JOURNEY TO FREEDOM Part 13 22/6 Ranade Assassination day.

Freedom struggle of a great nation like our holy Motherland
Journey to Freedom of India that is Bharath, sacred land
Unique and distinct in ways several, sacrifices many
To the wonder of the world around-Gandhi’s leadership steady!

Though the way adopted was non violence, activists were there
Who believed in methods stronger than passive and be bold and firm
Resorted to hardcore violent shooting spree-justified ofcourse
We have Vanchinathans and Mahadev Nari Chapekers on course!

British Plague Commissioner Rand and his aid quite harsh in Pune
Unable to bear the humiliations heaped, decided to
Assassinate them –heroic Mahadeo Vinayak Ranade
On this day memorable twenty second June two hundred years ago
Heroic activists were arrested and hanged to death by
The British Government- paved the journey to Indian FREEDOM!



Carnatic  Music Legend Smt.  M S Subbulakshmi enthralled UN by her divine performance.

Music in India is ever deemed divine quite right
Vocal and instrumental ennobles and enthuses tight
Young or old, rich or poor, humans or animals and plants
All respond to this Divine art- Goddess Saraswathi grants!

Beyond religion, creed and caste, language and people- all love
Stress reliever, tension blower, health developer- above
Everything gives peace and joy, make the souls unite
May all in the world observe with full verve and appetite!

“World Music Day” is today twenty first of June every year
The French, authors of the day- have music in heart and ears
Hundred and fifty countries all over observe the day
Make the people take to the art and science of Music great!


My great and holy Motherland India that is Bharath
Indeed a great contributor for the humanity on earth
To keep the mind and body healthy and trim through Yoga
Uniting mind and body inextricably to each other via yoga!

East and West, South and North of the world are benefited sure
Through the knowledge and practice of great Art and Science pure
Ancient Rishis of India inventors be saluted
On this sacred day of INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY revered!

Let Yoga be practiced by all irrespective of region
And religion, age and sex, poor and rich in all fasion
Taught to us by the great Yoga teachers, veteran masters
Healthy mind and healthy body assured by these matters!





Great freedom fighter    Vanchinathan (1886-17th June 1911)

Our holy Motherland India that is Bharath
Won its freedom in a hardway under the great son
Mahatma Gandhi who galvanized the Society
With his qualities noble sure victoriously!

Thousands and thousands from the East and West, North and South
Sacrificed their all for the nation including youth!.
One was the forceful Vanchinathan from the South
Whose memorial day is today observing worth.

Remembered for gunning dead Ashe, British Collector
In Maniyachi staion in a train and later
Committed suicide avoiding shameful arrest
Let us salute the hero of the Movement earnest                       A railway station in Tamil Nadu named in his honour as Vanchi Maniachi




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CPC May monthly Meet-27/5/17 Shri Jairam Seshadri and Shri B. Jayaraman

I have on 31st January 2017 exhaustively dealt with the great activities of the CHENNAI POETS’ CIRCLE in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in under the caption AMIDST THE AMBASSADORS OF PEACE (available in January 2017 archives of the Blog).
There are indeed many literary organizations in the country that provides sufficient food for the ever hungry lovers of literature- beyond region and religion, language and culture.
In Chennai-the great seat of education and research, culture and civilization, literary activities of all hues and shades- is blessed with CHENNAI POETS’ CIRCLE which has been in active existence for the past FOURTEEN years.
Poet Members are professionals like Chartered Accountants, Bankers, Insurance Managers, academicians and so on.
They meet regularly in turn in the members’ premises promoting literary and social wellbeing and present poems and have discussions on the theme content and form. A couple of hours a month spent on literary discussions indeed rejuvenate the minds and intellect of the participants.
In the latest Meet held on the premises of Shri Jairam Seshadri who is Chartered Accountant having returned home after several years spent in UK, USA and Canada – away from the Punya Bhoomi finds himself wanting to write more. He is in Defence Officers Colony, Chennai.
He writes poetry to vent emotion that needs venting; poems serve as a catheter for the overflow and all that brews within.
Hospitality to the participant poets displayed was indeed great and enjoyed by all.
The Meet on May 27th in one of the hottest days in the city, was no longer hot inside the Meet because of the overwhelming love and respect. Cool breeze that came out of the poems presented made the participants quite comfortable and pleasant.
The meet started with the presentation of the young Poet S. Nivetha, awaiting admission for the first year of the undergraduate studies in one of the womens’ colleges in the city. She is good at drawing and she is a cartoonist. She writes prose and verse in English. She has attended the International Multilingual Poets meet held in Vijayawada on 13th and 14th November 2017. She was the youngest poet delegate and presented her poem from the Amaravathi Poetic Prism 2016 titled FRIENDSHIP-VIRTUES AND VALUES.
She also participated in the Annual potry seminar organized by he Chennai Poets’ Circle in Chennai on 29th January 2017.and presented her poen titled SISTER,OH, SISTER which was well received by other poets
She was interviewd by the Management magazine IMPACT in its special silver jubilee issue and published under the caption “INTERVIEW WITH A YOUNG ACHIEVER”

She is being included in the INDIAN BOOK OF RECORDS FOR CHILDREN to be published soon from Zirakpur, Punjab.

