Great freedom fighter    Vanchinathan (1886-17th June 1911)

Our holy Motherland India that is Bharath
Won its freedom in a hardway under the great son
Mahatma Gandhi who galvanized the Society
With his qualities noble sure victoriously!

Thousands and thousands from the East and West, North and South
Sacrificed their all for the nation including youth!.
One was the forceful Vanchinathan from the South
Whose memorial day is today observing worth.

Remembered for gunning dead Ashe, British Collector
In Maniyachi staion in a train and later
Committed suicide avoiding shameful arrest
Let us salute the hero of the Movement earnest                       A railway station in Tamil Nadu named in his honour as Vanchi Maniachi




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Pandit Nehru’s Death Anniversary.






A great human being, leader and Prime Minister he was
Our mother Bharath Matha’s beloved son Pandit Nehru was
Sacrificed for the people of India and this nation
For decades several, worked ceaselessly with great passion!

Secular from birth, sought to inject secularism in all
Accommodating religions all to make this Nation tall
Built India that is Bharath brick by brick under Gandhi
The Mahatma-Father of the Nation- with devotion!

His great image sought to be erased by the forces evil
Cannot succeed as the grateful Nation will not heed the devil
Jawaharlal Nehru is dead but lives for ever in the minds
Of the grateful people all over the world-one of sterling finds!

On this day fifty three years ago-in nineteen Sixty Four
The Lord took him to HIS abode for what all Nehru did fair
And just for his great country and for his great people
We fondly remember and pay our respects to the great soul!


Jawaharlal Nehru signs the Indian Constitution.




India that is Bharath, my beloved Motherland
With hoary culture and tradition -a holy land
Blessed by the Almighty to have great leaders galore
To guide the destiny of the Nation from the days of yore!

Pre independence Mahatma Gandhi-Father of the Nation
Galvanized the vast multitude of my brethren with passion
Freedom struggle bore fruit and became a free nation to
Guide the world in times of need and looked upon as great.

A strong Prime Minister quite young to guide the destiny
Was Rajiv Gandhi the great -hopes of the young millions
Mercilessly assassinated by the cruels
Years twenty six ago on twenty first-we salute!


In the wonderful journey to Indian Freedom
Men and women in lakhs participated with wisdom
Leaders and the led all were with one aim, one desire
And one business in life-Nation’s independence!

Social and political leader was Gokhale
Great leader of the Indian National Congress
Founder of the Servants of India Society
Born this day in six years past eighteen hundred and sixty!

“Indian Self Rule” and social reforms his campaign theme
Leader of the moderate group of the Congress fame
Served with all his might carrying people with him
Was not there to see the light of freedom in his life.




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Cellular Jail, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Journey to Indian freedom was long and arduous
Patriots in lakhs under the leadership of famous
Mahatmaji walked along with him earlier too
Till we reached the sacred goal in forty seven true!

The great British to whom the Father never had hatred
Jailed and tortured all those who raised the banner sacred
Against and put them behind the bars indiscriminate
In several parts -one was Andaman-Nicobar Islands.

Cellular jail put up after first War of Independence
Freedom fighters kept and tortured included great
Dutta, Dass. Savarkar brothers and several patriots
Whom we cannot forget today and salute with respect!

Savarkar and relative.


But for the noble leadership of Karamchand Gandhi
Whose call for joining the journey to freedom quite nicely
In a way not seen by the world earlier in the past
Non violent struggle that fetched expected results fast.

Gandhi smrithi – Birla House- where simple KaramChand
Turned great Mahatma Gandhi becomes a place holy and
Sacred where he spent  last days before his murder cruel
By an animal to whom  a temple is sought to be built.

The site today where Mahatmaji lived is a place to
Visit while journeying post freedom- opened for the public to
Paying reverence in the Martyr’s column now stands
And taking a walk along the ground he was shot-ashamed.



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Image result for Images for Gandhi's Salt Satyagraha in 1930

Journey to freedom was hectic and arduous, long and strenuous
Anywhere in the world that indeed is the case quite continuous
Our holy and sacred Motherland- INDIA that is Bharath
Had to undergo the pains and sufferings under the great leaders!

God sent was the Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi tall
To guide, lead, suffer in a manner not witnessed in the world, gave call
For freedom struggle against the mighty British in non violent
Way that united the whole of India under leaders potent.

On this day, eighty seven years ago, Gandhiji broke the laws
Humiliating known as ‘salt laws’ imposed by the foreign pawns
Prohibiting nature giving salt through the sea without paying tax
People stood firm and a landmark struggle on the journey to freedom!

Image result for Images for Gandhi's Salt Satyagraha in 1930