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WORLD RAT DAY-April 4th.

Fourth month, fourth day, four in the morning released the Blog on the rat
For which a great temple exists in Rajasthan- rats wearing hat
Deshnok Rat Temple is very popular and famous- rats in hundreds
Going and running round and round, drinking milk kept in bowl in tens!

Rat is black not always right-white rats you will see there in number
Indeed a sight to see-I recollect on this WORLD RAT DAY-wonder
Days I spent in Rajasthan twenty eight years ago with joy
Ever green in memory for life possibly and that I ill enjoy!

Rats aren’t dirty,  World Rat Day is to avail the joys of fancy rats.
Anyone  keeping rats as pets or companions is  on the secret:
These pet rats  are friendly, loyal, intelligent, and very endearing.

Unfortunately connected with the Black Death, Bubonic Plague
Once we know rats on a one-to-one basis, then all their finer qualities are seen!

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Rats in Karnimatha Temple-Deshnok, Rajasthan



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Writing or telling-message is important-any language at any time
Society and individuals sure to be benefited with nice rhyme!
April first is today-commonly called APRIL FOOL’S DAY may be for fun
Severe summer has set in making the people sweat and quickly run!

Innovatively a message in circulation well prepared and spread
Make April Fool Day an APRIL COOL DAY by planting saplings and spread
Greenery all over- Another offering to show the space and they
Will come and plant different types of trees -right from digging pits !

Yes due to the selfishness of the ungrateful man to make his shelter
Fields and tanks are converted into concrete jungles blocks of flats in thousands!
When well grown trees are cut in thousands oxygen gets scarce, birds lose their homes
Atrocious practices to be condemned and given a go bye! Make APRIL COOL DAY?

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God created the world with seasons four and their specialties great
Man named the seasons including awful summer with character of its own
With special fruits significant for the summer heat and thirst
Summer has  arrived and water melons on the platforms and street aplenty!

Tasty fruit – no watermelon sans seeds irritating when taken
But Fiber and water important for healthy digestion. it has both.
Has high water content making it hydrating and helps one feel full.
Low-calorie fruit high in nutrients, carotenoids, vitamin C and cucurbitacin E
Has compounds- cucurbitacin E and lycopene, potential to prevent cancer
Has heart-healthy components, lycopene, citrulline and vitamins and minerals,.
Lycopene and vitamin C anti-inflammatory antioxidants Inflammation controls diseases.
Lycopene helps keep eyes healthy and protects against muscular degeneration
Its juice is a recovery beverage after exercise avoiding muscle soreness.
Nutrients good for our hair and keeps skin supple and protect against sunburn.

Not a very costly fruit- nor available as much in other seasons
Sure we have to take as much as possible for good reasons
God knows what is the best and at what seasons and reasons
Let us enjoy-no water melons sans seeds- no life sans problems!

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March 28th-Weed Appreciation Day!

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To be weeded out to enjoy the world is commonly understood word weed
Unfortunate understanding as good as any other creation of God!
A weed is any plant that is not in a place where we want it to be.
Even edible, medicinal, herbal plants, and flowers, considered weeds
To those who don’t want them where they pop up beyond their actual needs~

Flowers can make their way into our vegetable garden,and we pull them out,
Common flower, vegetable or herb deemed a weed, in the cracks of side walk
When we are lost in the woods for days with no food or water. purslane,a weed
in the vegetable garden- leafy, nutritious green, edible, helps to save our life.

Weeds offer food and shelter to birds and wildlife- producing a lovely flower
Some offer medicinal value someday becomes a cure for cancer or the common cold.
Common weeds provide oxygen that we breathe taking in the carbon dioxide we exhale
Many weeds offer food and shelter for birds and animals-lovely wildlife.
Today let us hug our weeds, water our weeds, fertilize our weeds
Enjoy weeds to have a very happy Weed Appreciation Day!

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March 26 National Spinach Day


Image result for National Spinach Day 2019

March Twenty Sixth today is National Spinach day all over
Great Spinach  is  green, leafy vegetable in the world  a rich
Source of minerals, vitamins, pigments, and nutrients.
Spinach good as a part of  salads,  be cooked or sauteed down

We Can  take as a side dish vegetable or added in  recipes
For soups, stews, and casseroles.

A bowl of spinach leaves on a grey background

Minerals, vitamins, pigments, and nutrients,  Potasium, zinc,magnesium, iron, calcium in spinach give health benefits.

Green leafy vegetable has  vitamins like folate, niacin,vitamin A, B6  C and K,thiamine, riboflavin it has a low-fat content.

 When that patients with age related Macular degeneration ,  consume fresh green leafy spinach are relieved from glaucoma and  degeneration.

 spinach  influences cognitive function,  reduces the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, increases blood flow to the brain and heightens cognition,concentration, and neural activity.

spinach, strengthens heart muscles, which continuously pump blood to all parts of the body.  heart failure, hypertension, and coronary heart disease.

Spinach is a good for bone mineralization.  helps in building up strong bones.  maintaining healthy teeth and nails.

spinach  decreases the occurrence of gastric ulcers. strengthens the digestive tract lining,  prevents any unwanted inflammation

spinach  reduces the occurrence heart attacks, and strokes.  spinach proteins  reduce cholesterol and other fat deposits in the blood vessels.

Spinach maintains Blood Pressure

Health benefits of spinach - infographic

Spinach  prevents various kinds of cancers including bladder, prostate, liver and lung cancers.

The leaf protects patients suffering from cancer.

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March 20th-International EARTH DAY!

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March Twentieth today is International Earth Day
The day’s purpose and objective quite noble and great-hey
WE listen to Mother Earth’s pleadings to keep it quite safe
Since we are indiscriminate in taking care of Mother!

We love this MOTHER EARTH for reasons several not far to seek
The Day is observed to remember that the great Mother Earth sleek
Its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance.- God’s grace
We have to promote harmony with nature-its beauty with grace!

To ensure the Earth to achieve a just balance among all needs
The economic, social and environmental- with our deeds
For the present and future generations of humanity.
Lest we are bound to lose the grace of Mother Earth for eternity!

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What a wonderful world is God’s creation!Plenty to write and plenty to read
Plenty to eat and plenty to make innovatively to cater to the taste buds!
America’s Number One snack is Potato Chip and today this snack will be enjoyed
By millions of people across the country-look at its history narrated!

On August Twenty Fourth Eighteen Fifty Three an unhappy restaurant customer
Complained that his potatoes were too thick and soggy, kept sending them back.
Chef George Crum sliced as thin as possible, frying them until crisp and added
Extra salt. To great surprise, the customer loved them, and became a regular
Item on the restaurant’s menu under the name of “Saratoga Chips.”

Then widely used menu item on train cars, hotel restaurants, and street carts!
The Dayton, Ohio-based Mike-sell’s Potato Chip Company,started in Nineteen Ten 1910,
Is the “oldest potato chip company in the United States.” Flavored chips were introduced .
Potato Chip revenues are over Fifteen billion dollars a year worldwide!

Though our home made chips are tastier and cheaper children go in for
Pringles,Uncle Chipps, LAY’S,Haldiram’s, Ruffles and what not to go for
Funny world, funny habits but of course popular among young and old
Advancing world with modern means of publicity, potato chips nice people say bold!

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