Velu Nachiyar

Rani Velu Nachiyar, was a queen of Sivaganga estate in 1760-1790. She was the first queen to fight against the British colonial power in India, even long before the famous Rani of Jhansi.

In the long and arduous journey to Indian Freedom
Many places and persons from this holy Indian soil
Played  role very important worthy of remembrance-their toil
For all the times to come -none can erase their fame or spoil!

In the far south of Tamilnadu valiant people
From places deep stood firm fought the British tooth and nail
One such was the valiant lady VELU NACHIYAR -queen
Of Sivaganga, first to fight before Jansi Rani-keen!

Independance day seventy second shortly arrives
On this happy and holy occasion- the patriotic
Citizens of our Motherland India that is Bharath
Offer homage to Velu Nachiyar and her clan as wealth!


On Facebook, President APJ Abdul Kalam's Aide Recalls His Last Day

Dr. Abdul kalam with his aide Srijan Pal Sing on the last day of his life-27/7/2015.


Strange coincidence though it was two great leaders  died
Twenty Seventh day of a month- May Nehruji entered
And July Doctor Kalam reached heavenly abodes
Two of the tallest leaders served the holy land!

A lover of Karnatic music Kalam was loved
My Tamil translation of Thyagayya’s gems five proud
Listened personally sung by great artists at night
Ten at Madurai at the artists’ humble homes- a delight!

A noble first citizen of Bharath – our homeland
Moved so freely with all in simple style- made wonderland
Lives ever in the minds of all- on this sad day
We pay our respects to him in all humility.


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Great Creator God in His immense compassion created the Universe
The whole Universe to enjoy peace and harmony, freedom-not perverse.
Misfortune, men and nations in greed resort to war and violence alas
Leading to loss of several lives at a great cost –arrogance first and last!

My Homeland India that is Bharath by culture a peace loving nation
Driven to wars by neighbors avaricious of progress we make with passion
Strong in will and wit, man power and materials lot at our command
Show mettle in the battle field and justice triumphs on our demand!

Twenty sixth day of July ninety nine great Kargil war was won in great style
Today we remember those hundreds of valiant men who fought all the while
And sacrificed their lives fiercely fighting against odds so heavy
Truth and fairness sure triumphs and the guilty punished proved in merry!



I am glad to share with you that with the 124th view at 19.15 hours today viz Wednesday  the 26tt July 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed NINETY NINE  THOUSAND (99000) on the 859th day and 924th post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.



Bala Gangadhar Tilak’s Birth Day – 23rd July

The great Freedom Fighter Shri Bala Gangadhar Tilak was born on 23rd July 1856. As a mark of respect, is given hereunder the tributes by Mahakavi Bharathiyaar in Tamil and its English version.

Original in Tamil:

திலக முனிவர் கோன்.

நாம கட்குப் பெருந்தொண் டியற்றிப்பல்

நாட்டினோர்தம் கலையிலும் அவ்வவர்

தாம கத்து வியப்பப் பயின்றொரு

சாத்திரச் சுட லென்ன விளங்குவோன்

மாம கட்குப் பிறப்பிட மாகமுன்

வாழ்ந்திந் நாளில் வறண்டயர் பாரதப்

பூமகட்கு மனந்துடித் தேயிவன்

புன்மை  போக்குவன் என்ற விரதமே.                  (1)


நெஞ்ச கத்தோர்   கணத்திலும் நீங்கிலான்

நீத மேயோர் உருவெனத் தோன்றினான்

வஞ்ச கத்தைப் பகையெனக் கொண்டதை

மாய்க்கு மாறு மனத்திற் கொதிக்கின்றோன்;

துஞ்ச மட்டுமிப் பாரத நாட்டிற்கே

தொண்டிழைக்கத் துணிந்தவர் யாவரும்

அஞ்செ ழுத்தினைச் சைவர் மொழிதல்போல்

அன்பொ டோதும் பெயருடை யாரியன்.     (2)


வீர மிக்க மராராட்டியர் ஆதரம்

மேவிப் பாரத தேவி திருநுதல்

ஆர வைத்த திலகமெனத் திகழ்

ஐயன் நல்லிசைப் பாலகங் காதரன்,

சேர வர்க்கு நினைக்கவந் தீயென

நின்ற எங்கள் திலக முனிவர்கோன்

சீரடிக்கம லத்தினை வாழ்த்துவேன்

சிந்தை தூய்மை பெருகெனச் சிந்தித்தே.    (3)


