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Squirrel indeed one of the cutest creations of the Almighty
Moving fast and jumping here and there nice- very casually
Won the heart of lord Rama by helping in its own way
Earning three  permanent stripes on the back sings this way!

Oh, my Lord, the Almighty among your million creations
A creature tiny I am, yet proud of my birth –admiration
Showered on me by Lord Rama whose fingers three fondled
On my back for the little service rendered for making the bridge!

Trees of all sizes and shapes, house tops big and small make my home
At will, with ease and peace, joy and poise, I jump here and there roam
Sing in praise of the Lord and His creations, eat sweet fruits and nuts
To my heart’s content right from the trees and plants with strong guts!

Blessed with voice melodious, I make others enjoy my songs
Young and old, healthy and the sick, one and all like my voice
I served the Lord along with men and monkeys to build the bridge
May you my friends, build bridges of love and friendship with all to live!

On this happy squirrel appreciation day twenty first January
Let us learn a lesson or two from the squirrels’ life to follow
Help others- solicited or not- in a measure very small or otherwise
Helping ever and hurting never as our motto in life very wise~!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,33,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 14th view at 05.00 hrs today viz Tuesday    the 21st  January 2020, (21/01/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the landmark  TWO LAC AND THIRTY THREE THOUSAND (2,33,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1816th day and 1851st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.




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God gifted and nature provided ENERGY not to be frittered away
By any living being! Humans or animals- Energy needed for growth
And stability! Energy is in several forms- to be carefully conserved
Energy referred to above is focussed on electrical energy!

World Energy Conservation Day is today the fourteenth  December
Globally  highlights  the importance of energy consumption and its use
In our day-to-day life, its scarcity and its impact on
Sustainability of global ecosystems. to be taken care of.

Not a question of saving money on electricity bill
Conservation of electric energy is in the interest of
Society. We find the people simply leave sans putting
Off the fans and lights while not in need at home or office!

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Hills and dales, mountains and lakes, tanks and rivers, the great gifts of God
For the happy living of all HIS creations-all living beings
Need to be maintained and taken care of by the Society without
Causing damage to any! Environment protection absolute must!

December Eleventh yesterday was International Mountain Day
Observed with adoption of Agenda “Managing Fragile Ecosystems:
Sustainable Mountain Development” at the United Nations on Environment
And Development marked the milestone in the mountain development.

United Nations General Assembly designated Eleventh December,
From two thousand three onwards, as International Mountain Day.
Almost one billion people live in mountain areas, and over
Half the human population depends on mountains for water,
Food and clean energy. but mountains are under threat
From climate change, land degradation, over exploitation
And natural disasters, with far-reaching and devastating
Consequences,for mountain communities and the world.

Here is an occasion for a large social movement that
Can bring mountain issues on the tables of politicians.
Through a global campaign, a social media strategy and
Events around the world,the current neglect of mountains
And mountain peoples must stop.Let us make efforts!

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Nature indeed is nice and kind,-God’s manifestation quite sure
All living beings-humans and animals, hills and dales, seas and lakes
Meant for providing well being and safe living simple and pure
Yet when humans stray into wrong ways and means-nature punishes!

Sea waves are pleasant to see and play for the young and old in world
But when turn ferocious – oh! my Lord! eat away many on the shore.
Giant waves assume the name TSUNAMI and causes havoc absolute,
Today November Fifth was World Tsunami Day; Tsunamis though rare
Can be extremely deadly. In the past one hundred years, more than
Two lakhs sixty thousand people have perished in fifty eight tsunamis.
Four Thousand six hundred deaths a disaster, worst in any natural hazard.
Tsunamis know no borders, international cooperation needed for reduction.

Fifth November World Tsunami Awareness Day;  chosen from a true story
From Japan: “Inamura-no-hi”,  means the “burning of the rice sheaves”.
During earthquake more than a century and half ago, a farmer saw the tide
Receding, a sign of a looming tsunami. He set fire to his harvested rice
To warn villagers, who fled to high ground. later, he helped his community
Build back better to withstand future shocks, constructing an embankment
And planting trees as a tsunami buffer. Yes hence today it is !



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Over population-urban sprawl!

‘Environment, ‘Environmental protection”, “Environmental issues”
Very commonly discussed today all over-in fact very important
Yet day after day clean and clear environment remains a far cry
And that is a great threat to the welfare of all living beings very sure.

Not that the society is unaware of the issues involved-but unable
To tackle at individual level. Cooperation of all concerned
An absolute must-impossible to get and hence all talk only in air!
Ten issues identified:Pollution, Climate Change, Global Warming,
Deforestation, Overpopulation, Industrial and household wastes,
Acid rain, Ozone Layer Depletion, Genetic Engineering,Urban sprawl !

Pollution all kinds of pollutions by the individual as well
As industries-a pity but none can help to reduce and minimize.
At least if awareness is raised society may think of helping
If not today afuture sans much of pollution may be at sight!



(In pursuance of earlier two parts at the instance of Mr.Mathew Eapen of US through Mr.Mathew S of JBN)


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Environmental issues  harmful effects of human activity
On the biophysical environment. Environmental protection
A practice of protecting the natural environment at all levels
Individual, organizational or governmental levels!

They are for the benefit of both the environment and humans.
Environmentalism, a social and environmental movement,
Address environmental issues through advocacy, education and activism.
Carbon dioxide equivalent of greenhouse gases  in the atmosphere
Already exceeded all levels. The amount of greenhouse gas in the
Atmosphere is  above the threshold  can potentially cause climate change.
“Climate change is not just a distant future threat.
All efforts are needed to prevent this disaster.

It is the main driver behind rising humanitarian needs .
Damages inflicted by extreme weather intolerable.
Environment destruction caused by humans is a global problem,
Human effects on Earth can be seen in  temperature rise.


In pursuance of Part I at the instance of Mr. Mathew Eipen  through Mr. Mathew S of JBN.


Photoed by Mr. Vinayagamurthi of 13th Block

As the rain drops fall from the Heavens
Mayflower tree in front of my flat showers
Dried yellow leaves and lovely flowers
Feast indeed to our gifted nice eyes!

Around the car that I have parked under
The leaves make a nice garland clear
Leaves dried and green due to rain
God’s makings great and glorious!

Two dozen cars parked in front
All are blessed with garlands around
Man cannot compete with such lovely Nature
With all his power of brain and features!

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