Aug 19 -World Photography day


World Photography Day is today- a great day indeed
What one cannot see the actual –sees as good in need
Thanks to the camera invented, improved long ago
In eighteen thirtees- a lovely invention in the world!

People express and communicate sans words tht is great
Photographers of all shades share with the internet-treat
‘Selfie’ to day so small and cute in the grasp of fingers
A lovely machine that captures nice and beautiful-lingers!

Child born in Canada seen in India in minutes
The grand parents enjoy reclining in their easy chairs
Great indeed is the art and science of photography
Let us remember the greats and enjoy the FINE ART freely!


Selfie style!


August 19-World Humanitarian Day


August nineteenth –tomorrow is a great day-quite significant
“World Humanitarian Day” observed all over the globe
For all of us to think, to pen and spread, make the world with patience
To respect all beings-God’s creation with clear conscience!

Men and women are created by God the Almighty
To live and lead a life normal with kith and kin rightly;
But there are the beloved of God who work for the world
Sacrificing all in challenging situations bold!

Brazilian Sergio Vieira de Mello was one of age
Whose thinking, philosophy, dynamism and courage
Inspired all and timeless legacy for all to emulate.
Rightly United Nations dedicated this day to that great!


Velu Nachiyar

Rani Velu Nachiyar, was a queen of Sivaganga estate in 1760-1790. She was the first queen to fight against the British colonial power in India, even long before the famous Rani of Jhansi.

In the long and arduous journey to Indian Freedom
Many places and persons from this holy Indian soil
Played  role very important worthy of remembrance-their toil
For all the times to come -none can erase their fame or spoil!

In the far south of Tamilnadu valiant people
From places deep stood firm fought the British tooth and nail
One such was the valiant lady VELU NACHIYAR -queen
Of Sivaganga, first to fight before Jansi Rani-keen!

Independance day seventy second shortly arrives
On this happy and holy occasion- the patriotic
Citizens of our Motherland India that is Bharath
Offer homage to Velu Nachiyar and her clan as wealth!



Nation’s destiny is firmly fixed to the handloom artisans
Indeed was the view of the Father of the Nation – not partisan
Mechanization cannot engage all in the country he felt
Lo! His thoughts are sent to the winds and got in thin air melt!

Nation to search, unfortunate, for handloom artists and their art
Today is National Handloom day –to think, focus at least part
The dying art to be enlivened by the art loving public
Let us honestly do for sustaining our culture fantastic!

Guwahati to host today for the North-Eastern States so great
Great and invaluable art, artisans spread in every part
Let every citizen make efforts to uphold the dignity
On this day holy- and ensure their survival   for eternity!



By opening our eyes
We see the great bright world
By facing bold
We solve our problems straight
Ready to change
We enjoy the changing world around
Laying foundation
Working hard projects completed.
Day dream and working on it
Goal is easily reached.
By wishful thinking and wise action
Wishes are made into realities.
Sure success is on thy hands
Through our efforts and His grace!
Realize reality, respond to needs
Taste success with peace and poise!



Bala Gangadhar Tilak’s Birth Day – 23rd July

The great Freedom Fighter Shri Bala Gangadhar Tilak was born on 23rd July 1856. As a mark of respect, is given hereunder the tributes by Mahakavi Bharathiyaar in Tamil and its English version.

Original in Tamil:

திலக முனிவர் கோன்.

நாம கட்குப் பெருந்தொண் டியற்றிப்பல்

நாட்டினோர்தம் கலையிலும் அவ்வவர்

தாம கத்து வியப்பப் பயின்றொரு

சாத்திரச் சுட லென்ன விளங்குவோன்

மாம கட்குப் பிறப்பிட மாகமுன்

வாழ்ந்திந் நாளில் வறண்டயர் பாரதப்

பூமகட்கு மனந்துடித் தேயிவன்

புன்மை  போக்குவன் என்ற விரதமே.                  (1)


