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No solution for global warming for the healthy life of the society
Other than TREES, TREES, and TREES, in all possible places strictly
NATIONAL TREE DAY.International Tree Day to create awareness
Very essential! All countries on earth have embarked upon rightly!

Today the thirty fist July is NATIONAL TREE DAY in AUSTRALIA
Planet Ark’s National Tree Day is Australia’s biggest community
Tree-planting event. Proudly sponsored by Toyota Australia,
Tree Day is an opportunity to do something positive for
Local environment and community and to reconnect with nature
Of course all countries have a day for this purpose -to become a culture!

Trees the wonderful creation of the Lord Almighty gifted
For the health and benefit of the humanity to take care of
Let us plant trees for the humans, birds, and animals
May be to take shelter from the hot sun, to get oxygen in plenty
Fruits of many trees as food for all, let us nurture trees all our lives!

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March 20th-International EARTH DAY!

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March Twentieth today is International Earth Day
The day’s purpose and objective quite noble and great-hey
WE listen to Mother Earth’s pleadings to keep it quite safe
Since we are indiscriminate in taking care of Mother!

We love this MOTHER EARTH for reasons several not far to seek
The Day is observed to remember that the great Mother Earth sleek
Its ecosystems provide us with life and sustenance.- God’s grace
We have to promote harmony with nature-its beauty with grace!

To ensure the Earth to achieve a just balance among all needs
The economic, social and environmental- with our deeds
For the present and future generations of humanity.
Lest we are bound to lose the grace of Mother Earth for eternity!

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National Trails Day First Saturday in June

National Trails Day First Saturday in June

American NATIONAL TRAILS DAY is today the second June
First Saturday of every year-nice if the world follows keen
To encourage people to discover their local trials,
Raise awareness of trail issues and instill excitement in all!

Confining to home indeed is monotonous- many are inclined
To go free in outdoors. hiking-getting access to waterways
For canoeing and paddle trips.  Bird watching and geocaching
Learning land navigation or biking are great trail making!

National Trails Day opportunity to thank the volunteers,
Land agencies, trail developers,  park employees, rangers
For their help in developing and maintaining the trails!
High time the entire world pursues and gets into- great gains!

Indian Ultra Runners at the 2018 Trail World Championship

International Day for Biological Diversity!

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Biodiversity concerns “Sustainable agriculture”
“Desertification” Land degradation”drought; “Right to water”
“Sanitation” health , energy;  technology Innovation,
“Knowledge-sharing” capacity-building;”Urban resilience”
And adaptation;  Climate change””Disaster risk reduction”
Oceans and seas; forests;  “Food security” and all!

International day for Biological Diversity
Day is today-the twenty second May -United nation
Sponsored day- to think, discuss take care of the issues
Concerning the world as such! Let us and take care!

“Celebrating twenty Five years of Action for Biodiversity”
The theme of the current year Twenty Eighteen-universally
Let us keep in mind and celebrate with all spirit in action!

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In the creation of the Lord Almighty FLOWERS indeed
Are the wonderful most- in different colors, shapes and hues,
All over the world and all over the seasons and parts
Of the year filling the hearts with Heavenly feelings!


Morning times with the cool breeze pervading give all the bliss!
In the ozone layer to enjoy that bliss one should be blessed!


Chrysanthemum asked me: Can you humans be one like us?
Half dumb replied I: yes we do try but fail often and miss.


Daffodil aked me:  can you dance like me to my trumpet’s tune?
Shameful replied I: Not the way in which you do I fret and fume!


Daisy asked with a pride: Can you lead a forest life like me?

Fearful replied I: Sorry I can’t withstand enemy!



Forget-me-not questioned me: I never forget. Can you be
Said I with a frown: I do forgive but not forget like thee!




Holly with a smile asked me: Can you be a bunch like us?
With an unholy face said I: We do, yet fight and make fuss!





Jasmine with joy asked of me: Can you create scent like mine?
Replied I with a concern: Sorry my chemicals do harm!




Lilac with its purity asked: can thy mind be pure as mine?
Admitted I:  can’t be as pure white as you are –quite fine!


Lily asked me: Can you be as peaceful as I in water?
Said I in a low voice: I can’t stand in for an hour!



Lotus with a beam in face asked: Do you need my Goddess grace?
Modestly replied I: Where do I stand sans her grace in full?



Magnolia asked me:Are you  as magnificent as me?
Admitted I: Your creation is wonderful; I can’t be!



Marigold in marked pride asked me: Are you valuable?
Said I in sad tone: I can never be invaluable!




Mistletoe in shame asked me:    Why humans derisively refer me?
Siad I in pride: Some depend on others for ever- not welcome!  



Orchid proudly asked: How great I look – can you be ever?
Said I satisfied: Though I am,  know- I will ask never!




Rose in   respectful tone asked: Do you enjoy my color and scent?
With pleasure said I: We had a leader great who loved you so much!




Shamrock asked in low voice: Are you aware of me sir?
Said I : Many of His children stand in silence  in air!




Tulip proud of its shape asked: How do you enjoy my shape?
Answered I: Your shape of a bell is pious and kept with God!



Violet with the name of color said: Name, color the same
Replied I: Precisely that is the reason for thy fame!



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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,10,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 13th view at 05.00 hours today viz Monday  the 9th October 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed ONE LAKH  AND TEN THOUSAND (1,10,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 934th day and 1001st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.



The Lord Almighty- great creator of the Universe
Provided us with what all we need out of NATURE –HIS GRACE
Air, Light, Gas, water, heat and all that give health and happiness
To make the world a heaven to live in peace and poise!

OZONE prevents the ultraviolet radiation
From reaching the ground, creating normal condition
For the life on the planet; protects us from the sun rays
And forms suitable light and warmth conditions of the world!

Depletion of the layer increases radiation
Causing skin cancer, cataract, and weakens immune system
Making us suffer the infectious diseases!
Today is WORLD OZONE DAY- let us think and protect Ozone!



Come September- heralding the onset of autumn
After the hot summer, a little more pleasant fall
Bringing cheers to all –sweltering summer gone
Trees say good bye to old leaves new ones to be born!

End month of the first half year-financial affairs
Marketing people rushing to improve the results
A month challenging to all living beings quite nice
To meet the challenges indeed filled with thrills and spice!

Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter seasons of the year
Nature’s marvel-manifestation of the Divine
Time and tide waits for none and so are the seasons sure
We heartily welcome this Autumn with all joy pure!