August 06- International Friendship Day!


Friend in need is a friend indeed – a saying goes
Your friends will see you in your prosperity
You will see your friend in your adversity
Understanding each other is indeed friendship

Friendship is not mere smile on face
Friendship is the smiling heart’s embrace!
Friendship hastens help in mishaps
Like hands picking up the dress that slips!

Not to laugh is friendship made
But to hit when faults exceed!
International Friendship Day is sixth August
Let us promote in a manner quite august!



August 06- International Forgiveness Day !

To punish is human to forgive is Divine
To forget is human to forgive is Divine
To say yes to punishment is human unfair
To say no to punishment is Divine –quite fair!

Forgiveness is giving up resentment and anger
Forgiving is granting free pardon to the wrong doer!
August sixth –first Sunday of each august August
International Forgiveness day is robust!

“Love all and serve all” paves path for forgiveness pure
“Help ever, hurt never” spreads red carpet quite sure
Let us take to the path Divine, forget and forgive
Lord Almighty in all HIS compassion, takes to Heaven!




Wages one gets for his sins is death- said Lord Christ
Those who believe not may ask ‘don’t the non sinners die’?
Others are wondering what constitutes sin at best
It all depends on the perception of men –answers lie!

In the creation of the God Almighty- my lord
All His creations are to live in peace –never sounds odd.
Love all, serve all- help ever hurt never- golden path
All have to take and serve the Lord – from Him no wrath!

Tiny creation is the nice ants – red in color pure
Mostly they cause no harm to humans very sure
They go in a beautiful line one after the other
A nice sight- but I am tempted to crush them together!

Am I a sinner? Unable to decide- a shame
I see a snake going on its own way afraid of me
I kill it with a stone and stick-am I a sinner?
A dog afraid of me barks in a corner- I
Drive it away under fear- am I a sinner?
Tell me what is sin and am I a sinner?




By opening our eyes
We see the great bright world
By facing bold
We solve our problems straight
Ready to change
We enjoy the changing world around
Laying foundation
Working hard projects completed.
Day dream and working on it
Goal is easily reached.
By wishful thinking and wise action
Wishes are made into realities.
Sure success is on thy hands
Through our efforts and His grace!
Realize reality, respond to needs
Taste success with peace and poise!



Lolly pop in different shapes and sizes.


Lolly pop we know as candies on stick that come in
Various shapes, flavors, sizes, and colors-bring in
Joy in children weeping- switch over from cries to smiles
With a history long –since mid nineteenth century!

Lollipop Day is the occasion to enjoy quick
Recollecting our own childhood-grab now- lick or suck!
Age or sex, poor or rich- a candy is loved by all
In the confectionary items lolly pop stands tall!

When unhappy with a decision made by others
Affecting one – he gets to smoothen the feathers
As a lolly pop a small concession-mental boost
Strange is the world we live in –psychic at the most!




India that is Bharath- my holy Motherland
Produced noble souls many in this great wonderland
Who sacrificed their all in their journey to freedom
Great Father of our Nation   restored their nice kingdom!

Mangal Pandey was one such Indian Freedom Fighter
Born on this day in eighteen twenty seven- greater
Than many of his clan- born in Uttar Pradesh nice
Took part in the Great Revolt of Eighteen Fifty Seven !

Served as a sepoy in the thirty fourth regiment
Of the Bengal Native Infantry of the British
Pandey played vital role in the journey to Freedom
We salute him on this holy day with all respect!




I am glad to share with you that with the 34th view at 05.55 hours today viz Wednesday  the 19th July 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed NINETY EIGHT  THOUSAND (98000) on the 852nd day and 917th post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.



There are several ailments that afflict the humanbeing-physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual and among them is one- ANGER-that kills. Here are the words of wisdom by the great saint poet Thiruvalluvar who lived in Tamilnadu 2400 years ago.
Wrath against the strong
One should shun; if it warrants
Against the weak wrong! (301)
Wrath against the strong
Brings woes; against the weak too
Wrath should be shunned strong! (302)
Guard well against wrath
Towards every one around
Brings woes in its path! (303)

4. Wrath kills joy and smile
No foe worse than killing wrath
Brings all woes in file! (304)
Guard thyself from wrath
If you are to guard thyself
Lest anger kills neat! (305)
Wrath – the killer friend
Destroys all the kith and kin
Try all means to mend! (306)
Wrath infected falls
Bound to face woes; gets injured
The hands that strikes the wall! (307)
Save thyself from ire
Against even the one who
Tortured thee like fire! (308)
Get all they desire
When free from the ills of wrath
Others they inspire! (309)
Uncontrolled anger
Makes the living dead; freed
Suffer no longer! (310)

Let us go all out to stamp out that ANGER-THE KILLER. And make the self and society enjoy greater peace and harmony.