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“Dishes sans salt deserves to be thrown into the dustbin”
”உப்பில்லாப் பண்டம் குப்பையிலே” goes the Tamil saying!
Saltless or salt less eatable satisfy not the taste buds
If salt is more than what is needed also deserves discard!

Twenty ninth of August today is MORE HERBS, LESS SALT DAY!
Put away the saltshaker and season your meals with herbs instead.
More Herbs, Less Salt Day.  Substituting herbs for salt can increase
The flavor and health benefits in our meals.Use turmeric, fresh ginger
And fresh garlic for added flavor and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Fans of savory flavors can add onions and garlic for a bit of kick.
Season your tomatoes,  and green beans oregano.
Plus, fresh herbs can make your meal look and smell more appealing.

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,09,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 20th view at 04.00 hrs today viz Thursday  the Twenty Ninth August 2019, (29/08/2019) total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND NINE THOUSAND (2,09,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1667th day and 1705th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Oh! My dear man, my beloved kith and kin!
You and me are created by God, the King of Kings!
To coexist, cooperate, help, live and let live.
That you are stronger than me does not give
The right and license to you and to your ilk
To annihilate me and my family who for sure
For nothing in return, provide you shade, air pure
Fruits and flowers of different tastes and hues!

We live in the lap of Mother Earth as you do
We breathe, we grow, we help, we serve sans ado
We need no shelter, but provide the same to the poor
We need no home but provide homes to million birds
We need no air from you but serve the same to mankind
We need no food from you but we give the same to you
We nurture no ill-will, nor envy your growth and joy!

In turn, on any flimsy grounds you chop our head and hands
Mercilessly annihilate us and our tribe for thy selfish reasons
Oh man! Think awhile before you take your axe!
On one side, you plant my young ones in hundreds with fanfare
On the other, kill us without rhyme or reason quite unfair.

You and I are created by God, the King of Kings!
That you are stronger gives you no right or license
To destroy our tribe for your selfish needs
None but we, condemn your ugly deeds.
Spare our lives for your healthy lives
Share our concern with your lovely friends!



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Children are deemed to be Gods in our Indian tradition and culture
June twelfth today we have to think of this day unfortunate by nature
Children to enjoy at home, school and society to toil in a factory
Atrocious that parents to send the children to earn for their food!

This year International Labour Organization celebrates
Hundred years of advancing social justice and promoting decent work.
Yet today, one hundred and fifty two million children are still child labourers.
Children work in all sectors, yet majority working in agriculture.

Society is to strive for allowing the children to study in schools
Food, clothing and books provided free as in Tamilnadu schools
At the initiative of great and noble leader Kamaraj
Parents be ashamed of taking food at the earning of children.

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Missing dog and missing children form part of daily news in papers
Missing how and where a big question eluding answers pitiable!
Missing children, boys and girls, men and women of all ages horrible
Poor kith and kin in understandable agony till traced or return!

Really missing accidentally, kidnapped by organized gangs
Troubles the minds. Children especially for earning through begging!
International Missing Children’s Day is today Twenty Fifth May
Awareness event observed every year on this day!

Aims are to place a spotlight on the issue of child abduction,
Educate parents on safeguarding measures to protect their children
And honour those who have never been found and seen ever.
Society must be vigilant about such gangs and so the security wing.


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This week’s Sunday Story is of a different type in the sense it is a very serious subject that I am trying earnestly.

It is said in today’s world though longevity has substantially increased thanks to advanced  medical Science and   availability of health facilities even in rural parts, ,  health conditions have decreased due to several factors important being  ‘FOOD’!  Elders used to lament that the food they ate in their young ages were more nutritious than what is being available today! May be right or may be wrong. In the interest of growing more food  for the increasing population, agriculturists make use of  more and more chemical fertilizers which is not good for human health.

Objective of this Sunday Story is to think about Organic Food, get convinced about its efficacy and make efforts to follow by going in for Organic Food in our daily life to the extent possible.

