World Thyroid Day

Of all the wonderful creations of the Lord Almighty
Human beings are at high pedestal- roof and crown- mighty
So many parts of the so many systems named by man
Complicated and compounded to take care of all needs-yeoman!

Systems many objective wise-for each need of life and living
Glands many secreting vital needs for the healthy living
None can afford to fail to perform its duty-lest health lost
Thyroid gland is an important one- that takes care till the last.

May twenty fifth -World Thyroid Day-observed all over the world
To make people aware of thyroid health-prevention of disease-bold
Largest endocrine gland in the neck, hormones influence
Critical body functions to regulate metabolism-great science!


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“Health is wealth’ age old adage, sure a great warning
And guidance; yet the main problems of suffering
For the individuals, society, and sure
The Government is ‘ill health’ of many quite pure!

The life and living with nature was given up
Good bye was sent to good health, people got fed up
With Doctors, medicines, sufferings, quite painful
All to be relieved and redeemed-healthy life restored!

On seventh April in Nineteen Forty Eight was formed
The World Health Organization of U N that served
To bring in help and succor to the sufferings
In the world; let all the states follow their teachings.


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In the days of Stone Age and earlier unknown were the deceases
Air and water unpolluted, population thin and healthy quite
Man lived in good health and happiness, peace and joy, habits healthy sure
What a great life and living it was in tune with nature’s bounty pure.

Pity world progressed fast thanks to development in many ways
Unfortunate the health of all the living beings got a blow
Diseases-killer ones like Cancer and Tuberculosis ruled
Medicines and treatments aplenty made all over the world!

“World Tuberculosis Day” is today-call by the great World Health
Organization – all over the world observed with the theme nice
“UNITE TO DEFEAT TB”- a killer disease once it was
Let us follow the rules of health and on this day unite and defeat!

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Oh, Lord Almighty! Creator, protector and destroyer!
To say that Thou are cruel towards the humans is a venture
I do not want to indulge in. May be I pay for my sins
I am made to suffer with the killer decease of cancer.

“Tulsi” the Indian herb is said to be a cure for this
Kindly make it for universal use to get a relief.
I lost my beloved two and a half years ago in distress
Let her be the last one to suffer and die is my prayer.

Mysterious is the killer- cause not known for sure
Young and old, strong and weak, men and women all fall victims pure
Enough is enough, God, humans unable to put an end
Thee alone can and capable of-end kindly light and mend!

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WORLD NO-TOBACCO DAY is today! May 31st.




The killer tobacco kills wherever used in the world

Rightly observed WORLD ANTI TOBACCO DAY today bold!

Whatever form it is used it is strong enough to kill

Expenses apart one has to take care of his health’s bill!


Cigar, cigarette, beedi, snuff, chewing tobacco leaves

Nothing makes any difference six lakhs are made to leave

The world untimely all over the world making other

Six lakhs- passive smokers  also suffer great together!


Only the users know the pleasure it gives-made to smoke

Others only know what great harm it causes to them -stroke

Distinct possibility- deters not the poor smokers

God only to make them give up the killer tobacco!


No warnings on the cigarette pack small or big can teach

No increasing the cost with steep yearly taxes can preach

No sign boards- NO SMOKING- can bring any good sense in them

No sufferings can mend- God’s grace may inject sense  in them!


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Ash trays with fresh flowers are a common symbol of World No Tobacco Day!



Death is the end of human life
Takes the soul to the heavenly light
Keeps the kith in hellish plight
None to help with all one’s mite!

Think of the causes of death in serious vein
Suicide, murder, accident many – illness main
All that flows bring pain in rhyme!

Polydol, jumping to the engine, noose on neck
All are wild forms of suicide!
Puffing, drinking, drugging to death
Sure are mild forms of suicide!

Lungs are Gods, Liver is God
Show your respect sparing rod
Rod of smoking, drinking like a cod
Long road to inevitable graveyard!


“World Cancer Day” is this day; it is monster devil’s day

We honor the day and to say good bye – to be at bay

Merciless killer- young or old, poor or rich, men or women

Knows no distinction in its avowed object – strange demon!

Let this day bring awareness, detection, and prevention

In the world – all to work together to ensure extinction.

Spreading the theme of the day for the year “We can, I can”

As a collective or as individuals-“we can”!

We can reduce the global burden of cancer as swan

Counseling, motivating and helping as much as “I can”

And try to reduce the impact that cancer has on all

Individuals, families and communities- indeed order tall!

It is the goal to ensure fewer people develop cancer,

More people are successfully treated with a lancer

Lancer of medicines costly and methods to ensure

Better quality of life during treatment and beyond.”

world cancer day 2015