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There is no world without labor or labor class
Rightly this day dedicated to them – a mass
Every one in the world is a laborer sure
Rich or poor, literate or illiterate pure!

Unfortunate that this fact is not remembered
Let us hail the labor class of all size and shades
Develop attitude right and physique splendid
Give up habits and thoughts that mar the society morbid!

Local Government orders closure of all wine shops!!!!!???
What a pity and what an awful perception
Let us all belonging to the labor class thrive
And prosper with good health and habits, peace and joy!

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Ages were there when the human beings coexisted
With all living beings and nature with all its splendor
Enjoying fresh air free from dust at homes and streets,
Clean and pure water free from bacteria and insects.

No pollution of any kind, no contamination
Young or old, men or women enjoyed health and happiness
Lived and enjoyed long life, quiet, active and serving
It has become a thing of the past- health humiliating!

National Vaccination Day is today- let not go
Give those two polio drops to the children on time
And save them from the sufferings from the scourge of polio
We elders owe it to them and us for a polio free world!

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Where was the language millions of years ago!
Animals and humans, trees and plants, hills and mountains
All speak a language one or the other today sure
Language includes dialects sans a form very pure.

Hundreds of languages all over the world they speak
May be dialect-language helps understand we seek.
Mother language taught by mother is indeed great
None to feel ashamed to speak-certainly a treat!

International Mother Language Day is today
UNESCO declared   to promote peace and multilingualism.
Let us take pride in learning and speaking boldly
Also take pleasure in learning  other languages deftly!

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One of the three of my most respected and revered mentors from his heavenly abode,  Mahakavi Subrahmanya Bharathiyar sang in desperation, cursing the kind of India to go and greeting the kind of India to come. His curse in Tamil runs as below:
1. வலிமையற்ற தோளினாய் போ போ போ
மார்பி லேஒடுங்கினாய் போ போ போ
பொலிவி லாமுகத்தினாய் போ போ போ
பொறி யிழந்த விழியினாய் போ போ போ
ஒலியி ழந்த குரலினாய் போ போ போ
ஒளியி ழந்த மேனியாய் போ போ போ
கிலிபி டித்த நெஞ்சினாய் போ போ போ
கீழ்மை யென்றும் வேண்டுவாய் போ போ போ.

2. இன்று பார தத்திடை நாய்போல
ஏற்ற மின்றி வாழுவாய் போ போ போ
நன்று கூறில் அஞ்சுவாய் போ போ போ
நாணி லாது கெஞ்சுவாய் போ போ போ
சென்று போன பொய்யெலாம் மெய்யாகச்
சிந்தை கொண்டு போற்றுவாய் போ போ போ
வென்று நிற்கும் மெய்யெலாம் பொய்யாக
விழி மயங்கி நோக்குவாய் போ போ போ.

3. வேறு வேறு பாஷைகள் கற்பாய் நீ
வீட்டு வார்த்தை கற்கிலாய் போ போ போ
நூறு நூல்கள் போற்றுவாய் மெய்கூறும்
நூலி லொத்தி யல்கிலாய் போ போ போ
மாறுபட்ட வாதமே ஐந்நூறு
வாயில் நீள ஓதுவாய் போ போ போ
சேறுபட்ட நாற்றமும் தூறுஞ்சேர்
சிறிய வீடு கட்டுவாய் போ போ போ.

4. ஜாதி நூறு சொல்லுவாய் போ போ போ
தரும மொன்றி யற்றிலாய் போ போ போ
நீதி நூறு சொல்லுவாய் காசொன்று
நீட்டினால் வணங்குவாய் போ போ போ
தீது செய்வ தஞ்சிலாய் நின்முன்னே
தீமை நிற்கி லோடுவாய் போ போ போ
சோதி மிக்க மணியிலே காலத்தால்
சூழ்ந்த மாசு போன்றனைபோ போ போ.

When translated into English, it reads like this:

1. O you of weak shoulders, away!
O you of shriveled heart, away!
O lusterless face, away!
You of vision-less eyes, away!
O you of voiceless throat away!
You of frame, dun and dull, away!
O you of frightened heart, away!
You aching for the low, away!

2. Like a cur now in Bharath
You live without glory away!
You, scared to hear the good, away!
You shameless groveler, away!
If lies of the past are to you
Truly admirable, away!
Triumphant truths are false to you,
You of clouded vision, away!

3. Adept in alien languages
Not your mother-tongue, avaunt!
Admirer of a hundred works
Denouncing the true one, avaunt!
With ceaseless tongue, you but argue
All inconsistently, avaunt!
You builder of little hutments
Of mud and muck and mire, avaunt!

4. Talker of divisive castes, avaunt!
Non-doer of Dharma, avaunt!
Articulating pure ethics
You bow at a tiny coin, avay!
Undaunted to cause harm, but the first
To flee away from it, away!
In lustrous gem, blemish gathers
With times; you are like it, away!

Yes; it is exactly in the same condition of my mind, distressed and disgusted at the present trend of A to Z, I wrote a few lines under the caption WHERE DO WE GO and posted in my Face Book on 7th and looking at the responses from my FB friends and inspired, I felt like taking it to the larger circle of my blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in viewers and I am posting as my today story along with the responses and my reply. I am sure that what I have poured out is not confined to a region or nation,  it is almost a universal phenomenon and is a scourge on the universal society sure to be repelled and the society cleaned. At this rate it is the duty and responsibility of the noble souls and every one has to put in his best efforts to root out this awful condition and usher in better sense of responsibility on all concerned and with the prayers of the millions around the Globe and with the Divine grace, our future generation if not ours, must have greater peace and harmony, joy and happiness, plenty and prosperity.

Oh, the Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent

Kindly save us from

ATM-Automatic Teller Machine-without cash
Administrators without administrative efficiency
Banks without currency notes
Country without culture
Doctors without medical man’s ethics
Exploiting employers
Employees without responsibilities
Fools governing the people
Government without governance
Higher education without competent faculties
Idiots occupying sensitive chairs
Jolly go lucky fellows becoming politicians
Kindness taking leave from the society
Lawmakers becoming law breakers
Ministers without ministerial abilities
Noble qualities getting demonetized and degraded
Offenders being appreciated and followed
Principled functioning never adhered to
Quacks administering medicines to the sick
Religious bigotry ruling roost
Sincerity becoming rarity in the society
Truthfulness getting discounted
Unruly behavior fast growing among the youth
Values losing sheen and splendor
Weakness not seen as negative
Xpertise lacking in experts
Youth getting misguided without proper goals
Zero is the value for morals and ethics.

PS: Many things are wrought by prayer than the world dreams of. Hence the prayer.
I am a born optimist yet………………………………
Not that everything is and everyone is bad but…………………..

