“UGADHI SUBHAKANKSHALU”-ugadhi greetings to you all
A great day of joy and happiness, guidance for the new year tall
Let us happily welcome the New Year all over to be joyful
Harmonious and healthy, prosperous and peaceful!

Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra main and their great sons
And daughters all over the globe celebrate with fervor in tons
Enjoying neem-jaggery-mango mix in liquid state-bitter, sour and sweet
As life’s experience-mixture of all to be taken in its stride!

My Motherland holy-India that is Bharath is great, vast and serious
With culture, languages, celebrations different in parts various
“unity in diversity” core value of India entire to be proud of
Religions many-but brotherhood permanent-let us live the Heaven on earth!





“International Women’s day” is today with the theme great
“PRESS FOR PROGRESS”-the wonderful creation of God- a treat
Yet treated unequally by the male chauvinism pity.
Let us PRESS FOR FREEDOM and salute with respect-a reality

India That is Bharath sees women as incarnation of God
India is our MOTHER LAND and NOT FATHER LAND rightly my Lord!
It is MOTHER TONGUE and not Father tongue=tribute to women
Everything revolving around MOTHER-womanhood-great God!

Mahakavi Bharathi sings in praise of modern woman:

ஆணும் பெண்ணும் நிகரெனக் கொள்வதால்
அறிவி லோங்கிஇவ் வையம் தழைக்குமாம்
பூணு நல்லறத் தோடிங்கு பெண்ணுருப்
போந்து நிற்பது தாய்சிவ சக்தியாம்
நாணும் அச்சமும் நாய்கட்கு வேண்டுமாம்;
ஞான நல்லறம் வீர சுதந்திரம்;
பேணு நற்குடிப் பெண்ணீன் குணங்களாம்;
பெண்மைத் தெய்வத்தின் பேச்சுகள் கேட்டீரோ.

In English:
When men and women are equal deemed
Our brains on earth will burgeon, it seems;
Clothed in virtue, in women’s form here,
Is the very Goddess, Our Mother, it seems;
Fear and shame to dogs belong,
Wisdom, virtue, freedom and courage
Are a well-born woman’s natural traits —
You heard these claims of that heavenly girl?

நிமிர்ந்த நன்னடை நேர்கொண்ட பார்வையும்
நிலத்தில் யார்க்கும் அஞ்சாத நெறிகளும்
நிமிர்ந்த ஞானச் செருக்கும் இருப்பதால்
செம்மை மாதர் திறம்புவ தில்லையாம்;
அமிழ்ந்து பேரிரு ளாமறியா மையில்
அவலமெய்திக் கலையின்றி வாழ்வதை
உமிழ்ந்து தள்ளுதல் பெண்ணற மாகுமாம்
உதய கன்னி உரைப்பது கேட்டீரோ!

In English:
A straight look and an upright gait,
Brows that fear none on earth,
A pride arising from mature knowledge
Will keep a woman steadfast, it seems.
A woman’s duty, we are told,
Is to spit on the darkness of ignorance
And a hapless, sunk, uncultured life —
Did you hear that prophetic lass?

மூத்த பொய்ம்மைகள் யாவும் அழிப்பராம்
மூடக் கட்டுகள் யாவுந் தகர்ப்பராம்;
காத்து மானிடர் செய்கை யனைத்தையும்,
கடவு ளர்க்கினி தாகச் சமைப்பராம்;
ஏத்தி ஆண்மக்கள் போற்றிட வாழ்வராம்;
இளைய நங்கையின் எண்ணங்கள் கேட்டீரோ!

In English:
Many and many a lore they will learn;
Many and many a deed they will do;
Destroy all the hoary lies;
Raze down all the stupid blocks;
All that men have done so far
They will reform for God’s assent;
Earn man’s regard by the way they live
Did you listen to that youngster’s aims?

None can praise the Divine WOMEN in words
Better than Mahakavi Bharathi bard of bards!



In the creation of the world, the Almighty blessed  my sacred
Mother India that is Bharath-birth place of Saints ans Seers
Several attracting the citizens from all over the world
To find peace and harmony, joy through spiritual practices!

One such was Aurobindo born in Kolkatta- philosopher,
Yogi, guru, poet, and nationalist.joined freedom movement
Influential leader turned into spiritual reformer,
Bringing in Auroville in Pondichery-in Nineteen Sixty Eight!

A handful of earth from all over the world placed in an urn at
Center Of Matrimandhir marked the occasion-now Two thousand Eighteen
Waters from hundred and fifty sources across the globe-to be poured
In a golden disc at the heart of the Mandhir-water to unite all!
Waters from sacred Indian rivers seven, Nile and the Dead Sea,
From Rivers, lakes, springs and seas to flow into one pool!

Statue of Aurobindo.



Unified Humanity in Auroville.

C V RAMAN EFFECT DAY-28th February


Significant day is tomorrow twenty eighth February
C V Raman Effect Day-also known as National Science Day
To mark the great scientific invention of Nobel Winner
Chandrasekara Venkata Raman -great Physicist of India!