The organic food almost like tsunami came about a decade ago, washing over our lives completely. From the humble cucumber to the exotic avocado, from pulses to salad leaves to spices to rice, every single food item we used to buy from the grocers suddenly had an organic cousin sitting next to it on the shelves – with the only obvious difference being a higher price tag. Soon, companies specializing in organic food deliveries came up, claiming to bring produce directly from an organic farm to our table. Now, many restaurants promise the same. This trend has surpassed all food trends and one can even get organic Diwali sweets now.

The United Nations’ recent declaration of Sikkim as the world’s first ‘organic state’ has brought the big organic debate back into focus: what exactly is organic – and how do we identify a genuine organic product?

Simply put, a product is organic if it is produced in a farming system that uses no chemicals, fertilizers, GMOs or artificial additives. Instead it relies on crop rotation, animal and plant manure, and biological pest controls. It is good for all. Following environmentally conscionable agro-ecology policies in growing food ensures a better future for our biodiversity and is nutritionally beneficial for us, including,  lowering the risk of cancer.

But with so much organic produces in the market, it is hard for the average consumer to sift authentic organic produce from something that may be just cashing in on the trend. So how does one make sure what we are eating is genuinely chemical-free? It is not exactly simple, but there are a few checks to do so.

Organic vs. 100% organic

The first difference we need to understand is that not all organic food in the market is 100% organic. Labeling plays an important role in identifying this difference. In India, one can get a farm certified by a whole host of certifying agencies approved under the National Program me for Organic Production (NPOP), and any food item may adhere to one or many organic certification standards.

Consumers inspect organic vegetables sold out of the back of a car in Chennai (C Suresh Kumar/ BCCL Tamil Nadu)

. “While not all organic food in the market is 100% organic, it is definitely possible to get 100% organic food in India. There are a lot of people doing good work and putting in a lot of effort to produce quality 100% organic produce, and the labeling standard is very strict, so that’s our best guide.”

Unless the product clearly says 100% organic, we need to research the certification standards of the label on our food to understand exactly how organic the food is. The international standard of declaring anything organic requires it to be strictly chemical and pesticide-free but India doesn’t always follow the rules.

Understanding certificates and standards

An organic farm may strive to get certified by Indian and international standards both. We can get various organic food certifications, such as United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) authorized bodies, EU organic standard and more.

Just you see a display in KANNU KUTTI ORGANIC SHOP  near my home in Jeevan Bima Nagar, Chennai.



Indu Bhandari Sinha, partner in the Indo-Australian JV, Indus Jaivik Aura, and a
firm believer in Vedic farming, thinks mere certification is no guarantee that your food is organic. “I would not be surprised if 80% of the standards specified by organic bodies in India are not followed by most ‘organic farmers’. I have also known cases where people use one certification to sell their other non-organic foods or, worse, buy certificates.”

Small farmers who do the good work and produce organic crops often find it too cumbersome or confusing to get the right certification.

Llook out for the PGS India certification. International standard certifications like USDA and EU are also a good way to ensure a stricter check.

The role of water

Groundwater pollution is one of the major causes of chemicals seeping into crops, raising a big question on how organic any food produced in India is. Rainwater harvesting is a solution – farms such as Jayram’s use large rainwater harvesting tanks to supply their farms with unpolluted water through the year.

An organic farm in Tamil Nadu (P. Sreedharan/ BCCL Tamil Nadu)

“Apart from rainwater harvesting, we also need to do long-term planning and make an effort to rejuvenate the ground water by following best practices. Ideally, one should individually strive to replenish the water under their land,” says Indu.

The India Organic logo, a bird logo, is an important check in this respect. If you are dedicated enough, you can also resort to legwork and due diligence to actually check how the farm where your food is coming from uses water. Most organic farms are open to public and anyone can go and check their practices anytime.

