Raising cost of living is a phenomenon unfortunate on earth
Affecting all on earth in one way or the other all over!
Rich or poor-most affected are the low income and middle income
People! Food, shelter, clothing, power nothing excluded!None left out!

Winter or summer- winter for heaters and summer for fans and air conditioners
Electric Energy is a must! It costs enormous-thermal, solar, wind all cost!
Today Tenth January is National Cut Your Energy Costs Day!
A long cold winter, and we are still living under the weight of heating bills.

We wonder if there’s a way to break away from such high bills while not having
To live in our house like we are out in the cold? This Day is an opportunity
To take a look at our life and our home, and find ways of reducing how much energy
We are using. this is our chance to address the year ahead for reducing Energy Cost..


“Conservation of Electrical energy is in the interest of the Nation”

National Thrift shop Day-AUGUST 17.

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What a great concept put into practice in America for long?
August Seventeenth-third Saturday of August every year
Is NATIONAL THRIFT SHOP day -a day eagerly looked forward by all
To make purchases of whatever they need at more or less half the rate!

Budget bound poor and middle class people are everywhere desiring
Purchase of furniture or utensils, books or shelves, fridge or ACs
At the concessional rates in those thrift shops- not compromising
Quality or color of our choice -great opportunities sure and pure

Shops collect the used ones and recondition them – restoring their
Originality and the not so rich with low budget at disposal
Make use of the seemingly fun day and equip their homes very well
Indeed a nice concept and well put into practice regular-helps all!

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Beliefs are beliefs superstitious or based on facts and figures
In the East or West, North or South all over the world funny it looks!
National Lucky Penny Day is today May Twenty Third all over America
“See a penny, pick it up… All day long you’ll have good luck.”

When you are out and about on the roads, look on the ground for pennies.
It just might be your lucky day!Funny thoughts and beliefs-with ease
Value of a penny is practically nil today! Years ago penny was something
Today, due to inflation, the penny does not buy much of anything.

Metal value and cost of minting pennies exceed their face value.
Many nations stopped minting equivalent value coins and efforts
Made to end the routine use of pennies in several countries.
Coins of quarter anna, half anna, anna one or two in India
Are to be seen only in the coin collectors’ album! a fact
Yet million pennies make thousands of dollars for a joke!

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American pennies!!!!

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Indian coins of quarter, half, one and two annas!!!!!


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Shall I say let me be a MILLIONAIRE? No let me a CROREPATI-
Million has not much of a value today as much as a CRORE!!!!!
It’s Be a Millionaire Day! Today an opportunity to dream big
And imagine what life would be as a millionaire! a crorepati!

A million dollars isn’t what it used to be, seeing a seven-
Figure number in our bank account is still financial milestone.
Rightly Gandhiji said if one has more than what he needs, balance
Be held as a custodian for others-poor and downtrodden!

If not cent per cent a major excess can go to orphanages
And old age homes in plenty in the world! Sevalayas and
Uthavum Karangal are there all over needing funds from the public!
Let us help to the extent possible on this awareness occasion!

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Sevalaya, Pakkam village

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Uthavum karangkal-Children taking food.


Historic day in Indian economy
The objective of bringing out the black money
Currency notes of high value were demonetized
poor people became poorer-depressed and deserted!

I am a black money holder-my black money
Of four thousand five hundred was brought out rightly
Another three thousand brought out after a few months
still lying safe in my blessed purse in cup board!

Practice of ladies keeping money safe for emergency
Seven thousand was found after the death of my lady
Beloved wife-by the time exchange at bank offer was over
Indian economy grew up sky high- tales of woes for ever!



Yes having served the great Life Insurance Corporation of India for more than four decades in different positions and places, I have adopted LIC as my Alma Mater where I learnt the art and Science of Life and Living! Still continue learning!
Though out of the Organization for more than sixteen years, I deem it a great pride and privilege to keep track of the happenings in my Alma Mater. In that way any policy holder known or unknown approaches me for any of his requirements, I ensure that I contact the concerned office of the Corporation and get his problems sorted out-LIC is such a great sensitive, responsive and responsible organization that I am able to be of help to those who approach me. I happily recollect the response of LIC Housing Finance Limited Chennai and Bangalore I Divisional Office to help my unseen friends from India now in US and Canada!
I have posted in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS several on my Alma Mater-poems and Sunday stories. In fact the first post of my Blog on 28th February 2015 was on LIC-captioned “MY TRYST WITH LIC”!

It was on first September I posted MY SWEETEST SONG –recollecting all my sweetest songs of Insurance Week Celebrations.

God’s ways are wonderful! On sixth September morning I had a pleasant call from my former Erode colleague three decades ago, who is at present in charge of Alandur Branch in Chennai as Chief Manager. After discussing my availability, he invited me to launch the newly introduced product called “LIC’s JEEVAN UTKARSH” in his office, on the sixth day event of the Insurance Week Celebrations 2017. It is a few years since I stepped into any LIC office and I was too happy to avail the opportunity and I had been to Alandhur Branch for the first time!. In a beautifully organized function well attended by the policyholders, field force and all employees, it was indeed quite heartwarming and I enjoyed every minute of my stay there.

Second from the right is the Blogger and the first is Mr. VN Murugesan, Chief Manager.

Here is a general description of the new product. For detailed discussion any one can approach the dynamic members of the marketing force anywhere in the country and very sensitive and responsive offices of the Corporation. .
LIC’s JEEVAN UTKARSH is a close ended scheme for 270days from 6th September 2017.
General features:
It is a non-linked, with profits, saving –cum- Protection plan.
This is a SINGLE PREMIUM plan
Limited period offer.
10 times life insurance cover of the invested amount.
Period of 5/10/15 years available.
Assignment/nomination facility available.
Income Tax benefit under section 80-c and 10 (10-D)of Income Tax Act allowed.
Maturity benefit: Basic Sum Assured and Loyalty Addition.
Risk cover Benefits:
First Five years: Sum Assured on death (9equal to 10 times of the tabular Single Premium.
After 5 years: Sum Assured on Death along with Loyalty addition.
Minor Life:
Accident Death and Disability benefits available.
Loan can be availed after three months upto 90 % of the Surrender value.
Surrender value is calculated as 70% of premium in the first year and 90% thereafter.
One can join the scheme on completion of six years and before the completion of 47 years.
It is a single premium policy and the minimum is fixed at Rs75000 and there is no maximum limit.

For greater clarifications or details, the Corporation may be contacted.

Any Insurance Company anywhere in the world periodically introduce new products and the LIC is cannot be an exemption! For reference a plan number is allotted and it is 846 for this plan!

My intention of this post is just to say some details of the new product and by no means it is exhaustive or comprehensive.

Thus this year in a way I participated in the Insurance Week Celebrations which will be yet another sweetest song that I will be relishing in the rest of my life!


N V Subbaraman addressing the gathering


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Oct 30 World Thrift Day

World Thrift Day

Man born in the world by the grace of God, blessed with senses five
Should plan for peace and plenty, worthy values of life to thrive
Money he needs to live a life of nobility and purpose
Thrift has its place important to achieve- never be nervous.

The great and holy day to remind us of the need for thrift
Savings to give a safety net that helps as guard -gives patience
Indeed what we save in life since the childhood days- sure a gift!

Savings help us in achieving our goals such as education
Starting a business, getting good healthcare with perfection
Owning a home to the envy of others and comforts all
Let us encourage our children from their age young to stand tall!

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