Noble theme of the current year for the day “World Food Day” approved
By the United Nations’great “Food and Agricultural
Organization for the world to prosper with funds sufficient!

Great nationalist Poet from Tamil Nadu= Bharathiyar
Declared a century ago ” If an individual has
No food on earth, let us destroy the whole Universe” staunch he was
Unfortunate people die for want of food in countries many!

Duty of the Government and the society is to provide
Food for all- twice a day if not thrice- no death due to starvation
Ideal goal for accomplish- no cost too much-not to divide
The haves and haves-not, rich and poor- all need food no reservation!








Nation’s destiny is firmly fixed to the handloom artisans
Indeed was the view of the Father of the Nation – not partisan
Mechanization cannot engage all in the country he felt
Lo! His thoughts are sent to the winds and got in thin air melt!

Nation to search, unfortunate, for handloom artists and their art
Today is National Handloom day –to think, focus at least part
The dying art to be enlivened by the art loving public
Let us honestly do for sustaining our culture fantastic!

Guwahati to host today for the North-Eastern States so great
Great and invaluable art, artisans spread in every part
Let every citizen make efforts to uphold the dignity
On this day holy- and ensure their survival   for eternity!


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Kerala born little girl named Anna chosen by Jesus
To carry HIS sufferings right from her childhood precious!
She became Saint Alphonso -lived hardly years thirty five
A symbol of carrying the sufferings of her supposed spouse.

She wrote in her spiritual diary:
“I do not wish to act or speak according to my inclinations.
Every time I fail, I will do penance…
I want to be careful never to reject anyone.
I will only speak sweet words to others.
I want to control my eyes with rigour.
I will ask pardon of the Lord for every little failure
And I will atone for it through penance.
No matter what my sufferings may be, I will never complain
And if I have to undergo any humiliation,
I will seek refuge in the Sacred Heart of Jesus”.

Yes, she is in the Sacred Heart of Jesus blessing all
An Indian born great Saint- taking care of all standing tall
Today is HER feast day- let us take care of the poor and feed
Show our concern for the world on this holy day- a great need!



World Milk Day

God in HIS wonderful creation of this great world
Created -small or big,all living beings quite bold
With meaning and purpose for mutual joy and peace
For all HIS creations to spend lives with poise and ease!

Cow, goat and camel yield healthy milk for young and old
Just born child, or its mother or dying grand father old
Cow’s milk a nectar- giving all strength all over the world
World Milk Day is today to make the people aware of!

“Drink Fresh Milk to keep the Body Fit, Smart Brain”.Milk for Health
And Prosperity. “Milk is the First Food for Human indeed a great wealth”
“World Class Nutrition”.”Milk is the First Food for Human”.
Let us drink daily and avail the God’s compassion !




India that is Bharath, my beloved Motherland
With hoary culture and tradition -a holy land
Blessed by the Almighty to have great leaders galore
To guide the destiny of the Nation from the days of yore!

Pre independence Mahatma Gandhi-Father of the Nation
Galvanized the vast multitude of my brethren with passion
Freedom struggle bore fruit and became a free nation to
Guide the world in times of need and looked upon as great.

A strong Prime Minister quite young to guide the destiny
Was Rajiv Gandhi the great -hopes of the young millions
Mercilessly assassinated by the cruels
Years twenty six ago on twenty first-we salute!

Social Reformer Shri Ramanuja -1000

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All the religions in the world are great serving humanity
To make them live as noble citizens in peace and harmony
Motherland India that is Bharath with great Hinduism
The oldest has great message for the whole world with humanism.

Dwaitha, Adwaitha, Visishtadwaitha three most important
Hinduism have and all aimed at the same goal in a path different
Ramanuja the great seer who spread the gospel of Vaishnavism
Is thousand today and we seek His blessings entire humanity.

Though orthodox in His own way the Seer a social reformer
Who broke the superstitious chain in the hands of the ignorant
By standing atop the tower gave the significance of secret Messages to the commoners and thus proved a real seer great!





 and in particular SECOND ONE to READ

MAHA KAVI BHARATHIYAR’S SONG FOR THE CHILD translated into ENGLISH and place your valued opinion in the space provided below the article in THE INDIAN PERIODICAL so that other readers will have the benefit of your opinion. Thanks.’

EARTH DAY 22nd April.


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The Almighty-Omnipotent created this Universe beautiful
A part of this Universe the great earth on which we live is wonderful
Is deemed to be Divine Mother in Hindu pantheon-Booma Devi
It is our duty immense to take care of this lovely earth-literally.

This year’s Campaign is Environmental and Climate Literacy
To make ourselves and others to know, appreciate and absorb
Environmental protection that will help better climate all through
To avoid the devastating global warming arriving slow!

Holy Mother Earth has in her arms seas and rivers, lakes and tanks
Hills and mountains, dales and valleys, forests and gardens, shrubs and bushes
All need to be nurtured and maintained well for the living beings
To have peace and poise, joy and happiness, plenty and good health.


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