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Song of the frog sweet with its  rhyme and rhythm
Lying in the bed, silence all around in the night
Listening to the song is indeed pleasant and  right
Pesticides and chemicals deform the frog  pity!

Frog, a nice creation of the Lord Almighty
Small creature with a good purpose to serve lovely
Valued as food by humans, have cultural roles
Many in literature, symbolism –souls!

Nearly five thousand species many extinct
God’s ways are always inscrutable and distinct
When in rainy days and enjoying bath in water
Joyfully sings-ears special needed to enjoy!

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Our children indeed are our pets even when in teens and above!
God’s will and creations are unique and many can be our pets!
If we consider our pet a member of the family, we
Are normal humans. Millions have dogs and cats as lovely pets!
Fish, birds, gerbils and turtles are also deemed to be so by many.
We love pets and National Pet Day is the purr-fect our furry,
Feathery, or scaly friends on April Eleventh- today our pet day!
Here isaa what Mahakavi Bharathiyar expresses his love for pets as if he advises his pet children!

சின்னஞ் சிறுகுருவி போலே-நீ
திரிந்து பறந்து வா பாப்பா
வன்னப் பறவைகளைக் கண்டு – நீ
மனதில் மகிழ்ச்சி கொள்ளு பாப்பா!
கொத்தித் திரியுமந்தக் கோழி – அதைக்
கூட்டி விளையாடு பாப்பா.
எத்தித் திருடுமந்தக் காக்காய் -அதற்கு
இரக்கப் படவேணும் பாப்பா!
பாலைப் பொழிந்து தரும் பாப்பா! – அந்தப்
பசுமிக நல்லதடிப் பாப்பா!
வாலைக் குழைத்துவரும் நாய்தான் அது
மனிதற்குத் தோழனடி பாப்பா!
வண்டி இழுக்கும் நல்ல குதிரை நெல்லு
வயலில் உழுதுவரும் மாடு,
அண்டிப் பிழைக்கும் நம்மை ஆடு – இவை
ஆதரிக்க வேணுமடி பாப்பா!


Sinnanchiru kuruvi poalae – nee
Thirindhu parandhuvaa paappaa
Vannap paravailgaLaikkaNdu – nee
Manadhil magizhchi koLLu paappaa! (2)

Koththith thiriyumandha koazhi – adhaik
Kootti viLaiyaadu paappaa.
Eththith thirudumandhak kaakkaay – adharkku
Irakkap padavaeNum paappaa! (3)

Paalaip pozhindhu tharum paappaa – andhap
Pasu miga nalladhadi paappaa
Vaalaik kuzhaiththu varum naaydhaan – adhu
Manidharkkuth thoazhanadi paappaa! (4)

VaNdi izhukkum nalla kudhirai – nellu
Vayalil uzhdhu varum maadu.
ANdip pizhaikkum nammai aadu =ivai
Aadharikka vaeNumadi paappaa! (5)

Like a small pigeon that plays around–you
Here and there, everywhere run and play my child.
Looking at the colorful birds around –you
Have all joy ever in your mind my child! (2)

The hen that goes and picks its food-make
Friend and play with that my child.
The crow that stealthily hps and eats-you
Have to sympathize with it my child! (3)

The cow black that gives milk white-that
Indeed is a nice and good cow my child;
The dog that comes around with its wagging tail it
Is a great friend of a man my child! (4)

The good horse that pulls the cart – paddy crop
Tilled by the bull in brown nice;
The goat that depends on us for life – all these
To be taken care of by us, my child! (5)

Let us enjoy this National Pet Day ith our pets at home!

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Last two photos are by S. Nivetha and these are her past pets.


FROG a fine creation on earth by God-Lord Almighty-
It is a common sight and in my three o’clock morning walk
My friends on walking track are frogs adults and its young ones-
I enjoy their sight and sound lovely creature lovely species!

A stout body, protruding eyes, cleft tongue, limbs folded
Underneath, with no tail! Living in fresh water and on dry land,
The adults of some species adapted for living under
And on the Ground or in trees! Intelligent adaptation!

Rhythmic sounds and a great voice tell where it is near or far
Sure I enjoy its walk and jump, songs and sound, talk and movement
Useful as food to many humans in the world, in many regions
Cultural roles in literature, symbolism and religion.!



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