Greatest manifestation of nature the great wind
But for which people in the globe cannot sure find
Their life and living smooth and healthy, with joy and peace
Let us thank the Almighty for blessing us to live in ease.

Global Wind Day is today fifteenth of June each year
A day for discovering wind, its power enormous
Ways to find out how to reshape the world’s energy system
The day to decarbonise our economies with wisdom!

Wind power and its energy exhaustive when hydel
Energy evades us, nuclear energy has its
Limitations, solar energy unpredictable
On this day let us think and help in improving wind energy!


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World Environment Day

World Environment Day is today the fifth June
To those enthusiasts a sacred day a boon
To raise the awareness of the environment
And issues connected all over permanent!

In the wonderful creation of God vital
Is environment to promote health pivotal!
Words ofwisdon from Mahatma Gandhif“Earth provides
Enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not greed”!

“What we are doing to the forests of the world
Is but a reflection of what we do well or bad
To ourselves and to one another”- Let us keep
Environment neat and safe for the world to flourish!





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EARTH DAY 22nd April.


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The Almighty-Omnipotent created this Universe beautiful
A part of this Universe the great earth on which we live is wonderful
Is deemed to be Divine Mother in Hindu pantheon-Booma Devi
It is our duty immense to take care of this lovely earth-literally.

This year’s Campaign is Environmental and Climate Literacy
To make ourselves and others to know, appreciate and absorb
Environmental protection that will help better climate all through
To avoid the devastating global warming arriving slow!

Holy Mother Earth has in her arms seas and rivers, lakes and tanks
Hills and mountains, dales and valleys, forests and gardens, shrubs and bushes
All need to be nurtured and maintained well for the living beings
To have peace and poise, joy and happiness, plenty and good health.


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All the religions in the world are great, more is Hinduism
In our Holy Motherland! Hoary culture, rationalism
Principles and practices scientific and religious sure
Bringing utmost joy and peace, health and happiness very pure!

“UGADHI SUBHAKANKSHALU”-ugadhi greetings to you all
A great day of joy and happiness, guidance for the new year tall
Let us take a resolve to welcome the New Year to make it peaceful
All over – harmonious and healthy, prosperous and joyful!

Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra main and their great sons
And daughters all over the globe celebrate with fervor in tons
Enjoying neem-jaggery mixture in liquid state-bitter and sweet
As life’s experience-mixture of both to be taken in its stride!

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Image result for Weed Appreciation Day 28th March

In the wonderful creation of the Lord Almighty
Trees and plants, weeds and bushes play a role to make mighty
The world; unfortunate that we feel the weeds are useless
Every creation of the God never purposeless!

Weeds there are among food crops as among men and women
Need to be got rid of by all means lest crops do not grow
Weeds among the humans to be removed lest society
Stands to suffer-Good weeds are there all around aplenty!

World “WEED APPRECIATION DAY “is today twenty eighth
Common weeds provide benefits many; oxygen we breathe
Offering food and shelter to birds-co creation sure
Let us hug and water our weeds, fertilize them quite pure!

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Tulips beauty at its best.

Kashmir the land of Nature’s great gift to the world
Through India my Motherland- written in gold
The whole of India that is Bharath is proud of
A part and parcel of sacred and holy Nation.

Nature’s beauty seen, heard and felt in every
Inch of Kashmir- in its gardens, temples, very
Many sacred mosques-for all to live in peace, poise
Joy and happiness all rolled into one -our choice.

Tulips the wonderful flower designed by nature
And gifted by God to the humanity-a flower
Of beauty a joy for ever-giving for all
Asia’s greatest tulips garden in Srinagar tall!


Asia’s greatest tulip garden in Srinagar, Kashmir, India.



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Ages were there when the human beings coexisted
With all living beings and nature with all its splendor
Enjoying fresh air free from dust at homes and streets,
Clean and pure water free from bacteria and insects.

No pollution of any kind, no contamination
Young or old, men or women enjoyed health and happiness
Lived and enjoyed long life, quiet, active and serving
It has become a thing of the past- health humiliating!

National Vaccination Day is today- let not go
Give those two polio drops to the children on time
And save them from the sufferings from the scourge of polio
We elders owe it to them and us for a polio free world!

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