Naama katkup perunthoN diyatrippal

Naattinaortham kalaiyilum avvavar

Nama kaththu viyappap payinroru

Saaththi rakkada  lenna viLanguvoan

Maama katkup pirappida maakamun

Vaazhththin naaLil varaNdayar baarathap

Pooma katku manandhutith thaeyivan

Punmai poakkuval enra viradhamae.                                  (1)


Nenja kaththoar kaNaththilum  theengilaan

Needha maeyoar uruvenath thoanrinaan;

Vanja gaththaip pagaiyenak koNdadhai

Maaykku maaru  manaththir kothikkinroan

Thunja mattumip bharadha naattirkae

ThoNdizaikkath  thuNindhavar yaavarum

Anje zhuththinaich saivar mozhidhalpoal

Anbo doadhum peyarudai yaariyan.                                   (2)


Veera  mikka  maraattiyar aadharam

Maevip  bharadh dhevi thirunudhal

Aaravaiththa  thilagamenath thigazh

Aiyan nallisaip Baalagang gaadharan

Saera varkku ninakkavun theeyena

Ninra  engaL thilaka munivarkoan

Seeradikama laththinai vaazhththuvaen

Sindhai thUymai perugenach chindhiththae.                     (3)



To Goddess of Learning he had service a lot

Rendered and mastered other nation’s art

The great masters were struck with awe;

Verily he indeed is the ocean of sastric knowledge

Our Motherland Bharath- where the Goddess was born

Unfortunate has gone desert barren

Heart-sore at her plight, Tilak took upon himself

And vowed tho drive the meanness away through self!          (1)


He indeed is enshrined in the heart of our holy land

Embodiment of justness and greatness abound

An eternal foe of deception ignoble

Filled with rage and anger righteous-noble.

Those with the resolve to serve our home land

Hold strong this Aryan’s name and chant

Till they live, serve and breathe their last

In love as Saivites repeat sacred name of the Lord!          (2)


Beloved are the Marathi heroes

To Bharatha Matha who wears the Tilak

Like that very Tilak is he, tha famed and praised

Bal Gangadhar Tilak- the emperor like

A flaming fire is he to the people hostile

Our Tilak, the peerless Prince of Saints

I adore his lotus feet glorious on earth

That I may be blessed in my Thoughts ever in birth!                          (3)


























Kamaraj with Mahatma Gandhi


July 15 Kamarajar Birth day 1903

A noble soul was born with humble beginning and means
In the down South a place called Virudhunagar-in teens
Joined the journey towards Indian freedom with verve
And enthusiasm drawn by Gandhian ideals to serve!

Born on this holy day years hundred and fourteen ago
Proved education not needed to rule and mind alone
Well trained and controlled can do wonders-king maker he was
Could influence the society and the nation in great measure!

In the course of his journey enjoyed imprisonment
A simple Chief Minister he was moved in a rickshaw
From Railway station to home, provided mid day meals
Free uniform and education to the poor and needy-to heal!

JOURNEY TO FREEDOM Part 13 22/6 Ranade Assassination day.

Freedom struggle of a great nation like our holy Motherland
Journey to Freedom of India that is Bharath, sacred land
Unique and distinct in ways several, sacrifices many
To the wonder of the world around-Gandhi’s leadership steady!

Though the way adopted was non violence, activists were there
Who believed in methods stronger than passive and be bold and firm
Resorted to hardcore violent shooting spree-justified ofcourse
We have Vanchinathans and Mahadev Nari Chapekers on course!

British Plague Commissioner Rand and his aid quite harsh in Pune
Unable to bear the humiliations heaped, decided to
Assassinate them –heroic Mahadeo Vinayak Ranade
On this day memorable twenty second June two hundred years ago
Heroic activists were arrested and hanged to death by
The British Government- paved the journey to Indian FREEDOM!




Great freedom fighter    Vanchinathan (1886-17th June 1911)

Our holy Motherland India that is Bharath
Won its freedom in a hardway under the great son
Mahatma Gandhi who galvanized the Society
With his qualities noble sure victoriously!

Thousands and thousands from the East and West, North and South
Sacrificed their all for the nation including youth!.
One was the forceful Vanchinathan from the South
Whose memorial day is today observing worth.

Remembered for gunning dead Ashe, British Collector
In Maniyachi staion in a train and later
Committed suicide avoiding shameful arrest
Let us salute the hero of the Movement earnest                       A railway station in Tamil Nadu named in his honour as Vanchi Maniachi




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