Yes; that is what my Blogging University say

Sure I will; please be assured that  it is bound to pay

Dividends rich to read and enjoy every day

Thanks to ‘ENVIUS THOUGHTS’in WORD-PRESS, platform to share!


Blogging 101 trained us many in the Word Press

Bloggers University great and nice sure to impress

All the Bloggers to attain  greater glory and fame

Among-st the members of the bloggosphere to earn name!


To give inputs intellectual -in  arts and science,

Verse and prose, humor and serious- no nonsense

We shall keep our goal clear to write the best in Blogs

And serve the section of the viewers all over the globe!


I don’t know where I am in the blogosphere- the wonderland of BLOGGING!

I am carrying on with my passion for blogging and today it is 410th post from 28/2/2015.

To my greatest joy and surprise, I learn from MY THINK OUT- that it has come out with a nomination for my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS for LIEBSTER AWARD!

I very strongly feel that “I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep” in the art and science of BLOGGING and it is too early to think of an award. Any how world is moving fast and one has to run faster to catch up.


6:23 PM (1 hour ago)

to me
 Name: aatigogo

Email: ada.atigogo@yahoo.comWebsite: http://mythinkout.wordpress.com

Comment: Hi, I nominated you for an award please go to this link https://mythinkout.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/liebster-award/

Time: March 7, 2016 at 6:23 pm
IP Address:
Contact Form URL: https://nvsr.wordpress.com/
Sent by a verified WordPress.com user.

This is how the first information has come to me and going to the link, I get the following directions!!
Naturally I have to comply with:
  • Thank my nominator
  • Share the award on my blog
  • Answer the 10 questions asked of me
  • Ask 10 questions of 10 new nominees
  • Notify them

Yes; let me comply with the step ONE; “I wholeheartedly thank the nominator for his great love and regards for my ENVIUS THOUGHTS that has led him to take a decision to nominate for the award.

Second step: sharing the award in ENVIUS THOUGHTS -my BLOG!

  • Liebster-Award-Large
  • STEP THREE :Answering TEN questions:
  • Why did you decide to blog?
  • On the fourteenth anniversary of my retirement at a senior level in an Indian Public Sector Organization called LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA on 28/2/2015, I felt like sharing my four decades and more experiences with my former colleagues, friends and the Public, I wrote my first post titled “MY TRYST WITH LIC OF INDIA” and that received tremendous response. My journalist son from Bangalore urged me to continue my writing spree and introduced me as a Blogger through https://nvsr.wordpress.com and I stand where I am today with 410 posts since 28/2/2015 with a total views exceeding 33000 and visitors 23000!
  • Who is your biggest blog fan
  •  There are several. Please see my several posts in the archives under the title VIEWER’S VIEW on ENVIUS THOUGHTS and VISITOR’S VOICE on ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
  • What is your favorite blog to read (besides your own)?
  • I read several of my co-bloggers in wordpress and one from SAM in http://murthy936.blogspot.com.au/, and another rvr_india.blogspot.in
  • What is your favorite movie?
  • I am totally a movie abstainer!
  • Who is your favorite author?
  • If you could travel anywhere ,where could it be?
  • Can it be Canada where my third son is a Vision Scientist and my Daughter -in -law who is also a Vision Scientist?
  • When was the last time you laughed so hard that tears begin to come out of your eyes?
  • Sorry; not readily comes in my mind. Is it because it is several years since I ?
  • Who inspire you the most?
  • Great Tamil Saint Poet THIRUVALLUVAR, Indian Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi and the Indian national Poet Bharathiyar from Tamilnadu..
  • What are the two most things in your life
  • As of now my family and my passion that is my BLOG ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
  • What is your goal for your blog in 2016?
  • As I have been “HELP EVER, HURT NEVER
    •                   LOVE ALL SERVE ALL”, my Blog also to promote and the Blog stands for “greater catholicity and nobility”.

Natyanjali Dance Festival is today. (7/3/16)

‘Man lives not by bread alone’-very rightly said

God created man and a million ways made

To have peace and harmony, joy and happiness

Arts and fine arts make life noble and creative!


