In the creation of the world, the Almighty blessed  my sacred
Mother India that is Bharath-birth place of Saints ans Seers
Several attracting the citizens from all over the world
To find peace and harmony, joy through spiritual practices!

One such was Aurobindo born in Kolkatta- philosopher,
Yogi, guru, poet, and nationalist.joined freedom movement
Influential leader turned into spiritual reformer,
Bringing in Auroville in Pondichery-in Nineteen Sixty Eight!

A handful of earth from all over the world placed in an urn at
Center Of Matrimandhir marked the occasion-now Two thousand Eighteen
Waters from hundred and fifty sources across the globe-to be poured
In a golden disc at the heart of the Mandhir-water to unite all!
Waters from sacred Indian rivers seven, Nile and the Dead Sea,
From Rivers, lakes, springs and seas to flow into one pool!

Statue of Aurobindo.



Unified Humanity in Auroville.


C V RAMAN EFFECT DAY-28th February


Significant day is tomorrow twenty eighth February
C V Raman Effect Day-also known as National Science Day
To mark the great scientific invention of Nobel Winner
Chandrasekara Venkata Raman -great Physicist of India!

To mark the discovery of RAMAN EFFECT in Nineteen Twenty Eight
By the Tamilnadu born Scientist Raman, great far reaching right
Bharat Ratna for his work on diffusion of light and for the effect
Named after him.We salute him on this glorious day!-Day to respect!

Our holy Motherland -India that is Bharath has gifted
Scientists and philosophers, Mathematicians never drifted
From the path of glory and success and brought peace and harmony
To be grateful and enjoy the day as if a ceremony.





“WORLD THINKING DAY” is today as if the world thinks not on other days!
This day celebrated annually by all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
Also celebrated by boy-oriented associations around the world.
A day when they think about their “sisters” and “brothers” all over the world!

To think of the meaning of Guiding, and its global impact
Twenty second February -the birthday of Scouting and Guiding
Founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell and of Lady Olave Baden-Powell,
His wife and World Chief Guide. Other Scouts observe asFounders’ Day.

My memory goes back to fifties when as Shivaji TROOP LEADER
In my Karaikudi school days I observed the day with my troop
Six decades ago still green in mind-badges, scarf and khaki
Colored dress and beret and shoes! “BE PREPARED” on lips!




The Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Lord Almighty
Created the Universe and all the living beings mighty
In stages and the roof and crown of all creations –the Man-
With his knowledge and intelligence made research on creation!

One of the foremost was born this day in Eighteen hundred and nine
British naturalist Charles Darwin-searched and researched quite fine
Came up with the present day Theory of Evolution:

The story of evolution.

natural selection giraffe example - Google Search | Essay 2- | Pinterest | Natural selection ...Darwin's Theory of Evolution: Definition & EvidenceNatural selection vs. evolution | Nathan Sleeter's Blog

Great Tamil Saint Poet Manicka vasagar of nineth century
Gave his theory of Evolution in Thiruvasagam thus:
“கல்லாகிப் “புல்லாகிப் பூடாகி மரமாகி பல்விருகமாகி,
புழுவாய், பாம்பாய், பறவையாகி, மிருகமாய்,  மனிதராய்”
“Stone, grass, plants and trees giant trees,
Worms, snakes, birds, animals and man”

Manickavasagar-Tamil Saint Poet



God has blessed the humanity while creation with many greats
To keep the living beings comfortable with peace and plenty
Poise and harmony, joy and happiness- in ways and means many
Ever we remember the Lord Almighty for HIS grace and blessings!

One of the most creative heads God has blessed the humanity
Thomas Alva Edison born on February Eleventh eighteen forty
Seven-great American Inventor described as “America’s Greatest”
Gave all comforts phonograph, Camera, electric light bulb strongest!

Edison a prolific inventor;significant was impact
Of his inventions: electric light and power utilities,
Sound recording, and motion pictures; indeed excellent services!
On his birth day we fondly remember and salute the stalwart!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,30,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 59th  view at 09.40 hours yesterday viz Friday  the 9th February  2018, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND THIRTY THOUSAND (1,30,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1078th day and 1127th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


Charles Dickens birth day 7th February 1812

In God’s wonderful creation millions of men and women
Are born – born to live and die as ordinary women and men
Some are indeed make a mark and live for ever in hearts of all
In the fields different, stamp their feet strong and ever stand quite tall!

One Charles John Huffam Dickens born this day in eighteen twelve
English writer created the world’s best- characters to dwelve
The greatest novelist of the Victorian age-father in a
Debtors prison’-Charles left school and worked in a factory.

Pickwick Papers, David Copperfield, Tale of two Cities, Oliver Twist
Some of his creations immortal- Fifteen novels, five novellas betwixt,
Hundreds Of short stories and articles, campaigned for children’s Rights,
Education and social reforms- let us salute the great!.



India that is Bharath my Holy and sacred Motherland
Was the master of astrology based on astronomy grand
For centuries and centuries- the earliest in the world
Sun and moon, planets and stars –their movements well studied and researched!

We gave the exalted position to the astronomical
Phenomena- as Gods in all our temples-Navagrahas
Offer prayers all the days around the year- their movements
Planet to planet-with special prayers invoking their grace!

To day was the day that saw Galileo discovering first
Three satellites of Jupiter- in Sixteen Ten-deemed to be great!
Galeileo Galeilei astronomer, physicist, engineer,
Philosopher, Mathematician-Father of Modern Physics!

Father of observational astronomy, father of the
Scientific method- Father of Scince- his findings rejected by the clergy
Kept under house arrest for decades-peculiar is the
Way of the world! We salute him as we salute Rishi-Scientists!