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Holy land-India that is Bharath, my MOTHERLAND
Taught me about the Universal family-“VASU
DEYVA KUTUMBAKAM”-the whole world my family great!
Tamil vedas will say” every place is my home and
all are my kith and kin”-noble theme of world family!

Pity the universal family gave place to joint families
Joint family gave place to individual family
Individual family gave place to nucleus family !
Today at the height of selfishness me, my wife and children alone
Make my family! Not to talk of International family!

International Day of Families is today the
Fifteenth May with the theme “Families and inclusive societies”.
No family can be peaceful sans harmonious relationship tall
On this holy day let us promote harmony and peace with all!




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NATIONAL Day OF SILENCE is today in America
For reasons peculiar on the last April Friday
It is twenty seventh of April this year-this post
Deals not with the reasons quoted by Americans-the host!

Great words of wisdom to follow from the days of old!
Silence gives greater peace- leads not to acrimony
Always providing and sponsoring fund of harmony!

What they call me a chatter box-I can not keep quiet
At least this day onward I have to develop the art
And science of SILENCE!-helping to save Energy nice
Not speaking out of tune and incur displeasure of others!

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To play with toys and dolls a natural human instinct
No age, no girl or boy even among aged joy distinct!
Dolls made of paper mesh, earth and plastic of all hue and colors
Indeed an evolution in manufacturing toys and dolls!

Barbie a fashion doll made by the American toy
Company Mattel and launched in March fifty nine to enjoy
American business woman Ruth Handler created
The doll using a German doll Bild Lilli duly inspired!

The doll appeared first on this day fifty eight years ago
The world enjoys the dolls of varieties many shun to forego!
Children brought up in happy atmosphere will spread joy
And happiness all in their lives- a great world to enjoy!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,35,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 54th  view at 10.25 hours today viz Friday   the 9th March  2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND (1,35,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1106th day and 1156th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty






“WORLD THINKING DAY” is today as if the world thinks not on other days!
This day celebrated annually by all Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
Also celebrated by boy-oriented associations around the world.
A day when they think about their “sisters” and “brothers” all over the world!

To think of the meaning of Guiding, and its global impact
Twenty second February -the birthday of Scouting and Guiding
Founder Lord Robert Baden-Powell and of Lady Olave Baden-Powell,
His wife and World Chief Guide. Other Scouts observe asFounders’ Day.

My memory goes back to fifties when as Shivaji TROOP LEADER
In my Karaikudi school days I observed the day with my troop
Six decades ago still green in mind-badges, scarf and khaki
Colored dress and beret and shoes! “BE PREPARED” on lips!




With a great pride and pleasure I unfurled our respectful TRI COLOR on 26th January- on the Republic Day in our wonderful colony JEEVAN Bhima Nagar, Chennai.
As I was returning home the flag called me and engaged in a conversation when it outpoured its anguish and sadness. Here is given the gist:
Flag: Oh my great friend, do you know me?
Replied I: What do you mean just an hour back it was I who unfurled you!
Flag: Yes I know and remember for ever; after all you people think of me only twice a year!
In a sullen mood I kept quite.
Flag: I know you can not answer this question! Thank God I could breathe fresh air this day. I have to get back to the cupboard and come again to breathe the fresh air only after seven months!
I responded this time: I am sorry.
Flag: I wonder how many of you atleast remember me on other days?
Again I had no answer to provide.
Flag: Do you know atleast my history?

Me: Yes, I read it my school book 65 years ago.
Flag: I never asked did you read. I only asked you whether you know!
In silence I nodded my head to communicate that I don’t.
Flag: Some one told me that you wrote about me!
Said I: Yes on 15th August 2017 I wrote about you in my blog quoting Mahakavi Bharathiyar praising you in Tamil. I gave it in English also.
Flag: When was it?
Replied I: ON 15th August last year.
Flag: I know that is why I told you that you people remember me only twice a year!!
I had no defence.
Flag: In the rest of the days do you know how many among you make use of me in a rubbish manner?
I know many wrap it on their body and other materials at home or office to protect from dust!
Flag: I am happy in some Government offices they allow fresh air to me from morn till evening every working day!
Desparately I told: “Be happy with it”!
Flag: It is not my happiness; your duty it is as per your own rules framed by great men among you.
Asked I: DUTY! In which era you are in?
Flag: Do you know I represent your culture and tradition-prosperity and sacrifice, transperancy and peace?
Said I : yes, but…………………………….
Flag: What is that but……………………..Your guilty conscience pricks you –am I right?
Said I in a guilty voice: Yes and no! I don’t know whether today I have any conscience left with me at all!
FLAG emphatically said and began to flutter in the air majestically: Time has come to think and act as a Nation lest the efforts of the great freedom fighters will go waste and you will have no redemption. .



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A great and efficient PROGRAMMER is HE the Lord Almighty
Well knows when I have to enter and exit this world happily
Know not with whom I entered but know well whom I leave on exit
In the span of life, develop relatives and friends sans limit!

My beloved father when he was alive till eighty seven
Used to tell as we visit him and leave quite a few days later even
“You don’t come-your leaving is indeed painful- though thoughts
Of your coming gives pleasure”! At this stage I go with him in his views!.

After a year Vision Scientist son from abroad came and went after a week
Follwing me like my shadow-morning walk, going to temple sleek
Shopping, eating, speaking, sleeping-all the while here he was
Leaving a big void on his leaving for his work and domestic duties !

To meet and be with him his brother from another station
And local one all joyfully discussing, speaking enjoying!
Silently I rejoiced and felt as though I was in heaven
Yet on his leaving………back to solitude and brooding on the days gone!

Know fully well it is inevitable and -what cannot be
Cured must be endured- but unable to be controlled by me!
Efficient Programmer is surely HE but………………………….
May God bless wherever they are is my prayer!


God, the Trinity-Creator, Protector and Destroyer
Created all the living beings to be in peace for ever!
Peace and poise, joy and happiness, plenty and prosperity
Make heaven to the individuals and the society!

Yet there comes a sad patch and happy one in turn in all our lives
Like PASSING CLOUDS that give showers of rain drops or heavy rains
Man must learn to accept good and bad, joy and sorrow equally
With poise that makes life balanced and gentle happily!

Passing clouds render good many a time for the parched land
Looking to the skies for water –most essential in the world
If they pass not and shower heavily lead to flodds and tsunami
Every thing within limit does good otherwise the opposite!

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I am glad to share with you that with the 84th  view at 19.00 hours today viz Saturday  the 23rd December 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TWENTY ONE THOUSAND (1,21,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1030th day and 1077th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty