Young Poet S. Nivetha presenting her poem in the CPC Seminar last.


A very interesting observation by a great scientist reads: “Art and literature of the highest order cannot flourish in a world which is increasingly becoming mechanical and society a rocket!”.

How true it has been proved! There are no eyes to enjoy the magnificent mountains and veritable valleys, beautiful night sky and ever bright stars, fantastic fauna and fanciful flora, dancing daffodils and revealing roses! There are no ears to listen to the melodies of nature, ennobling music and roaring sound of the waves along the coast of Bay of Bengal or Atlantic Ocean! No time to enjoy the reverberating flow of Ganges waters in the Himalayas and stirring verses from the Vedas and Upanishads, Quoran and Bible!

Fast moving vehicles, fast food, fast life- every thing fast- no time to stand and stare!

Notwithstanding the above scenario, there are silver lining in the literary world where we see the poetry lovers play viewers and prose gluttons  do go in search of journals and nooks, Meets and Seminars.

Here is one lovely organization called CHENNAI POETS CIRCLE where the members meet every month to present poems, analyze and discuss, organize annual Seminars where anthology is released, poems and papers on poetry are presented.

In the last CPC  Meet held on 22nd July, I had the pleasure of participation along wit Ms. S. Nivetha, youngest poet to present her poem.

Here is a news coverage in the neighborhood newspaper ANNA NAGAR TIMES dated July 30th-August 5th 2017:

“17 year old S. nivetha, resident of 12/1045, Jeevan bima Nagar, Anna Nagar Western Extension presented her poem –‘WINGS OF FRIENDS’- at the Chennai Poets’ Circle in the Meet held on 22nd July 2017, in Defence Officers’ Colony Ekkattuththangal.

She was the youngest poet at the Meet.

Her grand father N V Subbaraman also presented his poem ‘Freedom He Resented’ at the Meet.

Nivetha is pursuing her graduate cource in Ethiraj College, Chennai. Contact number is 2654 4950.

Here is her poem:


We cannot gather all in one place

To have a wonderful joy and peace.

All our fast and great memories on

Like that of the nice, fast moving fan.

Miles and miles to go walking with friends

The distance of those miles never ends.

Full of pleasure in joyous wings of friends

Seen in all shapes and colors of kinds!

Love of the friend can’t be got from all

That flows through like Naigara falls.

God creates and gives us friends great sure

For us to keep all our lives quite pure!


Nivetha with her India Book of RECORDS for CHILDREN certificate

Here is my poem:



What is this DREADED DEATH
Knows no distinction
Young or old, poor or rich
Either sex, healthy or sick
Virtuous or vicious, dunce or diligent
Unlettered or highly literate
Dedicated Mahatma or despicable bandit
Social worker or menace to the society
All are same in the grip of death!

Death at times brings relief
Most of the times nothing but grief!

In one’s life time
That he lives is not a matter
How he lives is all that matters!

Man’s greatness is not in being
Sure one agrees that in doing!

Death can remove the physical self
Sure not his words and deeds
That indeed make him live for age!

Birth is alike getting out of sleep
Death is akin to getting into sleep
Fear not death, but boldly face!

Alive are dead; Dead are alive
All in the manner we live
And how we serve the society with love
To live in peace and amity, joy and cheers!

Poets indeed are ambassadors of peace

All of us in Chennai Poets Circle never cease

To promote peace and harmony among all

One such great who left us all was indeed tall!


Dr. Nithie Victor felt that his work and purpose

On earth was over and never felt nervous

Reached his heavenly abode enjoying rest

Among the members he was one of the best!



Freedom for each one to act his whim

Free to spit, excrete, hit or spit

To mob, disrupt, beget, beset

To beat the wife, treat her as housemaid

Or make a matchstick of her

Build where you shouldn’t, break what you shouldn’t

To dump the rubbish by another’s wall

Joy through speakers-eardrums pounded

Khaki-clad to browbeat and extract

To trade justice for filthy lucre

To promise voters, feather own nest

For caste, creed and tongue to ramp.