One is Dance – dance of nature and Divinity

Offered to Nataraj- in all serenity

The dancing manifestation of Lord Shiva

One abode in Tamilnadu-Chidambaram!


The Natyanjali Dance Festival -five day long

Starts today with reverence and gaiety quite strong

The Festival attracts dancers from all over

Spreading message of Unity in diversity!    




I am of strong conviction that ‘calendar’ is one’s friend, philosopher and guide. Naturally such a ‘friend, philosopher and guide’ has a sterling role to play in our life.

When the Blogging 101 as the last Sunday thought suggested “EDITORIAL CALENDAR”, I grabbed at the same and I share with my esteemed viewers and co-bloggers my thoughts on the theme as per the guidelines suggested now.

I was all along under the impression that the CALENDAR is  for ‘publication‘ only and now I look into its broader dimension thanks to BLOGGER 101.

“Sketch out an editorial calendar to cover your next month days of blogging (or just set a few goals), then visit and congratulate five other Blogging 101 bloggers?”

As ‘ENVIUS THOUGHTS’ my blog in https://nvsr.wordpress.com is having its first birth day today, through careful planning I have posted my 400th post-TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 8!


My planning calendar will show one post every day; Sunday, a SUNDAY STORY and Monday to Friday an English poem. On what? It will be decided on a day to day basis!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it scientific and systematic- it has gone like this from 28/2/15 to 28/2/16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Goddess of learning guides me!

March:6,13,20,27: Sunday Story-ENVIUS THOUGHTS to the taste of sections of the audience.

All week days -English poems including translated Tamil literature in English.

Special poem days: 4th March: Jayendra Saraswathy Jayanthi.

5/3: World Spelling Day.

7/3. Natyanjali Festival.

10/3. World Kidney Day.

14/3. Commonwealth Day.

15/3 World Consumer Day.

18/3. Sun-Earth day.

21/3. World Forestry Day.

22/3. World Water Day.

23/3. Guru Poornimaa.

24/3. Holi Festival.

EVENT:   30/3. Write Anything Wednesday.

Bloggers of Blogging 101 visited and congratulated:

  1. aatigogo
  2. Claudia Sava
  3. life begins at
  4. Froshkid Blog
  5. joanne 2016.
  6. Pointless and prosaic (Sadagopan)


Friends, I carry on with my Editorial Calendar and I thank Blogging 101 immensely for taking us to the new world of bloggosphere in the last so many memorable days since 8th of the month!

Bye, we shall continue in some form or other!






  Blogging 101- It’s our last weekend together(27/2/16)


if you want to make the most of these last days of Blogging 101, we’ve got two good ideas for you:

“Review your posts to date and use them to brainstorm. Look back over what you’ve published. What have you been most proud of? What are the common threads? Which have been most popular? Create and save at least two draft posts with ideas that come from those.”

Well, the week that has bid goodbye saw my following 12 postings from Monday to Friday.:(including this Saturday  12)

  1. 27/2/16. 399th post. POLAR BEAR DAY

2  27/2/16. 398th         VOICE OF RAMANA Part 14

  1. 26/2/16. 397th VOICE OF RAMANA Part 13.
  2. 26/2/16. 396th. Blogging 101/15 Create New Posting Feature,
  3. 25/2/16. 395th. Voice of Ramana Part 12.
  4. 25/2/16. 394th Blogging 101/14 Extend your Brand.
  5. 24/2/16 393rd. Voice of Ramana Part 11.
  6. 24/2/16. 392nd Blogging 101/13. Event “Write Anything Wednesday”.
  7. 23/2/16. 391st. Voice of Ramana Part 10

10.23/2/16. 390th.       Blogging 101/12 Increase Your Commenting Confidence.

  1. 22/2/16. 389th. Voice of Ramana Part 9
  2. 22/2/16. 388th. Blogging 101/11 The Road Less Traveled.

Naturally I am proud of my translated work “VOICE OF RAMANA” and all the five assignments-(11 to 15) Out of these assignments 5, I like very much and proud of my “The Road Less Traveled” and the Event “Write Anything Wednesday”.

