FATHERS’ DAY 18th June

Father's Day

Fathers’ Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.


In the hierarchy of Indian persons to be
Revered and respected “FATHER” stands next to the
MOTHER and before TEACHER and God! Great indeed is he
“Fathers’ day” observed all over the world on eighteenth right!

In the creation of God and the noble thoughts of the
Human beings-father and fatherhood have a special
Place of honor-the role he plays sacrificing his self
For his family-kith and kin-  great and noble shelf!

On this sacred day, let all pray, revere and respect
Godly fathers-responsible for what they expect
For their welfare- joy and peace, health and happiness ever
In their old age, take care-keeping them in old age home never!


Mother primary God cannot be left in an old age home
Old and decrepit, sick and serious- to be kept in a foam
Mattress with possible comfort in the bedroom of our home
For all what she has done for us since birth sacrificing dome!

“Maathru dhevo bava” Vedic dictum for the Hindus all
Among the four-mother, father, teacher and God- she stands tall
The whole world of course keeps Mother atop and reveres her
And never to forget her greatness -God incarnation sure!

Today is the WORLD MOTHERS’ DAY- a holy and sacred day
Young or old, poor or rich, literate or otherwise let the day
Start with respect and seeking blessings from her in person
From home or heaven wherever she is and not from old age home!




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Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 13th April 1919

Nature of any invader is to keep under his control
The country and its people to the extent possible central
In view and never caring for the ways and means horrible
The British were human beings and their strategies terrible!

India’s long journey to freedom was awful and hazardous
The Invaders’ actions of repression was indeed atrocious
Many were met with the weapon of non violence-can’t forget
One was on this day in nineteen nineteen-Jallianwala Bhag.

Heinous Dyer and his troops fired indiscriminate on poor
Pilgrims for Baishaki festival-purely religious and social
Several hundreds wounded and a few hundreds died-atrocious
Gandhiji led a non-cooperation movement precious.

Jallian Wala Bagh Memorial


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“Health is wealth’ age old adage, sure a great warning
And guidance; yet the main problems of suffering
For the individuals, society, and sure
The Government is ‘ill health’ of many quite pure!

The life and living with nature was given up
Good bye was sent to good health, people got fed up
With Doctors, medicines, sufferings, quite painful
All to be relieved and redeemed-healthy life restored!

On seventh April in Nineteen Forty Eight was formed
The World Health Organization of U N that served
To bring in help and succor to the sufferings
In the world; let all the states follow their teachings.


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Moving clouds move on like a ship in the water
It is a beautiful sight to watch in the Blue sky
Bundles of black and white carrying rains for us
God’s great creation is of course wonderful thus.

Great Poet carried his message through the clouds
‘Megha sandesha’ of Kalidasa in Sanskrit a great epic.
Clouds indeed provide inspiration to the poets
One of the wonders of Nature’s bounty to us!

Sorrows and sufferings are never static sure
They move away like the bundle of clouds quite pure
Rain bearing clouds bring rains and cheer to all in the world
Clouds of miseries move away and bring us peace and joy.

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Ages were there when the human beings coexisted
With all living beings and nature with all its splendor
Enjoying fresh air free from dust at homes and streets,
Clean and pure water free from bacteria and insects.

No pollution of any kind, no contamination
Young or old, men or women enjoyed health and happiness
Lived and enjoyed long life, quiet, active and serving
It has become a thing of the past- health humiliating!

National Vaccination Day is today- let not go
Give those two polio drops to the children on time
And save them from the sufferings from the scourge of polio
We elders owe it to them and us for a polio free world!

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N. R. Viswanathan, my beloved father, guiding from his heavenly abode. 

Oh, my beloved God-my father revered and respected
It is years thirty today since you took your heavenly abode
I feel you are with me every minute now than when you were
Alive in flesh and blood till you were eighty seven clear.

In your life time you were a role model for many many
As a dutiful teacher, you won their hearts-with love worshiped they
For your love, knowledge, methods, discipline as a school Headmaster
Said they, “think of him, take exams, you score high”-treated as pastor.

Physically we are orphaned but you guide at every moment
From your heavenly home- you watch my morning walk and each movement
My habits and hobbies you taught me in my early days quite strong
I shall follow till my hundred -just years twenty four away along!



HIS blessings brought me the ARIVUKKALANJIYAM AWARD- the latest.



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