GANESH CHATHURTHI -13th September.

Ganesh Chathurthi in Bangalore-Photo by Ramnath and Sharadha.

Of all the Hindu pantheons, Lord Ganesha occupies prime
Otherwise called VIGNESHWARA-the dispel-er of all vignas
Hurdles and hiccups! Ganesha the Hindu deity reached foreign
Lands! Ganesha by Hindus outside India made others to follow!

Acceptance of Hindu ideas in ancient times still
Continue today in world religions.Ganesha was a deity
Particularly worshiped by traders and merchants,
Who went out of India for commercial ventures.

Ganesha is considered FIRST FULL GOD in India-the son of
Eashwara! Any thing good to commence HE is propitiated!
Today is Ganesh Chathurti and we pray and invoke HIS
Blessings for the welfare of humanity as a whole!

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Sri Ganesha is adored and worshiped across the world and throughout time. In Egypt sculptures of Lord Ganesha were found in excavation sites, …



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One of the finest creations of the Lord  is COCONUT
A prehistoric plant that  came from the South Pacific-great.
Part of the daily diet of many-go to Kerala and will find

The sailors aboard Vasco de Gama’s ships christened as Coconut!

 Coconut oils easy to digest. source of energy, helps Metabolism.Contain four growth hormones, help develop Many organisms. Coconut water “father of modern
Tissue culture science”-substitute for Blood Plasma !!!

Grow from sandy soils and an abundant  sun and rain.
Coconut trees  grow up to thirty meters high.
The “meat” of the coconut is high in protein;
Coconut milk is refreshing, light and low in sugar.

Serves culinary and  cosmetic purposes and as a
mosquito repellent!. no functions sans sacred Coconut
Coconut leaves tender decorates temples and functions at home
Nice creation of God-Second September WORLD COCONUT






August 25th ”GANESH CHATHURTHI DAY”.-Today

Vinayaka Chaturthi, Bangalore Flat-Photo by Sharadha.

Of the religions in the world four thousand three hundred
Third biggest after Christianity and Islam sound
Is HINDUISM of India my holy Mother land
Great indeed in values, principles and practices- grand!

In Hindu pantheon-Lord Ganesha stands supreme
Today is Shri Ganesh Chathurthi-holy day extreme
The dispeller of all worldly hurdles- VIGNESHWARA-
Let us invoke HIS blessings for all to happily propsper!

Vakrathunda mahakaayaa
Surya koati samaprabha
Nirvignam kurumae deva
Sarva kaaryaeshu sarvada!
Mooshika vaahana moadhaka hastha
Samara karNa vilambitha suthra
Vaamana rupa maheshwara puthra
Vigna vinayaka paadha namasthae!

(Salutations to the supreme Lord Ganesha, whose curved trunk and massive body shines like a million suns and showers his blessings on everyone. Oh my Lord of Lords Ganesha, kindly remove all obstacles, always and forever from all my activities and endeavors.”
“I bow to the holy feet of Vigna Vinaayaka- in the look of a vamana, son of Maheswara, having the ears like a fan, sitting on the mouse as a vehicle, keeping modhaka –a sweet- in hand!”).

Vinayaka Chaturthi, 2011. Chennai. Photo by Srivalli

Pooja at our Chennai Flat- Photo by Srivalli.



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The world believes in the existence of an Omnipotent
It is a right belief and faith that makes us competent
And make us worthy citizens to play our role correct
Towards peace and harmony- home and society perfect!

India and Hindus have their means and methods of own
That makes Hinduism a way of life and living-grown
Over years thousands -origin yet to be decided
‘Sanathana dharma’, we say and follow-well designed!

Of all the Hindu Gods, Ganesha the foremost who helps
Remove the obstacles on the way of living noble
Vigneshwara-all vignas-obstacles removed by Him-tall
Ganesh Chathurthi was yesterday! Let HIS grace be on all!

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With the grace of Ganesha and the support of my esteemed viewers ENVIUS THOUGHTS in at its 595th post on the 560th Day of the blog – today  Tuesday the 6th September at 15.30 hours has CROSSED FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND views. I immensely thank you all for your support to the Blog and kindly continue to support.

N V Subbaraman.


