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Senior Citizens are not born as Senior Citizens ever-never
Today’s children are tomorrow’s senior citizens -after very long gap!
If one is blessed with a long life,he or she bound to be senior citizen
Lo! The youth think not and we see OLD AGE Homes filled fully all over!

August Twenty First today is Senior Citizens Day talked about
And observed and celebrated every year! United Nations General Assembly
Announced in Nineteen Ninety to bring issues to light about the issues
influencing older individuals, such as disintegration with age and abuses.

Moral, ethical and financial norms do expect the children who availed
All affection, care, concern and comforts of stay and studies
To take care of the elderly parents keeping with them and providing
All their needs till death in a peaceful and pleasant way!

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Yogis and Yoga –proud contribution of India that is Bharath
For the health and harmony of people around the world-very great!
Unfortunate in India we attach not great faith and belief
At times we  hear derisive comments too- a misfortune indeed!

Yoga  invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition
Embodying unity of mind and body; thought and action;
Restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature;
Holistic approach to health and well-being.  to discover  sense of oneness!

My beloved father was my Yoga Master- from age ten he taught us
Mathsyaasana, mayuraasana, dhanuraasana, sarvaangasana
Sirsaasanaa and savaasanaa all to last for minutes forty five
Immediately after morning walk and then bath in cold water!

International Yoga Day is today the Twenty First of June
For the past five years, to raise global awareness about
Benefits of  ancient Indian practice.  resolution on this
Was introduced by India’s Ambassador to United Nations
One hundred and seventy seven joined as co-sponsors,
Highest number ever for any General Assembly resolution.
Adopted under the agenda of ‘Global Health and Foreign Policy,’
Recognized Yoga “provides a holistic approach to health and well-being”
And  beneficial for the health of the world population.

Is Climate Action. Yoga our ancient physical,
Mental and spiritual practice! ‘‘yoga’ to join or to unite,
Union of body and consciousness,” “continues to grow in popularity” .



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SIRSAASANAA-how to? NOT ME!!!!!!


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What a wonderful creation of the Omnipotent- my Lord and God
The whole world appears to be a magic land- Magician the God!
As school children we lost ourselves in the magic show of
Magician with his smoke and mirror- his dress peculiar!

March Twenty Ninth today is “SMOKE AND MIRRORS DAY” very interesting
Source of the name based on magicians’ illusions- they are making
Objects appear or disappear by extending or retracting mirrors
Amid a confusing burst of smoke. “smoke and mirrors” audience deceived!

A sort of presentation by which the audience sought to be deceived
God’s creation makes me feel I am permanent as the world is
One’s death today tomorrow becomes his second day of exit
Just a smoke and mirror life! Let us be honest and truthful in life!

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22nd October- WORLD MOTHER-IN-LAW’s Day.

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In the creation of the humanity-God Almighty willed
That all must live happily and cordially well related
The whole world to be treated as our kith and kin quite sure
All members of the family belonging as one unit pure!

Mother-in – law of the boy is his mother and girl her mother
To be loved and respected as much as one’s mother to be-better!
Unfortunate that a MOTHER-IN-LAW of the girl treats her as slave
Making the family lose all respect due to a mother in-law!

World Mother-in-Law’s Day is today the Twenty Second October
Let all show a special respect and regards to her who are
Fortunate to have Mother-In-Law with them-many who yearn
For her at home but not that fortunate. they sure do mean! –

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Senior Citizens not to be deemed as burden
And left in the old age home! Sure duty of children
To keep with them and shower all love and affection
That they received from parents while they were young or old!

To maintain active and healthy life and
To take care from certain unforeseen problems,
Let us please note and follow the cautionary suggestions:

A study in the United States shows That over 51% of Old people fall down while climbing stairs. Every year, many Americans are killed by falling while climbing stairs.
Experts suggestions:
After 60 years:- these 10 actions should be avoided:
1. Do Not climb staircase.
If must climb, Hold on firmly to Stair-case railings.💐

2. Do not rapidly twist your head.
Warm up your whole body first.😇

3. Do not bend your body to touch your toe. Warm up your whole body first.

4. Do not stand to wear your “Pants”. Wear your Pants while sitting down🙏

5. Do not sit up when lying face up. Sit up from one side (left hand side, or right hand
side) of your body.🙌

6. Do not twist your body before exercise. Warm up whole first.

7. Do not walk backwards.
Falling backwards can result in serious injury.❤

8. Do not bend waist to lift Heavy weight. Bend your knees & Lift up Heavy object while half

9. Do not get up fast from bed. Wait a few minutes before getting up from bed.🚩

10. Do not over force defecation. Let it come naturally. 😇

One more important thing one must be active always think positive as life has started now only after all years of hard working now it’s time to enjoy life. ..


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International Day for Biological Diversity!

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Biodiversity concerns “Sustainable agriculture”
“Desertification” Land degradation”drought; “Right to water”
“Sanitation” health , energy;  technology Innovation,
“Knowledge-sharing” capacity-building;”Urban resilience”
And adaptation;  Climate change””Disaster risk reduction”
Oceans and seas; forests;  “Food security” and all!

International day for Biological Diversity
Day is today-the twenty second May -United nation
Sponsored day- to think, discuss take care of the issues
Concerning the world as such! Let us and take care!

“Celebrating twenty Five years of Action for Biodiversity”
The theme of the current year Twenty Eighteen-universally
Let us keep in mind and celebrate with all spirit in action!

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Is it a pity no, it is an atrocity very sure
Arising out of humans’ utter selfishness simple and pure!
Vehicle population racing with human population
May be a sign of prosperity but causing deprivation!

Agricultural lands being converted into nasty flats
For the growing population depriving lands which deflate
Food and air!, on all the colonies existing expanding
For greater comforts and conveniences selfish Encroaching!

Roads and streets get shrunken thanks to encroachments unauthorized
Court orders and Government laws and rules not withstanding- disobeyed
Managed with the power of money and muscle here and there
Atrocity! But none can escape the powerful arms of God sure!