17th October- Anti-Poverty Day.


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Poverty manifests through hunger with no food available
Pity in HIS creation- people in poverty horrible
Go without food begging, stealing or fasting for years in life
Lacking employment and earn to take food and feed his family!

Affluent are many on their own or at the cost of others
Not ready to give and take care of those in poverty-alas!
Exploitation has its own impact negative on poverty.
Anti poverty Day is this day the seventeenth October!

Tamil Patriotic Poet Bharathiyar would say for sure:
No more exploitation of snatching the food of one by others
We shall make a rule and law; keep it forever- come what may
If any one goes sans food, we shall destroy the whole world-hey!


world elder abuse awareness day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

Growing with age- called aging is natural and nothing uncommon
For all living things on earth- God has programmed nice very common
For men and women as they grow old-concomitant is poor health
Most of the aged financially down, mentally broken.

Need help from all- known unknown, friends-relatives-more from their children
Alas! Not only denied from all- but get abused in plenty.
Youngsters sit in the seats reserved for senior citizens, they stand
When questioned get abused-authorities just witnessing mutely bad.

WORLD ELDER ABUSE AWARENESS DAY is today, the June fifteenth
On this day I realize the seriousness and try to make
Others aware and think positive as to how to put an end
Before you and I become elders to be from abuses-amend!

world elder abuse awareness day 2018 க்கான பட முடிவு

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,50,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 95th  view at 10.45 hrs today viz Friday  the Fifteenth (15th) June 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed historic ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY THOUSAND (1,50,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1204th day and 1257th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


In Coimbatore,while N V Subbaraman is addressing Shri C. Ramanathan Marketing Manager is observing seated SECOND from the left.


Eighty to Hundred you will be jumping in years twenty
Imbibed all qualities noble from thy parents in plenty
Garnering the support and cooperation of all in life
High echelons you could progress with hard and great work in file
Total dedication to your work infusing in others too
You were a role model EMEM for me in my career!

Towards friends and relatives you were nice and kind-madam ably
Outstandingly helping in all your life- daughters brought up lovely!

Honors came on your way on their own-not going for it yourself
Utmost devotion lased with honesty and humor making ourselves
Never letting us down but encouraging to give our best
Dear and loving all your colleagues Copimbatore to Chandigarh
Respected by all fortunate to serve with you the great ELAISEE
Ever ready to help, ever loving and never hurting any
Dear C R sir! EIGHTY TO HUNDRED bring you all the best on earth!


Reading the first letter of each line :”EIGHTY TO HUNDRED”

P,S: Shri C. Ramanathan former Executive Director of LIC is having his Sadhabishekam on 26th January 2018. The above is the humble tribute by one of his erstwhile colleagues named N V SUBBARAMAN

Social Reformer Shri Ramanuja -1000

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All the religions in the world are great serving humanity
To make them live as noble citizens in peace and harmony
Motherland India that is Bharath with great Hinduism
The oldest has great message for the whole world with humanism.

Dwaitha, Adwaitha, Visishtadwaitha three most important
Hinduism have and all aimed at the same goal in a path different
Ramanuja the great seer who spread the gospel of Vaishnavism
Is thousand today and we seek His blessings entire humanity.

Though orthodox in His own way the Seer a social reformer
Who broke the superstitious chain in the hands of the ignorant
By standing atop the tower gave the significance of secret Messages to the commoners and thus proved a real seer great!









 and in particular SECOND ONE to READ

MAHA KAVI BHARATHIYAR’S SONG FOR THE CHILD translated into ENGLISH and place your valued opinion in the space provided below the article in THE INDIAN PERIODICAL so that other readers will have the benefit of your opinion. Thanks.’


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God created the Universe with all living beings
To live in peace and harmony, joy and happiness
Loving all, serving all, helping ever and
Hurting never-be the life’s goal and aim.

Acts of kindness be our endeavor all time
That gives joy-giver and receiver in rhyme
Both are blessed- inspiration mutual
All get into the good habit gradual.

“Random acts of kindness day” is this day good
Let everyone do one thing or other
At random-helping a blind on road,
Allowing the other to overtake you,
Helping a disabled to get into a bus,
Let someone go ahead of you in line
Present a rose to someone- a post man, a bus driver etc.
Help someone change a flat tire
Compliment a work colleague on their work
Send an encouraging text to someone
Let a car into the traffic ahead of you
Take gift to new neighbors introduce, present
Scores of random acts of kindness give us peace.


