May 18 – International Museum Day

Over centuries man’s history is chequered and long
Full of incidents and happenings- quite good and bad throng
Historians’ job to chronicle and hand over to
Posterity as a treasure- sure to be looked into!

Museums indeed are the homes of history perceived
Giving data and details for the people to refer
A school for learning, knowing and absorbing-cultural
Museums all the world over serve purpose-natural!

International Museum Day is today-observed
With the theme-“Museums and contested histories:
Saying the unspeakable in museums”. Means of
Cultural exchange and enrichment of cultures to think of!


Chennai Government Museum.

“World Museum Day” May 18th!

Man, the roof and crown of creation, has ways many to learn

Brain tank in the society goes novel- knowledge man to earn

Birds and animals made to come nearer away from homes

Called zoo: inanimate things of the past in museums-foams!


World Museum Day is today eighteenth May- to think of it

To raise public awareness in the society’s development

Most valuable things of the antiquity kept in shape

For the posterity to see and appreciate quite great!


“Museums and cultural landscapes” this year’s theme quite nice

Let us all join together to help spread its theme with spice

For the international community to be aware

Of richness of cultural landscapes and preserve for future!