Rajendra Prasad

India that is Bharath my homeland became free nation
After sacrifices of millions under the leadership
Of Mahatma Gandhi -big and small, rich and poor, well read
And unread- with the sole goal of FREEDOM from the British!

Babu Rajendra Prasad born on third December,
Hundred and Thirty three years ago in Bihar
A teacher and lawyer plunged into freedom struggle
Till achieved – served as Minister till the year Fifty!

Babu the first President of India served for terms
Two full- a Congress leader yet- proved non partison
In office and of great advisor to the Government
On education in India a subject dear to his heart!


Indira Gandhi’s Birthday 19/11/1917

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in deep thinking .

Born to guide the destiny of my Motherland-
India that is Bharath-great and holy land
Born as a noble daughter to a noble father
On nineteenth November nineteen Seventeen!

At a critical juncture in Indian history
Stood like a rock and brought discipline among all
While many failed, she made the nation straight and tall
Grateful people remember her services – not small!

National Integration Day is today- her birth day
Need of the day as fissiparous characters
Raise their heads to make the honest people down theirs
Patriotic people should raise themselves above all!


Today’s children strong pillars of tomorrow sure
To be taken care of to grow noble and nice pure
None to be denied food, shelter and education
Dearmost duty of the society and the nation!

Rightly the greatest Prime Minister of free India
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Chacha Nehru
For children in the north and South, East and West
Whose birth day dedicated to children as their day!

No orphanage or children’s home need be there strict
All must be enabled to live with parents direct
Or foster parents to imbibe qualities noble
They can be pillars strong of the future stable!


Historic day in Indian economy
The objective of bringing out the black money
Currency notes of high value were demonetized
poor people became poorer-depressed and deserted!

I am a black money holder-my black money
Of four thousand five hundred was brought out rightly
Another three thousand brought out after a few months
still lying safe in my blessed purse in cup board!

Practice of ladies keeping money safe for emergency
Seven thousand was found after the death of my lady
Beloved wife-by the time exchange at bank offer was over
Indian economy grew up sky high- tales of woes for ever!



Nations and nations, countries and countries-big and small
Are there all over the world-trying to go quite tall
All in the hands of the rulers-noble and honest
Goes the way of forests and jungles unfortunate lest!

United States of America on sixth November
Had its President elected in eighteen sixty
Abraham Lincoln-one of the greatest to guide hefty
At the age of fifty one- made a mark and history!

Lincoln led through its Civil War—its bloodiest war.
Moral, constitutional, and political crisis amidst?
Preserved the Union, abolished slavery,
Strengthened and modernized the economy lovely!



India that is Bharath and its ‘sanathana dharma’ knows no age
Evolution it was: became fragments several over years –in cage
Kingdoms, Chiefdoms, Chieftains, wars and counter wars-my God
United India became a reality with Freedom at midnight!

It was for Vallabhai Patel first Deputy Prime Minister
Iron man to bring all the States of different hue and colors
Into one Union of Indian States with vision and a mission
Succeeded –States new were carved on the basis of languages!

On this day in nineteen fifty six were born Tamilnadu, Andhra,
And Karnataka were born to the linguistic satisfaction of all
Of course there is a free movement of all Indians –language not a bar
I am Indian first and last- though I speak languages different-at par!


India that is Bharath – my holy Mother Land
Gave birth to personalities great-in East and West
South and North, Central all over never to be forgotten
For their selfless service to the homeland-by the grateful!

In the down South was born an astute leader- admired by all
PASUMPON MUTHURAMALINGA DEVAR- disciple of Nethaji- tall
Refused to believe he was dead and gone till Devar lived
That was his belief and confidence in his LEADER-loved!

An honest politician common in those days-Devar
Was faithful to the Party, the People and Leader
Congress and Forward Block as Subhash Chandra Bose was
Let us pay our respects to Devar on this Day-his birth day!