To mark the discovery of RAMAN EFFECT in Nineteen Twenty Eight
By the Tamilnadu born Scientist Raman, great far reaching right
Bharat Ratna for his work on diffusion of light and for the effect
Named after him.We salute him on this glorious day!-Day to respect!

Our holy Motherland -India that is Bharath has gifted
Scientists and philosophers, Mathematicians never drifted
From the path of glory and success and brought peace and harmony
To be grateful and enjoy the day as if a ceremony.



The great creation of the Lord Almighty indeed is fantastic
The world and its living beings -human and animals-wholistic
Ever to be grateful by living in peace and harmony with all
Surely human beings- greater role to play and become quite tall!

“International Polar Bear day’ is tomorrow- a day to enjoy
Polar Bear a wonderful creation –awesome look, to protect!
A gem in the animal kingdom the world has seen nice
Sure to the animal lovers a  delicious spice!

Surviving  in the arctic environment joyfully
Weighing around five hundred kilograms quite heavy
With a life span of fifteen to eighteen years they live
Females normally giving birth to twins looking alike!

Belonging to the vulnerable, endangered species
Polars prey on both ringed and bearded seals across their range
Taking other prey when available- manage food chain
A great creation of nature and God not causing pain!

Polar bear, kiddies friend and playing mate
Ever ready to make them smile, laugh and skate!
Kiddies find pleasure in asking:
“Polar bear, polar bear what do you do here?”
Happily it replies as if it is so near!
“I hear children
Growing like a polar bear,
Roaring like a lion,
Snorting like a hippopotamus
Fluting like a flamingo
Braying like a zebra
Hissing like a boa constrictor
Trumpeting like an elephant,
Snarling like a leopard
Yelping like a peacock,
Bellowing like a walrus!”
Weeping kiddies laugh,
Laughing children jump with joy!!





In the great creation of the Lord Almighty birth and death
Inevitable! One more is GARBAGE that we accumulate
Day in and day out-at home and roads, schools and offices,
Star hotels or roadside eateries-omnipresent is heaps of garbage’s!

Rightly a GARBAGE FESTIVAL- unheard of- to reduce the Load
On Earth!  Twenty Fifth Feb. in Mylapore -heart of Chennai- park to goad
The best way to serve Mother Earth and Society in style!

Workshops on up-cycling, composting, recycling, Organic Food,
Alternatives to Plastics, connection to various recyclers good!
Re-Starting our old concept of going to a REPAIR shop
Get things Repaired and reused instead of just throwing out!






Here is thy footstool and there rest thy feet where live the poorest and lowliest and lost.

When I try to bow to thee, my obedience cannot reach down to the depth where thy feet rest among the poorest and the lowliest and lost.

Pride can never approach to where thou walkest in the clothes of the humblest among the poorest and lowliest and lost.

My heart can never find its way to where thou keepest company with the companionless among the poorest, lowliest and the lost.,

As I see…………………..
God dwells in all beings. In particular, in the poor and downtrodden and the socially backward. He likes to have the relationship with the companion-less persons. He finds pleasure in that relationship. Getting rid of EGO, leading a noble life loving all and serving all, helping all, helping ever and hurting never, His grace, peace and joy will be ever with us.


கீதாஞ்சலி 10 ஆம் பாடல்

உறவற்றவர்களுடன்  உறவு!


உனது காலடிப்பலகை இதோ இருக்கிறது

உன் கால்கள் ஓய்வு எடுப்பதற்காக!

அங்கே இருக்கின்றனர் ஆயிரக் கணக்கில்

ஏழையிலும் ஏழை, தாழ்ந்தவருள் தாழ்ந்தவர்

இழந்தவருள் இழந்தவர்; பாவம் அவர்கள்

பாழடைந்தவர்கள், பரிதாபத்திற்குரியவர்!

திருவடிகளை நான் வணங்கும்போது

எனது பக்தி ஆழம் அறியாது;

விரும்பி உன்னைக் காண இயலாது

உனது சிந்தனை அவரிடம் உள்ளது!


ஏழைகளில் ஏழையரது,

தாழ்ந்தவருள் தாழ்ந்தவரது

இழந்தவருள் இழந்தவரது

கிழிந்த உடையில் நீ

நடக்கும்பொழுது உன்னிடம்

எனது ஆணவம் அணுகமுடியாது

உறவற்றவர்களுடன் உறவாடும் பொழுது

எனது இதயம் உன்னைக் காணமுடியாது!

எனது பார்வையில்…….
இறைவன் எல்லா உயிர்களிடத்துமிருக்கிறான். அதிலும் ஏழைகள், எளியவர்கள், சமுதாயத்தின் அடித்தளத்தில் உள்ளவர்கள் அனைவரிடமும். உறவற்றவர்களோடு உறவு வைத்துக் கொள்வதில் மகிழ்ச்சி காண்பவன். ஆணவத்தை ஒழித்து நல்லவராக வாழ்ந்து, உலகிற்கு உதவி புரிந்து நாம் வாழ்க்கையை அமைத்துக் கொண்டால், நிம்மதியும், மகிழ்ச்சியும், இறையருளும் நம்மை விட்டு என்றும் அகலாது.