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Birds and animals walk, fly swim according to HIS creation
All cannot do all the three -peculiarity in HIS action;
Man also the creation of the Omnipotent, Omniscient
Can do wonderfully all the three thanks to the Omnipresent!

A time was there when he was living like animals in forests
Loitering here and there on his feet and feet alone-honest
Culture, civilization, knowledge, learning-all made difference
Today we are worried about his safety on sufferance!

Accidents galore-in water, in the air and on the road
Pity thanks to explosion in population and vehicles broad;
Man caught in more by the fault of others than his own self sure
Roads becoming more and more unsafe than other modes pure!

ROAD SAFETY WEEK is this to make the people aware of dangers
Habits to be formed right from the childhood on following road rules
Parents, schools and social organizations have to play a role
Make roads safe for the walkers and vehicle users as a whole!

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Army, Navy and Air Force- saviors
Of our Nation and borders’ protectors
Sacrificing their personal safety
To save us from aliens with dignity.

In the unkind mountainous terrains and
Far from friendly climate; leaving thousand
Miles away their family members loved
They to fend for themselves above the crowd!

More than two hundred and fifty years ago
Army Medical Corps was established who
Serve the services with devotion
We salute them with admiration.

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The Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) relentlessly pursues professional excellence, and immensely dedicated to maintaining the morale of fighting forces


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“Thamasoma jyothir gamaya”- Vedic hymn-Let light give place to darkness
“Lead Kindly light amidst the encircling gloom”-a great English poet-smartness.
Here is the “FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS”- called Diwali, Deepavali-lights in rows
A great day of joy and mirth, peace and happiness-man in reverence bows!

A day of victory for the noble forces on evil ones-happy
A day of success for wisdom over ignorance- to enjoy proudly
A day of social calls on kith and kin exchanging greetings joyfully
A day of thanking the Almighty for all HIS grace and love piously!

On this day let us avail the ‘joy of giving’ to the poor and destitute
What all are possible to the orphans and old age people- to substitute
Their agony and grief with joy and happiness through our acts of kindness
Let this FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS bring in great light and brightness in all our lives!

Let us not pollute the minds of the poor with our extravaganza
Let us not pollute the atmosphere with noise and smoke everywhere –
Let us not scare the dumb cats and dogs, cows and sheep with sound enormous
Let us enjoy the FESTIVAL with lighting the lamps dispelling darkness!

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Oct 13 World Sight day

World Sight 2016 logo

God in HIS compassion has created all humans with all faculties
Eyes and ears, nose and throat and others for man to enjoy facilities
But many a time, many a person made to lose one or the other
By way of foolishness or punishment for one’s misdeeds sad for ever.

Sure the sight is one absolutely essential for a peaceful life
Alas; some lose from birth and many due to accident, poor health in file
Blindness is horrible though can manage living-partial or total
WORLD SIGHT DAY is today to make the people aware of the eye care need.

“STRONGER TOGETHER” the theme of the year for the day to be followed
Blindness preventable, the vision scientists try towards the goal designed
People to take care by all ways and means possible to prevent sight loss
Powers that be make efforts earnest to help eradication of blindness.

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Oct 10 FESTIVAL OF “NINE NIGHTS”- Saraswathi puja Day/ World Mental Health day.


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Here is the poem of National Poet, Mahakavi Bharathiyar on the FESTIVAL OF NINE NIGHTS-Navrathri- Dusserha. Today is the day dedicated to the Goddess of Learning-SARASWATHI-Let us invke HER Grace on this holy occasion.

Original in Tamil
1 உஜ்ஜயினீ நித்ய கல்யாணி!
ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி   (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

2 உஜ்ஜய காரண சங்கர தேவீ
உமா ஸரஸ்வதி ஸ்ரீ மாதா ஸா                       (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

3. வாழி புனைந்து மஹேசுவர தேவன்
தோழி, பதங்கள் பணிந்து துணிந்தனம் (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

4. சத்ய யுகத்தை அகத்திலிருத்தி,
திறத்தை நமக்கருளிச் செய்யும் உத்தமி. (உஜ்ஜயினீ)


1 Ujjayinee nithya kalyaaNi
Ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi (ujjayinee)

2.Ujjaya kaaraNa sankaradhaevi
Uma sarasvathi srimaathaa (ujjayinee)

3. Vaazhi punaindhu mahesvara dhevan
Thoazhi padhangkaL paNindhu thuNindhanam (ujjayinee)

4. Sathya yugaththai agaththiliruththi
Thiraththai namakkaruLich cheyyum uththami. (ujjayinee)


1.Mother in Ujjain, ever resplendent
Om sakthi, on sakthi, om sakthi, om sakthi. (Mother in Ujjain.)
2 Goddess of Ujjain, Consort of Shankara Shiva
Umasaraswathi-thou art my holy Mother
3. Hail to Thee, Consort of Lord Maheshwara
We bow to Thy feet Holy soliciting Thy grace
4 Keeping the sathya yuga-era of Truth in heart
Great Goddess granting skills and wisdom to devotees.

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Saraswthi pooja at the Blogger’s home in those days- Photo Srivalli.



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God creates all human beings with all faculties in tact
For reasons unknown he loses one or the other in fact
Unfortunate he suffers and that makes near and dear
Also suffer; horrible if it is mental disorder.

Incumbent on all is maintenance of Mental Health ever
Bringing up well, nice environs, develop strong will power
Help Mental Health strong and sturdy;”WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY” this day
Theme of this year covers “psychological first aid”.paves way!

To make efforts in support by those to give psychological aid
Whether health staff, teachers, firemen, social workers never paid
But help with all great intention to serve the affected sure
On this day holy, resolve to help the unfortunate pure.


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Living beings are the wonderful creations of the Lord Almighty
Meant to be at peace and harmony-to each other supplementary
Many a time they all-humans, animals, trees and plants fight with others
Lo, a retribution by God for the misdeeds of HIS own creations.

Man with senses six-superior-prevails over the animals
Less fortunate and yet when provoked dogs, cats, monkey, mongoose and jackals
Scare, make the people run, lick, scratch, bite- mad or nice dogs bite spread rabies
Fatal yet preventable cent per cent- WORLD RABIES DAY was yesterday.

Rabies-Educate, vaccinate, eliminate-the message gives the day
Let not the minor lick or scratch be ignored, apply not irritants
Let not the wounds be packed or stitched- first aid-apply iodine, alcohol
Consulting Doctor- timely-appropriate treatment cures and saves all!

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Pets of 16 weeks of age or older and in good health to be vaccinated for Rabies. Cats & Dogs.



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“Prevention is better than cure” the words of wisdom say
‘Prevention’ that may help avoid ‘cure’- ‘FIRST AID’ in a way
UNESCO declared today as the WORLD FIRST AID DAY -great
To make the people know its significance as a treat!

Occasions are there where FIRST AID plays role significant
At the home, on the road, play ground, the office –  important
Aspect to be rushed and provided at no notice sure
First Aid Box and a training minimum can save life pure!

Empty First AID BOXES in the buses, offices bad
None knowing how to handle is indeed worse and quite sad
Let us on this day resolve to train and get trained in this
Sure society will be better and get benefited nice!


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