ROSE DAY- 22nd September.

World Rose Day - Welfare of Cancer Patients 2019 Celebrations on 22 September 2019

For those who believe there are three distinct Lord Almighty
Creator, protector and destroyer! Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
In Hinduism  and naturally who believe! Cancer
Indeed is a killer disease.-my better half a victim years six ago!

World Rose Day is today September twenty second-as done
Every year to support cancer patients and make them aware
So that they can face the disease with strong willpower and spirit.

The awareness programs on this Rose day also make people
Aware of the importance of being cautious about cancer.
This in fact was the prayer of that cancer patient:

My Lord, the Almighty, creator of the Universe
What pleasure you find in making me suffer adverse
With the deadly, killer disease named CANCER-the monster
Death instant is less cruel than stifling sufferings-booster!

Chemos and radiations my Lord! Unbearable to the last
Expenses apart, sufferings mental and physical vast
Pain here and there all over-unable to bear my Lord!
Am I such a sinner to deserve this at Thy hands my God?

Thee know well I am a person of clean habits
Never irregular in anything even in bits
How and why I fell a victim Thee alone know
Spare every one from this torture, kindness please show!

Have some pity and relieve me of my woes for long
Relieve the world from this scourge of cancer, the killer strong
Let me suffer and let me be the last patient to suffer
“Let there be no more cancer patient” is my prayer!

With me let the cancer die-leave the world quite free
Let the young and old, men and women, rich and the poor
Get not the killer cancer- cause unknown, why and how-sure
None knows all over the universe-make the people free-pure!



Himmat Narola on Twitter: "World Rose Day “Day of Hope for Cancer Patients” #WorldRoseDay #CancerAwareness #RoseDay #FightAgainstCancer… "

International Day of Peace- September 21st.

International Day of Peace 2020 - National Awareness Days Events Calendar 2020 - UK & US

सर्वेषां स्वस्तिर्भवतु ।
सर्वेषां शान्तिर्भवतु ।
सर्वेषां पूर्नं भवतु ।
सर्वेषां मड्गलं भवतु ॥

Sarvesham swasthir bavathu
Sarvesham jyothir bavathu
Sarvesham shanthir bavathu
sarvesham mangalam bavathu
Om Shanthi, Shanthi, Shanti!

May there be happiness in all
May there be peace in all
May there be completeness in all
May there be success in all

Peace! Peace! Peace!

TWENTY FIRST SEPTEMBER today- International Day of Peace
Every  year the International Day of Peace  observed around the world
UN General Assembly has declared this as a day devoted to strengthening
Ideals of peace, observing twenty four hours of non-violence and cease-fire.

This year, it is clear that we are not each other’s enemies.
Our common enemy is a tireless virus that threatens our health,
Security and very way of life. COVID-19 has thrown our world
Into turmoil and  reminded us that what happens in one
Part of the planet can impact people everywhere.

In March, UN Secretary-General António Guterres called on all
Warring parties to lay down their weapons and focus on the battle
Against this unprecedented global pandemic. While the message is  for
Armed parties, solidarity and cooperation across borders, sectors and
Generations are also needed to win this new fight against
The worst public health crisis of our time COVID 19 pandemic.

International Day of Peace - India


International Literacy Day 2020 – National Awareness Days Events Calendar 2020 – UK & US

Though alive, one is dead sans knowledge, wisdom through literacy
Unfortunate large population remain illiterate-pity
Efforts on war footing need of the day to provide literacy
Especially in the most countries adopting democracy!

Today is International Literacy Day as declared
By UNESCO in nineteen hundred sixty five-to be observed
To tell all- of the fact that one in five adults not literate
Two thirds of illiterates are women- estimate moderate!

Future of the family and society is at stake if allowed
On this day very important, all responsible be advised
To provide literacy to all at any cost-Government
And individuals to take up efforts honest- permanent!

International Literacy Day 2020 - International Literacy Day History, Significance, Literacy in India and Facts



ELA BHATT BIRTH DAY-September 7th.

Newsflicks on Twitter: "Founder of SEWA & recipient of the Magsaysay Award, Ela Bhatt was born on Sep 7, 1933… "

Women lib is not very new concept in our holy land
This is MOTHERLAND where women are revered as Devi grand!
Born to a lawyer father and women’s Right Activist mother!

