with the growing fashion trend. We must preserve them all in a capsule and bury it at a considerable depth with the mention of our period so that people of future generation could assess the value of our present life style. It is a very nice post and educative also as well simulative too.




Comment: World Tele-communication and Information Society Day!


In my childhood I was used as medium for communication! Yes, if any good or bad happens in our home it must be communicated to our relatives residing in other villages miles away. I hire a bicycle and pedal it for miles to reach their respective villages and convey the messages. Now, if any national leader is assassinated the news reaches the thousands of kilometers away countrymen in seconds. What a great achievement of our human society! If I could not see a very interesting movie released in 1950s, now I do not regret for it as before because that movie comes to my drawing room through a TV channel to enthuse me. You think of something and see it on internet through your PC. More than what god has created, now human inventions, I can say, surpasses it. Greetings to all my fellow citizens and international human fraternity on this World Tele-communication and Information Society Day today!



Peace is the frame of mind

Peace dwells in heart

Peace blossoms from the mind

Peace from everyone to start!

Must be engraved on Gold Plate!

Peace in family, Peace in our nation, peace in our village, town, city, Peace in working place, Peace in the World as a whole. Peace is now needed everywhere. Let us make a vigorous and peaceful search for the peace which we lost a long ago. Live in Peace! Help to remain in Peace!!



God is omnipresent. There is a small story in Islamic style. One Fakir was resting at a Masjid stretching his legs towards the sanctum sanctorum and was also enjoying toddy. A maid came and addressed the Fakir: “Is it not sinful that you are lying before the sanctum stretching your legs towards it? Pat came reply from the Fakir: “Oh, Sakhi (maid) tell me the place where god is not present so that I could stretch my legs towards that direction. This has made that maid silent and she went away forthwith. Even the history of earth reveals that once upon a time the Hinduism was dominating this whole of universe. So, it is not wonder that our Hindu deities are establishing their presence all over the world now. Once upon a time people used to go on pilgrimage to the holy places like Sabari hills, Trichy Malaikottai hills,Pazhani hill, Tirupati hills, Kedarnath etc. in search of gods. But now, god is reaching to places at a command of some people!



Family does not mean that a husband and wife with their children make it. It is a wide circle goes on expanding with the rotation of Time Wheel. I remember to have read in this very same FB once that a family has more than hundred members in it. That is family. If it lives under one roof it is certainly a family. With city life, multi storied buildings with flat system, government allotted quarters it is very difficult to speak about a family in family sense. We celebrate this day today remembering our father and his forefathers living style.



He was a great leader and still continues to dwell in the hearts of many. I can say Shaiva Siddhantham came to light only because of Sri Ramanujacharya. There was a fight once upon a time between shaivam and vaishnavam but there was not at all any hatred feeling. Adi Shankara preached Advaidam which became best known among shaivite when it was differed by Ramanujacharya with Visishtadwaitham. There must be debate on our each and every understanding but it should at the same time not become fight against each other was the policy of both Adi Shankara and Sri Ramanujacharya. Worth worshipping Ramanujacharya so long we worship Adi Shankara. Very nice write up by Mr. NVS on Sri Ramanujacharya. Yes he was and he is Acharya (preacher/teacher) forever.



Precisely I would say human, right from the beginning, indulged in technological advancement to make his life more and more comfortable except in a very few cases it is for their essential needs. We categorized this as Stone Age etc. under civilization. Fighting against the nature he shifted from the tree shadow to caves and advanced to civil constructions. He found fire rubbing the rock stones and this has been improvised in many ways. Now it stands at electronic lighters and so on. But one thing what we could observe from this technological improvement is that nowadays it has made a man or a woman completely idle paving way to develop so many diseases in him/her. Memory power reduced. Even for a small calculations the present generation seeking the help of calculator and/or computer etc.



If the birds are migrating from one place to other it is not only for their survival but also give enchantment to the views of other placed people too. But, if a man is migrating from one place to other it could be mostly for the reason of money and in a very few cases it could be for the reason of not getting a suitable position for the talent and ideas he may possess. So many variety of birds in the creation of God, but they do not fight for any caste nor do they have any racism etc!. Because they have brain level lesser than human beings! Why do we grow like this and birds like that is only best known to the God alone!



