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What is stress and what is strain
All is a matter of human brain.

Stress can be a killer of man
May be in a short time span.
Deserves to be killed by easy means
With will and wit and cosy ways!

Causes of stress may be in plenty
One need not worry even in fifty!

Fear of failure often a cause
Which need not be one well because
Unknown result, unheard melody
Sure to provide us sweetness and joy!

Nature has its stress and strain
Animals have their stress and strain
Machines have their stress and strain
Man has his and why in pain?

Stress is one omnipresent
Easily coped sure by the competent
On the body and on the mind
On the soul and on the intellect
Age and sex, wealth and status
Stress of-course has little respect!

Faith in God, self and people
Fair to all with love and scruple
Thoughts noble and deeds worthy
Happy hobbies and habits healthy
Love for nature, animals and people
Through stress and strain nothing can topple!




Oh! My Lord! The creator of the Universe great!
Full of joy and happiness, peace and poise a nice treat
People to be in harmony with all-humans sure
Society and the world with joy unalloyed and pure!

Yet we make our lives miserable with actions bad
And cause miseries to others and make them go mad.
Today is -“TELL A JOKE DAY” to dispel agony,
Make them forget their misery and make them merry!

Jokes have a power medicinal, relax them quick
A single word or a gesture, a question-answer fix
A whole short story nice anything that eases stress
“Joke”-wisecrack, gag, prank, quip, jape and jest sure to impress!

Humor that makes one laugh heartily- great stress buster
Part of human culture for decades and decades-duster
That dusts the human mind of its sorrows and distress
Learn and TELL A JOKE A DAY sans offence, God to bless!