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World thrives on the sacrifices of thousands of its sons and daughters
It is for the world to remember and follow their foot steps and serve!
Sacrifices for the family, society, nation and the world
In any form or mode- sacrifices sure deserve honor quite bold!

Eighteenth March is today National Supreme Sacrifice Day
To honor those who made tremendous sacrifices for the sake
And the good of others as well as those who sacrifice their lives
Every day for us.! The men and women in uniform who have lay
Down their lives protecting their country and communities. And those
Who stepped forward during times of crisis to rescue a stranger
Or a neighbor and gave the supreme sacrifice now and then.
These sacrifices don’t come in uniform  often remain unsung.

An assassin is sung today- with a temple for him and books published
As inhumanly planned by some at the  Center! The assassinated
Getting into oblivion- a paradox we see here in our
Holy Motherland India that is Bharath! Let us arrest the trend!

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Chhatrapati Shivaji Jayanti 19 February

India that is Bharath my homeland lives for centuries
With honor and dignity- thanks to our great culture and tradition
Great sons and daughters of Bharatha matha all over-East and West
North and South- central every where across the Motherland!~ best!

One of the noblest sons of Mother Bharath is Shivaji
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj whose birth day is tomorrow
Nineteenth of February- the best leader of Maharashtra.
But deemed to be the noble person for the whole Nation!

Maharashtrians have an extraordinary respect for their ruler.
The maker of the Maratha nation. extraordinary personality of his own
Time may change, empires may go and dynasties may become blurred,
Yet the significance of Shivaji is alive in the minds of all Indians
His astonishing triumphs and ever-prepared grin made him
The symbol of his soldiers. Let us salute him on this holy day!

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Life is like that- in Nineteen Ninety one I cursed my stars
When posted to Bikaner Rajasthan on promotion;
Today on retrospection I feel it was God sent in years
Chances rarely come in one’s professional life-to mention!

Twenty Third October today is Marwar Festival-in Jodhpur
The second largest city in  Rajasthan; was the seat of Marwars .  Capital of the kingdom was Marwar! Jodhpur near  Bikaner.  Many palacesforts and temples, in the stark Thar Desert.

Most popular Festival in the city-folk dancers at their best
Lovely Camel procession a great sight to see and enjoy next
India our holy Motherland has a lot of Festivals promoting
Peace and joy, harmony and relationship strongly building!

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20th October-King Raja Raja Chola Birth Day

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Thousand Thirty Three years ago this day was born a great KING
Who ruled the Chola Nadu of those days;Cauvery Delta is a
Region of Tamil Nadu encompassing the lower reaches of
Kaveri River and its delta, cultural homeland of Chola dynasty.

Was the Political base of the Cholas who ruled most of
South India and parts of Sri Lanka and South-East Asia!
Thanjavur was capital of the greatest of the dynasty
Raja Raja Chola. KING OF KINGS-magnificent was his rule!

During ninth and thirteenth centuries. Uraiyur first capital
Medieval Cholas shifted to Thanjavur and later Ganfgaikonda
Cholapuram.with Rajendra Chola as King. Raja Raja Chola
Built the famous Tanjore BIG TEMPLE for Bragadeeswara!

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Indian states from the olden age- golden days-contributed
To its culture great-Roots of our culture and tradition flourished
Cause Of great and noble thoughts, words and deeds sustain our greatness
And will go on for millennium to the gains of posterity.

Great kings, valorous emperors, wise Ministers, wonderful scholars
My Mother India that is Bharath is proud to give with honors
To keep the flag of a great country high through the ages
Wisdom and valor incarnate including preceptors, saints and sages!

Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj was one in this list of fame
Born on nineteenth February in sixteen hundred and thirty
Revered even today and referred as Shivaji Maharaj
We pay our respects and seek his grace for our progress.



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India that is Bharath, my holy Motherland has taught me:
The whole world is my home and the people my kith and kin welcome!
My great Tamil veda “Pura naanooru” declares “YAADHUM OORAE
YAAVARUM KAELIR”- every place is my home and all are my kith!

World is vast- the creation of the Omnipotent, Omniscient;
Today is “National Sami Day”-an ethnic day for the Sami
People. The first Sami People of Norway-Sweden came as one
Together to discuss their problems and find solutions and won!

Ethnic people all over the world to find development
Self, economic, social, educational, spiritual –improvement
Let us salute their efforts and let the world devote sure
To Sami and other ethnic people to prosper pure!





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All the religions of the world are great preaching peace and friendship
Joy and harmony promoting prosperity in great kinship.
Alas, men in their arrogance and shortsightedness do misuse
Nobility and wisdom to stop this menace, make love profuse.

The oldest religion of our Holy and sacred Motherland
Has gifted ideals great, personalities noble in heartland
Gods, emperors-deemed divine incarnations many born and spread
Virtues and values for all young and old, small and big to tread!

Lord Rama hailed by authors of Ramayana-the epic great
Was born on this day and indeed a great day to observe neat
Dedicating ourselves to the path and guidance provided
To make the society and the world a heaven created!

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