A free-for- all on city’s arteries

Where wheels and feet, cattle and hawkers

Cheek by jowl, the right of way contest

A jungle wherein might is right;

To block the road, processionists,

A striking group and irate mob or e’en

A corpse on its last journey-

Freedom’s final fling!


The freedom of society is dead

Long live the freedom of the individuals!


That is Dr. Nithie Victor-may he from his

Heavenly abode guide the Poets and this

Chennai Poets Circle!


This is a part of a poem that was written by Dr. Nithie Victor and published in the WORLD POETRY 1999 published by Bhishma Pithamaha Dr. Krishna Srinivas who was editing purely English Poetry monthly journal for more than 50 years and he passed away at his 92nd year almost a decade ago.


In deference to the desire of Sundararajan I am posting in this Forum. Thanks.

Dr. Nithie Victor  was a senior poet member in the circle for long and he is no more. Silence was observed nd later this poem was presented.

Other poets attended presented their poems absolutely great and interesting.

INDIA POETRY CIRCLE was discussed in detail and the CPC members share their poems with the IPC a more wider and vast set up.

The senior Poet Shri Jairam Seshadri proved a very pleasant host where his two pet dogs received the guests very lovingly!


Displaying IMG_20170527_164603468.jpg

Jairam Seshadri’s pets receiving the guests for the occasion.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,02,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 122nd view at 23.30 hours yesterday viz Saturday  the 12th August 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWO THOUSAND (1,02,000) on the 876th day and 941st post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.


Yet another pleasant information:

Editor of INDIAN PERIODICAL informs:

Your submission has been posted in our latest issue, twitter and Facebook page. Check links below.







Kindly click the second link, go to the contents, view the article  on MAHAKAVI BHARATHIYAR-, place your response  in the spce provided below the article for the benefit of others.Thanks.

N V Subbaraman.










Nation’s destiny is firmly fixed to the handloom artisans
Indeed was the view of the Father of the Nation – not partisan
Mechanization cannot engage all in the country he felt
Lo! His thoughts are sent to the winds and got in thin air melt!

Nation to search, unfortunate, for handloom artists and their art
Today is National Handloom day –to think, focus at least part
The dying art to be enlivened by the art loving public
Let us honestly do for sustaining our culture fantastic!

Guwahati to host today for the North-Eastern States so great
Great and invaluable art, artisans spread in every part
Let every citizen make efforts to uphold the dignity
On this day holy- and ensure their survival   for eternity!



Bala Gangadhar Tilak’s Birth Day – 23rd July

The great Freedom Fighter Shri Bala Gangadhar Tilak was born on 23rd July 1856. As a mark of respect, is given hereunder the tributes by Mahakavi Bharathiyaar in Tamil and its English version.

Original in Tamil:

திலக முனிவர் கோன்.

நாம கட்குப் பெருந்தொண் டியற்றிப்பல்

நாட்டினோர்தம் கலையிலும் அவ்வவர்

தாம கத்து வியப்பப் பயின்றொரு

சாத்திரச் சுட லென்ன விளங்குவோன்

மாம கட்குப் பிறப்பிட மாகமுன்

வாழ்ந்திந் நாளில் வறண்டயர் பாரதப்

பூமகட்கு மனந்துடித் தேயிவன்

புன்மை  போக்குவன் என்ற விரதமே.                  (1)


நெஞ்ச கத்தோர்   கணத்திலும் நீங்கிலான்

நீத மேயோர் உருவெனத் தோன்றினான்

வஞ்ச கத்தைப் பகையெனக் கொண்டதை

மாய்க்கு மாறு மனத்திற் கொதிக்கின்றோன்;

துஞ்ச மட்டுமிப் பாரத நாட்டிற்கே

தொண்டிழைக்கத் துணிந்தவர் யாவரும்

அஞ்செ ழுத்தினைச் சைவர் மொழிதல்போல்

அன்பொ டோதும் பெயருடை யாரியன்.     (2)


