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Falling standards cry of the society -unfortunate
On creation of the World, the Almighty willed that fortunate
People must enjoy -and all should be honest, fair and faithful
What we see is customers and clients taken for a ride!

Maintaining standards always is moral and ethical
Aim of World Standards Day is to raise awareness critical
Among regulators, industry and consumers as to
The importance of the issue to the global economy.

Fourteenth October was chosen to mark the date,
In nineteen Forty Six when delegates from twenty five
Countries gathered in London and decided to create
An international organization focused to facilitate.

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Four fold personality of a man has got to be nurtured
And constantly developed for achieving the purpose of life!
Physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual
To spread joy and peace, pleasure and harmony in the society!

Health of each is for all and health of all is for each -important
Rightly a day is observed “World Mental Health Day” tenth
Of Tenth month!For the young and young adults most essential
To keep their mental health spic and span!Growing up, dealing
With human rights violations, violence at homes and schools!

The Young spend most of their day on the internet – experience
Cyber-crimes, cyber bullying, and playing violent video games.
Suicide and substance abuse on the increase; youth feel alone
And persecuted; Young adults at an age when serious mental
Illnesses can occur and yet they are taught nothing about
Mental health care: Time to make them aware of issues
Our youth and young adults are facing in our world!
What they need to grow up healthy, happy and resilient.

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Nothing you wear is more important than your smile. - Connie Stevens

“SMILES PLEASE”-photographers’ constant request to the all
To be photographed – as it adds beauty to the face tall!
Smiles – expression of peace and joy to be shared with all
Smile indeed an elixir of life that adds strength and power!

Smile in the mirror. …
Share your smile with the world. …
Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things. …
Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. …
Peace is the beauty of life. …
Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.it provides spirit of harmony sure to be spread among all!

Let us smile and make others smile with us to develop harmony
A good goal in life to follow as a human being first and last!

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“PLEA for Vegetarianism” by revered Father of
Our Holy Nation-Mahatma Gandhi- set the tone for
Purely a vegetarian society all over the planet
For the good of all the living beings created by the Lord!

Today the first of October is World Vegetarian Day
“To promote the joy, compassion and life-enhancing
Possibilities of vegetarianism.” awareness to
The ethical, environmental, health, and humanitarian
Benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. Nice to follow
In the interest of all creations of God. – not hollow!

Vegetarian Awareness Month also well-known as
“Reverence for Life” month, “Month of Vegetarian Food”!
World owe it to the creator to take care in all ways
Living beings-human and animal-let us respect the days!

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Man in those days walked miles together with nice health
Evolution came gradually -fashion settled- wealth
Of Vehicles-cart-to rickshaws to cycles to fast moving
Two and Four wheelers-made to give up road walking!

Today World Car Free Day September twenty second,
To encourages motorists to give up their cars for a day.
The event “promotes improvement of “Public transport”
Cycling and “Walking”where job and shopping nearer!

For short trips in cities, we reach Quicker using bicycle than
Car!Fuel is saved in the crisis caused, pollution avoided!
Health improves rightly Delhi Government banned to some extent
Let us teach our wards walk to schools up to kilometers five!

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WITH    Photo:Ramnath


WITHOUT! Photo:Swetha

In the creation of a human being God-the Almighty, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient God has chosen every part of the body head to toe very carefully and seriously, majestically and meticulously!.

Of the various parts of the body one’s mouth and the teeth within seems to be VERY IMPORTANT AND SIGNIFICANT.

A person is born, brought up, grows up, child to an old one- living life from womb to tomb! Rich or poor, man or woman, girl or boy, read or unread, young or old, employed or unemployed, handsome or aweful, tall or short, fat or lean,  cannot afford to live and sustain without taking food regularly- thrice or sure twice a day! Mouth, tongue, palate, teeth and digestive system as a whole have to play their respective roles responsibly lest……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????.

Literally the subject of this Sunday Story in Envius Thoughts- “TOOTHLESS PERSON”- is a person without  tooth! God has given teeth- strong thirty two in number for one’s optimum use and welfare. It takes a year for a child to get teeth and the day the first tooth is seen it would appear to be a great day for the family members! Teeth grow and grow and begin to fall due to reasons several till one loses all his teeth at his old age! Old age sets in at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or in between! A very interesting thing when no other part of the party cannot fall-teeth and teeth alone fall! Of course nails stand at different footing!

Figuratively toothless person connotes a different meaning- “ weak, having no capacity of enforcing something”.


From Middle English toþeles, from Old English tōþlēas; equivalent to tooth +‎ -less.

With Adjective]

toothless (comparative more toothless, superlative most toothless) (1)

  1. Having no teeth.
  2. a toothless old man

Synonym- ‘edentulous’


Here is a question: What is one word for a TOOTHLESS PERSON”?

