Shaal Pir Baba IS*35

IS*35 Indian Saint 35

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Shaal Pir Baba Dargha

Shaal Pir Baba – Khwaja Naqruddin- a Sufi saint
Also a leader of the Moudodi Syed’s in Balochistan and Sindh,
Today’s Pakistan.  migrated to Quetta years
Six hundred ago from Chisht, today’s Afghanistan
And stayed near the city fort its original name, Kwatta
–mound of earth- Chishti was buried here after his death
And his shrine lies close by indeed a holy place !
Where the Muslims from all over the world throng!

Khwaja Naqruddin also known as “Shalpir Baba”
From another of Quetta’s early names, Shalkot
. He was also known as “Nogazza Baba” – nine yards long,
Due to the length of his grave. May HIS grace be on all.

Grave of Shaal Pir Baba, 2008

November 21st -MILAD -UN-NABI


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Wonderful world created by the Omnipotent, Omniscient
And Omnipresent paved way for people to live magnificent
In peace and harmony, health and honesty-through religions great
Buddhism,Christianity, Hinduism, Islam , Jainism, Zoroastrianism!

Each has its own values, principles and practices to follow
With its festivals, observances – all leading to humanism!
Today twenty first November a holy day for Islamic friends
A happy and holy day for all in the world- fraternity!

People across the world celebrate Eid Milad-Un-Nabi –
The birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad – the founder
Of Islam, treated as a messenger of God by Muslims.
Streets, mosques, shrines and homes are well lit with colorful lights.

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MUHARRAM is today 21st September


One of the greatest religions of the world is Islam
One of the four Islamic sacred months of the year,
Muharram is the first month of the Islamic New year
Muslims  forbidden to fight or engage in any  sin.
They fast during  this month -a month of mourning
Namaz at the mosque eight times a day praying!

Sacred day within this month is the Day of Ashura.
The Battle of Karbala on the day of Ashura  in Iraq
Conflict between Hussein ibn Ali And the much larger
Force of Yazid I, Hussein ibn Ali refused to take allegiance
To Yazid I battle erupted and Hussein, and his Forces,
Were killed, women and children Taken as prisoners.

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“HIJRI” NEW YEAR DAY is today-12th September.



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Medina mosque.

The great Universe -a part in which countries are made out of
Where the humans and animals, trees and plants, oceans and rivers
Created by the Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent
To live in harmony and peace, joy and prosperity pleasant!

Religions and their followers devised their own principles,
And practices, tradition and culture to spread happiness!
New Year day is a special day for those who follow their customs
And today it is:Muslims around the world are marking entry
Into an Islamic New Year -the first day (1st Muharram)
Of the year 1440 Hijri. Muharram is the first month for them!

Muslims have entered the year 1440 Hijri.-it began with
The Hijra, or hegira. the Prophet Muhammad’s migration
From Mecca to Medina -with jubilation!
We wish our Islamic brethren a HAPPY NEW YEAR!-

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V FESTIVAL August 18th

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God -Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent has created the world
For human and animal beings-HIS creations to be happy, bold!
Man decided and created moments of joy and spread among all
One medium is FESTIVALS several times a year to enjoy tall!

Every country has its own names of festivals and the mode
Of celebrations! Young or old, rich or poor do enjoy their own
Way- with the resources at their command. V FESTIVAL is one
Special in United Kingdom-Rock and Pop Music Festival!

They bring a star-studded lineup to Essex’s Hylands Park and to
Weston Park in Stafford-shire every August!The big hitters
On the festival circuit, V Festival’s pulling power is huge
Festival this year to attract biggest stars, all in one place!

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MUHARRAM on October First


Muharram the first month of the Islamic year is great
Second holiest month after Ramadan month- a treat
Muharam not a festival but a month long fasting
Almost mourning over Immam Hussain’s valiant death.

On Ashura, Muhammad’s grandson, Imman Hussain,
Died fighting in the Battle of Karbala almost fourteen
Centuries ago naturally a sad event mourned by all
Fasting , praying and mourning the day is spent all over.

Day differs among Shias and Sunnis in principle
All pious and devoted Muslims Allah’s disciples
And ofcourse on the sighting of the moon in the month
But a day sacred and holy all observing with faith.



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A holy day observed by all the Muslims all over the world
To meditate and mourn the martyrdom of grand son of Mohammad
Hussein ibn Ali-in the battle of Karbala with Egypt
A day spent in meditating, mourning and reading Ziyarat.

Falling on the tenth day of the first month of Islamic year
Indeed a very important month and day for rolling out tears
To all pious Muslims in the world over wherever they are
Let us join them, wish and pray for their well-being and peace of mind.

Religion any has its own norms, laws and rules to be followed
All are creations of the Lord Supreme- for the human beings
To live in peace and amity, joy and harmony loving all
Serving all, helping ever and hurting none, never.standing tall.

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