So long a person lives for himself/herself the fire fires smoothly and cooking of life goes fantastic. But once a person starts living to impress others, to surpass status of others then the fire burns and makes one into ashes. Living for others to help achieving their needs could cool him.


World Dance Day.

Comment: This one I have written a year ago in the FB on this day. I have pleasure in reproducing it here now:

The whole world is based on the cosmic power of Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja. On this World Dance Day I express my hearty best wishes to all the Dance masters, Dance Students, Dance Teachers, Dance Academies and Institutions et al. Besides remembering those dedicate masters Late Vazhuvoor Ramiah Pillai who shaped our Bharatha Natyam in this country to new heights as well Kathak Guru Brij Maharaj. Odessa dance maestro Guru Mohapatra and many more like them. Happy World Dance Day!. I cannot forget those days of my association with Late Guru K.J. Govindarajan, Guru Venkatraman of Natya Sudha, Guru Dakshinamoorthy (all from our capital city of Delhi) as well Sikkil Guru Ramaswamy Pillai. Even today many more are fully involved in the field of Bharathanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri etc. among them I remember One living Guru Smt. Marie Elangovan. Although she is hailing from a foreign country, she has not only mastered the Bharathanatyam art of our country, settled in our country and fully dedicated herself to the said art. Even otherwise, the whole family of Keeranoor Guru late Sri K.J Govindarajan is fully dedicated themselves to this Bharathanatyam alone. I wish them all a grand success after success throughout their life. I feel Tamil Nadu government must identify such artists like Mari Elangovan and Mr G. Elangovan, as well flute vidwan G Raghuraman and encourage them all by awarding the State award of Kalaimamani. We must be proud to be Indians being in the land where Nataraja exists in the form of Bharathanatyam (originated from Tamil Nadu)

Mr. NVS with his wide knowledge writes on various subjects, that too on time it must be written. I am a staunch fan of the great writer Mr. N V Subbaraman.


N V Subbaraman today in his Blog work.




Yes; that is what my Blogging University say

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Dividends rich to read and enjoy every day

Thanks to ‘ENVIUS THOUGHTS’in WORD-PRESS, platform to share!


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To give inputs intellectual -in  arts and science,

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We shall keep our goal clear to write the best in Blogs

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I don’t know where I am in the blogosphere- the wonderland of BLOGGING!

I am carrying on with my passion for blogging and today it is 410th post from 28/2/2015.

To my greatest joy and surprise, I learn from MY THINK OUT- that it has come out with a nomination for my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS for LIEBSTER AWARD!

I very strongly feel that “I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep” in the art and science of BLOGGING and it is too early to think of an award. Any how world is moving fast and one has to run faster to catch up.


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Second step: sharing the award in ENVIUS THOUGHTS -my BLOG!

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  • On the fourteenth anniversary of my retirement at a senior level in an Indian Public Sector Organization called LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA on 28/2/2015, I felt like sharing my four decades and more experiences with my former colleagues, friends and the Public, I wrote my first post titled “MY TRYST WITH LIC OF INDIA” and that received tremendous response. My journalist son from Bangalore urged me to continue my writing spree and introduced me as a Blogger through and I stand where I am today with 410 posts since 28/2/2015 with a total views exceeding 33000 and visitors 23000!
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  • Great Tamil Saint Poet THIRUVALLUVAR, Indian Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian national Poet Bharathiyar from Tamilnadu..
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Natyanjali Dance Festival is today. (7/3/16)

‘Man lives not by bread alone’-very rightly said

God created man and a million ways made

To have peace and harmony, joy and happiness

Arts and fine arts make life noble and creative!


One is Dance – dance of nature and Divinity

Offered to Nataraj- in all serenity

The dancing manifestation of Lord Shiva

One abode in Tamilnadu-Chidambaram!


The Natyanjali Dance Festival -five day long

Starts today with reverence and gaiety quite strong

The Festival attracts dancers from all over

Spreading message of Unity in diversity!