An answer:

Your question has put me in a state of ambiguity and hence, I’ll try to frame my answer accordingly.

Situation 1:

The word, ‘toothless’ can have a general meaning i.e. a person who’s without teeth. For this, ‘Edentulate’ is the perfect synonym for the above reference.

Situation 2:

This particular word, ‘toothless’ refers to any pointless or edgeless object. As we assume often teeth to be sharp, ‘a toothless person’ means, that particular person is obtuse in nature i.e. s/he is slow to comprehend anything.

And in real, if any individual exists without teeth to showcase those when needed, it’s a cherry on top for people surrounding you, as you would see them to nibble your favourite dishes, leaving you no option but to stare at them and lick your lips in dismay !

Ok-teeth are supposed to be taken special care of right from the childhood. Whether one takes bath or not he needs to brush his teeth as soon as he gets up from the bed! With raw fingers, with toothbrush!

In the village sides with the powdered brick!!, tooth powder or toothpaste!

Youngsters wonder at a TV add. “Has your toothpaste SALT?” If not you go in for Colgate”

The writer well remembers his using what is called “கருவேலங்குச்சி” (karuvelangkuchchi) on the basis of the dictum“”ஆலும் வேலும் பல்லுக்குறுதி”  (Aalum velum pallukkurudhi”!) This small stick of 4 inches length(tender ones -thin rod like) is cut from the tree like banyan, ebony, margosa,- and biting with the teeth top one or one and a half inch to the extent of looking like the brush, brush the teeth and throw  ! I remember my father till his sixty and more will cut as he goes for evening walks make 7 small sticks -what is called “KUCHi” in Tamil to last for a week to all his three sons! Every week the process will go on!! It went on till we migrated from our native village/town.

Then came the practice of using this costly TOOTHBRUSH of different companies and toothpaste in different packs!

It is said taking too much of sweet or raw sugar spoils the TEETH!

May be the reason that I had to visit the great Gods-DENTISTS-DENTAL SURGEONS- wherever I was – in nine different stations- in the course of my official life for four decades-Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan etc!

Even after retirement I have to be visiting my good friend and Dental Surgeon- HOD in a Dental College- every now and then! The latest position is that in the last 216 hours I am without even a SINGLE TOOTH- having extracted about ten at a time giving sedation-full, half broken, three fourths broken , roots etc!!!!!! with the assurance that NEW THIRTY TWO teeth will be beautifying me at my 78th year of existence within a period of three weeks – and with all my teeth intact and my handsome face and words I will l be participating an International Poetry Festival in the third week of September in Guntur-Andhra Pradesh!

It is said in Tamil-”பல்லுப்போனால் சொல்லுப் போச்சு” (PALLUPPONAALSOLLUPPOCHCHU).”நொருங்கத்தின்றால் நூறு வயது” (NORUNGNATHTHINRAAL NOORU VAYADHU”) meaning “once teeth are lost, words are lost” and “when one eats pounding/grinding well with his teeth , he can live for hundred years”. Well for quite sometime I do  no pounding/grinding with teeth but simply swallow whatever I put in my mouth! And again though not very much felt by the audience whenever I address or render poems, pronunciation is bound to improve when new teeth are born in a month’s time! ,


All the above are on physical level and let us see something on a different ‘figurative level’.

We have already seen that the figurative meaning is:”Figuratively toothless person connotes a different meaning- “ weak, having no capacity of enforcing something”.

Thank God never in my life I was so-whether in personal or official life I had made a mark and none  said even remotely that “ I was weak and had no capacity to enforce something”! Having worked in a premier Public Sector organization well over four decades I was deemed to be an “ “EFFECTIVE MANAGER” as assessed by the results in different areas.

Well sufficiently you have heard your friend Blogger N V Subbaraman. We shall meet tomorrow morning with a post to mark the WOMEN’S EQUALITY DAY”! Till then may GOD BE WITH YOU!’    


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Yesterday was World Breast Feeding Day- a week to start from first
A practice for decades and decades fading fast with young moms!
Unbelievable yet happen in many parts of the world
Women are goddesses; goddesses of love, care, life and more!!

Human mums breastfeeding baby animals – it’s strange but true
And more common than one thinks!May not be good for human mother
Or baby animals like- cat and dog, calf and panda free
Breastfeeding a human baby and an animal baby
Concurrently is not good because of the risk of
Certain zoonotic diseases may be passed on to the former.

With the  goal of elite breastfeeding by mother for their
Baby of first six months to get the health benefits fair
To fulfill  all  nutrients, to encourage mother
The healthy growth and development of their child together!

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