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Great day WORLD Intellectual Property Day is today
The twenty Sixth of April every year an obscure day
Normally none is aware of the significance the day
We know only the Intellectual property Act!

Author of the day-‘The World Intellectual Property
Organization’. marked the day in the year Two thousand
To raise awareness how patents and copy right, trademarks
And designs impact on our daily lives! a nice purpose!

On this day let us celebrate great creativity
And fine innovations! Theme of this year sensitivity!
“Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity”
Yes for the society’s future in their hands pretty!

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Days unknown to commoner are many-this day is one
World Intellectual Property Day is today-won
The hearts of the Intellectuals- creativity
To be celebrated-creators and innovators
Be honored profuse for their contribution signal sure
Development of society across the world quite pure!

Nineteen Seventy onward being organized lovely
April twenty third- Theme: “Digital Creativity:
Culture re imagined” for the current year the Theme;
Intellectual Property Rights encourage a scheme
Of innovation in this digital era- era to enlighten
On the modern digital devices-not to frighten!