WORLD OCEAN DAY is today! (8/6)



“Healthy oceans, healthy planet”theme of the year sixteen

Three fourths of the earth has water all around-keep its sheen

In tact as our duty bounden on this day holy sure

On this great  WORLD OCEAN DAY for our survival quite pure!


Great creation of the Almighty for the use of all

None to have the hegemony over the God’s gift tall

Yet all have duty to protect the protector-ocean

Giver of health and wealth to all on earth with great passion!


Sagar -the sea- is deemed as God in India by all

Offering prayer on the days holy taking bath

Not a dumping yard for garbage and carcass remember

Greatest gift of God -as  an act of divine surrender!


Where is rain if oceans are not well protected by all

Where is food for human and animal beings sans sea

Where is transportation of men and goods sans sea route

All the reasons why on this day to resolve to protect sure!


Sunset over the Indian Ocean. Malpe Beach. Photo by: Sharadha NV

                             Photo by N V Sharadha 



“National Maritime Day” is today, an important day

Happy and proud citizens of India we are to pay

Our heartful wishes to all connected with navigation

An ancient history we have for a celebration!


History going back to hoary past we have this day since

Nineteen sixty four- for centuries we have trade and commerce

Vast coast to be guarded from alien intrusion by us

Coast guards doing a great and serious service tremendous!


Shores seven thousand five hundred kilometers long, dozens

Of Ports –major and minor- all over Bharath amazing

Enabling ninety percent of trade International fine

Moving through ships quite large- a wonderful maritime gold mine!




Dedicated to the welfare of our brethren

Saviors of the nation in its thick and thin

In extreme terrains and climate-dedicated souls!

For all their noble sacrifices for our sake

We owe it to them and their families our love

Love and regards by parting with an amount we can

As the young and old meet us with the Flag in return!


Nehruji said “a great way sure to indicate

Our deep appreciation is to contribute

To the Flag Day Fund- big and small becoming large

Millions of drops making a mighty ocean!


Our honor to the armed forces- the great soldiers

Airmen and sailors- protecting awful borders!

Civilian responsibility it is to show care for their families,

To display solidarity while their heads are away!


Throughout the country small flags and car flags in red,

Deep blue and light blue colors representing nice

The Services three – distributed to all

In return for donations –small and big yet tall!



Indian Navy Day is Today


Country is vast and borders great, sure needs to be protected
Armed forces three and their men give up their all – to be respected
Indifferent primates, terrain and far far away from home
People to take care as they deserve to be taken care as they roam

Operation Trident was on December fourth seventy one
In one night Vessel three was sunk by Indian Navy and won
Near Karachi – that saw the first use of anti ship missile
Capable are we – patriotic Indian none can assail

Vizag showcases for a week our strength in this branch of force
Our warships planes and tanks for the world to see and desist attack
Nationalistic citizens we are to stand by our forces strong
We are one – one forever as under Mahatma we did for long