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In the creation of God-the Lord Almighty
Good and bad, joy and sorrow part of the mighty
And the lowly; we call it karma of our past
“Help ever and hurt never” keep us well to the last.

Health and ill health many a time we are the cause
Let us take care in all respects sure lest alas
We have many including leprosy, my God
People around detest and look down upon, Lord.

Mahatma Gandhi hosted and treated at home
A leprosy patient and that made him Mahatma
Leprosy not incurable, God and Doctors cure
Free from the same by their efforts and grace quite sure.

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Described as the “Mahatma Gandhi” of Japan, The Nippon Foundation’s Chairman Yohei Sasakawa has made it his life’s mission to help eliminate leprosy



A part of the Cultural program-“Mahishasuramardini”.

In the wonderful creation of the Almighty, things move on as per HIS scheme in every one’s life. Those who believe, it is something predetermined-say DESTINY- whether HE made it, I make it , CIRCUMSTANCES make it! A successful man in his life goes according to it, but by his constant efforts and earnest endeavors makes the best use and makes his positive contribution to his home, society and the world.


Well my mentor from his heavenly abode MAHAKAVI SUBRAMANIYA BHARATHIYAR wrote several decades ago:

“நமக்குத் தொழில் கவிதை, நாட்டிற் குழைத்தல்
இமைப்பொழுதுஞ் சோரா திருத்தல்-உமைக்கினிய
மைந்தன் கணநாதன் நங்குடியை வாழ்விப்பான்
சிந்தையே இம்மூன்றும் செய்.”

While rendered in English:

“We build the lofty rhyme; our country we serve;
We idle not even for a second;
The son dear to Uma will cause our line
To prosper; dear soul, these three do perform.”

Yes; “the builders of rhyme” –POETS serve the world without idling away their time even for a second!

Those indeed were the days in life! Two days – Thirteenth and Fourteenth of November were the days in the life of poets-multilingual poets-from all over my India-that is Bharath and abroad who assembled on the serene and silent banks of the holy river KRISHNA in Vijayawada, the capital of recently formed Andhra Pradesh on the sacred day of Karthika poornima and karthika somavara  – auspicious full moon day of the month of Karthika and the Monday of the month- in October-November- were never to be got days to enjoy again!


One of the speakers in the Meet. 


Personally to me it all started on the day in April 2016 when I received the e-invitation from respected poet Mrs. Padmaja Iyengar Hon. Lit. Advisor, the Cultural Center of Vijayawada & Amaravati soliciting my poems in multiple languages for their proposed Anthology “Poetic Prism 2016”-and the name was subsequently changed to “Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016-“ . I sent my poems in English and Tamil. Instantly they were accepted.

After a few days enthused by the acceptance of mine, my ward S. Nivetha  a 17 year girl studying in XII standard in a leading school in Chennai  requested me to send her poem too. It was in English and when I sent it Madam was  delighted and   immediately acknowledged and told it will find a place in the PRISM making  Nivetha feel as if she has won a Nobel award!.


Madam Padmaja Iyengar talking to one of the Chief Guests of the Meet.


Time passes on as quickly as it blossoms. It looks as if yesterday the start of the ‘PRISM 2016’ and now it is a week since the unique record breaking ANTHOLOGY was unveiled taking the poets to the wonderland of Poetry- and to make everyone who attended feel that THOSE INDEED WERE THE DAYS IN LIFE!


Second and third communications were received in quick succession from the Honorary Literary Adviser to the CULTURAL CENTER OF VIJAYAWADA & AMARAVATI- Malaxmi Group’s CSR arm,  is one of the organizers of the event explaining in detail the proposed INTERNATIONAL MULTI LINGUAL POETS MEET in which the great Anthology- entered into the Indian Book of Records  one to be launched by Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, on 13th and 14th of November at Vijayawada.

It was indeed great literary gesture on the part of Madam Padmaja Iyengar to have convinced the Committee on the need to invite the young poet Miss. S Nivetha just 17 year old XII standard student of a leading school in Chennai which made her jump with joy to the skies.

With the generous permission of the school, to be away for three days, air tickets were booked and the countdown began increasing the appetite to attend the unique meet and to her the maiden and golden opportunity of attending an International event!