Common thread is the sayings and philosophy of one of the world renowned Saints of India-Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi translated from Tamil to English.

Assignments 11 and 13 the common thread being –to steps towards PERFECT BLOGGING.

Happily in all these 6 days, day’s views were all over 100 and that I consider as an indication of popularity of the post.

“Create and save at least two draft posts with ideas that come from those.”

Draft I.  “The purpose of any creative artist is to make his creation acceptable to his audience and deriving self satisfaction and a sense of achievement. Considering from this standard, I derived maximum satisfaction as of now and that is the AWARD I got this weekend. At the same time I am conscious of the fact that ‘I have miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep’ in the wonderland of Blogging”.


It is said that ‘a man is a social animal’ and naturally he wants to move  and socialize with fellow human beings. Great way is participating in the various ‘events’ that are organized at different levels, places and by different forums and people. In that way when the blogging 101 announced the EVENT as an assignment 101/13 which happened to be a Wednesday, I was tempted to take up the event “WRITE ANYTHING WEDNESDAY” and I could post a 20 line poem – each line having 20 lines of fifteen syllables each with rhyme pattern AA,BB…..”(Available to view in ENVIUS THOUGHTS post 392 on 24/2/16.)

This again gave me a sense of achievement.

I visited the following five blogging participants and made appropriate comment with confidence.

  1. shmalizandmenudo
  2. Blair Atherton.
  3. Pointless and Prosaic of Satagopan
  4. jobcenteraktivistin
  5. Chris Nicholas
  6. Beejai

We shall meet tomorrow after completing the Sunday parting thought! Bye till then.




One of the famous songs by the great nationalist poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar runs as:

(1)      எத்தனை கோடி இன்பம் வைத்தாய் –எங்கள்

இறைவா! இறைவா! இறைவா!

(2)    சித்தினை அசித்துடன் இணைத்தாய் – அங்கு

சேரும்ஐம் பூதத்து வியனுல கமைத்தாய்.

அத்தனை யுலகமும் வர்ணக் களஞ்சிய

மாகப் பலபல நல் லழகுகள் சமைத்தாய்.

(3)   முக்தியென் றொருநிலை சமைத்தாய் –அங்கு

முழுதினையு முணரும் உணர்வமைத்தாய்

பக்தியென் றொரு நிலை வகுத்தாய் யெங்கள்

பரமா ! பரமா ! பரமா

Eththanai kodi inbam vaiththaay – enggaL

Iraivaa! Iraivaa! Iraivaa!

Chiththinai achiththudan iNaiththaay – anggu

Saerum aim boodhaththu viyanula gamaiththaay.

Aththanai ulagamum varNak kaLanjiya

Maagap palpala nal lazagugaL samaiththaay.

Mukthiyend rorunilai samaiththaay – anggu

Muzudhinaiyum uNarum uNarvamaiththaay.

Bhakthiyen droru nilai vaguththaay yengaL

Paramaa ! paramaa ! paramaa!

In English it is this:

1. How many billions are the joys Thou hast

Deigned to create, O Lord, O Lord.

2.Thou hast married the Chith with achith, and there

From the five elements in that union

Thou didst evolve this wondrous universe

All the worlds are thy colorful treasures

And many are the beauties wrought by Thee.

3. Thou didst devise Mukthi and modest it

There possible to comprehend in full

The Infinite that is the Absolute

Thou didst also the path of true devotion

Devise, to attain Thee, O Lord Our Lord!


Among the billions of joys the God has created, one sure is BLOGGING in the bloggosphere!

Yes here is N V Subbaraman, having the ENVIUS THOUGHTS as his blog through https://nvsr.wortdpress.com , is enjoying every bit of his PASSION that is BLOGGING for the last one full year. The Blog was launched on 28th February 2015, exactly a year ago and this is the FOUR HUNDREDTH post- TALE OF A BLOGGER Part VIII- first SEVEN having been published as 50th, 100th, 150th, 200th, 250th, 300th and 350th!  First birth anniversary of the baby blog- ENVIUS THOUGHTS.