The price factor

Price, in fact, shouldn’t be a factor. There is no real reason for organic food to be more expensive than non-organic, and experts agree that there is hardly any difference in the cost of normal and organic farming.

“High cost does not equal organic food,” says Indu. “It is the middleman that makes the price high, not the farmer. If a non-organic apple is Rs 60 per kg, organic apple might be Rs 80 per kg but the middleman and branding can take it up to Rs 200 per kg or even more, depending on how upmarket the colony is, where the produce is selling.”

The farmers do not make money on these high costs that we as consumers pay for organic food.

Price only becomes a factor in consumption. Shelf life of organic food is low because it does not have additives and preservatives. “Buy in small quantities!” suggests Jayram, offering a simple solution. Buy less and consume fast – those are the only two precautions you need to keep in mind with organic produce.

How organic is ‘organic’?

Testing organic food for chemicals is a lengthy and expensive prospect. While people are continuously devising new ways of detecting impurities and pesticides in milk and vegetables, for now the only solution to making sure that you are eating 100% organic food may be to… grow your own food.

An organic terrace garden in Mumbai (Uma Kadam/ BCCL MUMBAI)

It is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Vertical gardens and small home patches are pretty common in urban homes now. Indu suggest a more organised approach. “The government should encourage people to grow their own organic food,” she says. “They should install a station in every colony, something like the Kendriya Bhandar outlets, where people can get responsibly sourced native heirloom seeds, nourished soil, and other things they need to have balcony or terrace gardens. These stores can also help people recycle and be a one-stop green solution for people. It is the government’s job to encourage green habits.”

In Delhi, this will not only ensure organic food, it will also improve the air quality! Until you are ready to grow your own organic food, the next best option is to buy seasonal produce from a local vegetable hawker rather than a branded organic banana.

Let us make efforts to switch over to ORGANIC FOOD gradually. So this much for this Sunday story. We shall carry on. Till tomorrow good bye!


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Lui-Ngai-Ni 15 February 2019

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Great indeed are the culture and traditions of India-that is Bharath
In different States and many a time all over the country as a whole.
Climate, nature, people language differ yet we see unity in diversity
Including fame and name, glory and greatness that enhance the Nation’s dignity!

Fifteenth February is today – a day great for Manipuris
Lui Ngai Ni is the seed-sowing festival for the Naga tribes of Manipur
The festival heralds the season of seed sowing and marks the start
Of the year for the Nagas -a holy day indeed on their part!

Agriculture a noble culture and the agriculturalists great tribe
Who toil and till in sun and rain, to feed others- we have to imbibe
Their spirit of service for the humanity! Vagaries of monsoon hitting
Them hard and harsh. Let us wish Naga season all success this year flourishing!

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FARMERS’ DAY January 17th.


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“UZHAVAR THIRU NAAL”-Farmers’ Day is today the seventeenth January
To think and be grateful to the great FARMERS who feed the country.
None could have paid greater tributes to the farmers and their noble profession Of FARMING/AGRICULTURE than SAINT POET THIRUVALLUVARWhose day was observed yesterday
Here is what he says on this.
அதிகாரம் 104
Chapter 104

சுழன்றும்ஏர்ப் பின்னது உலகம் ; அதனால்
உழந்தும் உழவே தலை.                                    (குறள் 1031

Suzhanrumaer pinnadhu ulagam; adhanaal
Uzhandhum uzhavae thalai.


Farming though hard is foremost trade
Men play at will but ploughman lead.                       (kuraL 1031)


Though the world revolves round many trades all of them depend on farmers and farming and hence prime work is farming and prime workers are farmers.

உழுவார் உலகத்தார்க்கு  ஆணி அஃது ஆற்றாது
எழுவாரை எல்லாம் பொறுத்து.                    (குறள் 1032)


Uzhuvaar ulagaththaarkku aaNi ahdhu aatraadhu
Ezhuvaarai ellaam  poruththu.