வீர மிக்க மராராட்டியர் ஆதரம்

மேவிப் பாரத தேவி திருநுதல்

ஆர வைத்த திலகமெனத் திகழ்

ஐயன் நல்லிசைப் பாலகங் காதரன்,

சேர வர்க்கு நினைக்கவந் தீயென

நின்ற எங்கள் திலக முனிவர்கோன்

சீரடிக்கம லத்தினை வாழ்த்துவேன்

சிந்தை தூய்மை பெருகெனச் சிந்தித்தே.    (3)


Naama katkup perunthoN diyatrippal

Naattinaortham kalaiyilum avvavar

Nama kaththu viyappap payinroru

Saaththi rakkada  lenna viLanguvoan

Maama katkup pirappida maakamun

Vaazhththin naaLil varaNdayar baarathap

Pooma katku manandhutith thaeyivan

Punmai poakkuval enra viradhamae.                                  (1)


Nenja kaththoar kaNaththilum  theengilaan

Needha maeyoar uruvenath thoanrinaan;

Vanja gaththaip pagaiyenak koNdadhai

Maaykku maaru  manaththir kothikkinroan

Thunja mattumip bharadha naattirkae

ThoNdizaikkath  thuNindhavar yaavarum

Anje zhuththinaich saivar mozhidhalpoal

Anbo doadhum peyarudai yaariyan.                                   (2)


Veera  mikka  maraattiyar aadharam

Maevip  bharadh dhevi thirunudhal

Aaravaiththa  thilagamenath thigazh

Aiyan nallisaip Baalagang gaadharan

Saera varkku ninakkavun theeyena

Ninra  engaL thilaka munivarkoan

Seeradikama laththinai vaazhththuvaen

Sindhai thUymai perugenach chindhiththae.                     (3)



To Goddess of Learning he had service a lot

Rendered and mastered other nation’s art

The great masters were struck with awe;

Verily he indeed is the ocean of sastric knowledge

Our Motherland Bharath- where the Goddess was born

Unfortunate has gone desert barren

Heart-sore at her plight, Tilak took upon himself

And vowed tho drive the meanness away through self!          (1)


He indeed is enshrined in the heart of our holy land

Embodiment of justness and greatness abound

An eternal foe of deception ignoble

Filled with rage and anger righteous-noble.

Those with the resolve to serve our home land

Hold strong this Aryan’s name and chant

Till they live, serve and breathe their last

In love as Saivites repeat sacred name of the Lord!          (2)


Beloved are the Marathi heroes

To Bharatha Matha who wears the Tilak

Like that very Tilak is he, tha famed and praised

Bal Gangadhar Tilak- the emperor like

A flaming fire is he to the people hostile

Our Tilak, the peerless Prince of Saints

I adore his lotus feet glorious on earth

That I may be blessed in my Thoughts ever in birth!                          (3)

























MY ‘E books’ in Amazon!

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Amazing Amazon published my books through KINDLE
Five in number very interesting-thoughts kindled
Fifty percent of Royalty when received will go
To the orphanage as is the practice to show!


Here are the book names with links for easy access

1. Voice of Ramana: Fragrant Garland of Letters – http://amzn.to/2t7ovi8
2. Mystic Moon Marvels: A collection of haiku – http://amzn.to/2u0vbS8
3. Cuckoo’s Song: Kuyil Pattu by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar – http://amzn.to/2vtsne0
4. Envius Poems Volume 1: 50 poems on the significant days of the year – http://amzn.to/2u0Jx56
5. Envius Poems – Vol II: 44 poems for various occasions  – http://amzn.to/2tioDiZ





Envius Poems Volume 1: 50 poems on the significant days of the year Kindle Edition

by Subbaraman NV (Author)

A collection of poems written to ruminate on the significant days of the year.

Amazon E booksKindle edition Rs.64/-

Product Description

A collection of poems written to ruminate on the significant days of the year.




Envius Poems – Vol II: 44 poems for various occasions (Prayer series) Kindle Edition

by Subbaraman NV (Author)

A collection of poems that includes prayers for many professions and occasions. Thousands of Envius Thoughts readers have found succor in reading and re-reading these poems. Now collected in a book.


