To play with toys and dolls a natural human instinct
No age, no girl or boy even among aged joy distinct!
Dolls made of paper mesh, earth and plastic of all hue and colors
Indeed an evolution in manufacturing toys and dolls!

Barbie a fashion doll made by the American toy
Company Mattel and launched in March fifty nine to enjoy
American business woman Ruth Handler created
The doll using a German doll Bild Lilli duly inspired!

The doll appeared first on this day fifty eight years ago
The world enjoys the dolls of varieties many shun to forego!
Children brought up in happy atmosphere will spread joy
And happiness all in their lives- a great world to enjoy!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,35,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 54th  view at 10.25 hours today viz Friday   the 9th March  2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND THIRTY FIVE THOUSAND (1,35,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1106th day and 1156th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty







Let us be a scribe to a blind student taking examination
Let us lead a blind man across the road to other side of road
Let us see the old tottering man waiting for the bus to get into
Let us remove the banana peel left on the middle of the road
Let us guide the little girl missing on the way and restore her
Let us rush to help a man who has fallen from his running vehicle
Let us rescue that little dog fallen under the wheels of a cycle
Let us greet the post man or a scavenger with a chocolate

RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS day is today the seventeenth February
The day I was officially born on this happy earth years
Seventy seven ago, in my holy Motherland India that is Bharath!
To love and live, to help and serve the known and unknown, big and small
Rich and poor- irrespective of the class and caste, creed and color!
That is the way we can repay the debt of gratitude to the Creator!




St. Valentine

A section of men from North or South, East or West
In their love and lust for flesh and bone in their best
Have learnt to vulgarize the fine nobility
Spend the time reckless sans respect for sanctity!

One such is this day St. Valentine’s day of feast
Spending a day in joy with the opposite sex-
Open or secret, park or beach, parents know or not;
Let us bring back the glory of the day paying respect,
With a feast to the good and noble saints true to
The spirit of the day  and occasion in the world!

Saints and seekers are the noble saviors of the world
Practice it is to pay them homage from the days of old
Romans jailed Saint Valentine for his act of kindness
Of performing marriages for soldiers with boldness!

Jailer’s daughter was cured of illness when Valentine
Was in jail; the day in advance of execution, Saint
Sent a letter to that girl signed ‘your Valentine’
That was meant to be a farewell with a scent!





A great and efficient PROGRAMMER is HE the Lord Almighty
Well knows when I have to enter and exit this world happily
Know not with whom I entered but know well whom I leave on exit
In the span of life, develop relatives and friends sans limit!

My beloved father when he was alive till eighty seven
Used to tell as we visit him and leave quite a few days later even
“You don’t come-your leaving is indeed painful- though thoughts
Of your coming gives pleasure”! At this stage I go with him in his views!.

After a year Vision Scientist son from abroad came and went after a week
Follwing me like my shadow-morning walk, going to temple sleek
Shopping, eating, speaking, sleeping-all the while here he was
Leaving a big void on his leaving for his work and domestic duties !

To meet and be with him his brother from another station
And local one all joyfully discussing, speaking enjoying!
Silently I rejoiced and felt as though I was in heaven
Yet on his leaving………back to solitude and brooding on the days gone!

Know fully well it is inevitable and -what cannot be
Cured must be endured- but unable to be controlled by me!
Efficient Programmer is surely HE but………………………….
May God bless wherever they are is my prayer!


In the great creations of the Lord Almighty
Birds are wonderful in its wonderful variety
A heaven indeed for the bird watchers pleasant
In its sanctuaries all over for merriment!

Following the Flowers  speak a few days back
Here are the birds who spoke to me – a nice cake!

Bat-it cannot-but we can: Why do you sport my name?
I said with pride: We have Tendulkars and Gavaskars!


Bulbul asked with a smile: Can you sing like me?
Said I with smiles: Yes we have bul bul dharas!,

Cormorant asked cryptically: Can you live like us?
Said I with my strength: You can not as much as I do in land!!!!

Crane asked of me with clarity: Can you climb up like us?
Said I with a penchant: Look at the aircraft flying over your head!


Crow asked with you joy: What do you think of us?
Said I politely: You are my conscience keeper!.

Cuckoo in its voice melodious asked: Can you sing like our tribe?
With a sense of pride I told: We have amidst us melody kings and queens!

Dove with its penchant told: We are the ambassadors of peace!
I replied majestically: That is why we lift you up and leave you in the air
To spread our message of peace and harmony every where!

Duck said happily: It is a pleasure to swim in water!
I replied  sadly: That is why and how we duck!

Eagle asked in its voice sad: Are you not happy with my sight?
I told in vain: Not like that but……………………………

Emu asked with pride: Why not you visit Australia to enjoy the view of our clan?
I said with pleasure: I shall come along with our cricketers  next season!

Falcon in its beauty asked: Are you ready for the game?
I said with fear: Yes ready but…………………………

Flamingo with a pride of its color asked: Are you envy of our color?
In joy I told : You are one of the lovely creations of nature in tower!


(To be continued)


Rose Flower Speaks…………..

How do you plant foxglove seeds?

How many varieties of flowers in the world do you know?
They are in thousands all over the world varieties known!
Unknown may be in further thousands awesome colors and scent
They have their own meanings spiritual, mystical and magical!

But we the roses are the kings and queens in the kingdom of flowers
Hundreds of varieties we are and love and affection we shower
Pink rose, prim rose, white rose, rosy rose in colors different
We are loved by you all as we do all over the world sufficient!

National flower of Americas we are, loved by Chacha Nehru
Children and seniors, Gods and men all love keeping us through
Among us, many who spread aroma lovely around us
Our color carries you all everywhere in our wings!

No rose without thorns philosophically you say and preach
Yes; no pains no gains you must also know how we grow and reach!
We give peace and pleasure who see and wear, taste and enjoy
Please make your world peaceful and prosperous, happy and healthy!

Varieties of roses in scores!!1


It was on 7th October 1986, ROSE flower was designated as U S National Flower and today’s post is to commemorate the occasion!




My “Life’s Light Left” this day three years ago exact
Keeping me desolate among a crowd of greats-left
To fend for myself despite kith and kin with me
That is HIS will- Omniscient God- who loves me!

Together we were for more than four and a half decades
In thick and thin, in joy and sorrow near with her,
And away- far far away- leaving her to take care of  children
No murmurs, no expression of regret- all Mother’s grace!

The cruel hands of destiny and death carried away
My beloved better half-years three are gone
Gone with the times remaining every minute
In my thoughts with misery unbearable-absolute!


Seen off at Kadapa railway station on our way to Kolkatta to receive Micheal Madhsudhan  Academy Award twenty years ago.