Self giving shape to his ENVIUS THOUGHTS

There are quite a few viewers who share my posts with their good and great friends. As seen in the last Sunday Story, Mr. OKR Sivanganam is one who continues to share ENVIUS THOUGHTS with all his friends with his view on the posts.

In this Sunday Story we see the Part II of the Viewer’s View!

(13)One cannot but be envious of a fine presentation in your ENVIUS THOUGHTS on the Tips for the Teethless Man with a threadbare analysis of all possible tips exhaustively.

Teethless man

A Double-Edged sword is a sword with twin sharp edges representing both an advantage on the one hand and a problem on the other.

Yours too is double-edged in that both sides are representative of only advantages, namely serious tips and those emanating Laughter, the Best Medicine.

To cap it all, you’ve exhibited your utmost caution in your Post-Script in clear terms that neither you nor your descendants are not taken for a ride for any possible adverse situations experienced by the followers of your valuable tips!

Really those are tips for our recollection and following.

And the splendid manner with which you have dealt is really beautiful.

Your ideas are forceful enough to drive home the point.

At the same stroke those are more polite enough to make them palatable.

And the Blog Scoreboard on the screen speaks volumes on your splendid Unbeaten Innings, one after the other, in the FIELD.

And about the tips, they are self – evident and worth following.

Hats off to you

And have us bathed in your downpour of cool thoughts without break.


ON THE PRETTY PETALS OF THE WHITE LOTUS! (10) வெள்ளைத் தாமரை.......

Your translation of the series on the tributes of Bharathi on Saraswathi the Goddess of Learning is going very well and the sixth in line is no exception.

All – important Education

The Master-Key with us


The grace of Saraswathi

Showered on

One and all

Providing us with the tool sure of

Ways and means

Removes thought and action

Evil in nature

Out of sight of all

Making a society Fit

Enough for life meaningful

On this happy earth.

Institutions of Learning

Never in supply short

Turn us knowledgeable

And Learned

Standing tall and top

Exceptional and Extraordinary.

Horizon of knowledge

Vast and wide

Navigable fast and correct

With just and best

Aid of great and

Gracious Goddess

That is Saraswathi

Ever residing in us.


In your special translation of verse five ‘On the pretty petals of the white Lotus’, you’ve emphasized the element of Devotion in offering prayers to Goddess Saraswathi.

Absence of devotion

Before Gods and Goddesses

Renders our prayers

Insignificant and ineffective

And a mere ritual

Making them pretentious.

Immersing heart and soul

Together with the Deity

Make our prayer pretty

Understandable and answerable.

Books symbolising Saraswathi

We place before Her

With fervour

To attain a favour

In Knowledge

The foremost need

Most ceremoniously.

Let Goddess Saraswathi

Spread Knowledge and Power

And dispel Ignorance

Out of the mankind

And create a society

Enlightened for ever.


Vinayaka Chaturthi 2012, Bangalore. Photo by Sharadha

You have finely dedicated to Lord Ganesha two translations in English of Bharathi’s verses on the first and foremost God Vinayaka.

Great belief in Ganesha

Turns our spotlight forthwith

On His Sweet Figure

By invoking His grace

To be with us

Carrying us

Along the road

To destination right.

By prayers we shower on Him

Blessings abundant we get.

Peace and harmony

The universe abounds in

Perpetuating wellness

For the mankind

Unrelented and uninterrupted.

Our prayers to be

Non-specific to demands own

But for all to cover

And make everyone

The Beneficiary.


A fine translation of the third verse of the Great Poet Bharathi.

It explains who are all getting the blessings of the Goddess of Power.

A prayer sincere and reverent at that

Is answered positively

To the seekers of knowledge.

Honesty in labor

Truth in business

Are requirements must

To seek Her blessings true.


You have very beautifully rendered

The power of “Knowledge” and

The “Power” itself

“In the pretty petal of white lotus”

In English.

The omnipresent Goddess of

Knowledge and power

Is potential enough

To spread in its wake

Her omnipotent Wisdom in all

To the exclusion of none.

Voices of

Damsel and babes

Cuckoo and parrot

Spread its fragrance

To the contentment of

Heart and soul.

The mind-blowing

Paintings in temples

Provide us with

Enjoyment galore

Making the onlooker

Spellbound in

Joy and peace.


