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Human body created by the great Lord Almighty
With thousands of parts -big and small- to be hale and mighty!
The thyroid is a small, bow-shaped gland in the front of
The neck that secretes hormones to control major functions of
Weight management, sleep, energy use and food Metabolism!

Thyroid disorder caused mainly by Lack of iodine
in our diets. Also by Autoimmune diseases,
Viral and bacterial Inflammation, chronic stress!
In women, hormone imbalance due to childbearing,menopause!

A day to spread the word about thyroid disorders
Educate on what one can do to prevent, minimize impact.
Eating iodine-rich foods dairy and vegetables broccoli,
Sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower! Let us take care!

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International Day for Biological Diversity!

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Biodiversity concerns “Sustainable agriculture”
“Desertification” Land degradation”drought; “Right to water”
“Sanitation” health , energy;  technology Innovation,
“Knowledge-sharing” capacity-building;”Urban resilience”
And adaptation;  Climate change””Disaster risk reduction”
Oceans and seas; forests;  “Food security” and all!

International day for Biological Diversity
Day is today-the twenty second May -United nation
Sponsored day- to think, discuss take care of the issues
Concerning the world as such! Let us and take care!

“Celebrating twenty Five years of Action for Biodiversity”
The theme of the current year Twenty Eighteen-universally
Let us keep in mind and celebrate with all spirit in action!

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In the great creation of Lord Almighty -my beloved God,
Roof and crown of creation being man with his healthy body
Each part having its own duties and responsibilities
For peace and harmony within the man’s healthy life and living!

Blood flow through the body- to every inch important factor.
World Hypertension Day is today seventeenth May-
To raise our awareness about the hypertension, preventive
Measures and complications! Noble and great intention and a theme!

The theme for the year: “Know Your Numbers with a goal of increasing
High blood pressure awareness in all populations around the world”.
Equally important to decrease the high blood pressure and keep
In admissible range-through yoga and diet not with tablets!

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Lord Almighty- my great God-has in HIS creations
All are beautiful and handsome in their own way!
Short or tall, lean or stout, black or fair-beautiful
One can and should be proud of what one is-grateful!

Natural methods of keeping oneself clean and
Hygienic is ever there to follow and present
Creditably in the eyes of others in the
Society -our efforts admirable should be!

Alas! LOVES BABY SOFT DAY is today May Seventh
Commercial talents of cosmetic companies
Arise and make the people slaves to cosmetics!
May the people be natural which is beautiful!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,44,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 57th  view at 10.15  hours today viz Monday  the Seventh, MAY 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FORTY FOUR THOUSAND (1,44,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1165th day and 1218th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


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WORLD MALARIA DAY is today the twenty fifth April
With the year’s Theme-“READY TO BEAT MALARIA”- still
Remembering the last year’s Theme-“End malaria for Good”
With the next year’s -WE CAN DO TOGETHER”-absolute need!

United Nations sponsored day- planning for investing in
Proven tools, diagnosis and treatment for its disappearance
Some of the defensive techniques to provide insecticide
Treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying of insecticides,
And therapies for pregnant women and children to fight Malaria!
All we need is to close the gap to fight against the menace!

Spread by malarial mosquitoes as individuals
We have to make efforts to keep the environs clean
Not allowing stagnant water here and there every where sure
awakening the peoples conscience through social media-pure!

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White revolution, green revolution, industrial
Revolution now it is FASHION REVOLUTION real!
Fashion jewelries, fashion textiles, fashion restaurants,
Great fashion revolution takes the Society where and how?

FASHION REVOLUTION DAY is today the twenty fourth April
All over the world -the anniversary of the
Two Thousand Thirteen Rana Plaza building collapse
In Bangladesh when one thousand one hundred and thirty three
Died and over two thousand five hundred were injured!
In two thousand sixteen, came Fashion Revolution Week!

Hairstyle fashion revolution is catching up fast-unheard
In the olden days males used to sport long hairs and beard
It is back again now tuft and long beard or tonsuring strict
Ladies of all ages simply allow hair to swirl unrestricted!

Anxiety on the part of the elderly rightly is
In the name of Fashion the society goes half naked-bliss(???)
Dress changes, hair style changes, mode of living changes FASHION
My God let there be no madness for the sake of REVOLUTION!!

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National Garlic Day 19th April

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In God’s wonderful creation, great are vegetables
Of different types all serving a purpose admirable
Grown by the people, growing on its own seasonal pure
All have tastes and possess medicinal values quite sure!

Today is NATIONAL GARLIC DAY-nineteenth April nice!
NATURE’S WONDER DRUG-has medicinal properties- a spice
For treatment and prevention of cancer, extends our life
Lowers cholesterol levels, reverses high blood pressure-wise!

Capable of resisting common cold and fatigue.
As vegetable rich in protein, vitamins A, B one and C
Contains calcium, magnesium and iron, amino acids
Pity many dislike its flavor and desist taking!\

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