Indian Armed Forces Flag Day-December 7th.

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Seventh December today – a day to show our gratitude to our great
Indian Armed Forces who are engaged in protecting our holy and sacred
Motherland India that is Bharat-sacrificing their personal comforts
And conveniences living far far away from their family for long!

Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is today to donate our might for their welfare
Flag Day of India dedicated towards collection of funds from people for welfare
Of the Indian Armed Forces personnel. observed annually since ninety forty nine
A tradition as an honour to the soldiers, sailors and airmen of sacred India.

Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, on December 7, 1954 said:

“A few weeks ago, I visited Indo-China and saw our officers and men attached to the International Commission there. It gave me a thrill to see their smart bearing and the good work they were doing in that distant land. What pleased me still more was their general popularity with the people there. By their efficiency as well as their friendliness, they enhanced the reputation of India. Among them were people from all parts of India. They observed no provincial or other differences amongst themselves. I am sure my countrymen will be pleased to learn of them and would like to indicate their appreciation of these young men who serve our country both here and elsewhere so well. A way to indicate that appreciation is to contribute to the Flag Day Fund.”

Homage to a Saint.

Tamilnadu blessed with great Saints and Savants indeed is great!
Dharmapuram Aadheenam  a Saivite mutt or  based in the town of Mayiladuthurai,kodumudi magudeswara temple.Twenty seven Shiva temples under the control of the adheenam.
Vaitheeswaran Koil, near sirkazhi is considered as  main temple maintained
Twenty sixth Gurumaha sannithanam passed away in fourth December this year.

The Adheenam is involved in publishing Saivite literature, specifically Thevaram
And Tiruvasakam and its translations.literary scholarship. Adheenam along with Thiruvaduthurai Adheenam and Thiruppanandal Adheenam were founded during
The sixteenth century to spread the ideology of Saiva Sidhanta.

Here is a poetic tribute in Tamil by Pulavar  Ramamoorthy of Santha Vasantham, Chennai:

தருமையரு   ளாதீனத்   தலைவர்   என்னும்
     தனிச்சிறப்பால்  சைவத்தை   ஆண்ட வேந்தர்
ஒருமையுடன்  திருவருளை  உலகத்   தார்க்கே
      உரையாலும்  செயலாலும்  வழங்கி  வாழ்ந்தார்,
குருமுதல்வர்   எனநமக்கே  ஆசி   நல்கி
      குவலயத்தில்  சைவநெறிக்  கொடியை  ஏற்றித்
திருநெறிய   தமிழ்வளர்த்த  சீர்வ   ளர்சீர்
        தேசிகரின்  திருவடியே  சிந்திப்  போமே!
In English
By the fact of his being the head of Dharmapura Adhinam
         He ruled over the SAIVITE branch of Hinduism
God’s greatness  to the people of the faith with focus
        He his actions and words graced the faithful and lived.
As chief Guru He blessed us gracefully
       Hoisted the flag of tenets of Saivism
And developed the divinity of Tamil language
     Let us worship His divine feet and receive His grace!

December 4th- Indian Navy day

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My sacred Motherland, India that is Bharat ever peace loving one
Keeping our neighboring countries with dignity- friendly and cordial!
Yet country has to be kept in total security- safe on borders and inside
Rightly we have Indian Army, Airforce and Navy in top condition!

December fourth today is Indian Navy Day- to recognize
The achievements and role of the Indian Navy to the country.
Fourth December as on that day in Nineteen SEventy One
During  Operation Trident the Indian Navy sank four Pakistani vessels
Including  PNS Khaibar killing hundreds of  Pakistani Navy Personnel
On the day, those killed in the Indo Pakistan War also are also remembered.
When not in war, the Forces engage in mitigating the suffering of the people
Due to nature’s fury, all over the Nation. Let us salute them all on this day.

