They hold on to your cell phone
What is and what was
is retrievable
with the fingertip

But they just don’t know any more
what they no longer know

Reiner Kunze, 1933
Translation Germain Droogenbroodt
from: „Die Stunde mit dir selbst“
S. Fischer Verlag 2018

LEICHTE BEUTE / Sie halten sich am Handy fest // Was ist und war / ist abrufbar / mit der fingerkuppe




Envius Thoughts – Page 5 – by NV Subbaraman -“NVSR's ENVIUS THOUGHTS “for greater catholicity and nobility.

Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, India

எளிமையான கொள்ளை

உங்களுடைய கைப்பேசியை
பிடித்துக் கொண்டுள்ளனர்
விரல் நுனிவழி
எதை எப்பொழுது
மீண்டும் கைப்பற்ற முடியுமா?
ஆனால் அவர்களுக்கு
இதுவரை தெரியாதது
இனிமேல் எப்பொழுதும்
எதுவும் தெரியாது!

Reiner Kunze, 1933
Translation Germain Droogenbroodt
from: „Die Stunde mit dir selbst“
S. Fischer Verlag 2018

LEICHTE BEUTE / Sie halten sich am Handy fest // Was ist und war / ist abrufbar / mit der fingerkuppe




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Stress and strain part of our life-age and employment, wealth and health
Have little to impact-negative or positive, negative and positive! a paradox!
What stress can do can be experienced- more important is to be aware of stress
And the ways to be away from or not to fall a victim to stress!

Today April sixteenth is National Stress Awareness Day. The day
Designed by the Health Resource Network in nineteen ninety two to raise
Awareness of stress. Day is a chance to take a deep breath and relax.
Stress has a negative effect on the immune system -research has proved.

Chronic stress takes greater toll on our body than acute stress.
Raises blood pressure, increases the risk of heart attack and stroke,
Anxiety and depression, hastens the aging process.
Stress is one omnipresent
Easily coped sure by the competent
On the body and on the mind
On the soul and on the intellect
Age and sex, wealth and status
Stress of-course has little respect!

Faith in God, self and people
Fair to all with love and scruple
Thoughts noble and deeds worthy
Happy hobbies and habits healthy
Yoga sure a medicine for stress
Love for nature, animals and people
Through stress and strain nothing can topple!

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Sure I know I came from my mother’s womb
And equally sure I will be interned in tomb
When and how is only the question
About which I don’t worry now is certain!

During this life what I do is important
How I behave and serve my kith is pertinent
Before birth and after death, Hell or Heaven
None can tell me in valid pattern
Mystery it is that none from Hell or Heaven
Chose to brief me on how are matters! !

Hell, one says, is nothing but torture and agony
Heaven, other admits, is full of joy and nectar
Hell, one says, is reserved for the wicked and sinners
Heaven, other admits, is meant for the kind and sacred!

To me Hell or Heaven is here and now

Well in the manner I think, speak and vow
To do things in style that will bring joy
To think of things that will bring cheers
To speak of words that emit sweetness
To one and all my brothers in distress!

Why think of unseen Hell or unknown Heaven
While Hell or Heaven is made by you and me seven!

Resolve to provide Heavenly joy and nectar
And give best you can to every sector!


Fire Of Life I’m Burnt!


Was born in the world with all that is best
As babe, had all joys the world could provide
No deceit, no mischief at best or worst
No envy, no rancor none to divide!

Lo, the age that came wrought all the woes
Avarice, treachery, dishonest deeds
Repelled all the good, friends turned to foes
Hypocrisy, double speak brought all the rot
Fame and name, joy and wealth, carnal pleasures
Yielded place to all the treasures of the past.
Life proved to be nothing but dull and dust
Life’s values gave place to none worthwhile
No, no more pains and pangs of life for a while
I fall upon the fire of life, I’m burnt!


I hear you saying “stop Mr. Subbaraman, take care of your ENVIUS spelling!”. Thanks my dear friend- this is not ‘jealous’ meant envious’ this is in fact “EN VI YES” –abbreviated form of “N V S”- which stands for Nagapattinam Viswanathan Subbaraman!