Kindle Edition Rs.64/-





Mystic Moon Marvels: A collection of haiku Kindle Edition

by NV Subbaraman (Author)


“The poet Subbaraman’s haiku are exactly haiku originating in Japan. But in Japan, there is no concept of rhyme; thus his rhymed haiku surpass Japanese haiku in beauty. The beauty of both the contents and the form ogf his haiku is worth esteeming very highly.”
~ Prof. Dr. Kazuyosi Ikeda Ph.D; D. Sc; D. Litt; D. Cult; D. Envir. Sc; Osaka, Japan



Kindle $ 1.85


Cuckoo’s Song: Kuyil Pattu by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar Kindle Edition

by Subramanya Bharathi (Author), NV Subbaraman (Translator)

Mahakavi Bharathiyar,( 1882-1921) one of the greatest national poets from Tamilnadu is a multi faceted personality. Through his inspiring poems raised the people of Tamilnadu against the British which ultimately resulted in Indian Independence. He has to his credit a number of epics and “cuckoos song” is one such. The readers especially English knowing devotees of Bharathi will enjoy every bit of this epic poem translated into English.




Voice of Ramana: Fragrant Garland of Letters Kindle Edition

by NV Subbaraman (Author)

Bhagawan Ramana, the Saint of Thiruvannamalai, world renowned philosopher saint is the repository of all wisdom and has many works to his credit. One is his Akshara Mana Mala which has been acclaimed as one of the best. Here is the work translated into English in Haiku/ Tanka format for Ramana’s devotees to read and enjoy.

NV Subbaraman (1)


Kindle price$.93

Learn more about purchasing Kindle eBooks

Customers can now buy over 3 million Kindle books on Amazon.in with Indian credit/debit cards, net banking and Amazon.in Gift cards.


50% of the Royalty will be donated as per the practice of the author, to an orphanage/old age home near Chennai.





Ramamurthi Thupakula's profile photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor


Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in his happy abode at Bangalore!

I am ever grateful to the Lord Almighty-the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent- who directs me in all my activities and in particular who guided me to WordPress and with HIS grace I picked up, launched my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com, on 25/2/2015, gradually built up the viewership and I am indeed proud of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries. As of now total views have exceeded 96000 and one of my regular viewers is Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in the great Life Insurance Corporation of India of which I was a part and parcel for more than four decades. In fact LIC continues to be our HOME. He lives in Bangalore and regularly sends his responses on my posts. Here is a compendium of his responses as Part III as my Sunday story this week. I am sure my friends will enjoy the same as they did his part I and II published earlier. II on 17/1/17.
Day and night are in our minds. Day is dark if we shut our minds and night is bright if we open our inner minds. The great poet Milton remarked the mind is in its own place can make a heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven. Worthy message !
International year of cooperation a high landmark. Life is a competition. Is lt so. Life is cooperation. Assume a person is on a journey. If he goes smoothly along with the road in his car allowing others to go he can enjoy the journey. On the other hand if he wants to be ahead of others he will be rash and causing hurt. To enjoy the journey one must be cooperative and not competitive.
Never, never, not for ever leave the mantra of santhi i.e. peace at any cost. The circumstances may not be favourable and persons may be unjust, even then maintain calmness and stablity within and proceed. Happiness and real success will be yours and gift to the people around.
Luxury took the place of simplicity. In appearance and in health simplicity is inthe backyard. Luxury is in front place. The real values are not visible in the din and roar of modernity. Let’s strive for inculcating the real values!
In the place of painful luxury, free simplicity should take place. Let’s be up and doing in that direction.
Thanks for blogger part 18. I am reminded of H W Longfellow’s poem “Be not like dumb and driven cattle. Be a hero in the strife.” By your every minute sincere effort you are enthusing us to be on the right direction. Your introduction of young poetic bud Niveta is positive with informative photos. With regards!
Special poem on Canada with unique presentation of first letter in every line presenting the caption vertically is nice. Excellent skill sir!
Sometimes this relief should be available. A nice and brief video!
The Olympic day spirit to play well whether you win or loose is important. Nice words.
Value of any particular person or thing is only felt when we are suddenly deprived of. We take it for granted the advice and guidance of father in a casual way. True scenario dawns on us only after father is no more. Worthy father’s day!
Nice message regarding ego. It is essential. The more of lt is edging God overhead out. One who conquers himself is greater than one who vanquishes a multitude in the battle. With thanks sir!
Man is born free but is in chains. Thoughts are important. Gradually they form into habits. The advertising agencies and old movies make smoking as a greatness of hero. Now the positive aspect is by the good campaigning of govts. and punitive measures smoking have been reduced drastically. Thanks sir.
Thank you sir for catching cold so aptly!. One of our Hindi professors used to comment that he used to get cold in a year twice only and each one will remain for six months only. Very nice cold journey!
Thanks for reminding the achievement of Tensing and Hillary in scaling the Everest. During our 3 rd and 4th classes we used to climb the nearby hillocks as if Everest. Happy rememberences!
Congrats marathon runner!
Very very happy to view Rajeev Jhajis views. The very first thing I am attracted by his v i r t u e of being regular in whatever he responds in an orderly and informative manner. Without his analysis the envius thoughts will be half read. Thanks with respects!
Nehru, the great thinker, in his parliament address “Yesterday, today and tomorrow” placed a beautiful vision of India. This was in our graduation English text. This provided scientific vision blended with happy sketch of India he aspired. Thanks sir for a good reminder!
Mahakavi Sri Sri , Telugu poet, revolutionary remarked kukka pilla, sabbu billa and pencil mukka kadedhi kavitha ki anarham. It means who said puppy is dog, soap piece and pencil piece not eligible for poetry. In your haiku poems you are touching crow tortoise and donkey etc., today the song of dog. Very nice of you sir!
Informative and objective appraisal Rajeev jha ji !