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Jagadeesh Chandra Bose day-November 30th

Jagadish Chandra Bose 1926.jpg

Bose lecturing on the “nervous system” of plants  in Paris in 1926

India that is Barat our sacred Motherland has made us proud
Gifting several men of great repute and honor- scientists a class loud!
Today the thirtieth November indeed a great day as this is the
Birth day of Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose – a famous Scientist!

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose CSI CIE FRS born in eighteen fifty eight
Lived upto nineteen thirty seven was an Indian polymath, physicist,
Biologist, biophysicist, botanist and archaeologist, early writer
Of science fiction. pioneered investigation of radio and microwave optics,
Made significant contributions to plant science, and founder
Of experimental of the fathers of radio science.
Bose is the father of Bengali science fiction, and also inventor of
Crescograph, a device to measure the growth of plants.

The crater in moon  named after   Sir Jagadish Chandra Bosefor his works on wireless communication.


IS36* Indian Saint 36

Sirappuli Nayanar.JPG

In all religions in the world, we have messengers of God to guide the people
In Hinduism we have quite a few known as Nayanmars and Alwars
Sixty four Nayanmars and twelve Alwars dedicated to spread their beliefs.
One such nayanars of Shaivism-followers of Lord Shiva-whose day is today.

Sirappuli Nayanar, a Nayanar saint, venerated greatly in Shaivism.
Counted as the thirty-fifth in the list of sixty three Nayanars.
HE is described to have served the devotees of the god Shiva
And worshipped the God with various ritual practices-sacred!.

Sirappuli Nayanar was born in Thiruvakkur , Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu.
A part of the Chola kingdom. a staunch devotee of Shiva, his family
Traditionally was memorizing and chanting the Vedas, most sacred scriptures.
Nayanar saint is praised as a “munificent giver” and called a “nimbus
Which rained wealth”.  prostrated before devotees. spoke sweet words
To his guests, fed them and presented them with gifts. A great sint he was!

The images of the Nayanars are found in  Shiva temples in Tamil Nadu.


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Funny the viewers may think of the Blog Envius Thoughts posts peculiar
At times! Posts describe what we have not come across in India by that
Nomenclature and practice. Certain days strange and alien unheard of!
Twenty Sixth November today is one such -.Shopping Reminder day

Christmas – most wonderful time of year filled with gifts, festivities,
And a host of  promotions constantly bombarding people in United States.
Christmas has become commercialized, and one is surprised at
A holiday to remind people to shop when everyone is busy with shopping.

Yes, we have great Diwali, Sankranti, New year days at States different
To purchase  – textiles, provisions, sweets and savories -what not on earth?
But NO SHOPPING REMINDER DAY for us!!!!Yes, traditions and culture,
Differ in different countries over the world. We look with interest!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,25,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 202nd view at 10.00 hrs today viz Tuesday   the Twenty Sixth November 2019, (26/11/2019) , total views of the BLOG  crossed    TWO LAKHS AND TWENTY  FIVE THOUSAND (2,25,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1761st day and 1794th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


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November Nineteenth- Indira Gandhi’s birth day is today a nice day
To remember that iron lady-daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru
Rightly observed as National Integration Day very important
Now in particular when it is in danger unfortunate.

Divided it was prior to independence-dog in the manger
And then Gandhi came-Mahatma- he brought in unity and lead
Lead the country to freedom through means non-violent and truth great!
India that is Bharat has a past glorious to be proud of

Builders of modern India are great and many to talk of
One such gem indeed the first woman Prime minister precious
Indira Priyadarshini, noble daughter of noble Nehru!

She has a place indelible in Indian history sure
No force on earth can erase her name, fame and services pure
Grateful nation and loyal patriots have all praise for her
Bitter pills she prescribed wonderful, nation failed to pursue!

Nineteenth November Indira’s birth day- a great day is this day
To be observed as National Integration Day and all pay
Tributes to her vision and mission, strength of mind and conviction
May her spirit and soul guide the nation with all the greats we had!

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