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Uthayamurthy Hariharan
Uthayamurthy Hariharan Administrators, very many times, have no application of mind! We are now in 2016 and not 1986-88, during which time people like you were able to tackle many problems, to the satisfaction of all concerned without hurting any one. Also, of late, there is no inclination for many to know what is true leadership.
NV Subbaraman Thanks for your compliments Uthayamurthi- which shows your love for me which however I don’t think, I deserve. Thanks anyhow.
Uthayamurthy Hariharan You belong to the group of persons to whom humility is a virtue and I am not surprised by your reply!
NV Subbaraman Thanks. May God bless you. Not to be seen for some time. Hope you are all well.
Anjaneyulu Kondur Venkatachalam Sir, as you you have written”country without culture” is perfect presently. Earlier our country had very good culture. In future how will be our country?
Kvvs Prasad True words of wisdom
Came from the depth of your heart
Reflecting present day society
Nobody bothers for your voice
Though it is the voice of the commons
None has time to think though it
is thought of the millions
NV Subbaraman Thanks Shri Anjaneyulu and Prasad. Let us pray and work for the best.
Muthu Aiyer Still elections are being held periodically and we, the people, elect someone to rule and in offices yearly increments are given to employees as well they receive promotions too. From these activities we can establish one thing is that GOD IS THERE AND TAKING CARE OF US ALL!
Sreenivasulu Manchikanti Sir, you have given a true picture of the condition prevailed in our country.
Chandrasekhara Reddy Thota When Galis get truck/helicopter loads of new notes
Common man can’t get even a single note….
Even a born optimist can no more be an optimist
By seeing the drifting values in the society….
NV Subbaraman Thanks S/Shri TCSR, Muthu Iyer, Sreenivasulu for your kind and great response.
Ramamurthi Thupakula
 Ramamurthi Thupakula Sir, very nice message felt by everyone in your words. We wish only for fulfillment. Let us wait and whether miracle will dawn !
N V Subbaraman Thanks Shri Ramamurthi.
Bvs Raju
Bvs Raju It is a true picture of the present situation.
We have given a chance to rule the Governments by those who are not at all bothered about the people and the country.
I am unable to digest all these developments.
Thank you for giving the real picture .
With Regards.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Raju.
Gowrisankaran Radhakrishnan Very well and beautifully expressed the anguish and concern of an ordinary citizen of this country. You only can write like this Sir. Great.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Gowrisankaran.
Syam Dharmavaram
Syam Dharmavaram Very true sir.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Syam.
Cchandrappa Bestha
Cchandrappa Bestha Hands stained with the soil of the workplace will get respected and worshiped. Ones stained with guilt will be despised and disgraced.-rg
NV Subbaraman Beautifully presented. Thanks Chandrappa.
M.k. Chandrasekaran
M.k. Chandrasekaran Exactly, I agree with you sir.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Chandrasekaran.
Ramkumar Vittal
Ramkumar VittalGood morning sir.. Excellent ly presented the reality.Today One TTD Board member caught..who is a member to decide religious
activities.Decisions will be given without morality.
NV SubbaramanNicely observed Ramkumar. Thanks.
Pakir Mohammed Sait: I dare to ENVY on You, Sir! on your Timely guidance to the Youth of India to contribute their best to the Nation’s development.
NV Subbaraman Thanks Mr. Sait. It exhibits your enormous love for me.
I am sure you would have also felt similarly and I request you to kindly pray and act. Thanks.
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Milk, nectar from heaven made available by God
Lord Almighty creating living beings to feed
The young ones right from the day born in this noble earth
Young and old, sick and healthy, male or female till death!

Pig or dog, goat or cow, woman or any female
Is blessed by God to feed the young ones to be hale
With milk- essential food from the moment of birth
All through the years of life up to the end called death!

National Milk day is today recalling its value,
No adulteration, no extra hydration, thank you
Producers for your sacred service to the Society
On this holy day the people salute you with piety!

Cow indeed is deemed to be God-GOMATHA.


Shopping Reminder Day

To the common man it may sound funny to read about the day
Today “SHOPPING REMINDER DAY” for the season to start- pay
In thousands to celebrate Christmas, New Year, Pongal-harvest joy
All over reminding rich and poor-to keep their kith and kin happy!

Save while you can and spend when you need -a golden rule to follow
All through the year days arrive now and then- children’s wish not hollow
Life is for living and making the kith and kin quite happily
God’s grace it is to make me serve, work, earn, save and spend joyfully!

Let me plan, list out the needs, string of the purse and all carefully
Taking care of my children at home and the orphans on the road
All are children of God many fortunate and some unfortunate
Let the season of festivals bring and fill all with peace and joy!

My dear esteemed Viewers,
Thanks to your immense support and encouragement “ENVIUS THOUGHTS” in in its 677th post on the 622nd day -today Saturday the 26th November at 09.30 hours with the 61st view of the day has crossed SEVENTY THOUSAND (70000) mark in its overall view score from more than 200 countries. Kindly continue to extend your support and encouragement to the Blog.
N V Subbaraman


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In the great creation of Lord Almighty every aspect
Is significant and all human beings to adopt perfect.
Ages ago everything in nature served purposes all
Life, living, work, bath, defecation, eating everything small!

Times changed, ideas and practices changed mostly in camera
In tune with changing culture- good, bad and indifferent-infra
One sure was open defecation cause of shame and ill health sure
Whether rural or urban centers, men and women felt bad pure!

Father of the Indian Nation- Mahatma showed the world
“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”- made his design of toilet
In Wardha-his Ashram- made the inmates use and follow
Decades ago principles of health and hygiene-never shallow!

Universal scourge is toilet less households and villages and towns.
“WORLD TOILET DAY” is nineteenth November-rightly observed
Awareness is needed to make OPEN DEFECATION FREE world
Let the people join en-mass to make this dream come true bold!

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