January11th Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend’s Day

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Following PECULIAR PERSONS DAY on tenth here is one more
Today “Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day” a fun day
January Eleventh-For those who feel bored up with monotony,
for sure a great chance to enjoy in the water for mischievous too!

We are allowed to jump in a puddle and splash some water
On our friends. Wear our wellies, have fun by splashing water.
National Step In A Puddle And Splash Your Friends Day
Would be complete with getting in puddle and splashing on friends.

Man in his young or old, tired or retired life needs rest and fun
In a nice swimming pool or river or tank or lake-sure none
To object or protest- to be taken in a jovial manner
May joy and mirth pervade all over and make all live happily!

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Living Beings are the creations of the Lord Almighty
Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent-World rightly
To be in absolute freedom and harmony, and in plenty
My God! how the world and society is we all know pretty!

Today the twentieth December is an important day
International Human Solidarity Day. important.
Solidarity has fundamental and universal value.
Important to deal with global issues and challenges together.

Acting in unity the right way to reach the global
Development targets. fix the problems of the complex world
We live in. The global world should feel like a family
Reach our goals.All should feel as a community.!

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November 21st- WORLD HELLO DAY

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Words in millions make the world happy and peaceful- promotes joy
Here is a nice magical word HELLO that brings friendship with all!
Known or unknown, men or women, educated or otherwise
The word has an impact powerful required to make all friendly!

World Hello Day is to express that conflicts should be resolved through Communication than the use of force. Let us verbally greet
Ten or more on this day to show the importance of personal
“Communication” in preserving peace elixir of life for all!

Thirty-one winners of the Nobel Peace Prize have noted
World Hello Day’s value as an instrument for preserving peace
And as an occasion that makes it possible for anyone
In the world to contribute to the process of creating peace.

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November 13 World Kindness Day


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Kindness one of the noblest virtues of human beings
In fact all living beings-one has to see kindness shown
By animals and birds towards their kith and kin great sure
But for HIS kindness and compassion where will we be!

Thirteenth November today is World Kindness Day
Highlighting good deeds in the society and to focus
On positive power and common thread of kindness
Which binds us.a fundamental part of Human_condition”.

Kindness bridges the divides of race religion, politics,
Gender and zip codes!.It is indeed divine!Let us love all
Serve all, help ever hurt never; show kindness to all.
Religions and scriptures teach us the same all over!

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DEWAS MELA-30th October


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I am proud of my holy Motherland-India that is Bharath
Under the leadership of Mahatma-acquired a multi
Religious character- Bharatha Matha accepts all as HER
Children-Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jains and all groups!

Every religion has its own tradition and culture,
Festivals and practices! Today is Barabanki Mela!
Barabanki – a small town in the state of Uttar Pradesh
State has both Hindus and Muslims-friendly and peaceful!

Both communities celebrate their festivals, put up fairs
Well known fair is the Barabanki Fair for ten days in October
And November every year. city near Durgah of Hazi Waris Ali.
Festival also known as Deva Festival important Muslims fair.

Silk sheets or chadars are put on the tombs. Sufi saints
From Pakistan and Middle East come to be a part of festival
Bringing communal harmony and peace to the city- nice times
For all the people great indeed is our Holy Land all times!

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Born on twenty fifth February two thousand fifteen-
Time flies faster than the wind!!!-astonishingly keen!

These days memorable seen one thousand three hundred
And sixty two posts earning more than lakh and seventy
Four thousand views- and friends known and unknown, seen and
Unseen, heard and unheard from countries near and far!

Brought a place in the Asia Pacific Records
Promo from National Book of Records- paving road
For global recognition- Viewers’ Views and Visitors’
Views in plenty-inspiring me to continue for ever!

Wonderful WORD PRESS- marvelous statistics, scheduling
All boons for one who yearns for the same ever thinking
Brain power provided by the Goddess of Learning
Physical and mental strength-sans a day’s break posting!
What all I need is the tonic-tonic of views increasing
Day by day -as the days go bye -higher peak scaling! –


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RAKHI DAY August26th.


Great India that is Bharath -our homeland indeed sacred
And religious to the crore-great unity in diversity
People of different culture and languages sweet bread
To the liking and taste of all regions and religions-sanctity!

Among the Hindu Festivals Raksha bandan is one -last Sunday
‘Raksha Bandhan’ means ‘bond of protection’. symbolizing love
And bond between siblings-sister ties a sacred thread ‘Rakhi’
On the wrist of her brother and prays for his long life.

Brother promises to be with her for lifelong.Giving gifts
And sweets and delicacies prepared at home.
Celebrated on August twenty sixth with all fun and fair.
If every one treats other girl and boy at young ages
No child abuse-by youngsters and elders at schools
And Gardens-Let the spirit pervade all through the year!

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