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India that is Bharath- my Motherland holy
Bharath matha – my great, beloved Mother truly
Gave birth to many people noble in all her land
Making the nation a proud and happy band!

A saffron clad noble soul attracted the attention
Through his “sisters and brothers of America” address
First disciple of Bhagwan Ramakrishna was born
To uphold the greatness of Hinduism tall and smart.

Swami Vivekananda’s Day is today – holy day
Rightly declared and observed as NATIONAL YOUTH DAY
For the youth to be inspired by his ideals noble
Live to his expectations of the great Indians able!


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Birds and animals walk, fly swim according to HIS creation
All cannot do all the three -peculiarity in HIS action;
Man also the creation of the Omnipotent, Omniscient
Can do wonderfully all the three thanks to the Omnipresent!

A time was there when he was living like animals in forests
Loitering here and there on his feet and feet alone-honest
Culture, civilization, knowledge, learning-all made difference
Today we are worried about his safety on sufferance!

Accidents galore-in water, in the air and on the road
Pity thanks to explosion in population and vehicles broad;
Man caught in more by the fault of others than his own self sure
Roads becoming more and more unsafe than other modes pure!

ROAD SAFETY WEEK is this to make the people aware of dangers
Habits to be formed right from the childhood on following road rules
Parents, schools and social organizations have to play a role
Make roads safe for the walkers and vehicle users as a whole!

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The Lord Almighty in HIS compassion for the human beings
Created great men with vision to serve all the living beings
Called poets to help men and women enjoy peace and harmony
Through their creative writing in poetry in all symphony!

Milton and Homer, Shakespeare and Shelly, Keats and Coleridge
Sarojini Naidu and Rabindranath Tagore over the bridge
Valmiki and Kamban, Omar Khayyam and Kamala Dass great
Hundreds of poets all over the globe a wonderful treat!

Bharathiyar-patriotic poet and nationalistic from South
Born on eleventh December hundred and thirty four years ago
Raised the people against the British rule under Mahatma Gandhi
We salute the great Bharathi for his songs excellent and mega!


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Life gifted by the Lord Almighty in all HIS compassion is nice
How one leads his life is in fact a matter of his own hands and mind
Joy or sorrow, health – good or bad, poor or rich- pairs of opposites,
Need not sap one’s energy and enthusiasm and lead to chaos!

Man in his present day fast food culture rarely finds time to relax
Dwelve into calmness, releasing the mental and physical strain-Tax
Indeed to be paid for a living on this earth peaceful and pleasant
Here is a day “CHAOS NEVER DIES” DAY observed not quite unpleasant!

That perfect, quiet moment we strive for and do hope may come never
The wise have to understand and accept this fact of life for ever
Chaos around and within us can not be ended but to be endured
To keep away from depression and disgust-by HIS grace be subdued!

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Indian sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik gives final touches to his sand sculpture at Puri beach.

Oct 31 Rastriya Ekta Diwas (Sardar Patel), National Integration Day (In memory of Indira Gandhi)

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National Integration day Dance

India that is Bharath-our Motherland indeed is a holy land
True “Punya Bhoomi” it is blessed with great Saints and Seers,-garland
Of visionaries and missionaries- Vyasa to Vivekananda
Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel to Indira Gandhi-all HIS grace!

This day is a holy day to resolve to observe, remember,follow
The noble thoughts, words and actions of great people wise and patriotic
Who led the vast Indians successfully towards goals unthinkable-
A nation diverse in language, tradition, culture, and religion!

Sardar Patel the iron man and Indira Gandhi the iron lady
Who led the nation at the times critical and difficult wisely.
Rightly observed as National Integration Day for which they laid their lives
Now under threat of the fascist forces raising their ugly heads.



WE pay homage to Sardar Patel and Indira Gandhi on this holy day.

Oct 20 National Solidarity Day

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A nation is not a bunch of sand and stones, big sea and rivers,
Is made up of men and women and their children in flesh and blood
With feelings and emotions, pride and prejudice, noble tears
Teased and provoked by outsiders raise as one prepared to shed blood!

That is called patriotism and nationalism in a broad sense
Every Indian is indeed proud of this great culture for long- tense
Was the day- that fateful day- when neighbor attacked this holy land
October twentieth observed as National Solidarity day sound!

Many differences can be there unfortunate- Indian
Society multi dimensional-yet in times of crisis stands
As one-only one- supports the powers that be unitedly
On this holy day let us resolve to make India supreme!


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PS: China attacked India on that day.


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Holiest day in a year is tomorrow-GANDHI JAYANTHI DAY
Great Father of our sacred Motherland- India that is Bharath-Way
Ahead of many world countries in aspects several thanks to his vision
Whose unceasing efforts and unparalleled leadership guided with a mission!

The whole nation owes for eternity its gratitude and respect great.
Unfortunate that the murderer of that great soul is sought to be honored
With statues and books on the wretched; no redemption for the ungrateful;
On this day sacred and holy, let us resolve to uphold Gandhism-be redeemed!

Truth and non-violence when adopted as solution for all evils
Peace and harmony will rule the Society and throw away all ills.
Sure not theoretical or bookish but was demonstrated by him
Hail that great Mahatma- revered by the world around, our minds trim!


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