Tillers are linch-pin of mankind
Bearing the rest who cannot tend.                             (KuraL 1032)


Farmers are the people who cultivate food; farmers supporting the world, is the linch pin for the vehicle called society.


உழுதுஉண்டு வாழ்வாரே வாழ்வார்; மற்று எல்லாம்
தொழுது உண்டு பின்செல் பவர்.                   (குறள் 1033)

Uzhudhu uNdu vaazhvaarae vaazvaar matru ellaam
Thozhudhu uNdu pinsel pavar.


They live who live to plough and eat
The rest behind them bow and eat.                                    (KuraL 1033)


Those who plough, cultivate and eat are those who can be supposed to live with honor and dignity. The rest are to bow before and take their food.


பலகுடை நீழலும் தம்குடைக்கீழ் காண்பர்
அலகுஉடை நீழ லவர்.                           (குறள் 1034)

Palakudai neezhalum thamkudaikkeezh kaaNbar
Alagu udai neezha lavar.


Who have the shade of cornful crest
Under their umbra umbrellas rest.                            (KuraL 1034)


Farmers enjoy providing food for all; hence they are capable of bringing all the citizens under a king, under their (farmers’) umbrellas.


இரவார் இரப்பார்க்குஒன்று ஈவர் கரவாது
கைசெய்துஊண் மாலை யவர்.                    (குறள் 1035)


Iravaar irappaarkkuonru eevar karavaadhu
Kaiseydhu ooN maalai yavar.


Who till and eat, beg not; naught hide
But give to those who are in need.                            (KuraL 1035)


Those farmers who do their work with heart and soul will have no need to go to others and beg for food; they find pleasure in helping those who come to them and request.

உழவினார் கைமடங்கின் இல்லை விழைவதூஉம்
விட்டேம்என் பார்க்கும் நிலை.                    (குறள் 1036)


Uzhavinaar kaimadangin illai vizhaivadhoom
Vittaemen baarkkum nilai.


Should ploughmen sit  folding their hands
Desire-free monks too suffer wants.                       (KuraL 1036)


If the farmers refuse to work and keep quiet, even the saints and sages cannot continue with their prayers and penance.


தொடிப்புழுதி கஃசா உணக்கின் பிடித்துஎருவும்
வேண்டாது சாலப் படும்.                         (குறள் 1037)


Thodippuzhudhi kasha uNakkin pidiththueruvum
VaeNdaadhu saalappadum.

Moulds dried to quarter-dust ensure
Rich crops without handful manure.                         (KuraL 1037)


If one unit of moulds are dried to one fourth and agricultural operations are taken care of, not even a handful of manure will not be required for plentiful produce..


ஏரினும் நன்றால் எருஇடுதல்; கட்டபின்
நீரினும் நன்றுஅதன் காப்பு.                       (குறள் 1038)


Aerinum nanraal eru idudhal kattapin
Neerinum nanru adhan kaappu.

Better manure than plough ; then weed;
Than irrigating, better guard.                                     (KuraL 1038)


Manuring is more important than ploughing; after weeding, guarding from the pest is more important than irrigating.


செல்லான் கிழவன் இருப்பின் நிலம்புலந்து
இல்லாளின் ஊடி விடும்.                         (குறள் 1039)


Sellaan kizhavan iruppin nilampulandhu
IllaaLin oodi vidum.


If landsmen sit sans moving about
The field like wife will sulk and pout.                   (KuraL 1039)


If the land owner keeps idle without attending to his agricultural work, even the wife-like field will get angry with him.


இலம்என்று அசைஇ இருப்பாரைக் காணின்
நிலம்என்னும் நல்லாள் நகும்.                          (குறள் 1040)


Ilamenru asaii iruppaaraik kaaNin
Nilam ennum nallaaL nagum.


Fair good earth will laugh to see
Idlers pleading poverty.                                         (KuraL 1040)


Mother earth and fields will laugh at the idle persons who sit quiet pleading that they have no money to spend for various operations connected with agriculture.

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