Within 100% modesty and humility, I do take legitimate pride in my incredible performance of FOUR HUNDRED posts in THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIX days with a total VIEW score of THIRTY TWO THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY ONE from ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY EIGHT countries of the globe! I fully realize that it is all due to the immense GRACE of THE GODDESS OF LEARNING-SARASWATHY and I bow my head in greatest respect and reverence to HER.

I am immensely grateful to all my VIEWERS, Visitors, followers, and the WORD PRESS, and commenters but for whose support, encouragement and inspiration I might not have enjoyed ‘one of the billions of joys’ referred to by Mahakavi Bharathiyar.

Well, going ahead with this 400th post, in all the earlier SEVEN parts of Tale of a Blogger I have been sharing with my esteemed viewers my experiences as a blogger. In between part VII and VIII I have many pleasant experiences to share.

To be frank and plain, I have not heard of Blogging University till 8th February when I received the following welcome call!

“Welcome to Blogging 101!

You should have already received an email letting you know that you’ve been added to the private course site, The Commons (or, for those of you who don’t blog on wordpress.com, giving you access instructions). Feel free to pop in and introduce yourself to your co-bloggers.”

What an interesting Blogging University! As a participant in the BLOGGING 101, daily there will be an assignment Monday through Friday. I meticulously carried out all the assignments. Kindly visit the archives and go through my completed assignments.

It was indeed a wonderful experience for the last three weeks with 15 assignments-Monday to Friday for three weeks- week end interesting extra thoughts on the subject of Blogging.  I do feel that at 75, I have grown taller- taller in my passion!

“WORD PRESS” is one platform where the Bloggers are provided (flooded?!) with tons of data-rejuvenating, refreshing and inspiring!

Many a time I find it incomprehensible at the psychology of  esteemed viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS. Most of the special days observed in the world will find a place in the blog with a special poem highlighting the day. One such caught the eyes and ears of the viewers was:

“National Cancer Survivors’ Day “posted on 7/6/2015.

And this post was seen by overwhelming visitors. To be precise, out of the total 32251 views on 400 posts so far, 8764 were of this post. Kindly see this post and you will also admit that this is a sort of PRAYER; it would appear that there are so many in the world suffering/suffered with cancer and they make it a point to read this post every day. On 19/1/2016 A CANCER PATENT’S PRAYER was posted and till a few days ago it was not viewed very seriously as is seen by the no. of views just 468.

But throughout the past ten days majority of the day’s views are this prayer totaling 574 as of now in just 41 days.! I am overwhelmed by this view of my esteemed visitors to “ENVIUS THOUGHTS”. I also join my respected visitors to this Blog and pray for the cure and welfare of those who suffered/ suffering with Cancer.

During the period covering the last 50 posts, I had the pleasure of sharing with you the conferment of a title “MOZHIYAAKKA CHEMMAL”(EXPERT TRANSLATOR) on me in appreciation of my number of translated works including Rabindranath Tagore’s GITANJALI from English to Tamil, Bharathiyar’s songs and ThirukkuraL from Tamil to English and so on.

N V Subbaraman receiving the Award in November 2015

As the days go bye and the first anniversary of ENVIUS THOUGHTS has dawned today, I see a perceptible change in my approach, attitude, perceptions on the whole gamut of life- new friends through this wonderful land of Blogging- unseen, unknown , unspoken to- yet having the same outlook which we share through the platform of WORD PRESS and in particular of late, through the COMMONS of Blogging University. But then, I am afraid, whether I am gradually becoming an addict! Yes; at least every 10th or 15th minute I am tempted to look at the NUMBER of VIEWS for the day and record it every two hours and compare them to those at the  corresponding time of the previous day/days! When the current number falls behind, a sort of anxiety sets in and of course I am trying not to be influenced very much with such fleeting figures keeping in mind the words of wisdom enunciated in the great BHAGWAT GITA “Action is thy duty, fruit is not thy concern”!

Thus goes the “TALE OF A BLOGGER”. I do hope and pray that my  next “Tale” part 9 will come on time at the 450th post.  Thanks in millions, friends. We shall again meet through my next post 401; till then good bye!

N V Subbaraman blogger of ENVIUS THOUGHTS addressing a gathering.






