Of the Nayanmars Sixty Three- Tamil Saint Poets of Shaivism
One is a great nayanmar by name Eripaththa Nayanar
Venerated extensively by the devotees of Lord Shiva
Counted as the eighth in the list of  Nayanars Sixty three.

Life of Eripatha Nayanar described in the Periya Puranam by Sekkizhar of
Twelfth Century a hagiography of the  Nayanars. Eripatha Nayanar
Belonged to Karuvur, known as Karur, which is famous for
Pasupateeswarar temple dedicated to the patron god of  Shiva.
Karuvur  one of the chief centres of the Chola kingdom.

Pugal Chola, who is also venerated as Nayanar, ruled over the land.
Eripatha a devotee of Shiva , worshipped him daily at the shrine of
Pasupateeswarar.  spent his time serving Shiva and his devotees.
Always carried an axe with him for protection of the devotees of Shiva.
He would punish any one who harmed the devotees by his axe.

A devotee  Sivakami Andar used to collect fresh flowers
In the morning for making garlands for Shiva’s worship.
Once on the day of Maha Navami, the royal elephant of
The Chola was being paraded through the town.
The elephant saw Sivakami Andar and seized the basket of flowers
Crushed the flowers. The devotee pursued the elephant, but failed
To keep pace due to his ripe age. While passing by, Eripatha saw
The wailing devotee and chased the elephant to punish it.
Caught up with the elephant and not only slew the beast, but also its
Mahout and accompanying guards  failed  to control the elephant.



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Being kind to all is indeed a noble quality for
All human beings, to be carefully developed right from
One’s childhood to last all through life that makes dearer to God!
World Kindness Day is today the thirteenth of November great!

World Kindness Day highlights good deeds in the community focusing
On the positive power and the common thread of kindness which is binding. Kindness is a fundamental part of the human condition which bridges the Divides- race, religion, politics, gender and zip codes.Kindness goes beyond!

Kindness not only towards humans- all creations of God deserve
Our kindness be shown to all birds and animals, plants and trees
May be stamping with our feet ants and cockroaches at home goes against
Virtue of KINDNESS. Plucking flowers too!Let us resolve to be kind to all!

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Oh! My dear man, my beloved kith and kin!
You and me are created by God, the King of Kings!
To coexist, cooperate, help, live and let live.
That you are stronger than me does not give
The right and license to you and to your ilk
To annihilate me and my family who for sure
For nothing in return, provide you shade, air pure
Fruits and flowers of different tastes and hues!

We live in the lap of Mother Earth as you do
We breathe, we grow, we help, we serve sans ado
We need no shelter, but provide the same to the poor
We need no home but provide homes to million birds
We need no air from you but serve the same to mankind
We need no food from you but we give the same to you
We nurture no ill-will, nor envy your growth and joy!

In turn, on any flimsy grounds you chop our head and hands
Mercilessly annihilate us and our tribe for thy selfish reasons
Oh man! Think awhile before you take your axe!
On one side, you plant my young ones in hundreds with fanfare
On the other, kill us without rhyme or reason quite unfair.

You and I are created by God, the King of Kings!
That you are stronger gives you no right or license
To destroy our tribe for your selfish needs
None but we, condemn your ugly deeds.
Spare our lives for your healthy lives
Share our concern with your lovely friends!


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Beautiful flowers are the manifestation of holy Mother Nature
In different shapes and scents, sizes and colors- sure man has to nurture
By watering plants and flowers every day for them to be afresh and alive
May Thirtieth today is rightly “WATER A FLOWER DAY! Let us enjoy!

Water a Flower Day observed this day all over the world happily
To keep our flowers alive, we have to water them. Water a Flower Day
Remembers us to water our flowers and give them an extra sip of water
To thank for their wonderful colors, pleasant scent and nice life!

Along the walking track in the YOUTH World of our colony a large
Number of flower plants greet and treat us all the day and for me
In the early morning three and four! Hibiscus in red, white and yellow
My most loved flower! Despite “PLUCK NOT FLOWERS” boards displayed here and there
I used to bring half a dozen occasionally to place it on God’s pictures
Much to the annoyance of my beloved wife when she was alive!
My answer to her: If I don’t do this God the creator will be annoyed
That I have no gratitude and am so selfish that I have no sense to
Repay my gratitude to HIM who blessed with HIS creation of flowers!”
Yes they are to be offered to the Creator- infact decorate with
All types of flowers a nice and great sight to see and enjoy!
Let us pluck a few flowers for God a day while watering every day!