A beautiful translation of The Great Poet Bharathi by you:

“On the pretty petals of the white Lotus”.

The Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdam, Saraswathi as also Bharathiyar who wrote on Her are well remembered.

The presence of Her everywhere implies how important the power of knowledge is to the mankind.

The power of the educated and the knowledgeable is so great that they are well received and appreciated wherever they go.

Their contribution to society is unimaginable.

Let us remember them and recognise that Tribe for all that matters to everyone.


It’s now your “Dream while you’re awake’.

Very fine.

Dream while asleep

Involves not our participation

Coming as it does

On its own accord.

Dream while awake

Day-dreaming it is.

It is Planning doubtless.

To execute what we believe

As possible and impossible

Conceived in the mind.

It’s conscious imagination.

Aims to develop a simple idea

Sprouted by the small moisture of

Spark occurring instant.

Anything coming

Out of our mind

On the spur of the moment

May see its light

By our initiative right.

Attaining health

Gaining wealth

Acquiring knowledge

Building relationship

Developing love

Removing hatred

Everything in our

Close vicinity.

Dare to dream while awake

Impossible too possible.

Combine Thought and Action

Dream comes True.


Your ‘GALORE OF DISPARITY’ is very much effective in bringing before our mind’s eye the prevalence of plentiful disparities here.

Our requirements are hard to find.

They are scarce.

But disparity to be blamed

Is present everywhere.

May be this

A paradox of life.

Can we create a society

Where all are equal?

Have we forgotten

The Law of Equality?

Is Equality

Against Law of Nature?

Does Jurisprudence fail

In creating Equal Opportunity

For all

Irrespective of

Caste, Creed and Colour?

These are all questions

Confronting the

Conscience of our

Dutiful Citizens of India.

Can they get

A legitimate answer?


What a wonderful definition

Of Love you gave!

It’s glowing everywhere.

We feel its presence where

We are conscious of

Its efficacy.

This four- letter word

For ever ensures good

Illuminating our mood

Offered by the unfailing God.

Love knows not failure.

Failure our own making.

Love be not blamed

Noble it is claimed.

Love is

Heart and Soul

Put together

Head to remain farther

And be a Spectator

And a Facilitator.

Protect Love

For it is Life’s Blood

Scarce it is

Worth its saving.

Life powered

In proportion to

Love showered.

So Love be

An integral part of Life.

“Your Green Memories-Insurance Week Celebrations”.

I am very much astonished to note how you are obsessed with meticulous planning of Insurance Week Celebrations during your career spanning four decades.

And more delighted to find your involvement and dedication with which you have served the Corporation faithfully.

And you are right in feeling proud of finding a place for your articles

in the LIC’s House Magazine , as appreciation of a creation is always a thing of joy for all.

And I am really happy that you have written so many books- 27 in number.

And I am doubly happy to know that you are transferring your royalty to a Charity.

And if this is not HUMILITY,

Nothing can be so.

And this humility I had found

In your own words:

” I am not a sophisticated Branch Manager”

In the year 1983.


Great that today’ s is your 200th post.

Wishing you post

Thousands and Thousands.

Show Attachment

On the” Tale of a Blogger”, you gave a long list of viewers.

Your feeling that you are conferred Nobel Prize is not unjustified.

No doubt you are an intellectual.

And intelligent and creative.

But for them, you would not created so much

So you need not place yourself in the “otherwise” category.

I expect your blog daily.

So to say, I am addicted to receiving them and commenting on them.

And your’s is not a Tale, but realistic enough to have its presence in all the days to come.


Your topic today- Krishna Janmastami, Mother Terasa, Dr . Radhakrishnan and V O Chidambaram–

Four in One

Is a Treat for one.

Celebration of Krishna Jayanthi

Is more in

Living His Teachings

Than our mere offer of Prayers.

Perform your Duty

With Responsibility.

Care not for the End Result.

Satisfaction in Doing

Greater than anything else.

Service to Humanity

Thy name is Mother Therasa.

This one word- Service-

Is suffice to remember Her.

Our tribute to Dr.Radhakrishnan

Lies in understanding his life philosophy.

A veteran remembered well

By celebrating Teachers’ Day.

A teacher to take him

As Role Model

And be

A Friend, Philosopher and Guide

To the Student Community

As a whole.

