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The world as a whole -created by the Omnipotent, Omniscient Lord
To be happy and healthy, peaceful and prosperous, friendly and joyful!
Absolute need for maintaining a standard is there- for all to follow
Standard should be high, noble, causing harm to none and yielding  great!

World Standards Day is today  the Fourteenth  October. to honours
The efforts of the thousands of experts who develop voluntary standards
Within standards to raise awareness among regulators, industry and consumers
As to the importance of standardization to the global economy.

THe day was  chosen to mark the date, in Nineteen Forty Six
When delegates from Twenty Five countries met in London and
Decided to create an international organization focused on standardization.
Let us fix moral, ethical, personal, societal -and follow with determination.

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Man  the roof and crown of Creation endowed with  all faculties intact
I fail to appreciate the environmental issues around me
And bother not to make my environment clean and clear –pity
It is not only in my own interest but I owe it to Society!

We are surrounded by many different things on this planet Earth.
Most of the time, we take them for granted. Our surroundings, be it
Living or nonliving, the geographical area where we live constitute Our ENVIRONMENT which needs to be protected by all means.

Let us give thought to the after effects that will plague for not
Addressing the environmental issues on time. Let us analyze
In brief the various environmental issues that  plague our  world
And their harmful effects  on all the living beings-very crucial.

When Mahatma Gandhi emphasized on cleanliness, it was protection
Of ENVIRONMENT for healthy living in the society-in perfection
Harmful effect of ignoring Environment is to our own peril
Let us see more and more on this in the days to come in serial!


Grow more trees.

P S: This post is at the instance of Mr. Mathew eapen of US through Mr. Suresh Mathew of our colony.

International Day for Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 26th Sept.

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In this fear ridden world today fear for any and every thing
Worst fear injected by the NUCLEAR WEAPONS -multiheaded  monster-
All out efforts have got to be made by all interested in the welfare
Of humanity to eliminate  nuclear weapons where ever they are!

Twenty Sixth September today is the International  Day
For total elimination of Nuclear Weapons as designated
After a high-level meeting on nuclear disarmament
By the United  Nations General Assembly providing
An opportunity to highlight the need to eliminate nuclear weapons
And the social and economic costs of perpetuating them.
Commemorating this Day each year since two thousand fourteen
Giving opportunity for governments and  civil society
To discuss progress and priorities for nuclear disarmament.
Let us on this day whatever we can in this direction!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,14,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 3rd view at 01.00 hrs today viz Thursday  the Twenty Sixth September 2019, (26/09/2019) total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND FOURTEEN THOUSAND (2,14,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1700th day and 1733rd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Language is an indication of civility, knowledge and wisdom!
Today the Twenty Third September is International Day of Sign Languages
Celebrated annually across the world  along with
International Week of the Deaf.Important day for the unlucky deaf!

In fact, there are about three hundred different types of sign language
Used throughout the world. New sign languages frequently evolve amongst
Groups of deaf children and adults.Absolute need to communicate
With others for living and sustenance.That is the Gods will!

Though sign languages evolve, educationists and psychologists
To make conscious efforts to improve the existing and
Innovate new ones for the use of the unfortunates in the world
On this day to resolve to work towards this noble end with success!

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For children, grand parents are  needed more  than even their parents
Unique indeed are human relationships all over the world!
If parents are harsh-naturally they are- grandparents play their role!
Loving and affectionate- saying parents are as good or as bad when young!

September Eighth designated and observed as GRANDPARENTS Day
America in particular observes the day to bring awareness say
Among the children and adults to think of adopting the old
Who need attention, affection, love and care in their old age!

Wherever they are and however rich and great are the senior
Citizens in their evening of their lives need care and affection
By their children and grandchildren. Many do not get what they need
And find themselves in the old age homes-pitiable they are indeed!
Duty of the young is to extend maximum love and care to ensure
Their grandparents enjoy their lives till their last breath!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,11,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 184th view at 22.30 hrs yesterday viz Wednesday  the Fifth September 2019, (05/09/2019) total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND ELEVEN THOUSAND (2,11,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1674th day and 1712th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Senior Citizens are not born as Senior Citizens ever-never
Today’s children are tomorrow’s senior citizens -after very long gap!
If one is blessed with a long life,he or she bound to be senior citizen
Lo! The youth think not and we see OLD AGE Homes filled fully all over!

August Twenty First today is Senior Citizens Day talked about
And observed and celebrated every year! United Nations General Assembly
Announced in Nineteen Ninety to bring issues to light about the issues
influencing older individuals, such as disintegration with age and abuses.

Moral, ethical and financial norms do expect the children who availed
All affection, care, concern and comforts of stay and studies
To take care of the elderly parents keeping with them and providing
All their needs till death in a peaceful and pleasant way!

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August 10th-LAZY DAY!

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For me I know every day of the week and month is a lazy day
After all I do nothing in any of the days!Lazy and indolent!
To most today the Tenth August is a LAZY DAY -Second Saturday.
Lazy Day  a day to chill out and be lazy for a day –  perfect chance
For a hot summer day. Laziness- indolence- disinclination to
Activity or exertion despite  ability to do so!

In the plugged-in world, we  wish for a day when we don’t do anything.
Nothing at all. Not even the tiniest bit of work. we long
For a lazy day. And yet,  we find it difficult to actually be lazy
As if we’re hardwired to do something, even if we don’t really need to.

August Tenth  is the day to be lazy or not to be lazy
It’s National Lazy Day in America,  and other places
And it’s glorious and busy! Let us see how we observe
I shall be  lazy and indolent-doing nothing and everything!!!

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