நெஞ்ச கத்தோர்   கணத்திலும் நீங்கிலான்

நீத மேயோர் உருவெனத் தோன்றினான்

வஞ்ச கத்தைப் பகையெனக் கொண்டதை

மாய்க்கு மாறு மனத்திற் கொதிக்கின்றோன்;

துஞ்ச மட்டுமிப் பாரத நாட்டிற்கே

தொண்டிழைக்கத் துணிந்தவர் யாவரும்

அஞ்செ ழுத்தினைச் சைவர் மொழிதல்போல்

அன்பொ டோதும் பெயருடை யாரியன்.     (2)


வீர மிக்க மராராட்டியர் ஆதரம்

மேவிப் பாரத தேவி திருநுதல்

ஆர வைத்த திலகமெனத் திகழ்

ஐயன் நல்லிசைப் பாலகங் காதரன்,

சேர வர்க்கு நினைக்கவந் தீயென

நின்ற எங்கள் திலக முனிவர்கோன்

சீரடிக்கம லத்தினை வாழ்த்துவேன்

சிந்தை தூய்மை பெருகெனச் சிந்தித்தே.    (3)


Naama katkup perunthoN diyatrippal

Naattinaortham kalaiyilum avvavar

Nama kaththu viyappap payinroru

Saaththi rakkada  lenna viLanguvoan

Maama katkup pirappida maakamun

Vaazhththin naaLil varaNdayar baarathap

Pooma katku manandhutith thaeyivan

Punmai poakkuval enra viradhamae.                                  (1)


Nenja kaththoar kaNaththilum  theengilaan

Needha maeyoar uruvenath thoanrinaan;

Vanja gaththaip pagaiyenak koNdadhai

Maaykku maaru  manaththir kothikkinroan

Thunja mattumip bharadha naattirkae

ThoNdizaikkath  thuNindhavar yaavarum

Anje zhuththinaich saivar mozhidhalpoal

Anbo doadhum peyarudai yaariyan.                                   (2)


Veera  mikka  maraattiyar aadharam

Maevip  bharadh dhevi thirunudhal

Aaravaiththa  thilagamenath thigazh

Aiyan nallisaip Baalagang gaadharan

Saera varkku ninakkavun theeyena

Ninra  engaL thilaka munivarkoan

Seeradikama laththinai vaazhththuvaen

Sindhai thUymai perugenach chindhiththae.                     (3)



To Goddess of Learning he had service a lot

Rendered and mastered other nation’s art

The great masters were struck with awe;

Verily he indeed is the ocean of sastric knowledge

Our Motherland Bharath- where the Goddess was born

Unfortunate has gone desert barren

Heart-sore at her plight, Tilak took upon himself

And vowed tho drive the meanness away through self!          (1)


He indeed is enshrined in the heart of our holy land

Embodiment of justness and greatness abound

An eternal foe of deception ignoble

Filled with rage and anger righteous-noble.

Those with the resolve to serve our home land

Hold strong this Aryan’s name and chant

Till they live, serve and breathe their last

In love as Saivites repeat sacred name of the Lord!          (2)


Beloved are the Marathi heroes

To Bharatha Matha who wears the Tilak

Like that very Tilak is he, tha famed and praised

Bal Gangadhar Tilak- the emperor like

A flaming fire is he to the people hostile

Our Tilak, the peerless Prince of Saints

I adore his lotus feet glorious on earth

That I may be blessed in my Thoughts ever in birth!                          (3)




























India that is Bharath- my holy Motherland
Produced noble souls many in this great wonderland
Who sacrificed their all in their journey to freedom
Great Father of our Nation   restored their nice kingdom!

Mangal Pandey was one such Indian Freedom Fighter
Born on this day in eighteen twenty seven- greater
Than many of his clan- born in Uttar Pradesh nice
Took part in the Great Revolt of Eighteen Fifty Seven !

Served as a sepoy in the thirty fourth regiment
Of the Bengal Native Infantry of the British
Pandey played vital role in the journey to Freedom
We salute him on this holy day with all respect!




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