I attribute my experiences in Blogging ENVIUS THOUGHTS through https://nvsr.wordpress.com  purely to Divine grace. Otherwise how to explain my launching my blog as early as 28/2/15, yet following the guidelines being given in the last 15 days in the Blogging 101 and now my thoughts, perceptions, understanding, performance are sharpened, fine tuned, refined and made more dignified and attractive! If this is not Divine Dispensation, what else it can be! I am immensely grateful to the Lord Almighty and thankful to the wordpress.

Let me go into today’s –FIFTEENTH ASSIGNMENT- last for the session and how my existing Blog goes along with the guidelines I am getting in the last three weeks.

Yes: 15th assignment is CREATE A NEW POSTING FEATURE!

“One of the best ways to inspire loyalty is to publish regularly. And the best ways to make sure you publish regularly is with a recurring feature — it’s like making a pact with yourself and your audience”..

Creating a regular feature means your readers have something specific to wait for at regular intervals.

It’s always a good idea to work on healthy blogging habits, and regular features help you stay on track.

Adding a recurring feature — or simply planning posts at regular intervals — helps your writing stay sustainable. Even a purely personal blog of random musings benefits from a hint of structure. We’re all creatures of habit, bloggers and readers.

Not sure what kind of feature will work for you? Look at previous posts to see what resonates with readers. Dip your toes into your stats page — some posts are like-magnets, others generate lively discussion, others get shared on Facebook, and some are unicorns that get all three. Choose one you find meaningful, and spin that into a feature.

In the light of the above observations, let me present a picture of my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com

I chose to tread the path less traveled. 

Yes; when I launched  my blog almost a year ago(in another48 hours  my Baby Blog will  observe its first birth anniversary-that is on 28/2/2016)  I was thinking what it should be its periodicity?

Least in my mind was the prompt-Blogging 101/11- when I decided to make a DAILY POST – A ROAD LESS TRAVELED- by most of the Bloggers- which by the immense grace of Lord Almighty I am not only maintaining but also with multiple posts on a few days my STATISTICAL page proudly says that today I made my 396th post VOICE OF RAMANA Part 13 and the one now I am preparing will be 397th in 364 days! On the first birth anniversary of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS will be having its FOUR HUNDREDTH post-on 28/2/2016!   Thus it’s clear that I have “made a pact with myself and my audience”! Also I strongly believe that “this will help me in staying on track”!


“We’re all creatures of habit, bloggers and readers.” Are we? Yes very much. Let us see how far this is true. Again let us turn to statistics page!!


Today 60 Visitors 76 Views. Best ever 237 Views

All time 32 003 views 199 comments.


Content 396 Posts; 191 Categories; 163 Tags; Followers (includes Publicize) 80 Blogs.

