February 28-National Science Day

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Science and Technology have become a part of our life for our development
Humans were alive when there was no development of Science sans improvement.
Benefits of improved knowledge in any field are indeed to be availed
Twenty Eighth February is National Science Day to be celebrated!

On this National Science Day we pay Respect to SirChandra Shekara Venkatraman
Physicist Scientist born in Tamilnadu Author of the Raman effect
Who got many awards and honored with Nobel Prize in Physics in
Nineteen Hundred and Thirty- year of achievement for the Nation!.

National Science Day is to make the people develop every activity
With great dedication and idea to perform well for our better future
This day marks the discovery of the Raman effect ninety one years ago
For this discovery, he got the Nobel Prize in Physics in Nineteen Thirty!

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Heritage is beyond all values-to be preserved
For posterity! Great going with culture be noted!
Twenty Seventh October-WORLD DAY FOR AUDIO
VISUAL HERITAGE” with a purpose laudable!

This commemorative day chosen by UNESCO
Thirteen years ago to raise awareness of
Significance and preservation risks recorded
sound and audiovisual documents totally in all!

The main objectives of designating the date of 27 October were listed by UNESCO:

raising public awareness of the need for preservation;
providing opportunities to celebrate specific local, national or international aspects of the heritage;
highlighting the accessibility of archives;
attracting media attention to heritage issues;
raising the cultural status of audiovisual heritage;
highlighting audiovisual heritage in danger, especially in developing countries.

Every year has a theme; this year it is
“Your story is moving!” This theme allows
Plenty of scope for a wide variety of activities
based on stories that are preserved in audiovisual
Archives — people’s stories or narratives that enable
Heritage to be passed on to the next generation!


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There are days and days observed in the society to remember
Days are there in any year to celebrate in good number
Great National Science Day is twenty eighth February today
Students and teachers, public and society- happy all the way!

Our holy Motherland -India that is Bharath has gifted
Scientists and philosophers, Mathematicians never drifted
From the path of glory and success and brought peace and harmony
To be grateful and enjoy the day as if a ceremony.

To mark the discovery of RAMAN EFFECT in Nineteen Twenty Eight
By Sir C V Raman, the Nobel laureate of nineteen thirty -right.
Theme – “Science and Technology for Specially Abled Persons”
Let us salute with respect the great Scientist on his birth day today.

National Science Day



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A valuable jewel among Indian citizens he was

Young and dynamic Prime Minister – a visionary he was

Heartless assassins killed many Gandhis very unfortunate

Rajiv also fell to the bulletins- scar on Tamil land sacred!


Years Twenty five ago in the soil where Ramanuja  born

Heartless persons made a great and young PM was torn

To pieces; Panchayat Raj he felt pivotal for our success

Strongly felt computerization a sure tool for progress!


Sacrifices of Gandhi’s family  for the Nation indeed great

Let us all work for the cause for which they all laid their lives and served

A scar on Tamil land is his assassination- hard to  cure

Their dreams to come true-India to progress-with our thought pure!






 May 17 – World Tele-communication and Information Society Day!



Knowledge society created by the Lord Almighty

Gives great comforts and nice conveniences aplenty

One is in the realm of tele- communication sure

Superb indeed is the art and science- a great delight pure!


The UN sponsored World Tele Communication And

Information society day is today world all around

Makes the world aware of the revolution in the field

Faster and faster information moves- deserving  shield!


Internet Guru a boon indeed to the young and old

Just at the click of a button you get what all you need

We salute all those great brains invented and developed

The tool that lifts the world to heights newer and higher-helped!



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Man, the roof and crown of creation, has a lot to be proud of

The world and society goes and grows at jet speed, provide joy of

Invention and innovation making the life quite cozy

Technology giving all we need  with efforts very easy!


National Technology Day is today most significant

Our Motherland achieved a huge advancement very important

First indigenous aircraft Hansa-three test flown in ninety nine

In Bangalore city giving the nation a place of pride- fine!


Successful test firing of the TRISHUL missiles done the same day

At Pokhran three nuclear tests were done successfully same way

Greatness of India as second to none was proclaimed with joy

On this day we salute the great Abdul Kalam behind the show!