It is our misfortune. Rajeev Gandhi was enthusiastic in what he preached. He never minced words and deeds. At formative days he left us by the cruel. We have to bear it!
It is always pleasant to have glimpse of views of Kvvs Prasad garus views. Still he is young to us. His views provide new gusto. He deserves special appreciations.

hupakula ramamurthi commented on SONG OF THE CROW.
In God’s creation all the living beings humans and animals Have been blessed with the art of communication-in their …
Song of the crow very nicely presented. It represents the art of communication. Our minds have to be properly tuned. Nvs sir very happily took us to mothers’ efforts to eat with the song of crow. At those times we need not go to zoo. In our backyards it easily welcomes us. Worthy imagination!. True poet can churn out beautiful ideas from any objects or creatures.

Haiku on crow was very pleasing and worthy. The crow is distinct by color. Perhaps the first birds we are introduced by our mothers are crow only by its peculiar kaka sounds only. To its intelligence we are familiar with the Childhood stories of water in the pot. During death ceremonies we see the soul of the people who departed. But unfortunately due to fast urbanization we are missing crows which are the torchbearers.
Really an astonishing revolution in the field of communication! In my childhood I used to fear telephone is only to convey sad news like death. The phone was available at postoffice only. Now the time changed. Communication becomes as fast as mind thinks. The irony is we have no mind to think aptly.
In this peak summer flowers are just like being drenched in showers of perfume. Really flowers are Gods greatest gifr. Soft, pious and smooth. Sir, with flowers!.
Tale of a blogger part 17 is feast to witness and enjoy. The statistics gave full authentication of your record of achievements. One of the facts I am amazed is translation of thyagaraja kritis in tamil and appreciated by grear soul Abdul Kalam. Really a great example of your noble humility!. The way you are spending summer is constructively relaxing. With special admirations sir!
Sir, your haiku poems in this hot summer brings pleasant and elated breezes. In simple and straight way your poems reflect the principles governing life. The summer and winter are two aspects of life which we have to accept gracefully. With admiration!
Thupakula ramamurthi commented on MY HAIKU POEMS ON ” Summer”
Among the seasons Four Summers has its own charm here are some Haiku nice Enjoy along with summer! 1 Summer and …
Haiku poems on summer are as pleasant as breezes brought by rains. Life is a mixture of pleasure and pain. We have to enjoy both. In simple and effective vocabulary the noble meaning is conveyed. Thank you sir!
Only 10000 left. Soon you’ll achieve that target. With greetings! My grandson’s birthday also is on 31 July. My second daughter is at Richmond, u s a.
Sir, I lack clarity in following the poem. I will approach my Tamil friend Perumal, a retired army officer and senior officer.
Sir, a fine compliment for nursing fraternity! They attend with or without prescription. Their services can’t be undermined performing thankless job many times.
A wonderful message may be living, might have lived now in exit or appearing with the light in front of us the chariot on wheels take us to new horizons. We have to dwell deep and deep. Thank you sir, for igniting our thinking pattern.
Journey to freedom was unique. Just like a river flowing through all odds like thorny bushes and small hills the journey was towards freedom. For the first time all religious forces, small kingdoms unite and fought which was also known as sepoy mutiny 1857. Jhansi lakshmi bai who fought with her baby in lap and other great leaders were a source of inspiration and committed in the days that followed. Thanks sir for taking us further and further
Very enlightening to go on with freedom journey! This time you made us to travel with Gokhale who was synonymous with self rule. He was not able to reap the benefits of fruits of freedom but he sowed the seeds. Thanks sir for your journey towards freedom.
Thank you very much for the noble and practical message on the occasion of mother’s day. Mother is the first person we came in contact in physical and mental world. During her days we took her affection, advice taken for granted. But after her bidding farewell to this physical world we particularly senior citizens yearn for her presence more. As you rightly pointed out, we have to seek her wishes and guidance from heaven. Maatrudevobhava. Ohm santhi.