74 Twitter; 873 Facebook

Country      Views

India FlagIndia    8,166

United States FlagUnited States    3,273

Pakistan FlagPakistan  3,017

Myanmar (Burma) FlagMyanmar (Burma)      2,736

Cambodia FlagCambodia      1,311

Iraq FlagIraq        1,308

Albania FlagAlbania     1,079

Vietnam FlagVietnam  792

Algeria FlagAlgeria       711

Egypt          623

European Union FlagEuropean Union    557

Philippines FlagPhilippines   369

Canada FlagCanada     317

Georgia FlagGeorgia    288

Morocco FlagMorocco          283

Mongolia FlagMongolia        278

China FlagChina  262

Nepal FlagNepal 259

Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka         258

Bangladesh FlagBangladesh 247

Venezuela 246

Brazil FlagBrazil  246

Jordan FlagJordan        210

Afghanistan FlagAfghanistan         207

Serbia FlagSerbia         200

Tunisia FlagTunisia      182

Colombia FlagColombia        166

Lebanon FlagLebanon 159

Palestinian Territories FlagPalestinian Territories    154

Libya FlagLibya   153

Norway FlagNorway    152

Ecuador FlagEcuador   152

Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia       149

Tanzania FlagTanzanienezuela FlagVenezanzania    147

Turkey FlagTurkey       131

United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom    124

Sudan FlagSudan         120

Laos FlagLaos      98

Peru FlagPeru     85

Macedonia FlagMacedonia  84

Bolivia FlagBolivia        83

Armenia FlagArmenia  71

Australia FlagAustralia 70

United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates      66

Maldives FlagMaldives         64

Bosnia & Herzegovina FlagBosnia & Herzegovina    64

Mexico FlagMexico      60

Germany FlagGermany         57

Romania Flag Romania         56

Ukraine FlagUkraine    54

Yemen FlagYemen       50

Singapore FlagSingapore      45

Ethiopia FlagEthiopia  45

Russia FlagRussia         44

Thailand FlagThailand 41

Bhutan FlagBhutan      39

Mauritania FlagMauritania  38

Trinidad & Tobago FlagTrinidad & Tobago      38

Honduras FlagHonduras       37

Indonesia FlagIndonesia       36

Suriname FlagSuriname        36

Somalia FlagSomalia   34

Guatemala FlagGuatemala   34

Jamaica FlagJamaica   33

El Salvador FlagEl Salvador  31

France FlagFrance        29

Mali Flag Mali     28

Oman FlagOman          27

Syria FlagSyria    26

Guyana FlagGuyana    26

Dominican Republic FlagDominican Republic 26

Bahrain FlagBahrain    25

Senegal FlagSenegal    24

Guam FlagGuam 24

Mauritius FlagMauritius       24

Belarus FlagBelarus      23

Azerbaijan FlagAzerbaijan    23

Moldova FlagMoldova          22

Curaçao FlagCuraçao   21

Malaysia FlagMalaysia          21

Argentina FlagArgentina       20

Fiji FlagFiji 20

Chile FlagChile    19

Guinea FlagGuinea      19

Brunei FlagBrunei        18

Ghana FlagGhana        17

Nicaragua FlagNicaragua      16

Montenegro FlagMontenegro       16

Paraguay FlagParaguay         16

South Korea FlagSouth Korea        15

Uruguay FlagUruguay 15

Costa Rica FlagCosta Rica     14

Djibouti FlagDjibouti   14

Haiti FlagHaiti     13

Netherlands FlagNetherlands        13

Macau SAR China FlagMacau SAR China         13

Sweden FlagSweden    13

Kuwait FlagKuwait       12

Portugal FlagPortugal  12

Antigua & Barbuda FlagAntigua & Barbuda    12

Italy FlagItaly      12

Marshall Islands FlagMarshall Islands    11

St. Lucia FlagSt. Lucia  10

Gambia FlagGambia    10

Grenada FlagGrenada  10

Kenya FlagKenya          10

Bahamas FlagBahamas         10

Qatar FlagQatar  10

Japan FlagJapan 10

Ireland FlagIreland       10

Barbados Flag Barbados        9

Bulgaria FlagBulgaria   9

Belize FlagBelize 9

Puerto Rico FlagPuerto Rico 9

Spain FlagSpain  9

Uzbekistan FlagUzbekistan  9

Dominica FlagDominica        9

Aruba FlagAruba 8

Austria FlagAustria      8

Panama FlagPanama   8

South Africa FlagSouth Africa        8

Sierra Leone FlagSierra Leone        8

Congo – Kinshasa FlagCongo – Kinshasa  7

Côte d’Ivoire FlagCôte d’Ivoire      7

Slovenia FlagSlovenia  7

Papua New Guinea FlagPapua New Guinea    7

Hong Kong SAR China FlagHong Kong SAR China     7

Cameroon FlagCameroon     7

Belgium FlagBelgium   6

Kyrgyzstan FlagKyrgyzstan   6

New Zealand FlagNew Zealand     6

Nigeria FlagNigeria      6

Madagascar FlagMadagascar        6

