SARDAR PATEL DAY 15/12/2016.


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Crores and crores are born on earth – born, live and die unsung and unwept
Live signifying nothing to the society- at times burden too-inept
It is the beauty of the creation of the Lord Almighty
But even an ant has a purpose for its birth and life- mightily!

Motherland- India that is Bharath- has many to its pride
Nation as a whole ever proud of and remain grateful as a tide
One such great and noble son of Bharathamatha is Sardar Patel
A Barrister of India, a statesman par excellent real!

A responsible leader of Indian National Congress
A genuine freedom fighter, founding father of the Republic
Chief architect of integrated united India sure
We bow our head on his birth day today with all ourheart -pure!

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In the middle with dark glasses and walking stick speaking to Nehruji is Rajaji. 

India that is Bharath has given birth to stalwarts several
Who by their nobility and knowledge, dedication in total
And devotion have served the people and country enormously sure
The Nation to be ever proud of as their intentions was pure!

Under the great Father of the Nation, millions of people
Irrespective of caste and creed, language and religion with scruple
Won the war of independence-in a non violent manner
To the great delight of the world all over without any scanner!

One such great leader was Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari
From the far South Tamilnadu- acclaimed as Chanakya-
Governor General of India he was and guided the destiny
A superb scholar, speaker and writer whose birth day is tomorrow!

Dr. Ambedkar Day

Many stalwarts under the leadership of Father of Our Nation
Through non-violent means got my India- Bharath freed with passion
From the British and made India free and biggest democracy
Sacrificing all in their personal lives for life for the country!

Great indeed is freeing the nation from the strong British foreign yoke
Greater indeed is keeping the free country on sound footing -a coke!
Many noble and patriotic souls worked together to make us great
Nehru, Patel, Rajaji, Ambedkar, T T K and scores-delight!

Baba Saheb contributed a lot for drafting the Constitution
Ambedkar’s role in giving a status to the oppressed and depressed
Was tremendous indeed -a great social reformer in his own right
His day is today and the Nation salutes him for what all he did straight!


Fought against the formidable British for decades
Knife less, gun less, in a nonviolent manner-no shade
Of enmity and hatred-hall mark of Karam Chand Gandhi
Father of our nation noble-caste-less, creed-less-shanthi!

World’s greatest democracy blossomed under Mahatmaji
Government was formed under the leadership of Nehruji
Developed tremendous to the chagrin of neighbors
To the awe and wonder of the world nations harbor!

Greatest Republic was born giving unto ourselves
Sacred Constitution of India framed by the great
Not to be tampered with narrow minded rulers to be
Secularism, equality of all in the eyes of Law!

November twenty sixth “Indian Constitution Day”
To be observed and honored by all on the great day
Resolving to uphold the honor and dignity of all
Never let down with thoughts and deeds-to make the Nation tall!

No place for narrow parochialism, regionalism
All irrespective of language and religion walk fast
Walk with pride carrying the poor and have-nots to the last
Abiding by the Law of the land under all times and climes!

HINDI DAY WAS 14/9/2016.

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‘Language’ a medium of communication wonderful
Gifted by Goddess of Learning, refined by man beautiful
Days were there- years millions ago-no language was known
Communication through signs and actions- no seeds were sown!

Evolution of the humans brought languages bye and bye,
More and more all over the world- six thousand five hundred plus
One thousand three hundred and forty eight in India great
Of which people speaking Hindi is the most-millions vast!

Two hundred and fifty three-declared national language,
Rightly-knowledge is power-of language a greater
Rich in grammar and literature deserves to be learnt
Let us learn and make others learn for the sake of language!


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Chapter 48 of Part II of ThirukkuraL – ASSESSING STRENGTH- திருக்குறள்- பொருட்பால்- 48வது அதிகாரம் -வலி அறிதல்- has been published in the Indian Periodical of 11th September. Kindly click any of the following links and again click “HERE IS VALLUVAR’S VOICE” to read the same. Kindly record your comment in the space provided beneath the article itself so that your assessment can be enjoyed by other readers as well. Two such you will find from Shri OK Sivanganam and Shri C. Kandasami -both of them at present are in US on a holiday.. Thanks. This has been read by more than 80 Thirukkural enthusiasts.

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Karma veerar Kaamaraajar

Here is a tribute to one of the greatest citizens from Tamilnadu-a very efficient Chief Minister of Tamilnadu whose birth day is celebrated today. Tribute is in Tamil and its English version.

கர்மயோகி ஆனவர்
காமராஜர் என்பவர் கர்மயோகி ஆனவர்
கதராடை அணிந்தவர் கடமையில் தவறாதவர்

தமிழகத்தில் பிறந்தவர் தியாகம் செய்து உயர்ந்தவர்
அகில இந்திய அளவிலே தலைவராக இருந்தவர்

தமிழகத்தின் முதல்வராய் தலை நிமிர்ந்து நின்றவர்
தமிழகத்தின் பெருமையைத் தரணி அறியச் செய்தவர்.

எளிமையான வாழ்வதை என்றும் ஏற்று வாழ்ந்தவர்
ஏழை எளிய மக்களின் துயர்தனைத் துடைத்தவர்.

காமராஜர் என்பவர் கல்விக் கண்ணைத் திறந்தவர்
மதிய உணவுத் திட்டத்தை மக்களுக்குத் தந்தவர்.

தன் நலம் துறந்தவர் தனியராக வாழ்ந்தவர்
அண்ணல் காந்தி அடிகளின் அறவழியில் சென்றவர்.

பாசமிக்க தலைவராய் பலகாலம் வாழ்ந்தவர்
பாரதத்தின் பெருமையை பார் புகழச் செய்தவர்!

Kamaraj became a karmayogi
Wearing kadhar, never failed in duties!

Born in Tamilnadu became tall through his sacrifices
At the All India level a great leader he was!

As Chief Minister of Tamilnadu he stood with his head high
Glory of Tamilnadu he spread in the whole world!

Simple life he lived all throughout his days
Removed the woes of the poor and have nots!

Kamaraj opened the eyes for education for all
Provided mid-noon meals for students all!

Selfless he was a bachelor throughout
Followed the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi!

As beloved leader he lived for long
Spread the glory of India all through the globe!

Kamaraj Statue in Marina Beach, Chennai depicting his contribution to education in the state