It is really great of you sir to trace from the period of susrutha till the people of Rabindranath Tagore the growth of Indian culture which offered the philosophy of calm equanimity. Tagore offered unique gift of Geethanjali to the world as a package from India. His poetic flavour made dew drops on the leaf into memorable poem. With regards.
Journey to Sabarmati ashram in journey to freedom 10 is worth pondering. Very momentous decisions were taken and implemented effectively. Gandhi’s physique was fragile. But the will power behind that body worked wonders. Sabarmarhi ashram reflected his sincerity. Dandi satyagraha emerged from that asram. Indira Gandhi as a kid along with Gandhi in the asram during one of the satyagrahas is still fresh in our memories. Thank you sir once again for synopsis of Sabarmathi ashram.
In journey to freedom nobody can skip the pages of history without the glimpse of cellular jail Aandaman. It is the fortadel of many freedom fighters known and unknown. Many stories associated with andaman still revibrate. Thanks sir for rewinding history.

Worthy message. Sir on international firefighter’s day. As accepted prevention is better than cure. Salutes to firefighters for their presence of mind and instant action.

Thupakula ramamurthi commented on INTERNATIONAL FIREFIGHTERS DAY.
“FIRE FIGHTING” what a fine expression- quite inspiring Not simple fighting the fire physical = motivating Each and all to …
Worthy. Message on international firefighter’s day. Fight with fire from the stage of preventing at the bud itself. Salutes to firefighters.
March on march on bouquets on your on ward journey!
Sir, very nice of you for reminding press freedom. Still the memories of emergency days haunt us. Frank morase put up blank and black editorial as a protest. Such is the amazing morale. Anyhow let’s fight together for keeping the values of free press.
Thupakula ramamurthi commented on PRESS FREEDOM DAY
Democracy thrives on four pillars as we know Legislature, Judiciary, Bureaucracy And the fourth one called Fourth Estate the …
Press freedom day is unique gift. Still we remember in our youth while Indira gandhi declared emergency the great editor Frank Morase kept the editorial column blank and black. Such is the morale which we lack today. Greetings.

International labor day has to be celebrated with true spirit. Rich and poor, literate and illiterate there is no distinction for real labor force.
It is very nice of you to lead us towards the great soul Ramanujacharya . His contribution of 1000 years turned a new leaf in our lives. As a social reformer he guided us inspite of limitations during his era. Thank you for providing us good information.
Yes sir, champaran satyagraha is a great milestone in the long and prolonged struggle of freedom. It also transformed Mohandas to Mahatma. This is centenary of champaran.
World malaria day is a reminder for us to be clean and keep our surroundings neat and tidy. Be and make. A worthy message to be spread and to be implemented.