In the meantime I had a few telephonic interactions with Madam Padmaja on the arrangements on a mass scale being made.

At last 12th November was born and we left Chennai on time and reached Vijayawada on time to be received by an SMS that “I am Sai Kiran waiting for you at the Airport entrance”. Delighted we were to meet Mr. Sai Kiran an MBA student in The Forbes College of Business Management! Then of course we came across a couple of dozens of MBA students who volunteered,  attending to every need of the delegates-whether in the hotel room or restaurant, Bus or at the Venue till we left for the airport on 14th after the mega Meet was over.

Mr. Saikiran received us with a smiling face and took us to the waiting AC car and dropped us in the Hotel Mid-City- a hotel of three star- status on the MG Road. As earlier programmed both of us were accommodated in the same room.  Lunch we had and went out for shopping in the evening. Night dinner was over and Nivetha had her rehearsals of her proposed maiden presentation in such a unique International Meet next day. I had mine!!!!!?????



Reputed Poet from Thailand presenting her poem.

The day of delight dawned, heralding a treasure trove of joy and happiness, pride and peace, sense of achievement and satisfaction to all the poet delegates from abroad and all over India-that is my Bharath.  After a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, a nice luxurious AC bus ferried all of us to the venue of the Meet –about ten kilometers from the hotel- the Conference hall of APTDC Hotel, Haritha Bermpark on the Banks of Holy River Krishna.

There were about 150 poet delegates from different parts of the world and different languages true to the nomenclature “INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL POETS MEET”.

On our taking the seats, in nature-friendly jute bag carrying a print of


Poetic Prism 2016

International Multilingual Poets Meet


with a copy of the Guinness recording Anthology,  a beautiful shawl, note book, pen , an attractively designed Identity Badge,  was handed over to each of the delegate by the volunteering MBA students of Forbes Business School and a detailed program sheet.

With the opening remarks by Honorary Literary Adviser to the Cultural Center of Vijayawada & Amaravati and a renowned Poet Smt. Padmaja Iyengar, Smt. Gadde Anuradha, Krishna district Zilla Parishad Chairperson- the Chief Guest’s inaugural address, poetry reading sessions started.


First to present his poem was the 83 year old senior most poet Shri Raja Raman Ramachandran and the last one to present was the youngest poet Sow. S. Nivetha!

In between about seventy poets presented their poems in various regional languages. Unique and surprising method of inviting the poets for presentation was adopted! A bowl containing slips of all the attending poets with the language and page number in the Anthology was kept ready on the table. Every poet after presentation will take out a slip from the bowl, open and invite the next poet for rendering! It was very interesting and everyone was anxiously awaiting the invitation- some disappointed and some delighted! Ultimately all those present could delight the audience with their poem.

I presented my poem in Tamil titled ”குழந்தை உள்ளம் இறைவன் இல்லம்” (CHILD’S MIND IS GOD’S HOME) and Nivetha her English poem titled “FRINDSHIP- Values and Virtues”. Rich encomiums were paid to her presentation by the MC and very many others in the lobby.

Everyone was introduced and comment was made at the end of reading very appropriately by the Master of the Ceremony, Madam Iyengar.

At the appropriate intervals, we had our delicious and sumptuous Andhra lunch and snacks in tea breaks.

After a while, short and sweet speeches were delivered by the dignitaries of Vijayawada- Municipal Corporation Mayor, Corporation Commissioner, President of CCVA, APTDC EO and others.


At the end of the first day a scintillating, enchanting and ennobling cultural program was held with young artists performing Kuchupudi, kathakali and bharatha natyam dances. “Mahishasura mardhini” was indeed a classic one!

After dinner, we returned to our rooms with nourishing thoughts and cherishing first day program.


Next day 14th was equally great. The program started with poetry reading session.

Hon’ble Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu launched the International Multilingual Poets Anthology “Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 “ and   made a remarkable speech hailing the efforts behind the unique Anthology and the Meet. He traced the great literary and glorious history of Vijayawada. Senior poets from different states were honored at the hands of the CM.

Closing remarks were made by Dr. E Sivanagi Reddy, Chief Executive Officer, CCVA.

An attractively designed Certificate was handed over to each participant..