Congo – Brazzaville FlagCongo – Brazzaville     6

Cyprus FlagCyprus       6

Mozambique FlagMozambique     6

Rwanda FlagRwanda   5

Angola FlagAngola       5

Lithuania FlagLithuania        5

Israel FlagIsrael   5

Kazakhstan FlagKazakhstan  5

Gabon FlagGabon        5

Namibia FlagNamibia  5

Guadeloupe FlagGuadeloupe        5

Liberia FlagLiberia        4

St. Kitts & Nevis FlagSt. Kitts & Nevis     4

Samoa FlagSamoa       4

Croatia FlagCroatia      4

Sint Maarten FlagSint Maarten     4

U.S. Virgin Islands FlagU.S. Virgin Islands        4

Togo FlagTogo    4

Benin FlagBenin  3

Finland Flag Finland     3

Taiwan FlagTaiwan      3

Anguilla FlagAnguilla   3

St. Vincent & Grenadines FlagSt. Vincent & Grenadines   3

Poland FlagPoland       3

Zimbabwe FlagZimbabwe    3

Burundi FlagBurundi    3

Malawi FlagMalawi     3

Uganda FlagUganda    3

Gibraltar FlagGibraltar 2

Greece FlagGreece       2

Botswana FlagBotswana       2

Turks & Caicos Islands FlagTurks & Caicos Islands    2

Faroe Islands FlagFaroe Islands     2

Malta FlagMalta 2

Greenland FlagGreenland     2

Martinique FlagMartinique  2

Niger FlagNiger  2

Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 2

Chad FlagChad    2

Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic        2

Cuba FlagCuba    2

Zambia FlagZambia     2

Timor-Leste FlagTimor-Leste          1

Iceland FlagIceland      1

Cayman Islands FlagCayman Islands      1

New Caledonia FlagNew Caledonia        1

French Polynesia FlagFrench Polynesia  1

Comoros FlagComoros          1

Cape Verde FlagCape Verde 1

Monaco FlagMonaco  1

Réunion FlagRéunion  1

British Virgin Islands FlagBritish Virgin Islands          1

Luxembourg FlagLuxembourg       1

Tajikistan FlagTajikistan        1

Caribbean Netherlands FlagCaribbean Netherlands 1

Not sure what kind of feature will work for you? Look at previous posts to see what resonates with readers.

Yes; I was trying within myself various permutations and combinations. Divinity guided me and with my “self prompts” I decided on this format:

Every Sunday there will be a “SUNDAY STORY” on different themes and

Monday through Saturday there will be poem in English on a variety of topics, themes and matters. Thus out of these 396 posts  52 SUNDAY STORIES have been published and the rest are poems- including translations in English composed by   great poets like Mahakavi Bharathiyar, Bhagwan Ramana, Thiruvalluvar and so on. You can please read all these posts in the ARCHIVES.


Some posts are like-magnets, others generate lively discussion, others get shared on Facebook, and some are unicorns that get all three. Choose one you find meaningful, and spin that into a feature.

Well my assignment will not be complete without referring to “FACE BOOK SHARING”

A viewer from rural Tamilnadu by name OKR Sivagnanam every day without exemption views the post and shares with his FB friends public with his own interpretation of the poem/Sunday story which I have made it a practice to consolidate and publish as a SUNDAY STORY under the caption “A VIEWER’S VIEW of  ENVIUS THOUGHTS”. So far 7parts have been published and the rest will follow!

There is yet another unknown viewer by name Sundaram Ravi Shankar also shares with his FB friends on a daily basis. I am indeed immensely grateful to them.

There are several friends –known and unknown- seen and unseen- heard and unheard- make regular comments which I deem at a present.

On 31st January I posted a SUNDAY STORY consolidating the comments received on the posts in scores which was well received by the commenters and viewers. .

Normally since I believe in visual presentation very strongly, EVERY POST will have a couple of photos APPROPRITE to the post.

This is how the Annual Review of ENVIUS THOUGHTS made by WORDPRESS in December last and was posted on 2/1/16 as a SUNDAY STORY in ENVIUS THOUGHTS:


Envius Thoughts


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Thus friends my ENVIUS THOUGHTS go on in https://nvsr.wordpress.com

And BLOGGER 101 assignments numbering 15 are over with this. I do hope I have complied with all of them to the best of my knowledge and ability. It is for WORDPRESS- Blogging 101- Viewers and co-bloggers to give their assesment.

THANKS TO  WORD PRESS-BLOGGER 101 in millions. Bye!