World penguin day is very attractive day. It is a feast for eyes. For me viewing penguin is like seeing a man in a dignified suit. In print media the big and costly books are supplied at common mans range as penguin series. Thanks sir for a hearty reminder of penguin’s day.

I do hope that this Sunday Story would have been quite enjoyable. Thanks aplenty.
We shall meet tomorrow.





With a pardonable pride, I look back on my 835 day long journey in the world of BLOGGING and offer my prayers to the Lord Almighty, Goddess of Learning and Studies SARASWATHI who has been guiding me in my pilgrimage in the blogosphere. I express my sincere thanks to my 95000 viewers and 200 followers from more than 210 countries! I must be grateful to the originator of my blogging activities WORD PRESS through whom my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com is journeying gloriously.
Yes today it is 835th day and of my life as a blogger and today’s post is 900th!
But for the grace of Lord Almighty and the support of the viewers, I shudder to think of maintaining a blog for continuous 835 days without a day’s break and number of posts touching NINE HUNDRED!
As my every viewer is aware of, every 50th post will carry TALE OF THE BLOGGER that will be a Sunday story and thus this 900th post is naturally the TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 18!
Blogging is extremely interesting, highly inspiring and fiercely challenging! Maintaining a blog for 835 continuous days with 900 posts is indeed intellectually intriguing, mentally menacing and physically penetrating! But the enthusiasm showered by the daily views and responses and comments to the posts give the blogger strange strength that can sustain for the whole life time!
For a person BLOGGING is a PASSION, the day’s and overall views is nutritious food, effective tonic and benevolent beverage!
Average views per day and post exceeding ONE HUNDRED prompts the BLOGGER to continue with the unabated interest and enthusiasm. Kindly have a look at the figures since the last TALE 50 posts earlier.
On the Tale 17- 850th post on 786th day overall view score was 90399.
90000 11/5/2017 – 847th post on the 783rd day
91000 20/5/2017 – 856th post on the 792nd day
92000 29/5/2017 – 865th post on the 801st day
93000 07/6/2017 – 874th post on the 810th day
94000 17/6/2017 – 884th post on the 820th day
95000 26/6/2017 – 894th post on the 829th day.

Being a passionate blogger, I am extremely sensitive to the increasing views day wise and cumulative as that I deem it to be an important INDEX for the popularity of any BLOG.
Whenever any day’s view goes below 100, I feel disappointed and deeply think about how to make the Blog more interesting to the viewers.
Since the last Tale Seventeen posted on 14th May 17, not much of water has flown under the Ganges and days pass on with the routines
of my life.


It has become  a fashion of the day to grow moustache and beard in the young and old, in different shapes and styles. We see a lot of news in the magazines and newspapers! To me unshaven face presents a melancholic look and sickly appearance!? One of the posts I made is titled “CUTS AND WOUND”-post on 29th June in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com. I thought people have no time to have a shave and hence they grow; but trimming needs more time and patience than straight away shaving! As for me, while I was in service I used to have alternate day shaving and post retirement 16 years ago, I have made it a point to have a shave on all the dates that are in multiples of 3 unless that day happens to be an auspicious/inauspicious day according to our religious principles and practices. I had a very unpleasant experience on 24th June when I had a cut with my razor resulting in skipping my 27th June shaving. I wanted to share this with my viewers in a lighter veign and that was the cause of my post on “CUTS AND WOUND”. When my friends asked me on 27 tha and 28th for my melancholic look. I told them to read my post in my Blog!!!! Yes on 30th I could resume my tryst with my razor! There are three types of CUTS-one CUT and PASTE in Computer language leading to plagiarism many a time unnoticed by the world. Second is CUT AND WOUND with a razor and a new blade as I had on 24th and the third is more cruel- CUT AND WOUND others with thoughts, words and deeds which leaves a permanent mark on others -to be avoided at all costs!

