Come December Seventh-whole nation bows in reverence
To those all who sacrificed their lives for our Motherland
Over the years in protecting the sovereignty
Of Bharath- yes NATIONAL FLAG DAY is today hefty!

We remember the valiant forces and their dear
Loving families living far away for the nation clear
Duty of the society, Government is to take care!

On this day let us donate liberally for the cause
Of their welfare on receiving a flag as token
As we are approached by young school children and others
Minimum as citizen patriotic I can –add feathers!



Rajendra Prasad

India that is Bharath my homeland became free nation
After sacrifices of millions under the leadership
Of Mahatma Gandhi -big and small, rich and poor, well read
And unread- with the sole goal of FREEDOM from the British!

Babu Rajendra Prasad born on third December,
Hundred and Thirty three years ago in Bihar
A teacher and lawyer plunged into freedom struggle
Till achieved – served as Minister till the year Fifty!

Babu the first President of India served for terms
Two full- a Congress leader yet- proved non partison
In office and of great advisor to the Government
On education in India a subject dear to his heart!

Today is JCBose Birth day

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Jagadish Chandra Bose

Bengali polymath, physicist, biologist, botanist and archaeologist

Today is J C Bose birth day the thirtieth November
Born in Bengal hundred and fifty nine years earlier
Biologist, biophysicist, botanist and archaeologist writer
Actively investigated radio, microwave optics-nobler!

Made exhaustive plant research-we salute him on his birth day!
Great India-my Holy Motherland gave birth to great many
Leaders in Politics, Literature, Arts and Science, Sports and Games
The whole nation can be ever proud of and get inspired-famous!

Youngsters and elders to emulate the noble aims and attempts
Made by them over centuries past in all walks of life-tempt
To make all work with dedication and patriotism
For the society and the nation prosper and aid the world!




Our holy Motherland-India that is Bharath
With its tradition and culture glorious –behemoth
Fought unitedly against the foreign yoke cruel
Under the leadership of Mahatma – the noble!

On twenty sixth November ninety forty nine
Gave our great constitution to ourselves fine
Sacred constitution drafted by the eminent
Not to be meddled with by politicians present!

Seeks to provide all citizens JUSTICE and LIBERTY,
EQUALITY and FRATERNITY sure for eternity
It is the sacred duty of the patriotic
People to follow and protect our Constitution

Sri Sathya Sai Sthuthi Mala! Part 1


Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Parthi-Divine incarnation was born on 23rd November in 1926 and rendered yeomen services to the society through ABSOLUTELY FREE education right up to Doctoral degree, drinking water, open heart surgery for hundreds every day in his Super Specialities Hospitals at Parthi and Bangalore.

Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam!
Sathya Sai Raam
Parthi Sai Raam! (1)

Sathya Sai Ram
Bakhtha Sai Ram
Nithya Sai Ram
Nruthya Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (2)

Matha Sai Ram
Pitha Sai Ram
Guru Sai Ram
Dheva Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (3)

Vedha Sai Ram
Nadha Sai Ram
Sruthi Sai Ram
Smruthi Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (4)

Parthi Sai Ram
Shirdi Sai Ram
Vidhya Sai Ram
Vaidhya Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (5)

Bala Sai Ram
Vruddha Sai Ram
Saha Sai Ram
Mithra Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (6)

Naga Sai Ram
Bhogi Sai Ram
Yogi Sai Ram
Prema Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (7)

‘Neeru’ Sai Ram
Veera Sai Ram
Dheera Sai Ram
Gambeera Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raama! (8)

Vijaya Sai Ram
Vimala Sai Ram
Abhaya Sai Ram
Nirbhaya Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (9)

Achala Sai Ram
Kuchala Sai Ram
Brahma Sai Ram
Rudra Sai Ram
Rama Rama Raam
Rama Rama Raam! (10)

Parthi Super Specialities Hospital where ABSOLUTELY FREE  Open Heart Surgeries are made EVERY DAY in HUNDREDS.

Indira Gandhi’s Birthday 19/11/1917

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in deep thinking .

Born to guide the destiny of my Motherland-
India that is Bharath-great and holy land
Born as a noble daughter to a noble father
On nineteenth November nineteen Seventeen!

At a critical juncture in Indian history
Stood like a rock and brought discipline among all
While many failed, she made the nation straight and tall
Grateful people remember her services – not small!

National Integration Day is today- her birth day
Need of the day as fissiparous characters
Raise their heads to make the honest people down theirs
Patriotic people should raise themselves above all!


India that is Bharath,-my holy Motherland
Indeed blessed with many lovely states holy land
Manifestation of Nature full making heaven
Beautiful State born this day in the year two thousand!

Forests and mountains beautifying the whole State
Rich in minerals and natural wealth yet not that
Prosperous with healthy people, well educated
Efforts being made to make the State well developed!

With Ranchi as State capital making strides in Cricket
Mahendra Singh Dhoni,Kirti Azad, Saurabh Tiwary
Ishan Kishan, Varun Aaron-making mark in Indian cricket
State can be proud of all its contribution great!

Palash flowers, bright red, pepper theskyline in Jharkhand during fall, also known as forest fire (left)

A crocodile at Muta crocodile breeding   centre at Ormanjhi, Ranchi (Right)