Our tributes are to

V O Chidambaram

Very much active

In the fight for our


For this Sunday story I stop with the 24th view of Shri Sivanganam,. We shall continue later. Thanks.

Avid viewer of ENVIUS THOUGHTS Mr. OKR. Sivanganam

PRAYER TO LORD GANESHA! வினாயகர் நான்மணி மாலை

Vinayaka Chaturthi 2012, Bangalore. Photo by Sharadha
Vinayaka Chaturthi 2012, Bangalore. Photo by Sharadha

Today is a great day for Indians across the country. This is Ganesh Chathurthi day! According to Hindu pantheon, Lord Ganesha otherwise revered as Vigneshvara is the dispeller of all hurdles and problems in life.

He is the first son of Lord Shiva – Parvathi.

Bharathiyar in his own inimitable manner wrote quite a few verses in Tamil. On this holy day ENVIUS THOUGHTS carry two of Bharathi’s verses translated into English by me along with the original in Tamil. We pray for Lord Ganesha’s grace for the global peace and harmony, plenty and prosperity!

Feel that the work you do is Divine.
Grace me please to do perfect twine
Creator of the world and space
All living beings and universe!

Lord! Four faced Creator, my Lord!
Elephant faced Vigneshwara! Goddess
Of Learning protected at thy hands!
Seated in the Lotus seat grand!

செய்யுந் தொழிலே தெய்வம்காண்
சீர்பெற் றிடநீ அருள் செய்வாய்,
வையந் தனையும் வெளியினையும்
வானத் தையுமுன் படைத்தவனே!
ஐயா! நான்முகப் பிரமாவே
யானை முகனே! வாணிதனைக்
கையா லணைத்துக் காப்பவனே!!
கமலா சனத்துக் கற்பகமே!

Hail to thee, Karpaga Vinayaga, the great!
Embodiment of Silence thou art hail to thee!
Elephant faced God, we adore Thy flowery feet!
Elephant faced at Thy holy feet we take refuge!
Creator of the world, God of Divine Music
Preceptor Indira dwelling glorious in my heart
Son of our Lord Chandra Mouli the great
We keep in our heart the holy feet of Ganesha!

Virtues several, kindly hear what I say!
Inner ears open, inward eyes brighten
Light will be seen; valor will develop
Can win and hoist the flags of victory in directions all!

You can handle a snake in your hands!
Poison, ailment, hatred and enmity
Can be brushed as dust and won over with ease.
Daily live in peace and joy; live for long
Sans sorrow and suffering.

Fear will be gone, nectar will come
Knowledge and wisdom will develop
Penance will yield immortality will ensue
We get for sure, realize this firm!

Vinayaka Chaturthi, 2011. Chennai. Photo by Srivalli
Vinayaka Chaturthi, 2011. Chennai. Photo by Srivalli


கற்பக வினாயகக் கடவுளே போற்றி
சிற்பர மோனத் தேவன் வாழ்க!
வாரண முகத்தான் மலர்த்தாள் வெல்க!
ஆரண முகத்தான் அருட்பதம் வெல்க!

படைப்புக் கிறையவன்; பண்ணவர் நாயகன்,
இந்திர குருஎனது இதயத் தொளிர்வான்
சந்திர மவுலித் தலைவன் வேந்தன்
கணபதித் தாளைக் கருத்திடை வைப்போம்.
குணமதிற் பலவாம்; கூறக் கேளீர்!

அக்கினி தோன்றும்; ஆண்மை வலியுறும்;
திக்கெலாம் சென்று ஜயக்கொடி நாட்டலாம்
உட்செவி திறக்கும்; அகக்கண் ஒளி தரும்
கட்செவி தன்னைக் கையிலே எடுக்கலாம்;

விட்த்தையும் நோவையும் வெம்பகை யதனையும்
துச்சமென் றெண்ணித் துயரிலா திங்கு
நிச்சலும் வாழ்ந்துநிலைபெற் றோங்கலாம்;
அச்சந் தீரும், அமுதம் விளையும்;
வித்தை வளரும் வேள்வி ஓங்கும்;

அமரத் தன்மை எய்தவும்
இங்குநாம் பெறலாம்; இஃதுணர் வீரே!