.She presented her acrostic poem


Summer is out waiting for us to wade
Umbrella in my hand to give a shade
Monsoon and rain dreams often at the end
Making a plan to go with all my friend(s)
E very summer day is to be hot
Roaming in Sun right my mom ever shouts.

Days pass without our moving out in Sun
Awaiting my friends to share my sweet bun
Yet they find it so difficult to walk
Sitting in a/c room in house and talk!

Watching at the window I dream of rain
Idea is to go out and get drained
Thinking of the Sun my friends rest at house
Having computer and moving the mouse.

Making strange ideas – innovation
Yet need support from my friends with passion

Finding new food stuffs to eat I make now
Reducing fat my aim I bend and bow
Intake of more rest of my summer bad
Evening comes to make my life enjoy
Never my mind should become dull and sad
Declining waste of time and improve a ploy
Sharing my views with friends give a great joy.

I presented my poem “MARVEL IS THY CREATION”.

Hills are lovely, Dales are beautiful
River is lovely, fishes are beautiful
Sea is lovely, waves are beautiful
Sky is lovely, stars are beatiful
Tree is lovely, flowers are beautiful!

Beautiful is the sky lark, lovely is the peacock
Beautiful are the birds, lovely are the animals-deers and dogs!

Beautiful nature is always beautiful
Oh! It is all Thy wonderful creation!

Rain is lovely, fire is beautiful
Storm is lovely, volcano is beautiful
Thunder is melodious, lightning is pleasing!
Nature’s fury is a thing of beauty!

Bed of roses and scent around it
Blade of grass and dews upon it
Rise of moon and stars above it
Oh! It’s all the marvels of Thy creation!

Here is a child with crippled foot
There is a boy with cruel mind
Here is a man with dishonest deeds
There is a woman with a lustful eyes!

He has eyes, yet blind
She has ears, yet deaf
She has hands, yet lame
Yonder Thou art witnessing all!

Mend their ways or end their deeds
Make them honest – make them healthy
Help us live in peace and amity!

All the poems presented by the participating poets were well received and the Meet came to an end very very pleasantly.

This much is for the Sunday story this week. We shall continue to meet every day.Thanks.

Poet Jairam Seshadri has two beloved pets – nice to see, touch, well disciplined and brought up great! Have a look at the same here:

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Nivetha in CPC Annual Seminar on 29th January 2017.


Nivetha presenting a poem on May CPC Meet on 27th.














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General landscape shot of Everest

God’s creations all over the globe indeed is wonderful
None else can no imitation-no duplication beautiful
Human and animal beings, hills and dales, mountains and seas
All to coexist to ensure health and happiness, joy and peace!

Inevitable- exploitation of one by the other
Man has to apply and stop it within a limit- feather!
Man’s heroism, spirit of adventure, fearlessness and all
Carry him to the top of Himalayas!Make him stand tall!

Sixty four years ago this day conquest of Everest by
Tensing Norgay and Edmund Hillary surprised the world
We think of their heroic deeds, preparation for years
Let their tribe increase to repeat such great acts-bringing cheers!

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay smiling in climbing gear.



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Pandit Nehru’s Death Anniversary.






A great human being, leader and Prime Minister he was
Our mother Bharath Matha’s beloved son Pandit Nehru was
Sacrificed for the people of India and this nation
For decades several, worked ceaselessly with great passion!

Secular from birth, sought to inject secularism in all
Accommodating religions all to make this Nation tall
Built India that is Bharath brick by brick under Gandhi
The Mahatma-Father of the Nation- with devotion!

His great image sought to be erased by the forces evil
Cannot succeed as the grateful Nation will not heed the devil
Jawaharlal Nehru is dead but lives for ever in the minds
Of the grateful people all over the world-one of sterling finds!

On this day fifty three years ago-in nineteen Sixty Four
The Lord took him to HIS abode for what all Nehru did fair
And just for his great country and for his great people
We fondly remember and pay our respects to the great soul!


Jawaharlal Nehru signs the Indian Constitution.