Photo by Nagarjun


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,99,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 78th view at 20.50 hrs yesterday viz Wednesday  the Twenty Ninth (29th) May 2019 , total views of the BLOG crossed    ONE LAKH AND NINETY NINE THOUSAND (1,99,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1569th day and 1611th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



National Plant a Flower Day - March 12


In the creation of God Almighty, all are pretty and beautiful
All living beings, forests and valleys, trees and plants all are wonderful!
Beautiful Flowers provide a treat to eyes and sweetness of fruits to taste buds
God’s creations for the peace and harmony of the society and joy of the world!

Total number of colors we can see is about TEN MILLIONS it is said
May be as many colored flowers are there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!probably right!
Not difficult to plant a flower every day if only space is there!!
Let us make this world a great FLOWER GARDEN everywhere!

PLUCK NOT THE FLOWERS we see the warning in the gardens;
God will be unhappy with us for being ungrateful as not to pluck
The flowers given by HIM to decorate HIS potraits with flowers!
Let us not disrespect GOD’S wishes by not plucking and decorating!

Haiku on FLOWERS




Flowers God’s great gift
Peace and poise, joy sure one gets
Nature moves quite swift!                                (1)

God alone designs
Flowers of great shapes and hues
Divinity reigns!                                                     (2)

Smooth and soft as cheeks
Of the new born babes in arms
Flowers on the plants!                                      (3)

Medicines they are
Flowers in His creation
Cure ones pains for sure!                                 (4)

God creates flowers
In gratitude adorn Him
His grace to shower!                                   (5)

Attractive colors
Divine artist alone can
Sure in His powers!                                     (7)

Planet among stars
Flowers amidst the leaves green
Good among evils!                                             (8)

Natural flowers
Nothing equals in color
Nor in aroma
Nature‘s showers
Divine powers!                                                   (9)

Lotus and jasmine
Fine creations of nature
None to undermine!                                       (10)

Beautiful peacock in flowers.





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KARWA CHAUTH- 28th October.




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Great customs and traditions, heritage and values practiced
In our holy Motherland-India that is Bharath -noticed
In all communities in different modes and forms-well placed
Indeed that is the greatness of this sacred land-where we are!

One such holy day is twenty Eighth October-Karwa Chauth
Very special in all the vows of Suhagin women- crave
Long life for their husbands-stay hungry all day long. virgin girls
Also keep a streamed vow for the desired groom or for husband’s sake.

Karva Chauth Katha is heard after performing worship of
Mother Parvati and Lord Ganesha on the whole day. fast
Is completed only after seeing the moon at night.
By fasting, there is a tremendous boon of good fortune right!

Women do sixteen make-up. long vermilion on the forehead
It is a symbol of long life for husband. Mangalasutra,
Bindia, mascara, nuthani, earflowers, henna, bracelet,
Red color chunari, beecha, anklet, waistband, ring, armlet, gaara!

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GANESH CHATHURTHI -13th September.

Ganesh Chathurthi in Bangalore-Photo by Ramnath and Sharadha.

Of all the Hindu pantheons, Lord Ganesha occupies prime
Otherwise called VIGNESHWARA-the dispel-er of all vignas
Hurdles and hiccups! Ganesha the Hindu deity reached foreign
Lands! Ganesha by Hindus outside India made others to follow!

Acceptance of Hindu ideas in ancient times still
Continue today in world religions.Ganesha was a deity
Particularly worshiped by traders and merchants,
Who went out of India for commercial ventures.

Ganesha is considered FIRST FULL GOD in India-the son of
Eashwara! Any thing good to commence HE is propitiated!
Today is Ganesh Chathurti and we pray and invoke HIS
Blessings for the welfare of humanity as a whole!

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Sri Ganesha is adored and worshiped across the world and throughout time. In Egypt sculptures of Lord Ganesha were found in excavation sites, …