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Very rightly said cleanliness is next to Godliness to be followed
By all for a healthier life which many do not take serious enough
One important aspect is keeping hands washed and thus clean at all times
More for children to be trained right from their young days for their healthy future!

Global Hand Washing Day is today the  fifteenth October all over
.This year, the Global Handwashing Day theme focuses on the links
Between Handwashing and food – including food hygiene and nutrition.
Important to keep food safe, prevent diseases and help children grow strong.

Quite essential to teach and train the children in all possible ways
Equally applicable to elders who are not very much in that habit
Ultimately purpose is to maintain cleanliness by all means
For a life of health and happiness, peace and poise, joy and strength!

‘Hand washing’ has other meanings too! Washing away one’s responsibility
Not to bother about the other who is supposed to be taken care of
“Hands must be washed to keep it clean” clean from corruption of any sort
For the society to be clean -free from ignoble thoughts, words and deeds!


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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,17,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 8th view at 04.00 hrs today viz Tuesday  the Fifteenth October 2019, (15/10/2019) total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND SEVENTEEN THOUSAND (2,17,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1719th day and 1752nd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.





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Man  the roof and crown of Creation endowed with  all faculties intact
I fail to appreciate the environmental issues around me
And bother not to make my environment clean and clear –pity
It is not only in my own interest but I owe it to Society!

We are surrounded by many different things on this planet Earth.
Most of the time, we take them for granted. Our surroundings, be it
Living or nonliving, the geographical area where we live constitute Our ENVIRONMENT which needs to be protected by all means.

Let us give thought to the after effects that will plague for not
Addressing the environmental issues on time. Let us analyze
In brief the various environmental issues that  plague our  world
And their harmful effects  on all the living beings-very crucial.

When Mahatma Gandhi emphasized on cleanliness, it was protection
Of ENVIRONMENT for healthy living in the society-in perfection
Harmful effect of ignoring Environment is to our own peril
Let us see more and more on this in the days to come in serial!


Grow more trees.

P S: This post is at the instance of Mr. Mathew eapen of US through Mr. Suresh Mathew of our colony.


Irony indeed to write on this, who gave up coffee and tea
At twenty on Fourteenth January nineteen sixty one with glee
‘Sankaranthi’ Day at the instance of great Senior Sage of Kanchi!
Even while lived in the cold places of Ooty and Bikaner, not tempted!

First October today is International Coffee Day-a day
Observed every year on October first to promote and pay
Compliments to coffee as beverage marking global celebration
Of coffee’s journey from farm to local shop and opportunity
To honour men and women who grow and harvest coffee.

This year International Coffee Organization had chosen special theme:
‘Women in Coffee’ aimed at highlighting important role played by women
In whole coffee chain as men, from planting seeds to processing to
Trading to brewing and drinking it highlighting need for equity
And equality in coffee sector from bean to cup and that can
Be achieved by empowering women to benefit of whole coffee sector.

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August 10th-LAZY DAY!

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For me I know every day of the week and month is a lazy day
After all I do nothing in any of the days!Lazy and indolent!
To most today the Tenth August is a LAZY DAY -Second Saturday.
Lazy Day  a day to chill out and be lazy for a day –  perfect chance
For a hot summer day. Laziness- indolence- disinclination to
Activity or exertion despite  ability to do so!

In the plugged-in world, we  wish for a day when we don’t do anything.
Nothing at all. Not even the tiniest bit of work. we long
For a lazy day. And yet,  we find it difficult to actually be lazy
As if we’re hardwired to do something, even if we don’t really need to.

August Tenth  is the day to be lazy or not to be lazy
It’s National Lazy Day in America,  and other places
And it’s glorious and busy! Let us see how we observe
I shall be  lazy and indolent-doing nothing and everything!!!

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Yogis and Yoga –proud contribution of India that is Bharath
For the health and harmony of people around the world-very great!
Unfortunate in India we attach not great faith and belief
At times we  hear derisive comments too- a misfortune indeed!

Yoga  invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition
Embodying unity of mind and body; thought and action;
Restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature;
Holistic approach to health and well-being.  to discover  sense of oneness!

My beloved father was my Yoga Master- from age ten he taught us
Mathsyaasana, mayuraasana, dhanuraasana, sarvaangasana
Sirsaasanaa and savaasanaa all to last for minutes forty five
Immediately after morning walk and then bath in cold water!

International Yoga Day is today the Twenty First of June
For the past five years, to raise global awareness about
Benefits of  ancient Indian practice.  resolution on this
Was introduced by India’s Ambassador to United Nations
One hundred and seventy seven joined as co-sponsors,
Highest number ever for any General Assembly resolution.
Adopted under the agenda of ‘Global Health and Foreign Policy,’
Recognized Yoga “provides a holistic approach to health and well-being”
And  beneficial for the health of the world population.

Is Climate Action. Yoga our ancient physical,
Mental and spiritual practice! ‘‘yoga’ to join or to unite,
Union of body and consciousness,” “continues to grow in popularity” .



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SIRSAASANAA-how to? NOT ME!!!!!!


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Any part of our dwelling unit must be kept neat and tidy
Cleanliness is next to Godliness said for long quite rightly.
Reportedly Gandhiji said toilet and kitchen be interchangeableS
Yes even the toilet must be so cleanly kept up is implied!

Normally many use their room as study or office room at home
If we are to work or study at peace surrounding must be clean!
May Tenth today is CLEAN UP YOUR ROOM DAY observed all over.
Get rid of the mess on Clean up Your Room Day this important day ever!

Parents and roommates say very often, clean up your room
Get rid of the mess on this day. cleaning up is a process often
Put off by many teenagers. Clean Up You Room Day includes getting
Rid of items that lay around randomly and gather dust.

Feather dusters, wet wipes and cleaning cloth handy on this day
Hoovering, cleaning the windows or picking up dirty clothes and
Stuff from the floor count as the day’s work! After a hard day’s work
One can invite friends and proudly present a clean and shiny room.

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April 30th- Hairstyle Appreciation Day

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In the great creation of human being, head and the hair
On it indeed is great- increase ones personality high in the air!
Maintaining hair and hairstyle of course is individual’s choice
In a society decency and pleasant to look at is essential!

This day is National Hairstylist Appreciation Day- professional
A barber is- we honor hairstylists everywhere who make possible.
Artful hairstyle- talented hairstylist makes us look good
Also make us feel good. celebrates uniqueness of all hair styles.

Tufted hair, wholly shaven head, short cut hair, long hair style-several
Styles for long-but today is becoming uncouth- one side left or right
Shaved full, the other with hair! Ladies comb not but allow freedom to
Hair to fly as they like!!Beauty parlors for men! Tufted person mocked at!

The same tufted hair for men has come back as style of late!
Present style appears to be have tuft or have a clean shaven head!
Young boys and middle aged keep very peculiar hair style
left and right like tuft and the middle clean shaven and vice versa!

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