JOURNEY TO FREEDOM Part 13 22/6 Ranade Assassination day.

Freedom struggle of a great nation like our holy Motherland
Journey to Freedom of India that is Bharath, sacred land
Unique and distinct in ways several, sacrifices many
To the wonder of the world around-Gandhi’s leadership steady!

Though the way adopted was non violence, activists were there
Who believed in methods stronger than passive and be bold and firm
Resorted to hardcore violent shooting spree-justified ofcourse
We have Vanchinathans and Mahadev Nari Chapekers on course!

British Plague Commissioner Rand and his aid quite harsh in Pune
Unable to bear the humiliations heaped, decided to
Assassinate them –heroic Mahadeo Vinayak Ranade
On this day memorable twenty second June two hundred years ago
Heroic activists were arrested and hanged to death by
The British Government- paved the journey to Indian FREEDOM!




Great freedom fighter    Vanchinathan (1886-17th June 1911)

Our holy Motherland India that is Bharath
Won its freedom in a hardway under the great son
Mahatma Gandhi who galvanized the Society
With his qualities noble sure victoriously!

Thousands and thousands from the East and West, North and South
Sacrificed their all for the nation including youth!.
One was the forceful Vanchinathan from the South
Whose memorial day is today observing worth.

Remembered for gunning dead Ashe, British Collector
In Maniyachi staion in a train and later
Committed suicide avoiding shameful arrest
Let us salute the hero of the Movement earnest                       A railway station in Tamil Nadu named in his honour as Vanchi Maniachi




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Sabarmati Ashram

In the sacred and holy, tortuous and difficult journey
To reach the goal and achieve Indian freedom, patriots noble
Suffered the trials but enjoyed sacrifices for long in life
Mahatma the leader returned fron South Africa and settled.

On the banks of Sabarmathi an Ashram set up turned sacred
Momentous decisions made in the place of Mahatmaji-made
The people stronger and firmer-determined more and more
Towards goal cherished -no sacrifice felt too much to make!

Dandi March- Salt satyagraha was one that united people
All over- East and West, North and South- that made an impact
On the British – a great jolt to their ego and pride that made them
Think to become more ferocious-but Gandhiji was there to calm!


Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Journey to Indian freedom was long and arduous
Patriots in lakhs under the leadership of famous
Mahatmaji walked along with him earlier too
Till we reached the sacred goal in forty seven true!

The great British to whom the Father never had hatred
Jailed and tortured all those who raised the banner sacred
Against and put them behind the bars indiscriminate
In several parts -one was Andaman-Nicobar Islands.

Cellular jail put up after first War of Independence
Freedom fighters kept and tortured included great
Dutta, Dass. Savarkar brothers and several patriots
Whom we cannot forget today and salute with respect!

Savarkar and relative.



In the long and arduous journey to Freedom
Several landmark events and places of wisdom
Seen and became historical for the future
That are indeed quite great and of golden nature!

The British embarked on a brutal governance
Indians to suffer and rose in revolt with reverence
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s transformation
Into Mahatma began in confirmation!

Champaran is the sacred place- of Satyagraha
A mass movement in support of farmers facing
Poverty due to indigo plantation issue
Gandhi succeeded and the ban was lifted .


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Image result

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre 13th April 1919

Nature of any invader is to keep under his control
The country and its people to the extent possible central
In view and never caring for the ways and means horrible
The British were human beings and their strategies terrible!

India’s long journey to freedom was awful and hazardous
The Invaders’ actions of repression was indeed atrocious
Many were met with the weapon of non violence-can’t forget
One was on this day in nineteen nineteen-Jallianwala Bhag.

Heinous Dyer and his troops fired indiscriminate on poor
Pilgrims for Baishaki festival-purely religious and social
Several hundreds wounded and a few hundreds died-atrocious
Gandhiji led a non-cooperation movement precious.

Jallian Wala Bagh Memorial


But for the noble leadership of Karamchand Gandhi
Whose call for joining the journey to freedom quite nicely
In a way not seen by the world earlier in the past
Non violent struggle that fetched expected results fast.

Gandhi smrithi – Birla House- where simple KaramChand
Turned great Mahatma Gandhi becomes a place holy and
Sacred where he spent  last days before his murder cruel
By an animal to whom  a temple is sought to be built.

The site today where Mahatmaji lived is a place to
Visit while journeying post freedom- opened for the public to
Paying reverence in the Martyr’s column now stands
And taking a walk along the ground he was shot-ashamed.



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