MEELADI NABI -10th November

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India that is Bharat our holy Motherland is secular by principle and practice. Constitutionally assures freedom of religion and religious practices to all citizens- great INDIANS- Though people belong to different religions in this multi religious society , all have the holy right to observe any festival-social, religious, personal without any let or hindrance. Noble indeed is India and noble are the Indians- Indians first and Indians last!

Today is a holy day for our Muslim friends. This year tenth November today is MILAD UN NABI and naturally forms the theme for this week’s Sunday story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS.

Muslims in India observe Milad unNabi, which commemorates the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. Milad unNabi is also known as Nabi Day, Mawlid, Mohammad’s Birthday or the Prophet’s Birthday. MILAD is MY LORD!!

Mawlid or Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharifi- It is the observance of the birthday of Islamic prophet Muhammad which is commemorated in Rabi’ al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar. 12th Rabi’ al-awwal is the accepted date among most of the Sunni scholars, while Shi’a scholars regard 17th Rabi’ al-awwal as the accepted date.

The history of this celebration goes back to the early days of Islam when some of the Tabi‘un began to hold sessions in which poetry and songs composed to honour Muhammad were recited and sung to the audience.. The Ottomans declared it an official holiday in 1588, known as Mevlid andil. Most denominations of Islam approve of the commemoration of Muhammad’s birthday;

Let us invoke the grace and blessings of Allah for world peace and harmony, plenty and prosperity, health and happiness.

With this we end this Sunday story and we shall meet tomorrow morning as usual. Till then GOOD BYE!

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Image result for Significance of Miladun nabi"

Allahu Akbar
Ashhadu la ilaha illallah
Asahadunna Mohammadu Rasulillahi
Hayya alassala
Lailaha- illallah!

Get up my brother, it’s Ramzan time
Call has come – rush to our shrines
Drink the nectar, pre-dawn porridge
And fast till the Sun is seen in the western ridge!

Sing in praise of Allah sure five times
Spare one fifth of what you earn
For those who suffer hard all times
Make them happy with what you can!

Polygamy surely not a ban
Without which happily live I can
Sunflower plant holds only one
Never a second flower born in its stem!

Allahu Akbar
Allah is undoubtedly great!

Asahadunna la ilaha illallah
To me Allah and Allah alone is God!
Asha ha duanna Mohammadu Rasulillahi
Prophet Mohammed last messenger of Allah!

Hayya lassalla
Come rush to namaz
Hayya alfalah
Get deliverance from the pain of Hell!
La ilaha illallah
Allah is holy and great!

Day is gone and time for namaz
Call is heard from the holy tower
Allahu Akbar
What a great mystic experience
Godly light from sacred Mecca
Heavenly light from holy Bethlehem
Divine light from hallowed Himalayas
All flash through mind’s layers!

Allah, Christ and Maheshwara
Blessing me fine to reach the Goal
Goal when reached redeems the soul
Through love and piety, peace and poise
Compassion and universal brotherhood all to rejoice!

Hayya alal falah
Get me the deliverance from the pains of hell!
Bismillah hirrahman nirrahim
Most merciful and benevolent Allah!

November 21st -MILAD -UN-NABI


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Wonderful world created by the Omnipotent, Omniscient
And Omnipresent paved way for people to live magnificent
In peace and harmony, health and honesty-through religions great
Buddhism,Christianity, Hinduism, Islam , Jainism, Zoroastrianism!

Each has its own values, principles and practices to follow
With its festivals, observances – all leading to humanism!
Today twenty first November a holy day for Islamic friends
A happy and holy day for all in the world- fraternity!

People across the world celebrate Eid Milad-Un-Nabi –
The birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad – the founder
Of Islam, treated as a messenger of God by Muslims.
Streets, mosques, shrines and homes are well lit with colorful lights.

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V FESTIVAL August 18th

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God -Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent has created the world
For human and animal beings-HIS creations to be happy, bold!
Man decided and created moments of joy and spread among all
One medium is FESTIVALS several times a year to enjoy tall!

Every country has its own names of festivals and the mode
Of celebrations! Young or old, rich or poor do enjoy their own
Way- with the resources at their command. V FESTIVAL is one
Special in United Kingdom-Rock and Pop Music Festival!

They bring a star-studded lineup to Essex’s Hylands Park and to
Weston Park in Stafford-shire every August!The big hitters
On the festival circuit, V Festival’s pulling power is huge
Festival this year to attract biggest stars, all in one place!

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Right way sure is to enjoy a holy and sacred day tremendous
That Sacred and holy day is today December second prosperous!
Day that saw the Divine birth of  Prophet Muhammad- the great
Whose preaching and teachings a boon noble to the world- a treat!

Thousands offering prayers in the decorated mosques actual
Yielding peace and harmony, strength moral and intellectual!
The world to be happy and honest, peaceful and prosperous
Needs all religions to contribute their might serious!

In the Third month of Islamic calendar the holy day –
Muslim brethren all over the world with processions and feeding
Celebrate MILAD UN NABI in an atmosphere carnival
Exchanging gifts and greetings with the poor and rich-fine festival!



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MUHARRAM on October First


Muharram the first month of the Islamic year is great
Second holiest month after Ramadan month- a treat
Muharam not a festival but a month long fasting
Almost mourning over Immam Hussain’s valiant death.

On Ashura, Muhammad’s grandson, Imman Hussain,
Died fighting in the Battle of Karbala almost fourteen
Centuries ago naturally a sad event mourned by all
Fasting , praying and mourning the day is spent all over.

Day differs among Shias and Sunnis in principle
All pious and devoted Muslims Allah’s disciples
And ofcourse on the sighting of the moon in the month
But a day sacred and holy all observing with faith.



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Sacred and holy day is today December twelfth
Day that saw the Divine birth of  Prophet Muhammad- the great
Whose preaching and teachings a great boon to the world around
When practiced will usher in peace and harmony abound!

In the Third month of Islamic calendar the holy day –
Pakistan celebrates, raising their national flag on monuments
And a gun-salute in the dawn of the happy day!
Muslim world everywhere with processions  in a carnival atmosphere!

People exchange gifts and greetings, feed the poor – marvelous
Right way sure is to enjoy a holy and sacred day – tremendous
Thousands offering prayers in the decorated mosques
Yielding peace and harmony, strength- moral and intellectual!

Religions all over the world created by the Almighty
For people to follow their tenets as they believe rightly
And the society in perfect ease and peace, joy and harmony
Bonded with love and friendship enjoying sacred ceremony!

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Nativity tree2011.jpg

“Happy Christmas day” is today for billions enjoy

A holy day-the day Jesus Christ was born to give joy

And provide peace and harmony to all in the world.

For billions cultural and religious significance –gold!

“I heard the bells on Christmas day”- a poignant Christmas carol

Henry  Wordsworth Longfellow’s poem based beautiful carol

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day

Their old, familiar carols play,

and wild and sweet

The words repeat

Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”.

Let there be peace and harmony- no wars, no struggles and strife

No poverty and penury-the nations affluent  to help the needy.

Month of December – a month of religious harmony

Among all faiths- Hindus, Muslims and Christians observe!

For Hindus Vaikunta Ekadasi, Ardra Darshan

And in fact the whole month- that saw Lord Krishna’s declaration

“Among the months I am Margazhi” – The Tamil month

-Mid December to  mid January- a sacred month!

For Muslims Milad un nabi -birth of Prophet Muhammad

For Christians a happy and merry Christmas -filled with

Peace, pleasure and joy and gifts all from Santa in great mirth!


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