We took leave of our great poet friends

After lunch, the delegates were free to get back to their Headquarters. Accordingly we were dropped in the Airport by car and we reached Chennai by night.

In one of her communications Madam Padmaja wrote:

“While you are required to bear your travelling expenses, your hospitality, at Vijayawada including your pick up from/drop at Airport/Railway Station/Bus station, comfortable stay etc. will be totally taken care of by us”. Yes, true to these words everything was taken care of by the Organizers and great literary loving Corporates and Government Departments.

A mega event like this requires a lot of sponsorship and it was with  a sense  of great joy and pride the Malaxmi, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department, Department of Language and Culture, AP Government and the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation joined in this great Literary yagna.  We the delegates are extremely happy and grateful for all of them.


Having been in telephonic conversation frequently with Madam Padmaja Iyengar, the main brain behind the Anthology, I know the volume of efforts she has put in with her team in bringing out this unique Anthology.  As planned and anticipated, there cannot be a second opinion on its likely entry into the India Book of Records! Physical get up, quality of paper and print, beauty of design and so on are par excellent besides the contents.

Similarly one could not have expected till it was conceived and delivered that an anthology in 53 languages and more than 525 poems are humanly possible.  I am not ashamed to admit and acknowledge that I cannot even list out so many languages of the world! Look at some details about the Anthology.

Sl. No.      Language                         No. of Poems

  1. Telugu                                                   54
  2.  Arabic                                                   01
  3. Assamese                                             14
  4.  Bengali                                               18
  5. Bhojpuri                                              04
  6. Bodo                                                    01
  7.  Danish                                              01
  8.  Dogri                                               03
  9. Dzonkha                                           01
  10. Esperanto                                        01
  11. French                                              04
  12. German                                           04
  13. Gojri                                                01
  14.  Gunjala Gondi                             01
  15. Gujarati                                        09
  1. Hebrew                                           02
  2. Hindi                                              50
  3. Italian.                                           03
  4. Japanese.                                        01                                  .
  5. Kannada.                                      15.
  6. Kashmiri                                        04
  7. Kodava Takk                                   01
  8. Konkani                                          02
  9.  Koya                                               01
  10. Maithili                                       05
  11. Malayalam                                   17
  12. Mandarin                                   01
  13. Mapuzugun                               01
  14. Marathi.                                   08
  15. Mizo                                          02
  16. Nepali.                                     01
  17. Odia.                                        10
  18. Pahari                                      02
  19. Persian.                                   01
  20. Portugese.                               01
  21. Punjabi.                                09
  22. Rajasthani.                         01
  23. Romani                      01
  24. Romanian                 01
  25. Sankethi.                   01
  26. Sanskrit.                    04
  27. Sindhi.                      01
  28.  Spanish.                04
  29.   Tagalog                  01
  30. Tamil.                     18
  31.  Thai                       01
  32.   Tulu                       02
  33. Turkish                 01
  34. Urdu                    21
  35. Uzbeck                02
  36. Vietnamese      . 01
  37. Zapotec              01
  38. English                    202
  39.  Total                                                 527


Being Multilingual Poets Meet most –almost all barring possibly a couple of poets-have submitted poems in more than one language.


Several poets have given their poems in their language and have themselves translated into English.

Shri Raamesh Gowri Raghavan of Mumbai has contributed poems in 11 languages and thus stands number ONE in this respect.

English, Esperanto, French, German, Hindi, Kannada, Kodava Takk, Mandarin, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu.

Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam contributed poems in six languages viz. English, Telugu, Sanskrit, French, German and Hindi,


It was indeed a veritable literary feast both in the Meet and the Anthology.


Carrying PLEASNT MEMORIES of both, we reached our home and the thoughts go on ringing the joyful tune of the two days spent in the Meet.


Nivetha –youngest Poet who attended the Meet as a Poet Delegate was the cynosure of all eyes and became darling of the other poet delegates. Here she is seen with respected poet  Dr. Bibha Kumari of Delhi University as published in her Face Book on 17th November. .


(More photos and videos will appear in the forthcoming Sunday story)



I am happy to share with you that with today’s (20th November) 91st view of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in htps://nvsr.wordpress.com at 11.00 hours ,the BLOG crosses 69000 views  mark on its 671st post in 636 days. I thank you immensely for all your support and I solicit the same in the days to follow also.