ELA BHATT born on this day years Eighty Seven ago in Ahamedabad
Turned into a Lawyer, Activist and founder of SEWA!
Rightly honored with awards several:
Ramon Magsaysay Award,Rights Livelihood Award
Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan, Indhira Gandhi Award for
Peace, Disarmament and Development and many , many more!

Let us thank the woman who fought for the rights of women
In the male dominated society- to show equality with men
Let us treat Women with dignity and decency-no girl
Child abuse nor the young and aged- Jai Bharatha MATHA!

Ela Bhatt Conferred 2011 Indira Gandhi Prize for Peace, Disarmament and Development Award


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,67,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 112th  view today,  VIZ Monday,  the 7th September  2020, (07/09/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the NICE figure   TWO LAC AND SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND
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ITHACA 647 Men, Maria Nivea Zagarella, Sicily


The resigned sea gives back
the dead,
excessive straw,
upon this earth.

Crazy and lost
the desperate adults
the innocent little ones
can do nothing,
their little hands
frozen by the cold night
that brings them death.

Murderous men
against their own flesh,
murderous against the earth
that breast fed them since birth.

The sea no longer has
enough straw baskets
to collect drop after drop,
woes and laments
of these drowning bodies

Maria Nivea Zagarella (Sicily)

“The Poetry of Maria Nivea Zagarella”, Bilingual Sicilian-English, Mineola, NY: Legas, 2017.

“The Poetry of Maria Nivea Zagarella”, Bilingual Sicilian-English, Mineola, NY: Legas, 2017.



Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai,9840477552


விலகிய கடல் இறந்தவற்றைத்
திரும்பத்தருகிறITHACA 647 Men, Maria Nivea Zagarella, Sicilyது
பயனற்ற எஞ்சியுள்ள கோரைப்புற்களை
மனமாறாட்டமுடைய, இழந்துவிட்ட
நம்பிக்கை இழந்த வயதானவ்ர்கள்
விவரம் தெரியாத  சிறுவர்கள்
ஒன்றும் செய்ய முடியாது
சில்லென்ற  குளிர் இரவினால் இறுகிய
அவர்களுடைய சிறு கைகள்
அவர்களுக்கு மரணத்தை கொண்டுவருகிறது!

கொலைகார மனிதர்கள்
அவரது உடலை எதிர்த்து
நிலத்தை எதிர்த்து கொலைசெய்கின்றனர்
பிறந்த நாளினின்று  மார்பகப் பால் கொடுத்தது
கடலினிடம் தேவையான கோரைப்புல் கூடைகள்
துளித்துளியாகச் சேகரிக்க
மூழ்கும் உடல்களின்
வேதனைகளையும்  அழுகைகளையும்

தீர்ந்து விட்டன!

கவிதை இயக்கம்

Maria Nivea Zagarella (Sicily)

“The Poetry of Maria Nivea Zagarella”, Bilingual Sicilian-English, Mineola, NY: Legas, 2017.



When you rich guys
have spent your money,
பணத்தைச் செலவழித்து
and your banana peels
have been thrown in the ditch,
உங்களது வாழைப்பழத்தோல்களை
வாய்க்கால் பள்ளத்தில் எறிந்துவிட்டீர்கள்
and your bus tickets
as confetti have been scattered around,
உங்களது பேருந்து பயணச்சீட்டுக்களை
காகிதத்துண்டுகளாக சுற்றி எறியப்பட்டுள்ளன
and your wine and soft drinks
have been finished,
and your bottles and cans
have been left in an alley,
உங்களது குடித்து முடிந்த மதுபான பாட்டில்களும், சோடா பாட்டில்களும் சந்துகளில் கிடக்கின்றன
and your fish leftovers
and rotten fruits
மிச்சப்பட்ட மீன்களும், அழுகிய பழங்களும்
and broken boxes
and papers
உடைந்த பெட்டிகளும், காகிதங்களும்
have been tossed around
இங்கும் அங்கும் சுற்றிலும் பறந்து கிடக்கின்றன
Then I will come
and clean up the world again:
நான் அங்கு வந்து மீண்டும் உலகை
I am also important.
நானும் முக்கியமானவனே.



PETER SNYDERS, South Africa (1939)
Translation Germain Droogenbroodt – Stanley Barkan


முனைவர் என் வி சுப்பராமன்
சென்னை, 9840477552

நானும் முக்கியமானவனே!

பணத்தைச் செலவழித்து
உங்களது வாழைப்பழத்தோல்களை
வாய்க்கால் பள்ளத்தில் எறிந்துவிட்டீர்கள்
உங்களது பேருந்து பயணச்சீட்டுக்களை
காகிதத்துண்டுகளாக சுற்றி எறியப்பட்டுள்ளன
உங்களது குடித்து முடிந்த மதுபான பாட்டில்களும், சோடா பாட்டில்களும் சந்துகளில் கிடக்கின்றன.
மிச்சப்பட்ட மீன்களும், அழுகிய பழங்களும்
உடைந்த பெட்டிகளும், காகிதங்களும்
இங்கும் அங்கும் சுற்றிலும் பறந்து கிடக்கின்றன
நான் அங்கு வந்து மீண்டும் உலகை
நானும் முக்கியமானவனே.


பீடர் ஸ்னைடேர்ஸ் தென் ஆப்பிரிக்கா (1939).

PETER SNYDERS, South Africa (1939)

Translation Germain Droogenbroodt – Stanley Barkan


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World Population Day 2020 Quotes & Slogans: Here Are Some of The Best Sayings on Overpopulation

My Lord Almighty! Thee know the art and science of creation
Sure none can discern the great aim and purpose of Thy action!
What should be rightly treated as human ‘resource’ and ‘asset’
Alas! Today we treat as a burden and a problem great!

True of course population exploding beyond a limit
Breeds myriad issues, difficult to manage by the timid!
Shelter, health, food, education, employment issues many
Where to go for money and materials-no company!

To create awareness of all issues- purpose of this day
Problem is of the world all over – we have to find a way
Men –young and old, women-young and old to be made aware of
To be effective and aim served-Day to be taken care of!

Theme now centered around the health and rights of women and girls.
During the pandemic, with unemployment on the rise, women’s health and
Well-being are on the line, not just from the corona virus but
Also from the increase in gender-based violence.

The United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs along
World saw five billions on eleventh July eighty seven
United Nations observe since then- all these years followed
Spread the message and help world come out gloriously mellowed!

World Population Day 2019 : Date, Theme, Essay, Poster and Celebration

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A protest for the killing of George Floyd
There are blows in life, so hard . . . I don’t know!
Blows like the hate of God; as if before them, the undertow of
Everything suffered is embedded in the soul . . .I don’t know!
They are few; but they exist . . . They open dark furrows in the fiercest
face and on the strongest back. Perhaps they are the foals of barbaric
Attilas; or the black heralds sent to us by Death.

They are the deep falls of the Christs of the soul, of some adorable faith,
Blasphemed by Destiny. Those bloody blows are the crackling of
Some bread that burns at the oven door.
And the man . . . the poor, the poor man! He turns his eyes, as when a
Slap on the shoulder summons us; he turns his crazed eyes, and
All that he has lived wells up, like a pool of guilt in his gaze.
There are blows in life, so hard . . . I don’t know!

CESAR VALLEJO, Peru (1892–1938)

Translation Germain Droogenbroodt – Stanley Barkan

In Tamil


முனைவர் என். வி சுப்பராமன்

சென்னை 9840477552

Envius Thoughts – Page 5 – by NV Subbaraman -“NVSR's ENVIUS ...

கருப்புத் தூதர்!

ஜார்ஜ் ஃப்ளாய்டைக் கொன்றதற்கு ஓர் எதிர்ப்பு
வாழ்வில் எத்தனையோ கடுமையான அடிகள்
எனக்குத் தெரியவில்லை.
அவர்முன் இருக்கும்
இறைவனின் வெறுப்பைப் போன்ற
அனுபவிக்கும் இன்னல்கள் எல்லாம் ஆன்மாவின் அடியில் புதைந்திருப்பதை இழுத்துச் செல்லும்…..
எனக்குத் தெரியவில்லை
அவைகள் சிலவே- இருப்பினும் இருக்கின்றன!
பயங்கரமான முகத்திலும்
வலிமையான முதுகிலும்
தடங்களைப் பதிக்கின்றன.

காட்டுமிராண்டித்தனமான அட்டிலஸ்ஸின்
வாரிசுகள். அல்லது இறப்பு நமக்கு அனுப்பிய கருப்புத் தூதர்கள்!!
அவைகள் ஆன்மாவில் இருக்கும் கிறிஸ்துவின் ஆழமான தடங்கள்
போற்றத்தக்க நம்பிக்கையின் தடங்கள்
விதிவசத்தால் தெய்வ நிந்தனையானது.

அந்த மோசமான அடிகள்
சூட்டடுப்பில் எரியும் சில ரொட்டித்துண்டுகள் வெடிப்பது போன்றது.
மனிதன் பாவம், பாவப்பட்டவன்.
தோளில் அடி விழும்பொழுது
கண்களைத்திருப்பிக் கொள்கிறான்
வெறி மிகுந்த கண்களை கொள்கிறான்!
இதுவரை வாழ்ந்தது ஊற்றெடுக்கின்றன
பார்வையில் குற்றக் குளம்
வாழ்வில் கடினமான அடிகள்
எனக்குத் தெரியவில்லை!


1892-1938 காலத்திய பெரு நாட்டுக் கவிஞன் செஸார் வலேஜோ இயற்றியது.

CESAR VALLEJO, Peru (1892–1938)

மொழிமாற்றம் ஜெர்மன்ப்ரூடி-ஸ்டேன்லி பார்கன்.








June 30th- International Asteroid Day

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय शुद्र ग्रह दिवस, 30 जून

Asteroid Day,  United Nations’ day of global awareness and education
About asteroids, is observed its sixth year today Thirtieth  June.
Asteroid Day , to promote awareness and provide knowledge to
The  public about the importance of asteroids in our solar system history, And the role they play in our solar system today.Today is the day of the Largest asteroid impact of Earth in recorded history (Tunguska).

Asteroid Day  evolved to include  participation of  national space Agencies,
ESA,  JAXA, Roscosmos, ISRO, NASA, Scientists, astronomers, worldwide.

“Asteroid Day encourages the public and governments to learn more about Asteroids,  the origin of our Solar System, and to support the resources necessary to find and deflect asteroids ”. explains Dr. Brian May.  Through the Luxembourg Space Agency,  leads the Space Resources. Its initiative

Is instrumental in the expansion of Asteroid Day, Marc Serresha.Etienne_Schneider” CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency states “Luxembourg is proud to be the global Headquarters for Asteroid Day and to aid in inspiring countries around the world to participate in this United Nations Day of education and awareness.

“On Asteroid Day, we share the latest information on the search for near-Earth asteroids that might pose a threat to our planet and discuss the space technologies we might apply together to help prevent a cosmic disaster. I’m especially interested in the joint NASA-ESA programs DART and HERA to demonstrate how we can deflect a near-Earth object.” shared Dr. Tom Jones, NASA astronaut, Association of Space Explorers. “Asteroid Day rightly demands that asteroids must be discovered since they pose a risk to our planet from time to time. The combination of NASA’s deflection mission DART and ESA’s mission HERA allows us to find out how asteroid deflection works and, at the same time, learn more about these celestial bodies. I am proud that OHB is the designated industrial prime for the HERA mission.” says OHB’s Marc Scheper, Head of Space Transportation, Robotic Missions and Exploration.

Asteroid Day 2020: a worldwide event – 30 June 2020 - The Virtual ...


Helen Keller Day - Wikipedia

Men may come and men may go but their achievements last for ever!
Here is a lady who came and the lady has gone but her actions
Remain and will remain for years and decades to come with admiration!
Today twenty seventh June HELEN KELLER DAY- indeed a holy day!

Helen Keller Day is the day of birth of Helen Keller, observed on
This day annually created by presidential proclamation in Two Thousand
Six and by international organizations,   helping the Blind and the deaf.
Though born healthy at age nineteen became blind and deaf yet……….

Since Eighteen Ninety Three Helen Keller Services for the Blind’s mission
Helping individuals of all ages who are blind or visually impaired, and
Having additional disabilities, develop independence. Headquartered in
Brooklyn, New York, the agency has additional rehabilitation sites in Hemp-stead and Huntington, Long Island, and operates the Helen Keller National
Center for Deaf-Blind Youths and Adults in Sands Point, New York.

 Essay on Helen Keller | Helen Keller Essay for Students and ...