My esteemed viewers could not have forgotten about my ward 17 year old S. Nivetha has just joined a local, famous women’s college for a degree BCA.
Last year she attended along with me as one of the invited Delegate for the International Multilingual Poets Meet held at Vijayawada on 13/14th November 2016. She was the youngest poet delegate to present her poem titled FRIENDSHIP- VALUES AND VIRTUES in the Meet and that indeed found her in the INDIAN BOOK OF RECORDS FOR CHILDREN – a book of records valued as GUINNESS book here. Here is a small album made out on the occasion which I am sharing now with you all.


A mini album of S.Nivetha

It started like this on 13/14th November 2016 at Vijayawada















Mogappair Mail newspaper dated 18th June reports…….

Nivetha in In Indian Book of Records

17 year old S.Nivetha of Jeevan Bima Nagar, Anna Nagar West Extension has entered  into the Indian Book of Records for Children for her achievement  as the “youngest to participate in the International Multilingual Ports Meet held in Vijayawada.

ANNA NAGAR TIMES News Paper of 18/6/17 carries the following News

Girl from Jeevan Bhima Nagar enters ‘India Book of Records’ 17-year-old S. Nivetha (resident of 12/1045, Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Anna Nagar Western Extension) has got her name entered in India Book of Records for being the youngest poet to participate in the International Meet for Poets which was held recently in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

And came to a grand finale thus with a great honor visiting!


Nivetha has opened a blog of her own through wordpress and sent a communication to many of the poets delegates who attended the Meet at Vijayawada:

Respected Poets,
Please read my blog Nivethalive in https://Nivethalive.wordpress.com
and respond by your suggestions to improve my Blog.
S. Nivetha

She posts almost daily a poem in English in her own way on her chosen topic aided with suitable pictures and in a style of her own. She has her own followers and she is nearing the overall view score of Three Thousand (3000) in her 35 posts so far!


“Indian Periodical” is a standard e magazine with weekly updating- being edited and published on all Sundays by Delhi based scholar Shri Siddarth Sehgal. It was on 31st July 2016- that the magazine published its interview with me in its ‘PERSON OF THE WEEK’ feature which is the second most viewed article so far -views nearing 4000. Since then, every week they have been publishing my translated articles on Thiruvalluvar and now for the past more than 10 weeks my translated poems of Mahakavi Bharathiyar. Every week in my Sunday and Monday posts I give the link to enable the esteemed viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS to read great Tamil scholars. I am glad that many read and respond. I am grateful to all of them.


As responsible citizens of India, we have to abide by the rules and regulations governing Income Tax payment. It is required we have to link AAdhAAr and PAN. Here is a very useful information on the same.

The government has made it mandatory to link existing Aadhaar numbers with PAN of taxpayers with effect from July 1, 2017. The revenue department has stated that “every person who has been allotted PAN as on July 1, 2017, and who in accordance with the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 139AA is required to intimate his Aadhaar number, shall intimate his Aadhaar number to the principal director general of income tax (systems) or DGIT (systems)”.
Here’s how to link our Aadhaar number with PAN:

Where to link Aadhaar with PAN?
The linking should be done in the Income Tax department’s e-filing website http://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in. There is no need to login or be registered on. This facility can be used by anyone to link their Aadhaar with PAN.
To link go to http://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in and click on the link on the left pane: Link Aadhaar. Provide the PAN and Aadhaar numbers, enter your name exactly as given in the Aadhaar card, avoiding an spelling mistakes and click submit. After verification from the UIDAI, the linking will be confirmed.
This much is this TALE OF THE BLOGGER 18.
We shall meet as usual tomorrow morning. Thanks.


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Carnatic  Music Legend Smt.  M S Subbulakshmi enthralled UN by her divine performance.

Music in India is ever deemed divine quite right
Vocal and instrumental ennobles and enthuses tight
Young or old, rich or poor, humans or animals and plants
All respond to this Divine art- Goddess Saraswathi grants!

Beyond religion, creed and caste, language and people- all love
Stress reliever, tension blower, health developer- above
Everything gives peace and joy, make the souls unite
May all in the world observe with full verve and appetite!

“World Music Day” is today twenty first of June every year
The French, authors of the day- have music in heart and ears
Hundred and fifty countries all over observe the day
Make the people take to the art and science of Music great!