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Living Beings are the creations of the Lord Almighty
Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent-World rightly
To be in absolute freedom and harmony, and in plenty
My God! how the world and society is we all know pretty!

Today the twentieth December is an important day
International Human Solidarity Day. important.
Solidarity has fundamental and universal value.
Important to deal with global issues and challenges together.

Acting in unity the right way to reach the global
Development targets. fix the problems of the complex world
We live in. The global world should feel like a family
Reach our goals.All should feel as a community.!

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India that is Bharath and its ‘sanathana dharma’ knows no age
Evolution it was: became fragments several over years –in cage
Kingdoms, Chiefdoms, Chieftains, wars and counter wars-my God
United India became a reality with Freedom at midnight!

It was for Vallabhai Patel first Deputy Prime Minister
Iron man to bring all the States of different hue and colors
Into one Union of Indian States with vision and a mission
Succeeded –States new were carved on the basis of languages!

On this day in nineteen fifty six were born Tamilnadu, Andhra,
And Karnataka were born to the linguistic satisfaction of all
Of course there is a free movement of all Indians –language not a bar
I am Indian first and last- though I speak languages different-at par!

August 20-Sadbhavana Day






“I take this solemn pledge that I will work for the emotional
Oneness and harmony of all the people of India
Regardless of caste, region, religion or language. I further
Pledge that I shall resolve all differences among us through
Dialogue and constitutional means without resorting to violence.”

That indeed is the solemn pledge to be taken by all today
The ‘sadbhavana day’-“having good feelings for others” day
The day the youngest Prime Minister was born in this holy land
Years seventy three ago in the noble family of Nehru.

Having good feelings for others was the only mission
Of the government of Rajiv Gandhi-indeed a noble vision
Well enshrined in our holy Vedas-‘sarve bhavanthu sukinaha’
Let all people be well and happy, peaceful and sans sorrows!

Taking sadbhavana pledge.


Fought against the formidable British for decades
Knife less, gun less, in a nonviolent manner-no shade
Of enmity and hatred-hall mark of Karam Chand Gandhi
Father of our nation noble-caste-less, creed-less-shanthi!

World’s greatest democracy blossomed under Mahatmaji
Government was formed under the leadership of Nehruji
Developed tremendous to the chagrin of neighbors
To the awe and wonder of the world nations harbor!

Greatest Republic was born giving unto ourselves
Sacred Constitution of India framed by the great
Not to be tampered with narrow minded rulers to be
Secularism, equality of all in the eyes of Law!

November twenty sixth “Indian Constitution Day”
To be observed and honored by all on the great day
Resolving to uphold the honor and dignity of all
Never let down with thoughts and deeds-to make the Nation tall!

No place for narrow parochialism, regionalism
All irrespective of language and religion walk fast
Walk with pride carrying the poor and have-nots to the last
Abiding by the Law of the land under all times and climes!

Oct 20 National Solidarity Day

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A nation is not a bunch of sand and stones, big sea and rivers,
Is made up of men and women and their children in flesh and blood
With feelings and emotions, pride and prejudice, noble tears
Teased and provoked by outsiders raise as one prepared to shed blood!

That is called patriotism and nationalism in a broad sense
Every Indian is indeed proud of this great culture for long- tense
Was the day- that fateful day- when neighbor attacked this holy land
October twentieth observed as National Solidarity day sound!

Many differences can be there unfortunate- Indian
Society multi dimensional-yet in times of crisis stands
As one-only one- supports the powers that be unitedly
On this holy day let us resolve to make India supreme!


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PS: China attacked India on that day.


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