Indian states from the olden age- golden days-contributed
To its culture great-Roots of our culture and tradition flourished
Cause Of great and noble thoughts, words and deeds sustain our greatness
And will go on for millennium to the gains of posterity.

Great kings, valorous emperors, wise Ministers, wonderful scholars
My Mother India that is Bharath is proud to give with honors
To keep the flag of a great country high through the ages
Wisdom and valor incarnate including preceptors, saints and sages!

Maratha King Shivaji Maharaj was one in this list of fame
Born on nineteenth February in sixteen hundred and thirty
Revered even today and referred as Shivaji Maharaj
We pay our respects and seek his grace for our progress.



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Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination Day-30/1/1948

The darkest day in the Indian history was this day
Thirtieth January nineteen Forty eight- a black day
The day a criminal shot to death Father of the Nation
The assassin lost mental balance-deserving admonition!

Condemn-able is the efforts of those who glorify Godse
And to publish his books and put up a temple for the criminal!
The life of a noble gem- Father of the Nation who by
Efforts great and through means non-violent- was eliminated!

On this day and the National Martyrs’ day, people patriotic
To take a pledge to follow the ideals – of Gandhiji
Peace, truth and nonviolence all disputes to be resolved
At all levels and at all times by all and sure solved!




“Punjab Kesari’ Lala Lajpat Rai was born in the first month
Of eighteen Sixty Five, twenty eight day- a holy day worth!
Son of an Urudu teacher, had his schooling and college in Panjab
Student of Law in Calcutta, involving himself in domains
Of Independence movement and religious advancement quite nice
“Punjab Kesari” he was known to the society till his demise.

Lala Lajpat rai a scintillating name in Indian history
Synonymous with Indian nationalism and patriotism
Indeed a great son of Bharatha Matha- Mother India
Lajpat rai leading a protest against Simon Commission non violent
Incurred injuries from the lathis of the police resulting in his death
President of the Indian National Congress he was,and Founder
Of Servants of the people Society, Arya Samaj practitioner!

Let us on this sacred day of Lajpath Rai’s birth
Pay our respects and resolve to follow his steps!
A blessed child of Mother India-serving Mother
And made his brothers and sisters noble adding feather.


In Coimbatore,while N V Subbaraman is addressing Shri C. Ramanathan Marketing Manager is observing seated SECOND from the left.


Eighty to Hundred you will be jumping in years twenty
Imbibed all qualities noble from thy parents in plenty
Garnering the support and cooperation of all in life
High echelons you could progress with hard and great work in file
Total dedication to your work infusing in others too
You were a role model EMEM for me in my career!

Towards friends and relatives you were nice and kind-madam ably
Outstandingly helping in all your life- daughters brought up lovely!

Honors came on your way on their own-not going for it yourself
Utmost devotion lased with honesty and humor making ourselves
Never letting us down but encouraging to give our best
Dear and loving all your colleagues Copimbatore to Chandigarh
Respected by all fortunate to serve with you the great ELAISEE
Ever ready to help, ever loving and never hurting any
Dear C R sir! EIGHTY TO HUNDRED bring you all the best on earth!


Reading the first letter of each line :”EIGHTY TO HUNDRED”

P,S: Shri C. Ramanathan former Executive Director of LIC is having his Sadhabishekam on 26th January 2018. The above is the humble tribute by one of his erstwhile colleagues named N V SUBBARAMAN



Here is a Saint-Swami born on this day in Eighteen Sixty three
With his great address”Brothers and sisters of America” free
Carried the day in Chicago and the world turned its eyes on us
Great Swami Vivekananda day is today-very famous!

Observed as National Youth Day- great and noble homage paid right
To rouse the feelings and emotions of the Indian youth stright
To imbibe the Swami’s teachings on our culture and tradition
The hope for the future of our Motherland -Bharat -to fruition!

Youth power is indeed the great and strong power that keeps our heads high
To be harnessed well right from the early days of life lest goes dry
Schools and colleges, parents and society have a role to play
In molding at the right stage for the greatness of the society!


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After riots broke out in Nowkali, East Bengal.

Lord Almighty-my great God created the universe
Gives wisdom enough to keep peace and poise in entire course
Sans hatred and enmity, disharmony and distrust
Alas! Man in his own thoughts and views spoil that trust!

In our onward journey to freedom, hardles several
We had to cross- through his methods unique overall
Father of our Nation guided with his non violent means
When partition was announced he opposed with all his strength!

Opposed to unity, people created ruckus- the society
Went into flames- violence erupted between the two
communities major and in his style began the peace march
On this day in ninety forty seven on hand a peace torch!


The flag of Indian Independence inspired the nation
Tricolor with magical impact, won the admiration!
On this holy day in nineteen forty three Nethaji Bose
Raised the sacred flag at Port Blair as a mark of  our freedom!

Subhash Chandra Bose through his Indian National Army
Fought for our freedom in his own ways and means quite stormy
Along with Mahathma Gandhiji’s means of sathyagraha
Bose had his own respect for Gandhiji’s methods for the cause!

Freedom born in that midnight nurtured by the great people
Cannot afford to be meddled with any forces –unscruple
We have to be on constant vigil nd take the Nation along
The path of peace and prosperity, joy and harmony for long!

N S C Bose with INA soldiers.

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