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Chapter Seventeen

அதிகாரம் 17



ஒழுக்காறாக் கொள்க ஒருவன்தன் நெஞ்சத்து

அழுக்காறு இலாத இயல்.

Ozukkaaraak koLga oruvanthan nenjaththu

Azukkaaru ilaadha solal.

Not being jealous

Great virtue for human kind

One must be zealous!

One has to cultivate a heart without jealousy and lead his life with the virtue of treating jealousy as an evil.                                                  (161)

விழுப்பேற்றின் அஃது ஒப்பது இல்லையார் மாட்டும்

அழுக்காற்றின் அன்மை பெரின்.

Vizuppaetrin ahudhu oppadhu illaiyaar maattum

Azukkaatri aNmai perin.

Free from jealousy

An asset par excellence

Noble trait – fancy!

Not feeling jealous over anything is wealth; Being free from jealousy in fact is the asset among assets.      (162)

அறன் ஆக்கம் வேண்டாதான் என்பான் பிறனாக்கம்

பேணாது அழுக்கறுப் பான்.

Aran aakkam vEndaadhaan enbaan piranaakkam

PaeNaadhu azukkarup paan.

Seeks not wealth and fame

Yet jealous of others’ joy

Loses his fair name!

Though one does not seek others’ wealth and seeks fame, if he is jealous of others joy, he loses all his grace and name and fame    (163)

அழுக்காற்றின் அல்லவை செய்யார் இழுக்காற்றின்

ஏதன் படுபாக்கு அறிந்து.

Azukkaatrin allavai seyyaar izukkaatrin

Aedhan padupaakku arindhu.

The noble harms not

Out of envy any

Knows it makes him rot!

A noble minded person never will harm anyone else in jealousy as he knows well that he gets rot by being jealous.                             (164)

அழுக்காறு உடையார்க்கு அதுசாலும் ஒன்னார்

வழுக்கியும் கேடுஈன் பது.

Azukkaaru udaiyaarkku adhusaalum onnaar

Vazukkiyum kaedueen padhu.

Foes bring not such woes

As deadly jealousy does

Envy brings woes and foes!

Jealous people need none to get harmed; very jealousy is sufficient to bring him all woes and foes.                       (165)

கொடுப்பது அழுக்கறுப்பான் சுற்றம் உடுப்பதூஉம்

உண்பதூஉம் இன்றிக் கெடும்.

Koduppadhu azukkaruppaan sutram uduppadhuum

UNbadhoom indrik kedum.

One who envies gift

To others, — will find his kin

Go sans food – cloth swift!

Even the relatives of a jealous person will go without food and clothing. (166)

அவ்வித்து அழுக்காறு உடையானைச் செய்பவன்

தவ்வையைக் காட்டி விடும்.

Avviththu azukkaatru udaiyaanaich cheybavan

Thavvaiyaik kaati vidum.

Fortune leaves him sure

The jealous, and misfortune

Holds him fast and strong!

Not only fortune will leave the jealous but also ensure that misfortune takes him hold of.               (167)

அழுக்காறு எனஒரு பாவி திருச்செற்றுத்

தீயுழி உத்து விடும்.

Azukkaaru enaoru paavi thiruchchetruth

Theeyuzi uththu vidum.

Envy, the villain

Robs the one of his wealth and

Drives to hell certain!

Jealousy the enemy of the person will not only rob his wealth but sure drives him to the hell.                      (168)

அவ்விய நெஞ்சத்தான் ஆக்கமும் செவ்வியான்

கேடும் நினைக்கப் படும்.

Avviyanenjaththaan aakkamum sevviyaan

Kaedum ninaikkap padum.

Needs a scrutiny

Wealth of the jealous and drought

Of the good – for sure!

Cause of wealth of the jealous and the poverty of the good need a thorough  scrutiny.                                       (169)

அழுக்காற்று அகன்றாரும் இல்லை; அஃது இல்லார்

செருக்கத்தில் தீர்ந்தாரும் இல்.

Azukkaatru agandraarum illai;ahudhu illaar

Serukkaththil theerndhaarum il.

Envy denies wealth

Generosity begets

“Envy- not” — strong health!

The jealous never had the glory, name and fame. The one is free from jealousy never got into disgrace.                            (170)


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