Here is a cancer patients prayer:

My Lord, the Almighty, creator of the Universe
What pleasure you find in making me suffer adverse
With the deadly, killer disease named CANCER-the monster
Death instant is less cruel than stifling sufferings-booster!

Chemos and radiations my Lord! Unbearable to the last
Expenses apart, sufferings mental and physical vast
Pain here and there all over-unable to bear my Lord!
Am I such a sinner to deserve this at Thy hands my God?

Thee know well I am a person of clean habits
Never irregular in anything even in bits
How and why I fell a victim Thee alone know
Spare every one from this torture, kindness please show!

Have some pity and relieve me of my woes for long
Relieve the world from this scourge of cancer, the killer strong
Let me suffer and let me be the last patient to suffer
“Let there be no more cancer patient” is my prayer!

With me let the cancer die-leave the world quite free
Let the young and old, men and women, rich and the poor
Get not the killer cancer- cause unknown, why and how-sure
None knows all over the universe-make the people free-pure!

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Thirty first May is today- it is World No Tobacco Day
What a havoc tobacco brings in man’s life-using every day
In names different and varied- cigar, cigarette, snuff, beedi
All leading the user to abnormal death unfortunate end!

This year’s theme for the day as per the UN design
“Tobacco and heart disease”!.Focusing on the cardio
Vascular health-chewing deadly tobacco in any form
Affects the heart directly-leading to heart storm

Man has the capacity to win over any bad habit
Tobacco – a bad habit with will power and control a bit
Can protect himself, his family and passers by-passive
Smokers as called in society! Let us take care-positive!

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“World Tuberculosis Day” is today-call by the great World Health
Organization – all over the world observed with the theme nice
The theme of this year “Wanted: Leaders for a TB-free world”-
Focusing on building commitment to end this killer disease,
At the political level with Heads of State and Ministers of Health,
And community leaders and people affected with TB, civil society
Advocates, health workers, doctors and nurses, non-Government Organizations
And other partners. All can be leaders of efforts to end TEEBEE!

In those days it was used to be sited as a major reason
Smoking in any form-cigars, cigarettes, bee-dies, chewing – treason
Unhygienic living in dust and smoke- and others
Let us follow the rules of health and on this day unite and defeat!


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Why, how, when, from where, to whom, none can say for sure
Deceases in dozens why cancer is a killer
Spares none-rich or poor, men or women, young or old
All are one and equal- this attacks quite bold!

Cancer the monster, my God, what pleasure you have?
Thousands fall a prey, suffer a hell-none to save
Neither chemo nor radiations ever help
Thanks there are survivors and they have a day!

America observes, survivors enjoy peace
They also enjoy life beyond cancer, have poise
Pink ribbon they have to tell the world of their hope
Confidence is born though they do suffer – a sop!

Expenses boundless, severe pain uncontrollable
Patients suffer, kith and kin intolerable
To believe one has to see sure with one’s own eyes
My God, we beseech Thee, save us with kindness nice!


Man is born free but ever in chains! Pity it is indeed!
Chain of slavery-slave to another or habits-bad seed
To come out need will power, spirit of freedom, character
Sure to be acquired at all costs lest one is doomed to suffer!

Bad habits are many in the society causes many
Friendship-‘tell me who is your friend, I shall tell you who you are’
Words of the wise! My friend is a smoker,I am likely to be
Pity ‘My friend is a drunkard, I am likely to be’.

World no tobacco day is today-to tell me to avoid
It in any form-cigarette, cigar, snuff powder, beedi
Hookah, kretex Chewing, smoking and what not- all nicotine
Lungs are spoiled-cancer follows, passively affects me too!


World Thyroid Day

Of all the wonderful creations of the Lord Almighty
Human beings are at high pedestal- roof and crown- mighty
So many parts of the so many systems named by man
Complicated and compounded to take care of all needs-yeoman!

Systems many objective wise-for each need of life and living
Glands many secreting vital needs for the healthy living
None can afford to fail to perform its duty-lest health lost
Thyroid gland is an important one- that takes care till the last.

May twenty fifth -World Thyroid Day-observed all over the world
To make people aware of thyroid health-prevention of disease-bold
Largest endocrine gland in the neck, hormones influence
Critical body functions to regulate metabolism-great science!


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“Health is wealth’ age old adage, sure a great warning
And guidance; yet the main problems of suffering
For the individuals, society, and sure
The Government is ‘ill health’ of many quite pure!

The life and living with nature was given up
Good bye was sent to good health, people got fed up
With Doctors, medicines, sufferings, quite painful
All to be relieved and redeemed-healthy life restored!

On seventh April in Nineteen Forty Eight was formed
The World Health Organization of U N that served
To bring in help and succor to the sufferings
In the world; let all the states follow their teachings.


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